Barrow, Londeree, and Ruddick Top Guns at Brownstown Speedway

Brownstown, IN-August 4- The action on the track was as hot as the weather
on Saturday evening at Brownstown Speedway and gave the fans a nice preview
of next weekend's Jackson 100. Ernie Barrow of Bloomington, IN scored his
second Late Model feature win of the year at Brownstown. Brent Londeree of
Columbus, IN notched his first UMP Modified win at Brownstown since August
of 1999, and Jim Ruddick of Seymour, IN captured his sixth Bomber feature
win of the 2001 season at Brownstown.

The 25 lap Late Model feature saw the initial started voided when A.J.
Bingham and Tim Prince spun over the banking in turn one. The second
attempted start would be a go with C.J. Rayburn jumping to the point,
followed by Mark Barber, Ernie Barrow, Rodney Bruce, and Dennis Boknecht.
Barber would immediately begin to challenge Rayburn for the top spot and
would see a turn two pass for the lead cancelled when the caution waved on
lap 4 for a huge piece of debris on the track in turn three. One lap would
be completed under the green with Todd McKinney passing both Boknecht and
Bruce to take fourth when the final caution would wave as fifth place
Boknecht would spin in the middle of the frontchute, forcing him to call it
a night with a bent tie-rod. The final restart would see Barber again put
the heat on Rayburn, with Barber taking the lead in turn two on lap 7.
Barrow was also beginning to fire as he scooted by Rayburn for second on lap
9. As the field saw the halfway signal, the battle at the point heated up
more as Barrow had closed in on Barber, with Rayburn also joining the fray.
Lap 15 would see the trio dance three-wide off of turn two and down the
backchute, with Barrow taking the point and bringing Rayburn along for
second. Barrow would begin to pull away at this point, while Rayburn and
Barber would duel for second, while McKinney and Cale Kern diced it up for
fourth. Barrow would catch slower traffic in the final five circuits,
allowing Rayburn and Barber to close a bit, but Barrow would be too strong
on this evening as he saw the checkered flag wave first in his Vernon
Fleetwood owned Rural Water Valley Maintenance, Vernon Fleetwood Excavating,
KH Signs and Graphics #57 C.J. Rayburn Race Cars, FoxCo Race Engines powered
entry. Rayburn would take runner-up honors, with points leader Barber
finishing third. McKinney and Kern would have their best runs of the year
at Brownstown as they completed the top five. Gary Barrow, fourteenth
starter Steven Godsey, Rodney Bruce, thirteenth starter Greg Ault, and
sixteenth starting and B-main winner Tim Prince completed the top ten.
Twenty-eight Late Models signed in for action with heat wins going to
Rayburn, Barber, and Boknecht.

The 20 lap UMP Modified main event would see sixth place starter Brent
Londeree take the Columbus native drive away to the feature win aboard his
Wagner Construction, Londeree Fence Company, Hardintown Towing, Mike Hobbs
Quarterhorses sponsered #99 Ellis Race Car, Niebel powered mount. Young
Levi Godsey would finish second, with John DeMoss nipping Darren Davis for
third, while points leader Matt Boknecht rounded out the top five.
Seventeenth starter and 1st B-main winner Adam Sasser would rocket to sixth,
with Clint DeMoss, thirteenth starting J.D. Roberts, Vernon Soeder, and
Nelson Gingery completing to top ten. Fourty-four open-wheelers were on
hand with heats won by Boknecht, Davis, Godsey, and John DeMoss, while
Sasser and Cully Chapman won the B-mains.

The Bomber feature would see the lead change hand seven times in 15 laps as
Jim Ruddick and Matt Cummings battled door-to-door for most of the event,
with Ruddick able to squeeze out the win in his Johnnie Cain Carpet Sales,
Bidel Transmissions, C and O Auto Parts, Kar Kwik Muffler Shop, #0
NightCrawler Race Cars Monte Carlo. Cummings would take runner-up honors
for the evening, with Bobby Davis, Robert Walters, and Charlie Stevens
completing the top five. Bubba Woods would head up the second five,
followed by Paul Owens, Matt Bex, Ray Godsey, Jr., and Darrell Burton.
Forty-eight Bombers were in action, with heat wins scored by Woods, Ruddick,
Walters, and Cummings, with the B-mains captured by Robert Green and Chris

This weekend will be the 22nd Annual Jackson 100 weekend, with two complete
shows each night on August 10 and 11. The Jackson 100 will feature the
Northern All Star Late Model Racing Series on August 11, with the winner
taking home $10,000.

SUMMARY-Brownstown Speedway-August 4, 2001
LATE MODELS (28 entries)
Top Qualifier- Ernie Barrow 16.337
1st Heat- CJ Rayburn, Ernie Barrow, John Finn, Cale Kern
2nd Heat- Mark Barber, Rodney Bruce, Shannon Reed, Gary Barrow
3rd Heat- Dennis Boknecht, Todd McKinney, Gary Burton, Joe Godsey
B-Main: Tim Prince, Denny Bailey, AJ Bingham, AJ Bowlen, Jeff Mounce
Feature- Ernie Barrow, CJ Rayburn, Barber, McKinney, Kern, Gary Barrow,
Steven Godsey, Bruce, Greg Ault, Prince, Joe Godsey, Reed, Bailey, Bingham,
Bowlen, Mounce, Finn, Christian Rayburn, Boknecht, Burton

UMP MODIFIEDS (44 entries)
1st Heat- Matt Boknecht, Nelson Gingery, Vernon Soeder, JD Roberts
2nd Heat- Darren Davis, Brent Londeree, Travis Shoulders, Matt Bex
3rd Heat- Levi Godsey, Jason Thomas, Shelby Miles, Don Parsons
4th Heat- John DeMoss, Clint DeMoss, Sam Lee, Jesse Cramer
1st B-Main: Adam Sasser, Al Flick, Darrin George, Gary Burton, Randy Petro
2nd B-Main: Cully Chapman, Billy Despain, JP Hume, Roy Bruce, Walt Case
Feature- Londeree, Godsey, John DeMoss, Davis, Boknecht, Sasser, Clint
DeMoss, Roberts, Soeder, Gingery, Miles, Thomas, Bex, Cramer, Sam Lee,
Flick, Despain, Chapman, Parsons, Shoulders

BOMBERS (48 entries)
1st Heat- Bubba Woods, Bobby Davis, Dave Robinson, Dave Lemons
2nd Heat- Jim Ruddick, Paul Owens, Matt Bex, John Mayer, Jr.
3rd Heat- Robert Walters, Darrell Burton, Roger Reichenbacker, Dave Waggoner
4th Heat- Matt Cummings, Charlie Stevens, Jeff Helton, Ray Godsey, Jr.
1st B-Main: Robert Green, David Ross, Dave Barnett, Dave Eagen, Dell Taylor
2nd B-Main: Chris Streeval, Steve Ward, Mike Burch, Jamie Wilson, Josh Cash
Feature- Ruddick, Cummings, Davis, Walters, Stevens, Woods, Owens, Bex,
Godsey, Jr., Burton, Helton, Reichenbacker, Robinson, Ward, Streeval,
Lemons, Waggoner, Green, Mayer, Jr., Ross