The "Tall Cool One" Rim-Rides to 17th Annual Kenny Simpson Memorial Win at Brownstown

Brownstown, IN-May 19- Bob Pierce of Oakwood, Ill. took the road less traveled to capture his first win in the NALMS sanctioned Kenny Simpson Memorial at Brownstown Speedway. The win by Pierce was his 15th career win at Brownstown and marked the eighth different winner in nine races for the Late Models at Brownstown this season. In other action, Bubba Woods was victorious in the Bomber feature, with Greg O誰eill winning the Super Stock feature.

Mark Barber jumped to the point of the 40 lap, $3,000 to win NALMS feature event, with Steve Barnett, Bob Pierce, Doug McCammon, and Don O誰eal in pursuit. Steve Hillard would get fifth on lap 2, then make a power move off of turn four to go to third one circuit later, bringing Kevin Claycomb along for the ride, with Pierce getting shuffled back to seventh. Barnett turned the heat up on Barber for the lead on lap 5 as the pair raced side-by-side for lead before Barnett would grab the top spot off of turn two on lap 7. Pierce would begin his rid-riding, top floor charge on lap 8, breaking back into the top five on lap 9. Pierce would then bring the pain to Claycomb for fourth as he tip-toed around Claycomb on lap 10 for the position. Meanwhile, Hillard was now nipping at the heels of Barber for the runner-up spot and would take second on lap 12, with Pierce disposing of Barber to take the third slot one round later. Race leader Barnett would start the process of working slower traffic on lap 14, while Pierce set his sights on Hillard for second. Pierce would fall off the backchute on lap 17, but jumped the car back out into the track, without losing a position. Pierce would then deal a dose of medicine to Hillard on lap 19, taking the second spot after a side-by-side tussle with the NALMS points leader. Barnett would get a scare on lap 21 as he and a slower car made contact exiting turn four, but held on to the lead. Pierce now zoned in on Barnett as Barnett continued to dice in and out of traffic, while Pierce continued his top floor charge. Lap 26 would see Pierce pull right up on Barnett and the pair would duel door-to-door on lap 27 before Pierce charged by on the top side of turn two on lap 28. McCammon had also ran down Hillard for third at this point and last year痴 NALMS national runner-up would grab third from Hillard in turn three on lap 30. The final ten circuits would continue to see Pierce take the long way around the track and see the "Tall Cool One" take the checkered flag first in his Murphy Trucking, D.A. Bar, Hoosier Tires, Clawsons Heating and AC, B and D Truck and Trailer Repair, FineLine Designs #32 C.J. Rayburn Race Cars, ProPower Race Engines powered entry. Barnett would trail in second, with McCammon, Hillard, and Claycomb completing the top five. Don O誰eal would head up the second five, followed by 20th starting Matt Miller, 16th starting Dick Phillips, Barber, and John Gill. Fifty-six Northern All-Star Late Models were registered for the event, with heat wins going to Pierce, Barber, Barnett, O誰eal, McCammon, and Scott James. Mike Jewell and Miller won the B-mains, while NALMS provisionals went to Jim Curry and Brad Barrow.

Bomber division points leader Bubba Woods of Bedford, IN took the lead from Matt Bex on the white flag lap to take yet another win in the Bomber feature aboard his Bailey痴 Flowers and Gifts, Jerry Arthur Paving, Antique Auto Race Car Museum, Tucker Transmissions #00 Performer Chassis, Terry Cummings powered Monte Carlo. Bex would finish second, with Robert Walter, Charlie Stevens, and 19th starter Matt Cummings completing the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Bobby Davis, Clifton Barron, 18th starter Dave Robinson, Josh Turner, and Rob Manley. Forty-six Bombers were on hand with heats going to Bex, Barron, Woods, Jim Ruddick, and Stevens. The B-mains were won by Jerry Maynard and Rick Applegate.

Greg O誰eill of Mooresville, IN made it two wins in a row in the Super Stock division as he held off the charges of defending Super Stock track champion Mike Fields to take the win behind the wheel of his Eastern Banner Supply #99 Steve Hunt owned entry. Trailing Fields to complete the top five were Joe Johnson, Darin George, and Gary Green. Completing the top ten were Willie Sallee, 17th starter Steve Hunt, Tom Plotz, 15th starting Mike Vest, and 19th starting Burney Chaplin. Forty Super Stockers were on hand with heats going to ONeill, George, Johnson, and Fields, while the B-mains were scored by Hunt and Raymond Burton.

Racing action continues at Brownstown Speedway this Saturday night with a regular racing program of Late Models, UMP Modifieds, and Bombers.

SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, Indiana-May 19, 2001

Northern All-Star Late Models (56 entries)

Top Qualifier- Bob Pierce 15.102

1st Heat- Pierce, Steve Hillard, Jim Leeth, Mike Jewell

2nd Heat- Mark Barber, John Gill, Jeff Martin, Tory Collins

3rd Heat- Steve Barnett, Kevin Claycomb, Marty O誰eal, Mark Bechelli

4th Heat- Don O誰eal, Shawn Negangard, Dick Phillips, John Mason

5th Heat- Doug McCammon, Dan Sturgeon, Jay Mobley, Tim Prince

6th Heat- Scott James, Frank Reaber, Steve Casebolt, Matt Miller

1st B-Main: Jewell, Bechelli, Collins, Scott Smith, Cale Kern

2nd B-Main: Miller, Mason, Duane Chamberlain, Josh Williams, Joe Godsey

NALMS Provisionals- Jim Curry and Brad Barrow

Kenny Simpson Memorial- Pierce, Barnett, McCammon, Hillard, Claycomb, Don O誰eal, Miller, Phillips, Barber, Gill, Negangard, Martin, Barrow, James, Mobley, Curry, Reaber, Jewell, Marty O誰eal, Leeth, Sturgeon, Casebolt

Bombers (46 entries)

1st Heat- Matt Bex, Paul Owens, Josh Turner, Robert Green

2nd Heat- Clifton Barron, Rob Manley, Phil Hillman, Jerry Maynard

3rd Heat- Bubba Woods, Robert Walters, Bobby Davis, Josh Hayes

4th Heat- Jim Ruddick, Mickey Hines, Andrew Davis, Roger Reichenbacker

5th Heat- Charlie Stevens, Ben Burton, Fudgie Robbins, Dave Robinson

1st B-Main: Maynard, Robinson, Green, Ryan Wells, Terry Leitzman

2nd B-Main: Rick Applegate, Matt Cummings, Reichenbacker, Hayes, Tony Arthur

Feature- Woods, Bex, Walters, Stevens, Cummings, Bobby Davis, Barron, Robinson, Turner, Manley, Reichenbacker, Andrew Davis, Green, Maynard, Applegate, Owens, Hillman, Hines, Ruddick, Robbins

Super Stocks (40 entries)

1st Heat- Greg O誰eill, Brad Cummings, Gary Green, Tom Plotz

2nd Heat- Darin George, Kevin Jones, Jeremy Hines, Jay Deckard

3rd Heat- Joe Johnson, Trent Niflis, Chris Hillman, Mike Vest

4th Heat- Mike Fields, Randy Moore, Willie Sallee, Travis Todd

1st B-Main: Steve Hunt, Burney Chaplin, Mel Bigham, Dave Wolfert, Deb Freisner

2nd B-Main: Raymond Burton, Chris Deweese, Jerry Helton, Michael Purtlebaugh

Feature- O誰eill, Fields, Johnson, George, Green, Sallee, Hunt, Plotz, Vest, Chaplin, Cummings, Hines, Moore, Deweese, Deckard, Burton, Niflis, Todd, Jones