Izzo Wins Heartstopper At Brownstown Speedway,
Deckard Grabs Super Stocks, Barron Steals Bomber Flag

By: Chris Nunn

Brownstown, IN-April 13, 2002- Joey Izzo of Chicago, Ill., earned himself a new fanbase Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway, winning one of the best races in past history at the quarter-mile speedplant. Izzo took the lead on lap four and battled valiantly to the checkered flag. Mark Barber led the 20-car field to the green flag and led the first couple of laps. Izzo put some heat on Barber on lap three going to the low side, while Barber rode up the middle. Izzo took the point on lap four, finally getting by Barber. Don O'Neal followed Izzo around Barber into the second position. The top five at lap five were Izzo, O'Neal, Barber, John Gill, and Richie Hedrick. The first caution of the 25-lap affair would come on lap seven, when Greg Kendall looped his mount in turn four. Izzo led the field back to the green flag, followed closely by O'Neal. O'Neal then moved up to the high side and ran side by side with Izzo for the next few laps. Hedrick made a move to fourth, getting by Barber on lap 10. Steve Barnett cracked the top five, getting by Barber as well. O'Neal found himself once again behind Izzo and having his own battle with the hard charging Gill for the second position. The second caution of the race would fly on lap 12 when Mike Jewell slid off the front-stretch into the wall. The top five at this point were Izzo, O'Neal, Gill, Hedrick, and Barnett. They went green for about half-a-lap when Hedrick got loose coming out of turn two and collected Barber in the process. The insuing restart saw O'Neal finally make a move for the lead on the high side of lap 14. However, on the next lap, Izzo was right back on O'Neal's fender. The two fought back and forth, swapping the lead numerous times during the next seven laps. Izzo finally took the lead outright on lap 21 when O'Neal slightly jumped the cushion coming out of turn four, allowing Gill to slide in and make it a three-way dance for the top spot. Going into the final lap, Izzo had a three-car length lead over O'Neal and Gill. Gill, running on what seemed to be a flat tire, overtook O'Neal for the second spot coming to the flag. But they were not going to catch Izzo with the amount of time remaining. Izzo took the checkers followed by Gill, O'Neal, Barnett, Tim Prince, Steve Godsey, Dennis Erb, Jr., Brad Cummings, Dan Sturgeon, and Ryan Dauber. The track was ultra-fast all night, with cars running all out the entire evening. The track record that has stood for the past 12 years was nearly broken in qualifying by Tim Prince who clocked a lap of 14.399. The record was set by C. J. Rayburn April 15, 1989, at a time of 14.303.

Super Stocks Lady luck was on Seymour native Jay Deckard's side as he would win his second Super Stock feature in a row, albeit under some unpopular circumstances, in his opinion. The race would start with polesitter Keith Deppe leading the field into turn one. One lap would be all they would get under green due to a spin by Charlie Fultz on the backstretch. Deppe would lead the field back to the green flag followed by Deckard, Rick Hines, Mike Vest, and Trent Niflis. Vest and Niflis waged the only battle on the track for the fourth position on lap six. After that, things got interesting. Coming into traffic on lap nine, Deppe passed Kyle Edwards. Edwards caught a run, though, coming into turn one on the next lap and slammed into the side of Deppe, sending the leader flying off the track off turn two, causing the second caution of the race. Deckard inherited the lead and never looked back as he cruised to the flag followed by Hines, Niflis, Vest, Stan Brown, Ben Dubois, David Brewer, David Woolston, Tony Arthur, and Kyle Edwards. After the race, Deckard said that he would have rather "raced for the win, instead of winning it the way he did."

Bombers Clifton Barron was breathing a sigh of relief in victory lane as he narrowly avoided a skirmish between then-leader Larry Harris and second-running Kevin Applegate. The race began with Harris leading the field to Rusty Nunn's green flag. Rusty Smiley gave Harris a run for his money in the early going while running the high side. Barron made his move through the top five by lap five, passing Robert Walters for third. Barron then made a move on Smiley for the second spot. Applegate then made his move for the second spot, passing Barron on lap 13. Things heated up coming to the white flag. Applegate tried to make a move on Harris for the lead going into turn two on the low side. Applegate made contact with Harris, and the two stuck together going down the backstretch. Barron took advantage of the mishap and passed both Harris and Applegate for the lead and the victory. Jason Combs, Walters, Smiley, Applegate, Ray Godsey, Jim Ruddick, Harris, Paul Owens, and Matt Cummings would round out the top ten.

Late Models (42 Cars)
Fast Qualifier: Tim Prince (14.399)
Heat 1: 1. Joey Izzo, 2. Mike Jewell, 3. Tim Prince, 4. Jim Curry, 5. Eddie Leviner, 6. Steve Godsey, 7. Todd McKinney, 8. Jeff Walls, 9. Jammie Wilson, 10. Mike Ruble.
Heat 2: 1. Mark Barber, 2. Richie Hedrick, 3. James Huff, 4. Ryan Dauber, 5. Scott Smith, 6. Mike Bechelli, 7. Cody Mahoney, 8. Matt Boknecht, 9. Richard Smith, 10. Ashley Anderson.
Heat 3: 1. John Gill, 2. Greg Kendall, 3. Dan Sturgeon, 4. Brad Cummings, 5. Rodney Bruce, 6. Shannon Reed, 7. Chris Elling, 8. Bradley Sturgeon, 9. Jason Setser, 10. Brian Wilhite.
Heat 4: 1. Don O'Neal, 2. Steve Barnett, 3. Greg Johnson, 4. Brad Barrow, 5. Dennis Erb Jr., 6. Wes Steidinger, 7. Steve Smith, 8. Rob Harp, 9. AJ Bingham, 10. Ted Loomis
Consolation 1: 1. Eddie Leviner, 2. Steve Godsey, 3. Todd McKinney, 4. Jammie Wilson, 5. John Gill**, 6. Mike Bechelli, 7. Jeff Walls, 8. Cody Mahoney, 9. Ashley Anderson, 10. Matt Boknecht, 11. Mike Ruble, 12. Richard Smith.
Consolation 2: 1. Dennis Erb Jr., 2. Rodney Bruce, 3-Steve Smith, 4. Jason Setser, 5. Chris Elling, 6. Bradley Sturgeon, 7. Brian Wilhite, 8. Rob Harp, 9. Ted Loomis, 10. Wes Steidinger, 11. Shannon Reed, 12. AJ Bingham.
Feature Results: 1. Joey Izzo, 2- John Gill, 3. Don O'Neal, 4. Steve Barnett, 5. Tim Prince, 6. Steve Godsey, 7. Dennis Erb Jr., 8. Brad Cummings, 9. Dan Sturgeon, 10. Ryan Dauber, 11. Jim Curry, 12. James Huff, 13. Greg Kendall, 14. Rodney Bruce, 15. Richie Hedrick, 16. Mark Barber, 17. Mike Jewell, 18. Greg Johnson, 19. Eddie Leviner, 20. Brad Barrow.

Super Stocks (27 Entries)
Heat 1: 1. Keith Deppe, 2. Mike Vest, 3. Ervin Turner, 4. Deb Friesner, 5. Danny Carmichael, 6. C. J. Allen, 7. Rob Dodd, 8. Karlie Holt, 9. Kevin Arthur.
Heat 2: 1. Ben DuBois, 2. Stan Brown, 3. David Brewer, 4. David Woolston, 5. Tony Arthur, 6. Jason Knight, 7. Charles Fultz, 8. John Bartlett, 9. Rick Wolsifer.
Heat 3: 1. Rick Hines, 2. Jay Deckard, 3. Trent Niflis , 4. Barry Gerkin, 5. Kyle Edwards, 6. Andy Bishop, 7. Ray Weston, 8. Gary Green, 9. Terry Ross.
Consolation: 1. Rob Dodd, 2. Charles Fultz, 3. Ray Weston, 4. Karlie Holt
***There were only four cars in the line-up chute at the time of the start so no consolation was ran and the top four went to the feature**
Feature Results: 1. Jay Deckard, 2. Rick Hines, 3. Trent Niflis, 4. Mike Vest, 5. Stan Brown, 6. Ben DuBois, 7. David Brewer, 8. David Woolston, 9. Tony Arthur, 10. Kyle Edwards, 11. Ervin Turner, 12. Deb Friesner, 13. Keith Deppe, 14. Ray Weston, 15. Karlie Holt, 16. Rob Dodd, 17. Charles Fultz, 18. Jason Knight.

Bombers(42 Entries)
Heat 1: 1. Larry Harris, 2. Robert Walters, 3. Wes Tipton, 4. Josh Turner, 5. David Ross, 6. Ryan Wells, 7. Tom Gunyea, 8. Scott Childers, 9. Chris Massey.
Heat 2: 1. Rusty Smiley, 2. Matt Cummings, 3. Cam Cobb, 4. Dan Londeree, 5. Josh Phelps, 6. Jared Brewer, 7. Mike Tuell, 8. Cole Burton, 9. Chris McCormick.
Heat 3: 1. Clifton Barron, 2. Kevin Applegate, 3. Glen Woods, 4. Josh Hayes, 5. Mike Roberts, 6. John Mayer Jr., 7. Harlan Pate, 8. Dave Lemons.
Heat 4: 1. Jim Ruddick, 2. Ray Godsey, 3. Roger Reichenbacker, 4. Mike Burch, 5. Bobby Gardner, 6. Brandon Carr, 7. Harold Hunter, 8. John Butler.
Heat 5: 1. Jason Combs, 2. Paul Owens, 3. Charlie Stevens, 4. Dave Shelton 5. Robin Holmes, 6. Kent Wagner, 7. David Burkett, 8. Scott Keach.
Consolation 1: 1. Bobby Gardner, 2. Dave Shelton, 3. Scott Keach, 4. Dan Londeree, 5. John Mayer Jr., 6. Brandon Carr, 7. Josh Turner, 8. Robin Holmes, 9. David Ross, 10. Mike Tuell, 11. Harlan Pate, 12. Scott Childers, 13. Chris Massey.
Consolation 2: 1. Josh Hayes , 2. Harold Hunter, 3. Mike Roberts , 4. Mike Burch, 5. Dave Lemons, 6. David Burkett, 7. Josh Phelps, 8. Tom Gunyea, 9. David Brewer, 10. Scott Childers, 11. Ryan Wells, 12. Kent Wagner, 13. John Butler, 14. Chris Mccormick.
Feature Results: 1. Clifton Barron, 2. Jason Combs, 3. Robert Walters, 4. Rusty Smiley, 5. Kevin Applegate, 6. Ray Godsey, 7. Jim Ruddick, 8. Larry Harris, 9. Paul Owens, 10. Matt Cummings, 11. Roger Reichenbacker, 12. Charlie Stevens, 13. Wes Tipton, 14. Mike Roberts, 15. Bobby Gardner, 16. Harold Hunter, 17. Scott Keach, 18. Josh Hayes, 19. Cam Cobb, 20. Dave Lemons, 21. Dave Shelton