BY: Chris Nunn

Bloomington, Illinois hotshoe Billy Drake rolled his Steidinger Construction, Wells Family, Creative Kitchens and Baths, Ultimate Detail Shop, Mullvain powered, Mastersbilt Chassis #9 entry into victory lane after leading all 40 laps of the 18th Annual Kenny Simpson Memorial, at the Brownstown Speedway.

Drake, and polesitter, Greg Johnson led the field down to the green flag with Don O'Neal and Mike Jewell in tow. O'Neal and Johnson would go door to door for the second position with O'Neal getting the spot. Behind the battle for second, a battle was taking shape for the fourth position, as Jewell would pass Steve Barnett for the position. Barnett would not stay back though, as he shot right back around Jewell on the next circuit. The caution would fly on lap six, as Frankie Coomer would loop it coming into turn four. Drake would lead the field back to the cone for the restart with O'Neal, Johnson, and Barnett in tow. Jim Curry would make his first appearance in the top five as he got around Jewell on lap 8. Back up towards the front, Barnett and Johnson would fight it out for the third position. The two would make slight contact, allowing Barnett to slip by. Barnett wouldn't hold the spot for long, as Johnson would pass him right back for the spot. With Barnett relegated back to fourth, Curry would make his move on Barnett on lap 18 for the fourth spot. Drake, by this time was cruising along, maneuvering his way through lap traffic. O'Neal was also getting through lap traffic, although having a harder time. Johnson would catch up to O'Neal in lap traffic and tried to slip under him for second, but to no avail. O'Neal would finally get around a couple of lap cars to put some distance between he and Johnson. Drake would catch a gaggle of backmarkers late in the race that were running two to three wide, that would slow his progress some, allowing O'Neal to catch him in the late stages. O'Neal would try to shoot low on Drake numerous times going into turn one, lap after lap, but Drake would find a way to masterfully get around lap cars and put more track in front of O'Neal. Drake would go on to be the first to the checkers, followed by O'Neal, Johnson, Curry, Doug Ault, Kevin Claycomb, Jewell, Barnett, Steve Godsey, and Brad (ummings would round out the top ten.

John DeMoss of Bloomington, IN took home the UMP Modified feature, leading every lap in the process. DeMoss would shoot to the low side of the speedway at the start of the race with Adam Sasser and Matt Boknecht in tow. Behind the top three, a battle for fourth would start to take shape as Earl Plessinger would pass Richie Lex for the position. Plessinger would then move up to challenge Boknecht for the third spot, but couldn't make the pass. DeMoss would lead Sasser, Boknecht, Plessinger, and Steve Trabue at the halfway point. Plessinger would again move in to battle Boknecht for the third position, this time making the pass on lap 14. The caution would fly with one lap to go, as sixth place running Brent Londeree would spin in turn four. DeMoss would lead the remaining lap and go on to victory followed by Sasser, Plessinger, Boknecht, Jeremy Hines, Trabue, Clint DeMoss, Darin George, Andrew Davis, and Ryan Thomas would round out the top ten.

Gary Green would pick up his first Super Stock victory at Brownstown in over 13 years at the track. Green is sponsored by First Class Business Systems, Interstate Fuel Injections, Big O Tires, and Brownstown Mini Storage. Following Green to the line was Mike Fields, Terry Arthur, Mike Vest, and Mike Cawood would round out the top five

Jim Ruddick took home his third victory of the season in the Bomber division. Ruddick is sponsored by C & O Auto Parts, KMI Engines, Bedel Transmissions, and NAPA Auto Parts. Following Ruddick to the line was Bubba Woods, Matt Cummings, Chris Streeval, and Ray Godsey Jr. would round out the top five


HEAT 1: Billy Drake, Mike Jewell, Dan Sturgeon, Jason Setser, Mike Bechelli, Tim Prince, Dusty Chapman, Shannon Reed, Derek Ramp, Mark Shaeffer

HEAT 2: Greg Johnson, Cale Kern, Brad (ummings, Terry Eaglin, Greg Ault, Ernie Barrow, Frankie Coomer, Josh Allison, Gary Hardin, Mark Barber

HEAT 3: Don O'Neal, Bradley Sturgeon, Todd McKinney, Kevin Claycomb, Steve Godsey, Jammie Wilson, Denny Bailey, Willie Sallee, Brian Wilhite, Tom Allman

HEAT 4: Steve Barnett, Jim Curry, Doug Ault, Brad Barrow, Doug McCammon, John Finn, Dennis Boknecht, Rick Sowders, Cody Mahoney, Tony Hiner

CONSI 1: Tim Prince, Frankie Coomer, Mark Barber, Greg Ault, Mike Bechelli, Joe Godsey, Ernie Barrow, Derek Ramp, Mark Shaeffer, Josh Allison, Dusty Chapman, Shannon Reed

CONSI 2: Steve Godsey, Doug McCammon, Denny Bailey, Dennis Boknecht, Willie Sallee, Jammie Wilson, Cody Mahoney, Brian Wilhite, John Finn, Rick Sowders, Tony Hiner, Tom Allman

18TH ANNUAL KENNY SIMPSON MEMORIAL: Billy Drake, Don O'Neal, Greg Johnson, Jim Curry, Doug Ault, Kevin Claycomb, Mike Jewell, Steve Barnett, Steve Godsey, Brad (ummings, Jason Setser, Dan Sturgeon, Tim Prince, Cale Kern, Brad Barrow, Terry Eaglin, Frankie Coomer, Doug McCammon, Bradley Sturgeon, Todd McKinney

HEAT 1: John DeMoss, Jeremy Hines, Clint DeMoss, Joey Cox, J.P. Hume, Jace Davis, Steve Ferguson, Steven Fultz, Greg Deckard

HEAT 2: Matt Boknecht, Steve Trabue, Ryan Thomas, Jack Taylor, Charlie Phillips, Jay Scott, Tommy Welin, Travis Gault, Troy Cannon

HEAT 3: Adam Sasser, Earl Plessinger, Shelby Miles, Matt Bex, Darin George, Bob Robinson, Josh Wells, J.D. Roberts

HEAT 4: Richie Lex, Carlos Bumgardner, Zach Carney, Jay Miller, Travis Shoulders, Robert Smith, Brad Robinson, Darren Beaner, Jay Miller

HEAT 5: Brent Londeree, Andrew Davis, Don Grant, Billy Peeden, Rick Burton, Marlin Burns, Warren Hopkins, Bubba Woods

CONSI 1: Jack Taylor, Joe Cox, Billy Peeden, Travis Shoulders, Steven Fultz, Josh Wells, J.P. Hume, Robert Smith, Travis Gault, Bob Robinson

CONSI 2: Darin George, Matt Bex, Jay Miller, Steve Ferguson, J.D. Roberts, Troy Cannon, Jace Davis, Jay Scott, Brad Robinson, Warren Hopkins, Charles Phillips, Marlin Burns

FEATURE: John DeMoss, Adam Sasser, Earl Plessinger, Matt Boknecht, Jeremy Hines, Steve Trabue, Clint DeMoss, Darin George, Andrew Davis, Ryan Thomas, Matt Bex, Billy Peeden, Brent Londeree, Richie Lex, Shelby Miles, Jack Taylor, Don Grant, Joe Cox, Carlos Bumgardner, Jay Miller, Zach Carney

HEAT 1: Keith Deppe, Terry Arthur, Marty Cooper, Bill Hobbs, Randy Moore, Rob Dodd, Jeff Walters, Barry Gerkin, Jay Deckard, John Bartlett

HEAT 2: Mike Fields, Gary Green, David Brewer, Justin Bex, Tye Raymer, Jeremy Stierwalt, Brad Pinnick, Matt Ross, Jason Knight, Eric Hale

HEAT 3: Rick Hines, Ben DuBois, Doug McCullough, Mike Cawood, David Woolston, Tony Arthur, Kevin Arthur, C.J. Allen, Travis Todd, Scott Ross

HEAT 4: Jason Hehman, Trent Niflis, Mike Vest, Steve Bowlen, Stan Brown, Rick Wolsifer, Rusty Smiley, Ben Williams, Deb Friesner, Mike Beatty

CONSI 1: Randy Moore, Tye Raymer, Jeff Walters, Matt Ross, Brad Pinnick, John Bartlett, Jason Knight, Jeremy Stierwalt, Rob Dodd, Eric Hale, Barry Gerkin, Jay Deckard

CONSI 2: Stan Brown, Rusty Smiley, Rick Wolsifer, C.J. Allen, David Woolston, Ben Williams, Deb Friesner, Scott Ross, Tony Arthur, Travis Todd, Mike Beatty

FEATURE: Gary Green, Mike Fields, Terry Arthur, Mike Vest, Mike Cawood, Doug McCullough, Trent Niflis, Marty Cooper, Tye Raymer, Bill Hobbs, Justin Bex, Steve Bowlen, Keith Deppe, Stan Brown, David Brewer, Ben DuBois, Randy Moore, Rusty Smiley, Rick Hines

HEAT 1: Ray Godsey Jr., Larry Harris, Paul Owens, John Mayer, Robert Walters, Dave Lemons, Mike Burch, John Phelps, Doug Nelson

HEAT 2: Chris Streeval, Clifton Barron, Roy Arney, Johnny Ray, Robert Green, Chet Cockerham, Tony Edwards, Jim Pfieffer, Tyson Lynch

HEAT 3: Jim Ruddick, Bubba Woods, Wes Tipton, Matt Cummings, Roger Reichenbacker, John Amos, Lindsay Wade, J.J Pfieffer, Charlie Stevens

HEAT 4: Reid Sparks, Greg Sutton, Dave Eagen, Ben Daniel, Josh Hayes, Darren Crawhorn, Amos Bowers, John Passmore, Brandon Routier

HEAT 5: Bobby Gardner, Rob Manley, Josh Cash, Jason Combs, Kevin Applegate, Brandon Carr, David Robinson, Tom Gonyea, Kent Wagner

HEAT 6: Mike Moody, Dan Londeree, Willie Sallee, Derek Wells, Scott Stevens, Donald Parker, Robin Holmes, Rod Chandler

CONSI 1: Matt Cummings, Roger Reichenbacker, Doug Nelson, Johnny Ray, Jim Pfeiffer, Dave Lemons, Tony Edwards, J.J. Pfieffer, Robert Walters, Mike Burch, John Amos, Lindsay Wade, John Phelps, John Mayer, Chet Cockerham, Robert Green, Charlie Stevens, Tyson Lynch

CONSI 2: Kevin Applegate, Jason Combs, Derek Wells, Amos Bowers, Josh Hayes, Brandon Carr, David Robinson, Scott Stevens, Tom Gonyea, Robin Holmes, Donald Parker, Darren Crawhorn, Kent Wagner, Ben Daniel, John Passmore, Brandon Routier, Rod Chandler

FEATURE: Jim Ruddick, Bubba Woods, Matt Cummings, Chris Streeval, Ray Godsey Jr., Larry Harris, Kevin Applegate, Paul Owens, Josh Cash, Wes Tipton, Bobby Gardner, Dave Eagen, Willie Sallee, Reid Sparks, Roger Reichenbacker, Roy Arney, Clifton Barron, Rob Manley, Greg Sutton, Mike Moody, Dan Londeree, Jason Combs