By: Chris Nunn

Kevin Claycomb survived the 25 lap Brownstown Speedway main event, and took home a rather helpful victory going into the UMP Indiana Late Model Speedweek events. Claycomb, driving the Tri-State Racing, Gaerte Engines, Brinn Transmissions, AFCO Racing Products, BG Fuel Systems, Hoosier Tire Midwest, Mastersbilt Chassis, #28 entry, took the lead on the backstretch on lap seven from Jason Setser and cruised on the high side the rest of the way to victory lane. The race started with a bang as polesitter, John Gill would lead the field into turn one, only to loop his mount, collecting Joey Izzo, Mark Barber, Jim Curry, Brad Cummings, CJ Rayburn, and Rodney Bruce. When the racing resumed, Setser would jump to the point with John Gill in tow. Gill would have his troubles following the accident, as James Huff would pass him for the second position. We would see the last of Gill on lap three, as he left the track with a flat tire. Meanwhile, Claycomb would shoot around Huff on lap four for the second spot. Claycomb looked like a fisherman reeling in his catch, as he would, lap by lap, close the gap between him and Setser. The fisherman finally pulled ashore his catch on lap seven, taking the high route around Setser coming out of turn two. The race may have been over at the front, but the action continued throughout the top ten. Joey Izzo, who had to take the tail after the first lap restart due to not making it back on the track during the red flag, was making his rampage through the field. Izzo would cross the line in the sixth position. The end of the race would see Claycomb cross the finish line almost a full straightaway ahead of Setser. Rounding out the top ten were Rayburn, Dennis Erb, Brad Cummings, Izzo, Huff, Duane Chamberlain, Jayme Zidar, and Tim Prince.

In the always competitive UMP Modified division, Brent Londeree of Columbus, In. took home his second feature win at the mile speedplant. Like the Late Model feature, this one started out with a bang as Matt Boknecht, Adam Sasser, Ryan Thomas, Matt Bex, and Brandon Short, all piled up in turn four. Brent Sutton would take the green flag, and lead the first, and only lap, that he would lead as Londeree would motor on by on the low side during the second circuit. Steve Trabue would also make haste of Sutton, getting by him for the second spot. Trabue was not content with the second position, as he would try to take the lead from Londeree in turn three on the high side. The move would prove futile, with Trabue jumping the cushion losing some track position on Londeree. The front two would pull away from Sutton during the green flag run. The field would then bunch up on lap 12, due to Gary Lee Barrow stalling his car on the backstretch. The restart would see Sutton move in to fight Trabue for the second spot. Earl Plessinger was making his way through the field at this point, and he wanted in on the action as well, making it a three way dance for the second position. Trabue and Plessinger would relegate Sutton back to the fourth position. Plessinger would ultimately get around Trabue for the second position, but did not have enough time to catch up to Londeree at the finish. Following Londeree and Plessinger were Trabue, Sutton, Boknecht, Sasser, Gary Burton, Darin George, Al Flick, and Tom Weddle rounded out the top ten.

Kevin Applegate found his way back to victory lane in the Bomber feature, holding off two time winner Matt Cummings at the finish. Applegate would take the lead on the first lap from polesitter, Kent Wagner and dart off to a half a straightaway lead on Cummings, who had gotten around Wagner for the second spot on lap seven. The big lead for Applegate would diminish as Jim Ruddick would lose a tire coming out of turn four, causing a yellow. Cummings would attempt to make a move under Applegate when racing resumed, no pass though, as Applegate shut the door on him in turn one. The field would slow one more time as Wes Tipton would stop at the top of turn two. Two cars that were on a rampage through the field were, Jason Combs and Mike Fields. Combs, by lap 11 had moved up from 14th to 4th. Fields, driving Clifton Barron's ride, had moved up to 5th from 19th by lap 11 as well. Applegate would hold on for the next four laps and take the victory, followed by Cummings, Combs, Ray Godsey Jr., Fields, Larry Harris, Roger Reichenbacker, Rick Applegate, Wagner, and Lindsay Wade rounded out the top ten.



HEAT 1: John Gill, Jim Curry, Rodney Bruce, Mike Bechelli, Mitch Santerre, Cody Mahoney, Dennis Boknecht, Tim Prince, Joe Godsey

HEAT 2: Jason Setser, James Huff, Kevin Claycomb, Steve Godsey, Greg Kendall, A.J. Bingham, Derek Ramp, Shannon Reed, Mark Schaefer

HEAT 3: Mark Barber, Brad Cummings, C.J. Rayburn, Todd McKinney, Bradley Sturgeon, Denny Bailey, Greg Ault, Rick Sowders, Dusty Chapman

HEAT 4: Joey Izzo, Duane Chamberlain, Dennis Erb Jr., Jayme Zidar, Rob Harp, Bob Franklin, Dan Sturgeon, Mike Jewell

CONSI 1: Tim Prince, Greg Kendall, Cody Mahoney, Derek Ramp, Mitch Santerre, Shannon Reed, Joe Godsey, Dennis Boknecht, Mark Shaefer

CONSI 2: Bradley Sturgeon, Bob Franklin, Denny Bailey, Rob Harp, Rick Sowders, Mike Jewell, Greg Ault, Dan Sturgeon, Dusty Chapman

FEATURE: Kevin Claycomb, Jason Setser, C.J. Rayburn, Dennis Erb Jr., Brad Cummings, Joey Izzo, James Huff, Duane Chamberlain, Jayme Zidar, Tim Prince, Greg Kendall, Mike Bechelli, Todd McKinney, Steve Godsey, Bob Franklin, Bradley Sturgeon, Mark Barber, Rodney Bruce, John Gill, Jim Curry


HEAT 1: Steve Trabue, Lee Hobbs, Ryan Thomas, Matt Bex, Darin George, Jay Scott, Kenny Childers, Troy Cannon, Brad Fleetwood, Vernon Soeder

HEAT 2: Brent Sutton, Robbie Gullion, Tom Weddle, Al Flick, Tim Eddleman, Gary Burton, Greg O'Neill, Nelson Gingery, Joey Jones, Walt Case, Brady Short

HEAT 3: Brent Londeree, Earl Plessinger, Gary Lee Barrow, Matt Boknecht, Adam Sasser, Billy Peeden, Travis Fleetwood, Joey Baker, J.D. Roberts, Greg Deckard, Jace Davis

HEAT 4: Alan Magner, Brandon Short, Clint Demoss, Jesse Cramer, Jay Miller, J.P. Hume, Steve Fultz, Travis Howe, Bubba Woods, Gary Hall

CONSI 1: Gary Burton, Darin George, Tim Eddleman, Nelson Gingery, Jay Scott, Greg O'Neill, Randy Howe, Kenny Childers, Walt Case, Brad Fleetwood, Vernon Soeder, Troy Cannon, Joey Jones, Brady Short

CONSI 2: Adam Sasser, Jay Miller, J.D. Roberts, J.P. Hume, Gary Hall, Joey Baker, Greg Deckard, Steve Fultz, Bubba Woods, Travis Howe, Billy Peeden, Travis Fleetwood, Jace Davis

FEATURE: Brent Londeree, Earl Plessinger, Steve Trabue, Brent Sutton, Matt Boknecht, Adam Sasser, Gary Burton, Darin George, Al Flick, Tom Weddle, Jay Miller, Lee Hobbs, Clint Demoss, Jesse Cramer, Alan Magner, Gary Lee Barrow, Brandon Short, Ryan Thomas, Matt Bex


HEAT 1: Kent Wagner, Glen Woods, Mike Fields, Jim Pfeiffer, Dave Eagan, Mike Roberts, Jimmy Phillips, Cam Cobb, Phillip Smith, Greg Sutton,

HEAT 2: Lindsay Wade, Rick Applegate, Josh Hayes, John Mayer, Dave Lemons, Tyson Lynch, Bobby Gardner, Scott Childers, Robert Green, Chris Streeval

HEAT 3: Kevin Applegate, Scott Keach, Roger Reichenbacker, Harlan Pate, Josh Phelps, Tom Gonyea, J.J. Pfeiffer, Brandon Carr, Randy Allen, David Ross

HEAT 4: Jim Ruddick, Paul Owens, Jason Combs, Jerry Wade, Rick Wilson, Mike Tuell, Deb Friesner, Dan Londeree, Donnie Pifer, Josh Turner

HEAT 5: Matt Cummings, Ray Godsey, Jr., Larry Harris, Rusty Smiley, Wes Tipton, Robin Holmes, Paul Ortman, Robert Walters, Kenny Arthur, Chris Moscrip

CONSI 1: Rusty Smiley, Robert Walters, Wes Tipton, Dave Eagan, Chris Streeval, Phillip Smith, Tom Gonyea, Cam Cobb, J.J. Pfeiffer, John Mayer, Jim Pfeiffer, Scott Childers, Donnie Pifer, Deb Friesner

CONSI 2: Mike Roberts, Jerry Wade, Robert Green, Jimmy Phillips, Dan Londeree, Harlan Pate, Robin Holmes, Paul Ortman, Tyson Lynch, Brandon Carr, Kenny Arthur, Josh Phelps, Randy Allen, David Ross, Josh Turner

FEATURE: Kevin Applegate, Matt Cummings, Jason Combs, Ray Godsey Jr., Mike Fields, Larry Harris, Roger Reichenbacker, Rick Applegate, Kent Wagner, Lindsay Wade, Josh Hayes, Jerry Wade, Scott Keach, Robert Walters, Wes Tipton, Jim Ruddick, Rusty Smiley, Mike Roberts, Paul Owens, Glen Woods, Robert Green