Hedrick, Gilpin, and Bex Master the Competition at Brownstown Speedway

Brownstown, IN-April 22, 2000- It was Knight's Inn of Seymour "Night at the Races" Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway and it was excellent racing that was seen and displayed as Richie Hedrick of Urbana, Illinois won the Late Model feature to grab his first-ever Brownstown victory. Todd Gilpin of Columbus, IN scored the UMP Modified feature win and Matt Bex of Avoca, IN picked up his third Bomber feature win of the season.

The Late Model feature saw the first attempted starts fail with two tangles in turn two, with the second incident seeing James Huff eliminated for the evening. The third try was the charm as Hedrick took the lead with Doug Ault, Dennis Erb Jr., C.J. Rayburn, and Marty O'Neal in tow. Erb would take the lead on lap 2 heading into turn three, as Hedrick would get shuffled back to third. On lap 3, Ault would take the point exiting turn two, while O'Neal got by Rayburn for fourth. At this point, a furious three-way, three-wide battle for the lead would ensue, with Ault, Erb, and Hedrick racing for the lead and swapping spots and grooves all around the track. On lap 7, Hedrick would take the lead once again, as Erb and Ault stayed within inches of Hedrick and the trifecta continued to race all over the track. As the trio caught slower traffic on lap 13, the three-way dance for the top spot continued, with Erb finally grabbing second from Ault on lap 14. O'Neal would begin to charge toward the front at this point, as he snatched third from Ault on lap 17, while Erb was challenging Hedrick for the lead, now with O'Neal glued to Erb's back bumper in third. By lap 20, Hedrick had managed to get some breathing room in lapped traffic, while Erb and O'Neal battled side-by-side for the runner-up spot. Rayburn was also pressuring Ault for fourth and would take the spot with a turn two pass on lap 23. Hedrick would see Rusty Nunn's checkered flag first for his first-ever Brownstown Late Model win aboard his Impact Register, Eco-Clean Inc. #0 GRT mount, with Erb able to stave off O'Neal for the second spot. Rayburn would finish fourth, with Ault completing the top five. Rounding out the top ten would be Steven Godsey, Richard Smith, Dusty Chapman, Brett Davis, and Todd McKinney.

The UMP Modified feature saw Todd Gilpin limp his mount home to victory as the engine in his entry developed a serious misfire in the waning laps of the event, but was able to keep the charges of Lee Hobbs and Matt Boknecht at bay to grab his first win of the 2000 season at Brownstown. Trailing Gilpin's Dasco Race Fabrication, Feel Badd Live Bait, Palmer's Sewer Service, Kari Morris Chevrolet, Kenny's and Son Wrecker Service #19 Dazzler Chassis entry would be Lee Hobbs, with Matt Boknecht taking third. Doug St. Meyers would come home in the fourth spot, with Josh Lucas rounding out the top five. Completing the top ten would be Joe Godsey, Brent Londeree, Vernon Soeder, Bradley Sturgeon, and John Davis.

The Bomber feature would see Matt Bex survive a post-race protest and technical inspection to get his third win of the season after battling the last half of the event with Ray Godsey, Jr. and Robert Walters in two and three-wide action. Bex would take the checkered flag first behind the wheel of his Bailey Flowers, Matlock Construction, East Vending, Cummings Race Engines #31 Performer Chassis. Walters would nip Godsey, Jr. for the runner-up spot, with Bubba Woods and Larry Harris completing the top five. Matt Cummings, Steve Walp, Alan Martin, Tony Mahoney, and Charlie Stevens would complete the top ten.

SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, Indiana-April 22, 2000

Late Models(33 entries)
Top Qualifier-Richie Hedrick 16.304
1st Heat- Hedrick, Marty O'Neal, Richard Smith, Steven Godsey
2nd Heat- Doug Ault, James Huff, Dusty Chapman, Cale Kern
3rd Heat- Dennis Erb Jr., C.J. Rayburn, Brett Davis, Todd McKinney
Consy- Mike Bechelli, John Devasier, Denny Bailey, Greg Ault, Brian Wilhite
Feature- Hedrick, Erb Jr., O'Neal, Rayburn, Doug Ault, Godsey, Smith, Burton, A.J. Bingham, Kern, Bailey, Bechelli, Derek Ramp, Greg Ault, Devasier, Wilhite, Huff

UMP Modifieds(47 entries)
1st Heat- Todd Gilpin, Darren Davis, Matt Boknecht, Richie Lex
2nd Heat- Brent Londeree, Josh Lucas, Jay Miller, Steve Trabue
3rd Heat- Lee Hobbs, Troy Burton, John DeMoss, Joe Godsey
4th Heat- Eddie Kindred, Doug St. Meyers, Bradley Sturgeon, Nelson Gingery
1st Consy- Tim Prince, John Davis, Levi Godsey, David Copley, Clint DeMoss
2nd Consy- Randy Petro, Vernon Soeder, Don Barnett, Murray Baird, Greg Lee
Feature- Gilpin, Hobbs, Boknecht, St. Meyers, Lucas, Godsey, Londeree, Soeder, Sturgeon, John Davis, Kindred, Burton, Gingery, Miller, Lex, John DeMoss, Prince, Trabue, Petro, Darren Davis

Bombers(55 entries)
1st Heat- Ray Godsey Jr., Bubba Woods, Charlie Stevens, Kevin Applegate
2nd Heat- Matt Bex, Steve Walp, Joe Gray, Pokie Crawhorn
3rd Heat- Jeff Helton, Larry Harris, Jeff Shepherd, Josh Turner
4th Heat- Greg Hicks, Mike Tuell, Jason Combs, Dave Eagan
5th Heat- Matt Cummings, Alan Martin, Paul Owens, Mickey Hines
6th Heat- Robert Walters, Dan Sallee, Tony Mahoney, Ryan Scott
1st Consy- Applegate, Turner, Travis Maschino, Greg Benton, Josh Hayes
2nd Consy- Ben Burton, Willie Sallee, Jennifer Johnson, Roger Reichenbacker, Crawhorn
Feature- Bex, Walters, Godsey, Jr., Woods, Harris, Cummings, Walp, Martin, Mahoney, Stevens, Dan
Sallee, Combs, Gray, Applegate, Helton, Willie Sallee, Shepherd, Hicks, Turner, Burton, Tuell, Owens