By: Chris Nunn

On a night where the pits were jammed with 165 cars, three men came out on top of all the rest. Steve Barnett, Matt Boknecht, and Clifton Barron were all victors at the Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night. The Late Model feature started out with a bang, as Mike Jewell, Steve Barnett, and Duane Chamberlain would go three wide for the lead right off the bat. Chamberlain would win the three way dance for the spot coming out of turn four. The field would see the caution flag on lap 2 as Doug Ault, Cale Kern, and Brad Cummings would all get together in turn four. Chamberlain would lead the field to the green on the restart with Barnett in tow. Lap number three would see a change of the guard, as Barnett would shoot around Chamberlain in turn two on the high side for the point. Chamberlain would begin to fall back some more, as John Gill would move by him on lap four to take second. The caution flag would fly again on lap five, when Dennis Boknecht and Scott Smith would stop in turn three. The green flag would fly once more, with Barnett in the lead and Gill right behind him. The action would pick up behind the leaders, as Jewell would slide high off the frontstretch, losing two positions to Dan Sturgeon and Tim Prince. Jewell would then pull off the track on the next circuit. Back up front now, as Gill would pull beside Barnett on the low side and take the lead on lap nine. Gill and Barnett would start to pull away from the third place running Chamberlain at this point. Gill would move into lap traffic on lap 14, and begin tossing backmarkers at Barnett. The top five at lap 15 were Gill, Barnett, Chamberlain, Shawn Negangard, and Sturgeon. Sturgeon would lose his fifth position to Tim Prince on lap 16. At the front of the pack, Gill was continuing the lapping process. Business would then pick up on lap 19 for Gill. While attempting to lap Joe Godsey, the two would make contact and Gill would go spinning off of turn two, giving the lead to Barnett. Barnett would then pull away from the field on the restart and take the victory followed by Chamberlain, Sturgeon, Negangard, Cummings, Prince, Jason Setser, Gill, Steve Godsey, and Brad Barrow would complete the top ten. Barnett is sponsored by: Tony Stewart, JD Byrider, Spears Auto Parts, GRT RaceCars, AFCO Shocks, and K-Motion Engines.

The UMP Modifieds came out in droves to the track. 70 Mods to be exact, the highest count at the speedway since the Midwest Modified Nationals back in 1999. When it was all said and done, Matt Boknecht came out on top in his HMF, George's of Seymour, Wetzel Excavating, Ellis Chassis #22 entry. The main event started with Daryl Herbert on the pole, trying to hold off Earl Plessinger at the very start. Plessinger's bid for the lead would be voided, as J.D. Largent and Gary Hall would bring out the caution. The restart would see the front three rows fan out three to four wide going into turn one. Coming out of turn two, Boknecht would have the lead and would lead lap number one. The caution would fly once again on the second lap, as Steve Pyles and Vernon Soeder would both stop in turn four. Boknecht would lead the field back to the green followed by Plessinger and Herbert. Herbert would make an unsuccessful attempt to get by Plessinger for second on lap 4. Boknecht would not see any challenges for the lead, but the action was fast and furious behind him. Darin George would make a pass for the fourth position, getting around Clint DeMoss. George would then hold off Shelby Miles, who got around DeMoss as well. The caution would fly again for debris in turn four. When the race resumed, Boknecht would pull away from Plessinger once again, but the man to watch at this point, was Brent Londeree who had made his way up to fourth. He was not done passing cars yet, as he got around Herbert for the third spot. Londeree would then get around Plessinger for the second position on lap 16. Plessinger would then fall out of the face after looping his mount and calling it a night. Boknecht would now have a serious threat for his lead, as Londeree would begin to reel him in. Londeree would catch him on lap 18 and try to get under Boknecht to no avail. Londeree would make one last effort at the lead coming down for the checkered flag, but would fall a half a car length short at the line. Following Boknecht at the finish were Londeree, Herbert, DeMoss, Lex, George, Billy Peeden, Miles, Al Flick, and Perry Bruce would round out the top ten.

Clifton Barron would take his second feature win in the Bomber division, driving the Cooper Concrete, Crothersville Heat & Air, Manes Trailer Service, The Awning Guy, Plumber Hay Farms, Perry's Pool Shop #00 entry. Barron would take the lead from Matt Bex on lap three and go on take the checkers.



HEAT 1: Mike Jewell, John Gill, Dennis Boknecht, Cale Kern, Todd McKinney, Bob Lanter, Derek Ramp, Mitch Santerre, Tony Hiner, Jim Curry

HEAT 2: Steve Barnett, Duane Chamberlain, Jason Setser, Brad Barrow, Rodney Bruce, Cody Mahoney, Bradley Sturgeon, John Sizemore, Gary Hardin

HEAT 3: Tim Prince, Shawn Negangard, Doug Ault, Brad Cummings, Scott Smith, Frankie Coomer, Tony Traficant, Tory Collins, Greg Hicks

HEAT 4: Dan Sturgeon, Greg Ault, Steve Godsey, Joe Godsey, Shannon Reed, Mike Bechelli, Brian Wilhite, Dusty Chapman, Tom Allman

CONSI 1: Todd McKinney, Cody Mahoney, Bob Lanter, Bradley Sturgeon, Rodney Bruce, John Sizemore, Derek Ramp, Gary Hardin, Tony Hiner

CONSI 2: Frankie Coomer, Scott Smith, Mike Bechelli, Tony Traficant, Dusty Chapman, Brian Wilhite, Shannon Reed, Greg Hicks, Tory Collins

FEATURE: Steve Barnett, Duane Chamberlain, Dan Sturgeon, Shawn Negangard, Brad Cummings, Tim Prince, Jason Setser, John Gill, Steve Godsey, Brad Barrow, Frankie Coomer, Todd McKinney, Scott Smith, Cody Mahoney, Joe Godsey, Mike Jewell, Greg Ault, Dennis Boknecht, Cale Kern, Doug Ault


HEAT 1: Daryl Herbert, Jeremy Hines, Tim Eddleman, Mike McCarter, Sam Lee, Tom Ault, Brad Fleetwood, Greg O'Neill, Steve Ott, Todd Cleek

HEAT 2: J.D. Largent, Billy Peeden, Nelson Gingery, Vernon Soeder, Alan Magner, Matt Bex, Brad Robinson, Walt Case, Travis Fleetwood, Lonnie Cassity, Gary Burton

HEAT 3: Earl Plessinger, Shelby Miles, Richie Lex, Karl Rothemeier, Jim Hayden, Bubba Woods, Brent Payne, Steve Ferguson, Kenny Childers, J.D. Roberts, Adam Sasser, Joey Baker

HEAT 4: Matt Boknecht, Brent Londeree, Perry Bruce, Joe Cox, Brian Yeatman, Roy Bruce, Jr., Travis Shoulders, Webb Lee, Jim Reynolds, Robbie Gullion, Darin Beaner

HEAT 5: Darin George, Steve Pyles, Jeff Breck, Andrew Davis, Rick Burton, Steve Trabue, Charley Phillips, Todd Gilpin, Gary Lee Barrow, Jay Scott, Dave Benham, Greg Deckard

HEAT 6: Clint DeMoss, Al Flick, Gary Hall, Jesse Cramer, Chuck Griffis, David Cook, Ryan Thomas, Gary Hayden, Joey Jones, Don Fleetwood, Seth Hull, Mike Beatty

CONSI 1: Vernon Soeder, Gary Burton, Steve Ferguson, Joey Baker, Brent Payne, Lonnie Cassity, Walt Case, Tom Ault, Kenny Childers, J.D. Roberts, Alan Magner, Travis Fleetwood, Karl Rothemeier, Jim Hayden, Mike McCarter, Brad Fleetwood, Brad Robinson, Greg O'Neill, Adam Sasser

CONSI 2: Brian Yeatman, Ryan Thomas, Chuck Griffis, Robbie Gullion, Andrew Davis, Charlie Phillips, Roy Bruce Jr., Joe Cox, Jesse Cramer, Joey Jones, Mike Beatty, David Cook, Don Fleetwood, Travis Shoulders, Rick Burton, Steve Trabue, Webb Lee, Jay Scott, Gary Hayden, Jim Reynolds

FEATURE: Matt Boknecht, Brent Londeree, Daryl Herbert, Clint DeMoss, Richie Lex, Darin George, Billy Peeden, Shelby Miles, Al Flick, Perry Bruce, Nelson Gingery, Ryan Thomas, Gary Burton, Brian Yeatman, Jeff Breck, Earl Plessinger, Tim Eddleman, Jeremy Hines, Steve Pyles, Vernon Soeder, J.D. Largent, Gary Hall


HEAT 1: Clifton Barron, Robert Walters, Mike Moody, Amos Bowers, Josh Hayes, Donald Parker, A.J. Lamb, Scott Stevens, Chris Streeval, Jim Ruddick

HEAT 2: Matt Bex, Jim Pfeiffer, Dave Hill, Tim Clark, Dave Lemons, Chris McCormick, Matt Jacobs, Jack Turner, Mike Tuell, Bobby Gardner

HEAT 3: Willie Sallee, Jeff Wilson, Roger Reichenbacker, Robin Holmes, Harlan Pate, Dave Brewer, Mark Smith

HEAT 4: Ray Godsey Jr., Wes Tipton, Robert Turner, Tony Arthur, Dan Londeree, James Carpenter, Johnny Ray, Mark Hines, Danny Redding, J.J. Pfeiffer

HEAT 5: Matt Cummings, Paul Owens, Kevin Applegate, Josh Turner, Dave Eagan, Kent Wagner, Robert Green, Tony Dover, Kerry Turner, Jason Russ

HEAT 6: Jason Combs, Larry Harris, Reid Sparks, Rob Manley, Josh Collins, John Mayer, Tom Hughes, Brandon Carr, Bobbi Pfeiffer

CONSI 1: Tim Clark, Dave Lemons, Josh Hayes, Chris Streeval, Bobby Gardner, Amos Bowers, Robby Johnson, Robin Holmes, Chris McCormick, Amanda Huntington, Harlan Pate, Dave Brewer, Donald Parker, Mark Smith, Scott Stevens, A.J. Lamb, Mike Tuell

CONSI 2: Rob Manley, Josh Turner, Robert Green, John Mayer, James Carpenter, Bobbi Pfeiffer, Dave Eagan, Tom Hughes, Tony Arthur, Tony Dover, Dan Londeree, Kerry Turner, Josh Collins, Kent Wagner

FEATURE: Clifton Barron, Jason Combs, Matt Cummings, Ray Godsey Jr., Willie Sallee, Larry Harris, Rob Manley, Roger Reichenbacker, Wes Tipton, Reid Sparks, Jim Pfeiffer, Tim Clark, Jeff Wilson, Dave Hill, Josh Turner, Robert Turner, Dave Lemons, Matt Bex, Kevin Applegate, Robert Walters, Paul Owens, Mike Moody