Jewell Victorious in Awesome NALMS Lee Fleetwood Memorial at Brownstown Speedway

Brownstown, IN-June 23- Mike Jewell of Scottsburg, IN picked up his third win of the 2001 at Brownstown Speedway Saturday night in capturing the 3rd Annual Lee Fleetwood Memorial for the Northern All-Star Late Model Racing Series. It was Jewell's second consecutive win in this event and the action was absolutely awesome. Jim Ruddick of Seymour, IN scored his second Bomber feature win of the season, while Rick Hines of Seymour, IN captured his first Super Stock win of 2001 at Brownstown.

The 30 lap, $2,000 to win NALMS main event came to Rusty Nunn's green flag with Darrell Lanigan jumping to the lead, but it would be for naught as third place starter Steven Godsey would get sideways in turn two, resulting in an eight car pileup that would see defending NALMS champ Steve Barnett be finished for the night, along with first time visitor Ed Behn also going pitside for the evening. The next attempted would take and Lanigan would jump to the lead, with Mike Jewell, Kevin Claycomb, Jesse James Lay, and Jim Curry giving chase. Jewell would take the long way around the mile track as he would rim-ride his way to the lead on lap 4 with a pass on the frontchute heading into turn one. The final caution of the event would wave on lap 6 as Mark Barber would loop his mount in turn two, also causing Bryan Barber to stop on the track in the process. Jewell would again jump away from the field on the restart, as Claycomb and Lay would begin a classic duel for the third spot, with Lay taking third on lap 7, while John Gill would charge his way into the top five with a pass of Jim Curry for fifth on the same circuit. Claycomb would nose back by Lay for third on lap 9, only to see Lay snatch the spot back away on lap 11. Jewell was motoring away from the pack at this point, with Lanigan still giving chase in second, while Claycomb would retake the third spot from Lay on lap 14. As the field received the halfway signal, Jewell would catch slower traffic. This would allow Lanigan to close on the leader and also allowed Claycomb and Lay to close in on the front pair. Lanigan would begin to pick beneath Jewell on occasion, while Claycomb was mounting his charge on the top side, with Lay in pursuit. Lap 24 would see the action really heat up as Lanigan and Claycomb were really putting the heat on Jewell. As the five to go indicator was given to the field, the battle for the lead would go three-wide into turns one and two, as the lead trio continued to dance for the top spot in heavy lapped traffic. Claycomb would scoot beneath Jewell for the lead off of turn four to complete lap 26, with the battle for the lead three-wide again off of turn two, with Jewell making a gutsy move between Claycomb and hub-riding Lanigan to retake the lead entering turn three, while Curry would retake fifth from Gill on the same lap. Jewell would stave off the challenges of Claycomb over the last three circuits to take the exciting win aboard his MPC Motorsports, Morgan's Fine Foods, Southern Indiana Rock Drilling, Adams Fabricating, Jewell TV, LaFountain's Auto Body, Scott County Tire, Edwards Builders #9 MasterSbilt Race Cars, Cornett Race Engines powered entry. Claycomb would take second, with Lay making a last lap pass of Lanigan to snag third, with Curry completing the top five. Steve Hillard would take sixth, with Gill, Dan Sturgeon, fast qualifier Doug McCammon, and Steven Godsey completing the top ten.

Forty-six NALMS racers were signed in for the event, with heat wins going to Jewell, Claycomb, Lanigan, and Godsey. The B-mains were scored by Mark Barber and Jay Mobley. Ernie Barrow and Sherri Heckenast were NALMS provisional starters.

The Bomber feature saw Jim Ruddick lead flag-to-flag and hold off a late race charge from Matt Bex to take the 20 lap main event. Ruddick's win came behind the wheel of his C and O Auto Parts, Cain's Carpet Sales, Kar Kwik Muffler, Bidel Transmissions # 0 NightCrawler Race Car. Bex would go second at the finish, with Matt Cummings, Darrell Burton, and Charlie Stevens completing the top five. Rounding out the top ten were Robert Walters, Bubba Woods, Brad Cummings, Larry Harris, and Josh Turner. Thirty-one Bombers in attendance saw heat wins go to Ruddick, Donnie Pifer, Burton, and Stevens, while Brad Cummings would win the B-main.

Rick Hines would drive his NightCrawler Race Cars, Niebel Race Engines #15 to the Super Stock feature win over his son Jeremy Hines in this 25 lap feature event. Brad Cummings would take the third at the finish, while Jay Deckard would outduel Greg O'Neill for the fourth spot. Steve Hunt would head up the second five at the checkered flag, followed by Stan Brown, Gary Green, J.D. Hume, and Raymond Burton. Twenty-six Super Stockers would see heat victories go to Rick Hines, Brown, and Jeremy Hines, while Dale Ayers topped the B-main.

Action continues at Brownstown this Saturday with a regular show for Late
Models ($2,000 to win/$200 to start), plus UMP Modifieds, Bombers, and the
AMSA Mini-Sprints.

SUMMARY: Brownstown Speedway-Brownstown, Indiana-June 23, 2001

Northern All-Star Late Models (46 entries)
Top Qualifier- Doug McCammon 15.182
1st Heat- Mike Jewell, Jesse James Lay, McCammon, Dick Phillips
2nd Heat- Kevin Claycomb, Jim Curry, Mark Bechelli, Dan Sturgeon
3rd Heat- Darrell Lanigan, John Gill, Bryan Barber, Doug Ault
4th Heat- Steven Godsey, Steve Hillard, Steve Barnett, Ed Behn
1st B-Main: Mark Barber, Shawn Negangard, Ernie Barrow, Frank Reaber, Cale Kern
2nd B-Main: Jay Mobley, Marty O'Neal, Scott Smith, Frankie Coomer, Derek Ramp
NALMS Provisionals- Ernie Barrow, Sherri Heckenast
Lee Fleetwood Memorial- Jewell, Claycomb, Lay, Lanigan, Curry, Hillard, Gill, Sturgeon, McCammon, Godsey, Barrow, Ault, Phillips, Mark Barber, Negangard, O'Neal, Mobley, Heckenast, Bechelli, Bryan Barber, Barnett, Behn

Bombers (31 entries)
1st Heat- Jim Ruddick, Matt Cummings, Mike Seal, Roger Reichenbacker
2nd Heat- Donnie Pifer, Matt Bex, Dave Robinson, Greg Benton
3rd Heat- Darrell Burton, Robert Walters, Chris Streeval, Bubba Woods
4th Heat- Charlie Stevens, Larry Harris, Josh Turner, John Mayor
B-Main: Brad Cummings, Robert Green, Andrew Davis, Paul Owens
Feature- Ruddick, Bex, Matt Cummings, Burton, Stevens, Walters, Woods, Brad Cummings, Harris, Turner, Streeval, Green, Reichenbacker, Benton, Owens, Mayor, Pifer, Robinson, Davis

Super Stocks (26 entries)
1st Heat- Rick Hines, Greg O'Neill, Jay Deckard, Raymond Burton
2nd Heat- Stan Brown, Brad Cummings, Gary Green, Paul Nobbe
3rd Heat- Jeremy Hines, Steve Hunt, Darin George, J.D. Hume
B-Main: Dale Ayers, Ryan Hehman, Ray Weston, Deb Freisner, Mac Swim
Feature- Rick Hines, Jeremy Hines, Cummings, Deckard, O'Neill, Hunt, Brown, Green, Hume, Burton, Nobbe, Freisner, Geoff Strange, Ben DuBois, Weston, George, Ayers, Swim, Hehman