John Gill Crushes Ice-Breaker Field

Brownstown, IN-April 6, 2002-Mitchell, IN resident John Gill started on the outside front row and checked out on the field en route to his first Indiana Icebreaker win. Gill, driving the Helena, Performance Plus Car Wash, ELROD, Wildsode Race Graphics, Draime powered, Rocket chassis entry beat pole sitter Jim Curry to turn one to take the lead at the outset and lead the first lap. Gill would pull a half straightaway lead over Jim Curry by lap number five. The top five at this point was Gill, Curry, Greg Johnson, Doug Ault and, Steve Hillard. Kevin Claycomb was on his way towards the top five until lap 10 when he took the long way around, sliding off the front stretch, giving the front row fans a dirt shower. Gill started to move into lap traffic by lap 13. The man on the move at this point was Mike Jewell who, at this point, was up to sixth from his 12th starting position. Hillard began putting pressure on Johnson for the third position on lap 14, but Johnson held him off for the spot. By lap 15, Gill had a full straight away lead on Curry, Johnson, Hillard and, Steve Barnett. Mike Jewell would finally crack the top five on lap 18 when he slid past Steve Barnett for the spot. The caution would fly for the first and only time when Shawn Negangard spun off the track in turn four. Gill would lead the field to the restart followed by Curry, Johnson, Hillard and, Jewell. Bad luck would strike Hillard on lap 24 when he would slide off the front stretch losing valuable positioning. Curry would take advantage of the earlier restart, making haste of the lap cars that were placed between he and Gill. Curry started to close the gap on lap 28 to about 5 car lengths to the back of Gill. Curry's run would soon end as he started to have trouble with his mount, allowing Mike Jewell to get around him for second position. Curry's challenge for the lead would be the only challenge Gill would have, as Gill cruised on for the next six laps to the checkers followed by Jewell, Curry, Johnson, Barnett, Dennis Erb Jr, Hillard, Ault, Claycomb and, Mark Barber rounding out the top ten.

In UMP modified action, Brent Londeree claimed the checkered flag over a stellar field of twenty-one cars and collected the $500 top prize. Londeree started sixth on the grid, but wasted little time in running down the leaders in his effort to reach the front. At the line, Gary Barrow, Adam Sasser, Greg O'Neill, and Alan Magner completed the top five. Modified heat races were won by Magner, Al Flick, Sasser, O'Neill, Earl Plessinger, and Londeree, while Rick Gumm and Michael Bradley won consolation races.

In the Bomber feature Matt Cummings cruised to the victory in flag to flag fashion. The 20 lap Bomber feature was run caution free.


Late Models Fast Qualifier(41 cars): James Huff (14.798)
HEAT 1: 1.Jim Curry,2.Greg Johnson,3.Mark Barber,4.Eddie Leviner,5.Dennis Boknecht,6.Zac Davis,7.Dan Sturgeon,8.James Huff,9.Bradley Sturgeon,10.Brad Cummings,11.Derek Ramp
HEAT 2: 1.John Gill,2.Jesse Lay,3.Dennis Erb Jr.,4.Bryan Barber,5.Curt Spalding,6.Rodney Bruce,7.Jason Setser,8.Cody Mahoney,9.Mike Bechelli,10.Ryan Dauber
HEAT 3: 1.Doug Ault,2.Steve Barnett,3.Brad Barrow,4.Doug McCammon,5.Steve Godsey,6.Scott Smith,7.Greg Kendall,8.Dustin Neat,9.Mike Ruble,10.Chris Elling
HEAT 4: 1.Steve Hillard,2.Kevin Claycomb,3.Mike Jewell,4.Tim Prince,5.Brad Neat,6.Shawn Negangard,7.Todd McKinney,8.AJ Bingham,9.Rob Harp,10.Shannon Reed
CONSY 1: 1.Curt Spalding,2.Dan Sturgeon,3.James Huff,4.Dennis Boknecht,5.Brad Cummings,6.Rodney Bruce,7.Zac Davis,8.Cody Mahoney,9.Bradley Sturgeon,10.Ryan Dauber,11.Jason Setser,12.Mike Bechelli,13.Derek Ramp
CONSY 2: 1.Shawn Negangard,2.Brad Neat,3.AJ Bingham,4.Todd McKinney,5.Greg Kendall,6.Scott Smith,7.Mike Ruble,8.Rob Harp,9.Steve Godsey,10.Dustin Neat,11.Chris Elling,12.Shannon Reed
INDIANA ICEBREAKER FEATURE (40 LAPS) 1.John Gill,2.Mike Jewell,3.Jim Curry,4.Greg Johnson,5.Steve Barnett,6.Dennis Erb,7.Steve Hillard,8.Doug Ault,9.Kevin Claycomb,10.Mark Barber,11.Bryan Barber,12.Tim Prince,13.Shawn Negangard,14.Brad Barrow,15.Doug McCammon,16.Jesse Lay,17.Curt Spalding,18.Eddie Leviner,19.Brad Neat,20.Dan Sturgeon

UMP Modifieds
HEAT 1: 1.Alan Magner,2.Lee Hobbs,3.Jeremy Hines,4.Rick Gumm,5.Matt Boknecht,6.Darin George,7.Tim Eddleman,8.Rodney Harris Jr.,9.Greg Pittman,10.Warren Hopkins
HEAT 2: 1.Al Flick,2.Curtis Knieriem,3.Ryan Thomas,4.Steven Ott,5.Jim Zdroik,6.Travis Howe, 7.Randy Petro,8.David Godsey,9.Perry Bruce,10.JP Hume
HEAT 3: 1.Adam Sasser,2.Robbie Gullion,3.Todd Gilpin,4.JD Roberts, 5.Shelby Miles, 6.Tommy Welin,7.Randy Howe,8.Justin Hillenburg,9.Joey Jones,10.Kevin Stantz
HEAT 4: 1.Greg O'Neill,2.Gary Barrow,3.Gary Burton,4.Michael Bradley,5.Donnie Fleetwood, 6.Chris Riehle,7.Michael Giannini,8.Brad Fleetwood,9.Nelson Gingery,10.Jay Scott
HEAT 5: 1.Earl Plessinger,2.Richie Lex,3.Robert Smith,4.Jerry Crane,5.Steven Fultz,6.Brady Short,7.Josh Lucas,8.Chris Smallwood,9.Mike Knurr,10.Jace Davis
HEAT 6: 1.Brent Londeree,2.Matt Bex,3.Dale Ayers,4.Tom Weddle,5.Billy Despain,6.Bubba Woods,7.Travis Fleetwood,8.Walt Case,9.Brent Payne
CONSY 1: 1.Rick Gumm,2.Shelby Miles,3.Darin George,4.Brady Short,5.Tom Weddle,6.Bubba Woods,7.David Godsey,8.Chris Smallwood,9.Rodney Harris Jr.,10.Nelson Gingery, 11.Randy Howe,12.Warren Hopkins,13.Jerry Crane,14.Donnie Fleetwood,15.Michael Giannini,16.Travis Howe,17.Jace Davis,18.Steven Ott,19.Walt Case,20.Joey Jones, 21.JP Hume
CONSY 2: 1.Michael Bradley,2.Matt Boknecht,3.JD Roberts,4.Mike Knurr,5.Josh Lucas,6.Tommy Welin,7.Billy Despain,8.Jim Zdroik,9.Steven Fultz,10.Brad Fleetwood,11.Travis Fleetwood,12.Chris Riehle,13.Jay Scott,14.Brent Payne,15.Tim Eddelman,16.Greg Pittman
FEATURE (25 LAPS) 1.Brent Londeree,2.Gary Barrow,3.Adam Sasser,4.Greg O'Neill,5.Alan Magner, 6.Matt Bex,7.Todd Gilpin,8.Matt Boknecht,9.Curtis Knieriem,10.Rick Gumm, 11.Jeremy Hines,12.Michael Bradley,13.Al Flick,14.Earl Plessinger,15.Richie Lex,16.Robert Smith,17.Gary Burton,18.Lee Hobbs,19.Ryan Thomas,20.Robbie Gullion, 21.Shelby Miles(DNS)

FEATURE (20 LAPS) 1.Matt Cummings