"Diamond" Dick Phillips First Repeat Late Model Winner at Brownstown Speedway

Brownstown, Indiana-April 21, 2001- Dick Phillips of Scipio, IN became the first repeat winner in the Late Model division in 2001 by capturing the 25 lap main event Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway. Other winners during the evening included Matt Bex in Bombers, Brad Cummings in Super Stocks, and Adam Sasser in UMP Modifieds. A total of 152 cars were in action at Brownstown on Saturday night.

The Late Model feature would see defending track champion Steven Godsey take the lead with fast qualifier Brett Davis locked on his bumper, followed by Gary Burton, Tim Prince, and Mark Barber. Dick Phillips would shoot from his sixth starting spot to fourth on lap 2, while Godsey and Davis began a classic side-by-side duel for the lead that would see Davis nose out in front exiting turn two each lap, only to have Godsey nose back out in front exiting turn four each lap. Phillips was now beginning to mount his charge to the front as he disposed of Burton for third on lap 5, while Barber got back into the top five with a pass of Prince one circuit later. Godsey and Davis would continue their battle, only to be joined by Phillips by lap 7, with Phillips scooting by Davis for second off of turn four on lap 8, while Barber would take fourth from Burton on the same circuit. Barber was beginning to fire now and he would catch Davis and take third on lap 13, while Phillips began to put the heat on Godsey for the lead. Lap 14 would see "DDP" make what would be the winning pass on Godsey in turn three and hold off Godsey repeated bids to reclaim the top spot over the next three laps. By lap 18, Phillips was starting put some distance between himself and Godsey and would work lapped traffic masterfully over the final six rounds to score his second win of 2001 at Brownstown in his Columbus Bowling Center, Hixson Race Engines, C.J. Rayburn Race Cars, Caddies Pub and Eatery, Texas Roadhouse of Columbus, All Will County Auto Wreckers #11. Godsey would finish second, with Barber, Davis, and Burton completing the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Scott Smith, C.J. Rayburn, Mark Bechelli, Tory Collins, and Mike Jewell. Thirty-eight Late Models were on hand with heat wins going to Davis, Godsey, Prince, and Burton. B-main winners were Brad Barrow and Todd McKinney.

The Bomber feature would have Matt Bex of Avoca, IN taking the lead on lap 6 and never looking back to claim his third win of the season in his Bailey’s Flowers and Gifts, Tucker Transmissions, East Vending #31 Performer Chassis, Terry Cummings powered Monte Carlo. Robert Walters would take runner-up honors, with Charlie Stevens and Kevin Applegate third and fourth, while early race leader Ray Godsey, Jr. finishing fifth. Completing the top ten were Sam Chastain, Bubba Woods, Matt Cummings, Greg Benton, and first consy winner Jerry Maynard. Fifty-eight Bombers saw heats scored by Godsey, Jr., Stevens, Walters, Jim Ruddick, Bubba Woods, and Chastain. B-mains would be won by Maynard, Willie Sallee, and Glen Woods.

The Super Stock feature would see Brad Cummings of Bedford, IN take the lead from Tim Clark on lap 8 and drive away for his second win of 2001 at Brownstown in Super Stock action behind the wheel of his Cycle Shack, Tri-County Rental, Indiana Stone Works, Stone City Ironworks, Terry Cummings Race Engines #71 Hobbs Chassis. Greg O’Neill would claim second, with Clark hanging in to take third. Rick Hines and Greg Kendall completed the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Gary Green, Steve Hunt, Randy Moore, Jay Deckard, and Chris Deweese. Twenty-one Super Stockers were in attendance with heat wins going to Clark, Hunt, and Jeremy Hines.

The UMP Modified feature saw Adam Sasser of Bedford, IN hold off the charges of Earl Plessinger and Levi Godsey to take the 20 lap feature win aboard his Sasser Construction, Mullis Petroleum, Holt Auto Parts, Gould’s Body Shop, Holt’s General Store, Bedford Federal Savings Bank #79 Lightning Chassis, Terry Cummings powered mount. Plessinger and Godsey would come home second and third, with Rusty Smiley and Matt Boknecht taking fourth and fifth. Completing the top ten were John DeMoss, Richie Lex, Clint DeMoss, Ryan Thomas, and Vernon Soeder. Thirty-four open-wheelers signed in for action, with heats going to Thomas, Sasser, Boknecht, and Plessinger, while B-main top honors went to Murl Robinson and Soeder.

Racing continues at Brownstown this Saturday night with Late Models, UMP Modifieds, and Bombers in action, along with another visit from the Pro-Truck series, which will see double feature for the truckers, with no increase in general admission price for the four division program.

SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, Indiana-April 21, 2001

Late Models (38 entries)

Top Qualifier- Brett Davis 15.273

1st Heat- Davis, Mark Barber, Mike Jewell, Mike Bechelli

2nd Heat- Steven Godsey, Dick Phillips, C.J. Rayburn, Mark Bechelli

3rd Heat- Tim Prince, Frankie Coomer, Marty O’Neal, Dan Sturgeon

4th Heat- Gary Burton, Scott Smith, Ernie Barrow, Tory Collins

1st B-Main: Brad Barrow, Reece Riggle, Matt Tiller, Dennis Boknecht, Mark Schaefer

2nd B-Main: Todd McKinney, Justin Blackwell, Derek Ramp, Mike Darlage, A.J. Bingham

Feature- Phillips, Godsey, Barber, Davis, Burton, Smith, Rayburn, Mark Bechelli, Collins, Jewell, Ernie Barrow, Prince, McKinney, Sturgeon, O’Neal, Mike Bechelli, Brad Barrow, Riggle, Blackwell, Coomer

Bombers (58 entries)

1st Heat- Ray Godsey, Jr., Kevin Applegate, Darrell Burton, Jerry Maynard

2nd Heat- Charlie Stevens, Matt Jacobs, Tony Arthur, Chris Streeval

3rd Heat- Robert Walters, Matt Cummings, John Phelps, Roger Reichenbacker

4th Heat- Jim Ruddick, Robert Green, Mickey Hines, Josh Turner

5th Heat- Bubba Woods, Rick Applegate, Greg Benton, Glen Woods

6th Heat- Sam Chastain, Matt Bex, Bobby Davis, Mike Seal

1st B-Main: Maynard, Streeval, Jim Deckard, Tim Neal, Josh Hayes

2nd B-Main: Willie Sallee, Reichenbacker, Turner, Jamie Wilson, Jeff Helton

3rd B-Main: Glen Woods, Andrew Davis, Jackie Wheeler, Dave Robinson, Tim Reed

Feature- Bex, Walters, Stevens, Kevin Applegate, Godsey, Jr., Chastain, Bubba Woods, Cummings, Benton, Maynard, Sallee, Reichenbacker, HInes, Burton, Green, Streeval, Glen Woods, Jacobs, Davis, Arthur, Phelps, Davis, Rick Applegate

Super Stocks (21 entries)

1st Heat- Tim Clark, Greg O’Neill, Joe Johnson, Merrill Wilson

2nd Heat- Steve Hunt, Greg Kendall, Chris Deweese, Gary Green

3rd Heat- Jeremy Hines, Brad Cummings, Jay Deckard, Rick Hines

Feature- Cummings, O’Neill, Clark, Rick Hines, Kendall, Green, Hunt, Randy Moore, Deckard, Deweese, Darin George, David Brewer, Johnson, Jim Raymer, Brian Burton, Stan Brown, Lindsey Wade, Wilson, Jeremy Hines

UMP Modifieds (34 entries)

1st Heat- Ryan Thomas, Clint DeMoss, Mike Bowersox, Jay Scott

2nd Heat- Adam Sasser, Levi Godsey, Dale Ayers, Richie Lex

3rd Heat- Matt Boknecht, Rusty Smiley, John DeMoss, J.D. Roberts

4th Heat- Earl Plessinger, Roy Ritter, Josh Wells, Carl Collins

1st B-Main: Murl Robinson, Jay Miller, Dale Hobbs, Travis Shoulders, Andrew Davis

2nd B-Main: Vernon Soeder, Brandon Raef, Jesse Cramer, Jason Hehman, Brad Sturgeon

Feature- Sasser, Plessinger, Godsey, Smiley, Boknecht, John DeMoss, Lex, Clint DeMoss, Thomas, Soeder, Miller, Ayers, Robinson, Raef, Scott, Bowersox, Collins, Wells, Ritter, Roberts