BROWNSTOWN, Ind. (April 29) - Mike Jewell of Scottsburg, Ind., scored his second win of the season at Brownstown Speedway Saturday night by winning the "2nd Annual Lee Fleetwood Memorial" in dominant fashion. In other action, Tim Clark of North Vernon, Ind., notched the win in Indiana Super Stock action, while Matt Bex of Avoca, Ind., won his fourth Bomber feature race of the season.

The Late Model feature saw young guns Brad Barrow and Randy Petro bring the field to Rusty Nunn's green flag to start the 40 lap sprint. The first attempted start would be called back after C.J. Rayburn looped his mount in turn one, calling for a complete restart. The second attempt would be a go as Barrow jumped to the lead with Petro, Mike Jewell, Richie Hedrick, and Steven Godsey in tow.

Godsey would go to fourth on lap 2, with Petro taking the lead from Barrow after a side-by-side duel on lap 3. Barrow would scoot back by Petro on lap 4, with Jewell taking second from Petro one lap later. Jewell began to pressure Barrow and on lap 6, Jewell would tip-toe around Barrow using the high-side of the track to grab the lead.

Meanwhile, last place starting John Gill was mounting a charge to the front, breaking into the top ten on lap 6. Barrow, Petro, and Godsey battled hard for second through fourth, with Godsey taking third on lap 10. Petro slipped on lap 11, allowing Hedrick to jump to fourth, as Jeep Van Wormer, Steve Barnett, and John Gill waged war for the seventh spot in touch and go fashion.

Godsey would go to second on lap 16, as Barrow pushed wide in turn two, dropping him to sixth and putting Scott Smith into the top five on lap 17. Caution would fly for a Brett Davis in turn three on lap 21, as Hedrick grabbed the third spot on the previous lap. The restart saw Jewell shoot away from the competition, while Gill would gallop into the top five on lap 24.

The final caution would fly on lap 28 as Petro spun his mount in turn one, collecting Doug Ault in the process. The final restart saw Jewell jump away from the field once again, but the battle behind him was tight with Hedrick, Smith, and Gill in a three-way dance for third. Smith would get the spot on lap 32, only to have Gill snatch it away on lap 33.

Jewell would see Godsey close at the finish, but it was Jewell's night in his MPC Motorsports, Morgan Fine Foods, Southern Indiana Rock Drilling, Jewell TV, LaFountain's Body Shop, Scott Co. Tire, Adams Fabricating #9 MasterSbilt entry, with young Godsey grabbing a career best Brownstown finish in second. Gill held on for third, with Smith and Hedrick completing the top five. Steve Barnett would head up the second five, followed by Jim Curry, C.J. Rayburn, Greg Johnson, and Doug Ault.

The 25 lap Indiana Super Stock feature saw defending class champion Tim Clark cruise to yet another win at Brownstown by leading start to finish in his The Fabric Outlet, Right Auto Parts, Majestic Electric, Miller Tire Center, Bud's Salvage #1. Local ace Mike Fields would garner the runner-up spot, with Trent Niflis taking third. Greg O'Neill and Brad Cummings completed the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Greg Kendall, Kevin Jones, Randy Moore, Jay Deckard, and Steve Hunt.

Matt Bex notched his fourth Bomber feature win of the year, nipping Ray Godsey Jr. by a bumper at the checkered flag of the 20 lap main that saw four different leaders and lots of good action. Trailing Bex's Bailey Flowers, East Vending, Matlock Construction #31 would be Godsey Jr., with Bubba Woods right on Godsey's back bumper for third. John Phelps and Matt Cummings would round out the top five. Completing the top ten were Larry Harris, Jeff Helton, Robert Walters, Jennifer Johnson, and Ryan Scott.


LATE MODELS (40 cars)

TOP QUALIFIER - John Gill, 15.725.

1ST HEAT - Brad Barrow, Steven Godsey, Ernie Barrow, Greg Ault.

2ND HEAT - Randy Petro, Mark Barber, Dusty Chapman, Doug Ault.

3RD HEAT - Mike Jewell, Scott Smith, Jeep Van Wormer, Todd McKinney.

4TH HEAT - Richie Hedrick, Brett Davis, Steve Barnett, Mike Bechelli.

1ST CONSY - Jim Curry, Greg Johnson, Gill, Terry Eaglin, Tim Prince.

2ND CONSY - C.J. Rayburn, Marty O'Neal, Derek Ramp, Brian Wilhite, A.J. Bingham.

LEE FLEETWOOD MEMORIAL - Jewell, Godsey, Gill, Smith, Hedrick, Barnett, Curry, Rayburn, Johnson, Doug Ault, O'Neal, Van Wormer, Ernie Barrow, Petro, Davis, McKinney, Greg Ault, Brad Barrow, Barber, Chapman.


1ST HEAT - Tim Clark, Trent Niflis, Kevin Jones, Gary Green.

2ND HEAT - Greg O'Neill, Brad Cummings, Al Flick, Steve Hunt.

3RD HEAT - Mike Fields, Greg Kendall, Barry Gerkin, Randy Moore.

CONSY - Jeremy Hines, Donnie Wilson, Rick Hines, Jason Combs, Tom Plotz.

FEATURE - Clark, Fields, Niflis, O'Neill, Cummings, Kendall, Jones, Moore, Jay Deckard, Hunt, Eddie Kindred, Wilson, Green, Plotz, Jason Sims, Combs, Flick, Gerkin, Rick Hines, Jeremy Hines.

BOMBERS (47 cars)

1ST HEAT - Ryan Scott, Darrell Burton, Ernie Niemoeller, Matt Cummings.

2ND HEAT - Matt Bex, John Phelps, Steve Walp, Roger Reichenbacker.

3RD HEAT - Robert Walters, Bubba Woods, Kevin Applegate, Larry Harris.

4TH HEAT - Ray Godsey Jr., Jeff Helton, Rick Turner, Willie Sallee.

1ST CONSY - Jennifer Johnson, Corey Southern, Alan Martin, Glen Woods, Charlie Stevens.

2ND CONSY - Mickey Hines, Troy Clark, Dan Sallee, Tom Hardwick, Darren Crawhorn.

FEATURE - Bex, Godsey Jr., Bubba Woods, Phelps, Cummings, Harris, Helton, Walters, Johnson, Scott, Josh Hayes, Willie Sallee, Burton, Reichenbacker, Hines, Walp, Clark, Turner, Southern, Niemoeller