Johnson Outduels Barber For McDonald's Night Win

Brownstown, IN-July 8- McDonald's Night at Brownstown Speedway saw Greg Johnson of Franklin, IN serve up his first-ever Late Model feature win at the tricky 1/4 mile Jackson County Fairgrounds oval. Keith Deppe of North Vernon, IN won the Super Stock feature, while fellow North Vernon shoe Tim Clark won the make-up Super Stock feature from the rainout on April 1. The Bomber class saw Matt Bex of Avoca, IN grab yet another feature victory, while Matt Cummings of Bedford, IN claimed the top prize in the Bomber make-up feature, also rained out on April 1.

Johnson would immediately jump to the lead at the start of the 25 lap Late Model feature, with Mark Barber, fast qualifier Dick Phillips, Mark Bechelli, and Steven Godsey chasing the leader. Marty O'Neal would take fifth from Godsey on lap 2, then would grab fourth from Bechelli one lap later. As the field worked lap 5, carnage would be the rule as an incident in turn two would collect the cars of point leader Godsey, Phillips, Dan Sturgeon, Gary Barrow, and Scotty Earl, with all but Barrow going pitside with damaged race cars. When action resumed, Johnson would begin to feel the wrath of Barber, with Barber jumping to the outside of the black-ice surface to take the lead off of turn four on lap 7. One lap later, caution would wave again as consy winner Todd McKinney spun in turn two after charging to sixth. The yellow flag would wave again one lap later as Bechelli and Greg Ault made contact off of turn four, with Ault spinning and Bechelli being pointed at fault and sent to the rear, with Ault going back to the fourth spot.

The final restart would see Barber and Johnson race side-by-side for the lead, Johnson going back to the point on lap 10. The halfway mark would see the top five have Johnson the leader, with Barber, O'Neal, Ault, and Frankie Coomer giving chase. The battle for fifth would heat up as Gary Burton would take the spot on lap 15, while Ault began to pressure O'Neal for third. At this point, Johnson would begin to pull away from Barber as the laps began to wind down, while Ault would snatch third away from O'Neal on lap 22. Johnson would see the checkered flag first, in the Bill Watson-owned C.W. Watson Excavating #4 C.J. Rayburn Race Car, with Barber claiming second, while Ault, O'Neal, and Gary Burton (career best at Brownstown) completed the top five. Tory Collins would go sixth to the lead the second five, with Coomer Bechelli, Matt Boknecht, and John Finn rounding out the top ten.

Super Stock action would see Keith Deppe break a dry spell at Brownstown by grabbing the feature win in his K&D Auto Sales, H&H Computers, Subway, Rex Sanders Farm Bureau, N&S Patterns #67 Nightcrawler entry. Tim Clark would take runner-up honors, with Mike Fields, Nelson Gingery, and Joe Johnson filling out the top five. Completing the top ten were Eddie Kindred, Brad Cummings, Jay Deckard, J.D. Roberts, and Randy Moore.

Clark would win the make-up feature in his The Fabric Outlet, Right Auto Parts, Majestic Electric, Miller Tire Center #1. Fields, Greg Kendall, Deckard, and Cummings completed the top five, with Greg O'Neill, Kevin Jones, Steve Hunt, Trent Niflis, and Tom Plotz rounding out the top ten.

The Bomber division also had double-features with Matt Bex snagging his seventh win of the year at Brownstown in the regular feature in his Bailey Flowers, Tucker Transmissions, East Vending, Cummings Race Engines #31 Performer Chassis with a last lap pass coming to the checkered flag. Robert Walters took second, with Bubba Woods, Larry Harris, and Ray Godsey, Jr. completing the top five. Willie Sallee would head up the second five, trailed by Jennifer Johnson, Darren Crawhorn, Josh Turner, and Greg Benton.

The make-up feature would see Matt Cummings get his first Y2K win in his Steak&Shake, Cummings Race Engines, Cummings Race Shop, Rainey Trucking #17 Hobbs Chassis. Godsey, Jr., Walters, Bex, and Roger Reichenbacker completed the top five, with Andrew Davis, Mickey Hines, Woods, Charlie Stevens, and Tony Mahoney rounding out the top ten.

SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, Indiana-July 8, 2000
Late Models
Top Qualifier- Dick Phillips 16.008
1st Heat- Phillips, Marty O'Neal, Gary Barrow, Dan Sturgeon
2nd Heat- Greg Johnson, Mark Bechelli, Greg Ault, John Finn
3rd Heat- Mark Barber, Steven Godsey, Scotty Earl, Matt Boknecht
Consy- Todd McKinney, Jeff Mounce, A.J. Bingham, Gary Burton, Dusty Chapman
Feature- Johnson, Barber, Ault, O'Neal, Burton, Tory Collins, Frankie Coomer, Bechelli, Boknecht, Finn,
Bingham, Randy Petro, Mounce, Chapman, Barrow, McKinney, Phillips, Godsey, Earl, Sturgeon

Super Stocks
Make-Up Consy Winners- J.D. Roberts, Jay Deckard
Make-Up Feature- Tim Clark, Mike Fields, Greg Kendall, Jay Deckard, Brad Cummings, Greg O'Neill, Kevin
Jones, Steve Hunt, Trent Niflis, Tom Plotz, Burny Chaplin, Donnie Wilson, J.D. Roberts, Mel Bingham,
Dale Ayers, Willie Sallee
1st Heat- Greg O'Neill, Keith Deppe, Nelson Gingery, Greg Kendall
2nd Heat- Steve Hunt, Donnie Wilson, Kevin Jones, Eddie Kindred
3rd Heat- Jay Deckard, Joe Johnson, Tim Clark, Trent Niflis
4th Heat- Mike Fields, Brad Cummings, Randy Moore, Dale Ayers
1st Consy- Tom Plotz, Chris Deweese, Gary Green, Paul Seymour, Willie Sallee
2nd Consy- J.D. Roberts, Mel Bingham, Jason Hehman, Lou Cattellier, Barry Gerkin
Feature- Deppe, Clark, Fields, Gingery, Johnson, Kindred, Cummings, Deckard, Roberts, Moore, Hunt,
Bingham, Wilson, DeWeese, Ayers, Plotz, Kendall, Niflis, O'Neill, Jones

Make-Up Consy Winners- Tony Mahoney, Charlie Stevens
Make-Up Feature- Matt Cummings, Ray Godsey, Jr., Robert Walters, Matt Bex, Roger Reichenbacker,
Andrew Davis, Mickey Hines, Bubba Woods, Stevens, Mahoney, John Phelps, Glen Woods, Darren
Crawhorn, Jamey Wilson, Greg Hicks, Ben Burton, Brad Cummings
1st Heat- Josh Turner, Jamey Wilson, Jerry Maynard, Jennifer Johnson
2nd Heat- Tony Mahoney, Larry Harris, Matt Bex, Roger Reichenbacker
3rd Heat- Darren Crawhorn, Charlie Stevens, John Kennybrook, Mickey Hines
4th Heat- Matt Cummings, Bubba Woods, John Phelps, Ray Godsey, Jr.
5th Heat- Robert Walters, Jim Ruddick, Willie Sallee, Troy Clark
1st Consy- Clark, Johnson, Steve Maynard, Reichenbacker, Paul Owens
2nd Consy- Godsey, Jr., Andrew Davis, Greg Benton, Garnett Eldridge, Greg Hicks
Feature- Bex, Walters, Woods, Harris, Godsey, Jr., Sallee, Johnson, Crawhorn, Turner, Benton,
Cummings, Steve Maynard, Davis, Jerry Maynard, Mahoney, Ruddick, Clark, Phelps, Stevens, Wilson,