O誰eal Outduels Jewell in NALMS 17th Annual Hoosier Dirt Classic at Brownstown Speedway

Brownstown, IN-April 15- The 17th Annual Hoosier Dirt Classic was delayed one week by Mother Nature, but it was well worth the wait as Don O誰eal of Martinsville, IN etched his name as the winner of the event for the second consecutive year and third time in his career.
Rick Aukland and AMS Race Engines top qualifier award winner Scott James brought the 24 car Northern All-Star Late Model Series feature to the green flag, with Aukland taking the point followed by James, Darryl Lanigan, Steve Hillard, Bart Hartman, and O誰eal, from the tenth starting spot. As the field worked lap 2, Mark Barber would spin while running seventh in turn three to bring out the caution. After one attempted failed restart, the next attempted start would stay green and see Aukland, James, and Lanigan the top three, with O誰eal now fourth, and Hartman fifth. The "Real Deal痴" obsessive run to the front gained momentum as he grabbed third from Lanigan on lap four and second from James, who would later go pitside with mechanical problems, on lap 6. Aukland and O誰eal were distancing themselves from now third place Lanigan until catching and beginning to lap slower cars on lap 14. The front duo raced side-by-side and in-and-out of traffic for the lead, allowing Lanigan to close in on the leaders, with Hartman still fourth and Jewell now fifth by lap 15. Aukland and O誰eal continued to wage war for the lead, working the bottom and middle of the track, while Lanigan made it a three-way dance for the lead by working the topside by lap 17. On lap 19, O誰eal would scoot by Aukland for the lead, but Aukland nor Lanigan would not go away as the trio continued to race for the lead, two and three-wide at times, with Jewell also beginning to go at this point, as he took the fourth spot from Hartman on lap 22. Lap 30 would spell disappointment for Aukland as he would loop his mount in turn one while battling side-by-side with O誰eal for the lead. The final restart would see Jewell now in second and begin to reel O誰eal in as O誰eal worked the hub while Jewell tip-toed to the top floor of the Brownstown dirt and with ten laps to go, Jewell and O誰eal were only inches apart at times for the lead, before catching slower traffic on lap 44. O誰eal and Jewell continued their friendly tussle for the top spot and with two lap to go, Jewell got boxed somewhat in slower traffic, giving O誰eal some breathing room and his Indiana Dept. of Tourism, O誰eal Wood Products, Helton Transport, Kay Hardwood Flooring #71 C.J. Rayburn Race Car would finish the 50 laps first, with Jewell trailing only a few cars lengths back in second. Lanigan would fend off repeated challenges from Hartman over the last ten laps to snare the third spot, with veteran Doug McCammon completing the top five. Steve Hillard would lead the second five, followed by Thomas Ware, second consy runner-up Tony Izzo Jr., first consy winner Mark Anderson, and Aukland, recovering from the lap 30 spin. Sixty-two NALMS Late Models were in attendance for this event.

The 25 lap UMP Modified feature proved also to be a real crowd-pleaser as race-long leader Randy Petro was challenged over the final ten laps by a hard-charging Matt Boknecht, with this pair racing side-by-side for the lead the final three laps. As they exited turn four coming to the checkered flag, the duo "rubbed and raced" their way to finish with Boknecht edging Petro to grab the win in his Indiana State Excise Police, George痴 of Seymour #22 Fly-By-U Chassis. John DeMoss would take the third spot, while Lee Hobbs and Richie Lex completed the top five. Sixth through tenth were Darren Davis, Josh Lucas, Troy Burton, Todd Gilpin, and Adam Sasser. Forty-seven open-wheelers were on hand for racing.

Ray Godsey, Jr. of Bedford, IN grabbed the lead early on and held on to capture the 20 lap Bomber feature behind the wheel of the Colby Southern-owned S & S Auto Sales, Wolfe痴 Auto Auction #5. Bubba Woods and Larry Harris finished second and third, with Matt Cummings and Robert Walters the top five. Bob DeMoss, Willie Sallee, Andrew Davis, Roger Richenbacker, and Alan Martin completed the top ten.


SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, IN-April 15, 2000
NALMS LATE MODELS (62 entries)
Top Qualifier- Scott James 14.753
1st Heat- James, Steve Casebolt, Thomas Ware, Richie Hedrick
2nd Heat- Mike Jewell, Mark Barber, Billy Drake, Mark Anderson
3rd Heat- Bart Hartman, John Gill, Brad Barrow, Jeff Martin
4th Heat- Rick Aukland, Don O誰eal, Scott Smith, James Huff
5th Heat- Darryl Lanigan, Kevin Weaver, Jim Curry, Kevin Claycomb
6th Heat- Steve Hillard, Doug McCammon, Steve Barnett, Marty O誰eal
1st Consy- Anderson, Hedrick, Bobby Carrier Jr., Doug Ault, Martin
2nd Consy- Claycomb, Tony Izzo Jr., Shawn Negangard, Ernie Barrow, Tim Prince
Provisionals- Bob Pierce (NALMS), Steven Godsey (Brownstown)
Hoosier Dirt Classic- Don O誰eal, Jewell, Lanigan, Hartman, McCammon, Hillard, Ware, Izzo Jr., Anderson, Aukland, Claycomb, Godsey, Weaver, Barnett, Curry, Barber, Hedrick, B. Barrow, Pierce, Gill, Casebolt, Drake, James, Smith

UMP MODIFIEDS (47 entries)
1st Heat- Randy Petro, Josh Lucas, Matt Boknecht, Joe Godsey
2nd Heat- Lee Hobbs, Darren Davis, Don Fleetwood, Troy Burton
3rd Heat- Bryan Barber, Wes Steidinger, Adam Sasser, John Davis
4th Heat- John DeMoss, Richie Lex, Todd Gilpin, Eddie Kindred
1st Consy- Alan Adams, Bryan Clendenen, Murray Baird, Matt Rhyne, Dion Benningfield
2nd Consy- Nelson Gingery, Brent Londeree, Jody Ireland, Levi Godsey, Bob Schrader
Feature- Boknecht, Petro, DeMoss, Hobbs, Lex, D. Davis, Lucas, Burton, Gilpin, Sasser, Godsey, J. Davis, Gilpin, Kindred, Fleetwood, Gingery, Barber, Steidinger, Londeree, Clendenen

BOMBERS (51 entries)
1st Heat- Matt Bex, Bob Boone, Bob DeMoss, David Reichenbacker
2nd Heat- Bubba Woods, Robert Walters, John Phelps, Sam Chastain
3rd Heat- Darrell Burton, Paul Ortman, Ryan Scott, Greg Benton
4th Heat- Ray Godsey Jr., Larry Harris, Charlie Stevens, Matt Cummings
1st Consy- Roger Reichenbacker, Willie Sallee, Mike Seal, Mickey Hines, Jimmy Phillips
2nd Consy- Alan Martin, Andrew Davis, Corey Southern, Dave Eagen, Josh Holt
Feature- Godsey Jr., Woods, Harris, Cummings, Walters, DeMoss, Sallee, Davis, Roger Reichenbacker, Martin, David Reichenbacker, Scott, Bex, Phelps, Stevens, Boone, Burton, Ortman, Chastain