"Four the Magic Number for O'Neal at Brownstown"

Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN took advantage of a late race caution, and rode around Shannon Babb on the high side to his fourth straight "Hoosier Dirt Classic" victory. O'Neal driving the O'Neal Wood Products, Petroff Towing, B Auto Parts, Home Team Inspection, Rayburn Chassis #71 entry won his heat race and started on the pole for the 50 lap affair. O'Neal and outside polesitter, Doug McCammon would battle side by side for the lead on the first lap with McCammon ultimately taking the point on lap two on the high side. Mike Jewell and Babb would wage their own war for the third position. Jewell would overtake Babb for the spot on lap five. O'Neal would challenge McCammon for the point again on lap seven, but the door would shut on O'Neal as McCammon slid up in front of him to retain the lead. On the very next circuit, McCammon would make the mistake that plagued him for the remainder of the race. There was a nice cushion at the top of the turns that took its toll on the drivers if they got into it. McCammon would be one of those drivers. He got into the cushion on lap eight and lost the lead as O'Neal would dive under him for the point. Behind all this action for the lead, Babb would make a move on Jewell for the third spot. McCammon would run the high side some more trying to get by O'Neal but would hit the cushion again. McCammon would lose valuable positioning, falling back to fifth. The top five at this point were O'Neal, Babb, Darrell Lanigan who had moved past Jewell on lap 11, Jewell, and McCammon. Another man on the move was Scott James. James won his consy and started 18th. By lap 12 he was up to ninth. Things would get worse for McCammon as he would once again nail the cushion and drop back to ninth. Jewell would make a patented "Mike Jewell Comeback" taking the second spot from Babb on lap 17. The comeback would be short-lived, however, as he would jump off the backstretch, losing the second spot to Babb. O'Neal would put the lap cars of Scott Smith and Dan Sturgeon between he and Babb on lap 20. Babb would make short work of the backmarkers that were in his way. O'Neal would throw two more lap cars at Babb in the form of Jim Curry and Steve Hillard. Babb would dispose of them as well. Things started to heat up as O'Neal would have some trouble with the lap car of Tim Prince, allowing Babb to catch up to O'Neal. Babb obviously had the line on the bottom, getting underneath O'Neal on lap 32 and taking the point, bringing a mixed reaction from the packed grandstands. Babb would pull out a bit of a lead, throwing backmarkers of his own at O'Neal. The first, and only, caution of the race wuld come out on lap 38 for the stalled car of Tim Prince. This caution would be black death for Babb, as O'Neal would fly by Babb on the restart like he was shot out of a cannon. James would finish up his journey to the front by passing Kevin Claycomb for the fourth position on lap 47. All eyes were on O'Neal though, as he would take the checkers a full straightaway ahead of Babb. Rounding out the top ten were Lanigan, James, Claycomb, Jewell, Doug Ault, Brad Barrow, Doug McCammon, and Jesse James Jay

Matt Boknecht of Seymour, IN ran his usual bottom groove to victory in the UMP Modified feature. Boknecht, driving the HMF, George's of Seymour, Wetzel Excavating, Ellis Chassis #22 would start the 25 lap affair on the inside of row number two, battling the current points leader, Brent Londeree for the second position. The caution would fly early for Al Flick on lap two. Boknecht would make the pass for second on the restart, shooting to the bottom on Londeree. The yellow would fly once again on lap three as Brad Barrow stalled his car in turn four. The restart would be voided as well due to a pile up involving Gary Hall, Tim Wright and, JD Roberts. The insuing restart would see Londeree shoot to the highside past Boknecht for second and would pull alongside leader Adam Sasser. Londeree would take the lead on lap four. Boknecht would also get by Sasser for the second spot. Boknecht knows the bottom of the Brownstown track probably better than anybody, as he would use that groove to get by Londeree for the point on lap eight. Sassers good run would turn sour on lap nine as he would spin off the track in turn four, bringing out the caution. Boknecht would hit the restart perfectly, pulling a half straight lead on Londeree by the time they got to the backstretch. Boknecht would have to give up the advantage though, as Tim Eddleman would cause caution number five. Boknecht would lead the field back to the green and would not look back, winning by almost a half a track. Rounding out the top ten were Londeree, Ryan Thomas, Darin George, Sasser, Jeremy Hines, Gary Burton, John Gurley, Roberts and, Alan Magner.

Matt Cummings took the Bomber Feature win passing Larry Harris on the final turn on the final lap. Clifton Barron, Ray Godsey, Jr., Jim Ruddick, Robert Manley, Willie Sallee, Tim Clark, Kent Wagner, and Kevin Applegate rounded out the top ten. Heat wins went to Sallee, Godsey, Cummings, and Harris. Consi wins went to Manley and Applegate



Fast Qualifier: John Gill (14.389)

HEAT 1: 1.Don O'Neal 2.Steve Barnett 3.Scott Smith 4.Todd McKinney 5.Scott James 6.Jammie Wilson 7.John Gill 8.Cody Mahoney 9.Greg Kendall

HEAT 2: 1.Doug McCammon 2.Doug Ault 3.Ryan Dauber 4.Terry Eaglin 5.Jim Curry 6.Brian Wilhite 7.Steve Godsey 8.Dennis Boknecht 9.Clint Bex

HEAT 3: 1.Shannon Babb 2.Darrell Lanigan 3.Kevin Claycomb 4.Tim Prince 5.Dennis Erb Jr. 6.Dan Sturgeon 7.Steve Hillard 8.Bradley Strugeon 9.Tom Allman

HEAT 4: 1.Mike Jewell 2.Mark Barber 3.Brad Barrow 4.Jesse Lay 5.Brad Cummings 6.Willie Sallee 7.Cody Hupp 8.Shannon Reed

CONSI 1: 1.Scott James 2.Jim Curry 3.Steve Godsey 4.Jammie Wilson 5.Greg Kendall 6.Dennis Boknecht 7.Cody Mahoney 8.Brian Wilhite 9.Clint Bex

CONSY 2: 1.Dan Sturgeon 2.Steve Hillard 3.Brad Cummings 4.Cody Hupp 5.Bradley Sturgeon 6.Shannon Reed 7.Tom Allman 8.Willie Sallee

19th Annual Hoosier Dirt Classic (50 Laps) 1.Don O'Neal 2.Shannon Babb 3.Darrell Lanigan 4.Scott James 5.Kevin Claycomb 6.Mike Jewell 7.Doug Ault 8.Brad Barrow 9.Doug McCammon 10.Jesse Lay 11.Steve Hillard 12.Ryan Dauber 13.Jim Curry 14.Mark Barber 15.Terry Eaglin 16.Todd McKinney 17.Steve Barnett 18.Tim Prince 19.Scott Smith 20.Dan Sturgeon


HEAT 1: 1.Adam Sasser 2.Ryan Thomas 3.Billy Despain 4.Gary Hall 5.Richard Harlow 6.Greg Pittman 7.Robert Smith 8.Andy Smith 9.Travis Fleetwood 10.Tom Ault 11.Walt Case 12.Clint Demoss

HEAT 2: 1.Brent Londeree 2.Gary Burton 3.Tim Eddleman 4.Gary Lee Barrow 5.Greg O'Neill 6.Dale Ayers 7.Tom Weddle 8.Justin Hillenburg 9.Jay Scott 10.David Godsey 11.Lee Hobbs 12.Joey Baker

HEAT 3: 1.Matt Boknecht 2.Darin George 3.JD Roberts 4.John Gurley 5.Alan Magner 6.Tracy Ellison 7.Scott Kierington 8.Todd Gilpin 9.Earl Plessinger 10.Nelson Gingery 11.Richie Lex 12.Warren Hopkins

HEAT 4: 1.Jeremy Hines 2.Matt Bex 3.Tim Wright 4.Al Flick 5.RJ Gall 6.Jace Davis 7.Randy Howe 8.Chris Riehle 9.Tommy Welin 10.Brad Fleetwwod 11.Brandon Short 12.Jesse Cramer 13.Bubba Woods

CONSI 1: 1.Greg O'Neill 2.Richard Harlow 3.Lee Hobbs 4.Greg Pittman 5.Tom Weddle 6.Andy Smith 7.Tom Ault 8.Travis Fleetwood 9.Jay Scott 10.Robert Smith 11.Dale Ayres 12.Justin Hillenburg 13.David Godsey 14.Joey Baker

CONSI 2: 1.Alan Magner 2.RJ Gall 3.Todd Gilpin 4.Tracy Ellison 5.Tommy Welin 6.Brandon Short 7.Scott Kierington 8.Warren Hopkins 9.Jace Davis 10.Brad Fleetwood 11.Chris Riehle 12.Randy Howe 13.Nelson Gingery 14.Jesse Cramer 15.Bubba Woods

FEATURE SUMMARY 1.Matt Boknecht 2.Brent Londeree 3.Ryan Thomas 4.Darin George 5.Adam Sasser 6.Jeremy Hines 7.Gary Burton 8.John Gurley 9.JD Roberts 10.Alan Magner 11.Matt Bex 12.Greg O'Neill 13.RJ Gall 14.Billy Despain 15.Al Flick 16.Tim Eddleman 17.Tim Wright 18.Gary Hall 19.Gary Lee Barrow 20.Richard Harlow