O'Neal is "The Real Deal" in Brownstown Speedway's

21st Annual Jackson 100

Brownstown, IN-August 12, 2000- Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN showed why he is called the "Real Deal" Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway when scored his fourth win of the year at Brownstown by capturing the prestigious Jackson 100. The was the 21st edition of the Midwest classic and was presented by Hoosier Parts of Seymour, IN.

The win for O'Neal was his 34th career victory at Brownstown and his first win in the Jackson 100. O'Neal's entry is a C.J. Rayburn Race Car and is sponsored by O'Neal Wood Products, Indiana Department of Tourism, Helton Transport, Kay Hardwood Flooring, and C.J. Rayburn Race Cars.

Mark Barber and Dennis Erb, Jr. brought the 25 car starting field to chief starter Rusty Nunn's green flag for the 25 mile event, with Barber darting to the lead with Greg Johnson, Erb, Rick Aukland, andGary Burton giving chase. Johnson would go to the lead on lap 2, with Aukland going by Erb for third on the same circuit. Aukland would then pressure Barber for second and grab the spot on lap 4. The first caution would then slow the pace on lap 6 as fifth heat winner Kevin Claycomb had stalled in turn four, but would continue after a short trip pitside. The restart would see Johnson start to get much pressure from Aukland for the lead. Scott James would move into the top five on lap 7 after getting around Burton, with Erb getting by Barber for third one lap later. Johnson and Aukland would go side-by-side for the lead , with Aukland taking the point in turn three on lap 10. Johnson continued to put the heat on Aukland, while James would take fourth on lap 13. Lap 15 would see Johnson reclaim the top spot from Aukland with a turn two slider, while Don O'Neal stepped into the top five for the first time on the same lap from his tenth starting spot. Johnson' time at the point would be short-lived as Aukland would regain the lead on lap 17 with a turn two tip-toe off the hub. O'Neal would begin to put the heat on James at this point for fourth and steal the position away on lap 20. Caution would wave for the second time on lap 26 for Kevin Weaver, who had slipped over the banking in turn two and spun the car attempting to come back on the track on the backchute. The following restart would again see Aukland and Johnson race for the lead, with O'Neal pressuring Erb for third and taking the spot with a pass in turn one on lap 30, as Matt Miller made a move to fifth around James on the same lap. The caution would appear for the third time on lap 32 for a three-car incident in turn two involving Billy Drake, Mark Barber, and Thomas Ware, with all three participants able to continue, while fourth place running Erb would pull pitside with mechanical woes during the yellow period. Mike Jewell would now be in fifth on the restart, with Shannon Babb up to sixth after transferring out of a consy and starting 18th. O'Neal was now beginning to flex some muscle and challenged Johnson for second and would scoot by Johnson to grab the runner-up slot on lap 36, with Miller and Jewell racing for fourth, with Jewell winning the battle with a pass on lap 38, while Babb would go to fourth past Miller one lap later. The fourth caution of the event waved for a Mark Bechelli spin exiting turn two as the field worked lap 41. Meanwhile, the restart would see O'Neal begin to pressure Aukland for the point, while Babb would snatch fourth from Jewell on lap 42. The battle for the lead really heated up at this point with O'Neal getting beside Aukland on lap 49 and O'Neal would take the lead with a turn two pass on lap 50. The front five were beginning to string out a bit at this point with the best battle on the track now being for the sixth spot between James and John Gill, while 25th place starting Timmy Yeager had quietly worked his way forward and was sitting in eighth. Babb and Johnson would begin to mix it up and trade some paint for the third spot on lap 60, with Babb finally securing the spot on lap 65. The fifth caution would wave on lap 72 as Dick Phillips slowed to a stop on the backchute and would be finished for the evening. The restart would see O'Neal again pull away from the pack, with Aukland driving extremely hard attempting to match the leader's pace. Gill was now wanting the fifth spot from Jewell, and as the pair raced off of turn two on lap 77, contact was made with Gill taking the spot and bringing James along with him, kicking Jewell back to seventh. With the front four distanced from the rest of the field, James was now pressuring Gill for fifth lap after lap, but could not make the pass until lap 92 when he would squeeze by in turn two. The final caution would appear with 94 laps completed when Thomas Ware would loop his mount on the topside of turn four. The final 6 laps would see O'Neal motor away from the field once again and see the duel checkered flags first. Aukland would manage to hang on to second in last 1.5 mile sprint, with teammate Shannon Babb taking third after starting 18th. Johnson would finish fourth, while James would complete the top five in his first Jackson 100 start. Gill would lead the second five, with Jewell coming home seventh. Claycomb would come back to finish eighth after going to the rear of the field on lap 6 for bringing out a caution flag. Timmy Yeager would finish ninth after starting 25th, and Gary Burton would finish his first-ever Jackson 100 in tenth.

Timmy Yeager would receive the Louis Alhbrand Memorial Award for passing the most cars during the 100 lap grind. The Harrodsburg, KY pilot passed 16 cars going from 25th to ninth and running as high as eighth at times. Yeager was presented a gold tray and $1,000 from the
Alhbrand family for his efforts. The 2000 Jackson 100 drew 58 entries representing six states.

The Indiana Super Stocks were the support division for the evening's activities and the 25 lap, $800 to win main event would see Greg O'Neill of Mooresville, IN lead flag-to-flag to take the checkered flag. O'Neill's win made it a sweep for him for the weekend as he won at Bloomington Speedway on Friday night. O'Neill drove the Steve Hunt-owned Eastern Banner Supply,
Total Illuminations, Dave Conn Race Engines, Littleton Trucking, H and R Body #99 Hobbs Chassis to the win over Joe Johnson, who would outdistance Brad Cummings, Mike Fields, and Tim Clark in a close battle throughout the entire race. Completing the top ten were Nelson Gingery, J.D. Roberts, Greg Kendell, Jay Deckard, Willie Sallee.

SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, IN-August 12, 2000
LATE MODELS (58 entries)
Top Qualifier- John Gill 16.729
1st Heat- Mark Barber, Gary Burton, John Gill, Kevin Weaver
2nd Heat- Dennis Erb, Mike Jewell, Billy Drake, Tory Collins
3rd Heat- Greg Johnson, Mark Bechelli, Matt Miller, Thomas Ware
4th Heat- Rick Aukland, Scott James, Scott Smith, Brett Davis
5th Heat- Kevin Claycomb, Don O'Neal, Steven Godsey, Bob Pierce
1st Consy- Weaver, Dick Phillips, Doug McCammon, Timmy Yeager, Collins
2nd Consy- Ware, Davis, Terry English, Jim Curry, James Huff
3rd Consy- Shannon Babb, Pierce, Doug Ault, Dan Sturgeon, Reece Riggle
Provisionals- Sturgeon, Marty O'Neal, Richie Hedrick, Yeager
JACKSON 100- Don O'Neal, Aukland, Babb, Johnson, James, Gill, Jewell, Claycomb, Yeager, Burton, Godsey, Miller, Pierce, Ware, Drake, Phillips, Weaver, Barber, Bechelli, Davis, Erb, Hedrick, Smith, Marty O'Neal, Sturgeon

Indiana Super Stocks
1st Heat- Greg O'Neill, Dale Ayers, Kevin Jones, Chris Deweese
2nd Heat- Brad Cummings, J.D. Roberts, Rusty Smiley, Trent Niflis
3rd Heat- Tim Clark, Mike Fields, Nelson Gingery, Randy Moore
4th Heat- Joe Johnson, Willie Sallee, Al Flick, Jay Deckard
Consy Winners-Steve Hunt, Paul Seymour
Feature- O'Neill, Johnson, Cummings, Fields, Clark, Gingery, Roberts, Greg Kendell, Deckard, Sallee, Jones, Moore, Brady Short, Niflis, Donnie Wilson, Hunt, Deweese, Ayers, Seymour, Flick, Matt Bex, Smiley