Mike Jewell "Grand" at Brownstown Grand Champion Fair Race

Mike Jewell of Scottsburg, IN took home the 50th Anniversary Race at the Brownstown Speedway in convincing fashion, also taking home the extra $1,000 bonus provided by MastersBilt Chassis by crossing the line in a MastersBilt.

Jason Setser led the 21 car field to Rusty Nunn's green flag with Kevin Claycomb and Mike Jewell in tow. Setser would not hold the lead long though as Claycomb would go by him for the point, bringing Jewell and Mark Barber along with him past Setser. The yellow would come out on lap number two when gary Trammell would go spinning off the frontstretch, giving the fans in the box seats a dirt shower. When the race resumed, Jewell would hound Claycomb for the top spot. Jewell tried both the high and low sides to get around Claycomb. The high side would be the one that worked, though, as he shot around Claycomb on lap six. The top five at lap 10 were Jewell, Claycomb, Barber, Steve Godsey, and Frankie Coomer. Jewell would start the lapping process on lap 14 putting cars between he and Claycomb. The field would see the caution once again on lap 23 for a spin involving Jason Setser. On the restart, Barber would go to the bottom on Claycomb to try a move for second, but to no avail. The caution would fly once again on lap 25 for the stalled car of Dusty Chapman, bunching the field back up. Jewell would pull ahead of Claycomb and back into lap traffic on lap 36. Jewell looked to be the better man when it came to maneuvering through lap traffic. Claycomb was having some trouble with Brian Wilhite and Greg Ault, while Jewell was pulling away. Jewell would see that advantage nullified, as the caution would fly once again for the spun car of C.J. Rayburn on lap 42. The lap 42 restart would see a three wide battle emerge for the fourth spot between Godsey, Dan Sturgeon, and Coomer. Sturgeon would come out of that three way dance with the spot. But at the front, it was all Jewell as he would come home across the line a half straight ahead of Claycomb, Barber, Sturgeon, Godsey, Coomer, Brad Barrow, Greg Johnson, Adam Sasser, and Chapman would round out the top ten. Jewell is sponsored by MPC Motorsports, Southern Indiana Rock Drilling, Adams Fabricating, and Shelton Angus Farms. Jewell's chassis of choice is a Mastersbilt, powered by a Cornett engine.

The UMP Modified feature would see Matt Boknecht of Seymour, IN take his HMF, George's of Seymour, Wetzel Excavating, Ellis Chassis #22 entry to victory lane. Boknecht would dart out to the lead and move right to the "Boknecht Bottom Line" going into turn one. Earl Plessinger would move up to the second spot on the high side getting around Alan Magner and Brent Londeree in the process. By the halfway point Boknecht had almost a full straightaway lead on Plessinger. Londeree, Magner and Darin George would mix it up behind the front two, but no one had anything for Boknecht as he crossed the line ahead of Plessinger, Magner, Londeree, George, Jeremy Hines, J.D. Roberts, Steve Trabue, Brad Erwin, and Matt Bex rounded out the top ten

The Bomber feature went to Matt Cummings, who made the winning pass on Larry Harris on lap 6. Harris would then blow his engine while running for the second spot. Following Cummings to the line was Jim Ruddick, Robert Walters, Bobby Davis, and Jeff Helton


Dash For Cash: Brad Barrow, Mike Jewell, Mark Barber, Steve Godsey, Tim Prince, Dan Sturgeon

HEAT 1: Jason Setser, Mark Barber, Matt Neely, Greg Johnson, Rodney Bruce, Tom Allman, Dennis Boknecht, Josh Allison, Jayme Zidar

HEAT 2: Kevin Claycomb, Steve Godsey, Gary Trammell, Brian Wilhite, Shannon Reed, Cale Kern, Tim Prince, Rick Sowders, Leon Ross, John Finn

HEAT 3: Gary Barrow, Dan Sturgeon, Brad Barrow, Gary Hardin, Adam Sasser, Duane Chamberlain, Rob Harp, Rick Roome, Jeff Cox, A.J. Bowlen

HEAT 4: Mike Jewell, Frankie Coomer, C.J. Rayburn, Dusty Chapman, Ernie Barrow, Greg Ault, Gary Burton, Dan Walden, Denny Bailey, Juan Grino

CONSI 1: Cale Kern, Tim Prince, Jayme Zidar, Rodney Bruce, Tom Allman, Rick Sowders, Josh Allison, Leon Ross, Shannon Reed

CONSI 2: Ernie Barrow, Adam Sasser, Duane Chamberlain, Greg Ault, Gary Burton, Denny Bailey, Dan Walden, Juan Grino, Jeff Cox, Rick Roome, Rob Harp, A.J. Bowlen

50TH ANNIVERSARY FEATURE(50 Laps): Mike Jewell, Kevin Claycomb, Mark Barber, Dan Sturgeon, Steve Godsey, Frankie Coomer, Brad Barrow, Greg Johnson, Adam Sasser, Dusty Chapman, Cale Kern, Gary Barrow, Matt Neely, Greg Ault, Brian Wilhite, C.J. Rayburn, Ernie Barrow, Jason Setser, Gary Hardin, Tim Prince, Gary Trammell

UMP Modifieds

Dash For Cash: Matt Boknecht, Earl Plessinger, Darin George, Jeremy Hines, Alan Magner, Brent Londeree

HEAT 1: Matt Boknecht, Brent Londeree, Earl Plessinger, Tim Eddelman, Robbie Gullion, Richard Harlow, Sam Lee, Greg Deckard, Joey Jones, David Godsey

HEAT 2: Alan Magner, J.D. Roberts, Darin George, John Davis, Kenny Ingram, Troy Cannon, Dave Benham, Ryan Thomas, Brad Fleetwood, Billy Peeden

HEAT 3: Jeremy Hines, Brad Erwin, Jay Miller, Bubba Woods, Tom Ault, Chris Hanna, Tommy Welin, Greg Lee, Jace Davis, Shelby Miles

HEAT 4: Nelson Gingery, Rick Gumm, Steve Trabue, Matt Bex, Al Flick, Murl Robinson, Jeff Bland, Walt Case, Donnie Fleetwood

CONSI 1: Richard Harlow, Dave Benham, Ryan Thomas, Kenny Ingram, Troy Cannon, David Godsey, Joey Jones, Sam Lee, Robbie Gullion, Greg Deckard

CONSI 2: Tom Ault, Al Flick, Murl Robinson, Tommy Welin, Greg Lee, Jeff Bland, Walt Case, Chris Hanna

FEATURE: Matt Boknecht, Earl Plessinger, Alan Magner, Brent Londeree, Darin George, Jeremy Hines, J.D. Roberts, Steve Trabue, Brad Erwin, Matt Bex, Richard Harlow, John Davis, Jay Miller, Rick Gumm, Tim Eddelman, Bubba Woods, Al Flick, Dave Benham, Tom Ault, Nelson Gingery