Mike Fields Flies to Street Stock Nationals Victory at Brownstown

BROWNSTOWN, IN - June 12,1999 - Forty-five Street Stocks signed in for the Street Stock Nationals Saturday night. The Street Stock feature was 40 laps in length and paid the winner $2000.00 for the evenings work and when the checkered flag waved to complete the event, Mike Fields of Brownstown, IN hit paydirt as he scored the biggest win of his career.

Twenty-one cars took chief starter Rusty Nunn's green flag and Rusty Smiley would edge out in front in the early going of the event. Fields would move into second on lap 3 and trailed Smiley until lap 6 when Fields finally cleared Smiley for the lead going into turn one. The event would become caution plagued beginning on lap 14 as the yellow flag would appear nine more times before the completion of the event. At the halfway point of the race, Fields still led with Smiley and Greg O'Neill in tow. Drivers on the move at this point of the race were Joe Johnson, who started 12th, and Tim Clark, who used a track provisional, and started 21st. Both of these drivers were in the top five by the lap 33 caution for a spin by Trent Niflis.

Meanwhile, Fields was able to drive away from the field on each restart after each of the caution flag periods. Johnson would bring out the final caution of the race on lap 38 as he spun in turn four. On the final restart, Fields once again motored away from the field and took the checkered flag first ahead of Smiley, O'Neill, Clark, and Nelson Gingery. "I can't believe this, this is a dream come true for me" stated the jubilant winner in victory lane. Fields' #33 is a Flybyu chassis sponsored by Mad Dog Motorsports and NAPA Auto Parts of Brownstown and Seymour.

The 15 lap feature race for the Bomber division saw Robbie Wilson lead the entire distance and appear to be the winner, but at the post race weigh-in and inspection, the carburetor on his entry was found to be illegal. This turn of events moved Matt Bex of Bedford, IN from the runner-up position to the top spot in victory lane. It was Bex's first career feature win at Brownstown. Trailing Bex's Bailey Flowers and Gifts/Matlock Construction/S & S Auto/Pricilla's #31 Predator Chassis was Sam Chastain, Jeff Helton, Darren Crawhorn, and Charlie Stevens.

The Hoosier Mini-Stocks was also in action and Phil Fultz scored the win in the 15-lap feature race for the division.


Street Stocks (45cars)
Top Qualifier - Lee Hobbs 16.849
1st Heat - Greg Roberts, Hobbs, Randy Moore, Trent Niflis
2nd Heat - Terry Arthur, Greg O'Neill, Al Flick, Gary Green
3rd Heat - Rusty Smiley, Donnie Wilson, Rick Hines, Bret Ezzo
4th Heat - Mike Fields, Nelson Gingery, Joe Johnson, Larry Harris
1st Consy - Jason Hehman, Eddie Kindred, Roy Bruce, J.D. Roberts, Willie Sallee
2nd Consy - Steve Hunt, Barry Gerkin, Joey Kramer, Mark Hines, Dave Barnett
Street Stock Nationals - Fields, Smiley, O'Neill, Tim Clark, Gingery, Arthur, Gerkin, Wilson, Ezzo, Kindred, Green, Johnson, Flick, Niflis, Hehman, Roberts, Hines, Moore, Hunt, Harris, Hobbs

Bombers (34 cars)
1st Heat - Robbie Wilson, Sam Chastain, Alan Martin, Robbie Palmer
2nd Heat - Charlie Stevens, Darren George, Tom Hardwick, Rick Wilson
3rd Heat - Matt Bex, Jeff Helton, Wes Hartley, Nate Wentworth
4th Heat - Darren Crawhorn, Ryan Scott, Mike Strunk, Faron Robbins
Consy - Matt Cummings, Jim Pfieffer, Josh Hayes, Jennifer Johnson
Feature - Bex, Chastain, Helton, Crawhorn, Stevens, George, Palmer, Cummings, Strunk, Hardwick, Hayes, Scott, Wentworth, Ray Weston, Pfieffer, Robbins, Rick Wilson, Hartley, Martin, Robbie Wilson