Jewell Jams Brownstown Speedway for $2,000 Victory

Brownstown, IN-June 2- With the weather unseasonably cool for June, the action on the track Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway more than kept the race fans warm as Mike Jewell of Scottsburg, IN became only the second repeat winner in the Late Model division at Brownstown this season by capturing the 25 lap, $2,000 to win feature event. Other class winners included Jim Ruddick of Seymour, IN in Bombers and Brad Cummings of Bedford, IN in Super Stocks.

The start of the Late Model feature would see Mark Barber, Jewell, and Ernie Barrow go three-wide for the lead into turn one, with Barber driving off the top side to take the lead, as Jewell would deal Barrow a slidejob off of turn four to take second. Doug Ault, Jim Curry, and young gun Bryan Barber would dice it up three-deep for fourth on lap 2, with Curry finally gaining fourth from Ault and Barber on lap 3. Curry would then begin a march toward the point as he would dispose of Barrow for third on lap 4. The caution flag would wave as the field worked lap 8 for Mark Bechelli who spun over the banking in turn four. The restart would now see Barber, Jewell, and Curry set the stage for a classic three-way battle for the lead, while Steve Barnett would go from sixth to fourth on the lap 8 restart. Jewell began to show Barber the nose of his mount on several occasions beginning on lap 11, with Curry also peaking beneath Jewell at times for second. The action would reach its climax beginning on lap 16 as the front trio would go three-wide through turns one and two for the lead, with Barber holding on to the lead at this point. But Jewell would get an opening on lap 17 as Barber slipped up a bit exiting turn four, allowing Jewell to take the lead and bring Curry along into second. The final caution would wave on lap 19 as Tim Prince smoked an engine badly getting into turn one and slowed on the badkchute. The final six circuits would see Curry continue to pressure Jewell, but to no avail as Jewell would take the checkered flag first in his MPC Motorsports, Southern Indiana Rock Drilling, Morgan Fine Foods, Adams Fabricating, Jewell TV, LaFountainís Auto Body, Scott County Tire, Edwards Builders #9 MasterSbilt Race Car entry. Curry would come home second, with Barnett grabbing third. Mark Barber and Barrow would complete the top five. Bryan Barber would head up the second five, followed by 18th starting Dick Phillips, Doug Ault, Marty OíNeal, and 19th starter Steven Godsey. Thirty-nine Late Models were on hand with heat wins going to Barrow, Mark Barber, Jewell, and Ault, while the two B-mains were scored by Paul Benton and Phillips.

The 15 lap Bomber feature saw Jim Ruddick take his first feature win of the 2001 season as he would lead the Bomber main event wire-to-wire. Ruddick, behind the wheel of his C and O Auto Parts, NAPA, Johnnie Cainís Carpet Store, Bedelís Transmissions, ScoTees RaceCar Graphics, KMI Engines, Kar Kwit Muffler Shop #0 NightCrawler Chassis, was trailed by Matt Bex, Bubba Woods, Matt Cummings, and Charile Stevens. Completing the top ten were Robert Walters, Greg Benton, Bobby Davis, Paul Owens, and Josh Turner. Forty-seven Bombers saw heats won by Cummings, Ruddick, Bex, and Woods, while Mickey Hines and Clifton Barron won the B-mains.

Brad Cummings picked up his third Super Stock win of the year after taking the lead on lap 11 and never looking back to take the 20 lap feature win. Cummings drove his Cycle Shack, Tri-County Rental, Indiana StoneWorks, Stone City Ironworks, Cummings Race Engines #71 Hobbs Chassis to the win over Mel Bigham, Steve Hunt, Trent Niflis, and Kevin Jones. Rounding out the top ten were Gary Green, Jay Deckard, Jim Raymer, Raymond Burton, and another Gary Green. Twenty-three Super Stocks were in attendance with heats going to Hunt, Bigham, and Greg OíNeill, with Matt Smallwood winning the B-main.


LATE MODELS (39 entries)

Top Qualifier- Ernie Barrow 15.216

1st Heat- Barrow, Bryan Barber, Steve Barnett, Dusty Chapman

2nd Heat- Mark Barber, Jim Curry, Gary Burton, Tim Prince

3rd Heat- Mike Jewell, Frankie Coomer, Dan Sturgeon, Mark Bechelli

4th Heat- Doug Ault, Marty OíNeal, Cale Kern, John Sizemore

1st B-Main: Paul Benton, Steven Godsey, Tony Traficant, Greg Ault, Tory Collins

2nd B-Main: Dick Phillips, John Whitney, Scott Smith, Todd McKinney, Derek Ramp

Feature- Jewell, Curry, Barnett, Mark Barber, Barrow, Bryan Barber, Phillips, Ault, OíNeal, Godsey,

Burton, Sturgeon, Coomer, Benton, Kern, Whitney, Chapman, Sizemore, Prince, Bechelli

BOMBERS (47 entries)

1st Heat- Matt Cummings, Glen Woods, Robert Green, Jamie Wilson

2nd Heat- Jim Ruddick, Charlie Stevens, Roger Reichenbacker, Rob Manley

3rd Heat- Matt Bex, Robert Walters, Greg Benton, Paul Owens

4th Heat- Bubba Woods, Bobby Davis, Larry Harris, Terry Ross

1st B-Main: Mickey Hines, Josh Turner, Kent Wagner, Cody VanOsdal, Bill Wilson

2nd B-Main: Clifton Barron, Dan Sallee, Josh Hayes, John Mayer, Lindsey Wade

Feature- Ruddick, Bex, Bubba Woods, Cummings, Stevens, Walters, Benton, Davis, Owens, Turner, Green, Hines, Reichenbacker, Manley, Wilson, Sallee, Glen Woods, Barron, Ross, Harris

SUPER STOCKS (23 entries)

1st Heat- Steve Hunt, Trent Niflis, Jay Deckard, Brad Cummings

2nd Heat- Mel Bigham, Gary Green, Jim Raymer, David Brewer

3rd Heat- Greg OíNeill, Gary Green, Raymond Burton, Jerry Ross

B-Main: Matt Smallwood, Geoff Strange, Deb Freisner, Travis Todd, JD Hume

Feature- Cummings, Bigham, Hunt, Niflis, Kevin Jones, Green, Deckard, Raymer, Burton, Green, OíNeill, Smallwood, Strange, Freisner, Hume, Brewer, Ray Weston, Ross, Todd