By: Chris Nunn

Billy Drake of Bloomington, Ill became the first driver from the state of Illinois to find victory lane in the Jackson 100. Drake moved up from his fifth starting position to take the lead on lap 26 from Scott James, and then marched on to victory in his Wells Family, Creative Kitchens and Baths, Ultimate Detail Shop, Mullvain Powered, #9 Mastersbilt Entry.

The 100 lap main event started with Bart Hartman on the pole, via the pill draw, leading the field to Rusty Nunn's green flag. Hartman would find himself battling for the lead with Scott James coming down the backstretch. James would overtake Hartman and lead lap number one. Hartman would begin to fall backwards as R.J. Conley would go around him for the second position, bringing Drake and Rick Aukland with him dropping Hartman back to 5th. Conley would hold on to the second position for a few laps until Drake would motor on by moving Conley to third. Back a little ways, Hartman would lose his fifth position to Don O'Neal on lap 8. At lap 10 the top five were James, Drake, Aukland, Conley, and O'Neal. One lap later on the 11th circuit, Shawn Negangard would spin in turn four, collecting Bob Pierce in the process. Negangard would continue for a couple of laps, while Pierce would be taken off on the hook. On the restart, a three way battle would emerge for the fourth position. The big winner in that battle was Hartman, moving up from sixth to fourth. Conley would move to fifth, with O'Neal sixth. O'Neal would not stay in sixth very long, however, as he would move past Conley to take fifth. Conley would start to have troubles, as Kevin Claycomb and John Gill would both pass him moving him back to eighth. Back towards the front, Hartman would start his journey forward, catching Aukland. The two would race side by side at the same time as Drake would start to catch up to James for the point. On lap 20, Drake would pull up to James and start the war for the lead. On lap 26, Drake would make the pass on James for the point. Back a little ways, Claycomb would jump into the top five with a move on O'Neal. Claycomb would only hold the spot for a moment, as O'Neal would get him back. Claycomb would drop out unexpectedly a few laps later. Drake would start to hit lap traffic on lap 36, putting some room between him and James. James however would now be entangled in a battle with Hartman for second. Hartman would move on by to take the spot. James was not done, however, as he would return the favor for the second position. The "Bartman & Shark" war would continue as Hartman would pull up door to door with James, with James winning that battle. Behind that battle, another was taking place, with Aukland and O'Neal for the fourth spot. O'Neal would take the spot on the low side a lap later. Aukland would then lose the fifth position to John Gill. Back up front, Drake was maintaining a straightaway lead on Hartman, who had just gotten past James for second on lap 48. At the halfway point it was Drake leading Hartman, James, O'Neal, and Gill. Hartman and James were in the midst of one of the best shows on the track, as they would run side by side once again for the second spot on lap 54. Gill and Aukland would wage their own war for the fifth position, with Aukland taking the spot. Meanwhile, back at the second spot, Hartman would move back around James. The two man battle between Hartman and James would become a three way dance, as O'Neal would join the fray. Hartman and James would pull away from O'Neal and run, you guessed it, side by side for second. On lap 67 James would take the second spot from Hartman. On lap 70, Drake would be running a full straightaway ahead of second position, maneuvering his way through lap traffic. On lap 74, Hartman would move up once again to battle James for the second position. Hartman would make the final pass on James on the 78th circuit. With 20 laps to go the top five were Drake, Hartman, James, O'Neal, and Aukland. James would have to fight for his third position with O'Neal on lap 82, with O'Neal making the pass on lap 84. Another driver making his way through the field was Union, Ky. native Darrell Lanigan. Lanigan started 18th and by lap 91 passed Gill for the fifth spot, giving him the Lou Ahlbrand Award for passing the most cars. Lanigan received an extra $1,000 for his efforts. Back up front, Drake would not have to worry about the extra $1,000 for passing cars, as he would take the checkered flag in the 23rd Annual Jackson 100 ahead of Hartman, O'Neal, James, Lanigan, Gill, Aukland, Kevin Weaver, Matt Miller, and Steve Casebolt rounded out the top ten

The UMP Modifieds were well represented with 51 entries. When the fur was done flying, Brent Londeree would be the man with the big cardboard check (Courtesy of Cockerhams Signs & Graphics) in victory lane. The race started with polesitter, John Demoss taking the early lead. Behind him, a three wide battle for the third position would take place with Earl Plessinger, Matt Boknecht, and Chuck Griffis. Plessinger would come out in the second position, with Londeree riding the high side around Boknecht and Griffis for third. Londeree and Plessinger would then wage war for the second spot with Londeree coming out with the position. Demoss would be enjoying a half straight lead on the bottom side. Demoss would see that advantage slip away, as the caution would come out on lap 6 for the car of Bubba Woods, who flew off the bank in turn 4. On the restart, Londeree would shoot around Demoss for the lead. At the halfway point, it was Londeree running ahead of Demoss, Plessinger, Josh Lucas, and Boknecht. The yellow would fly on lap 16, when Griffis would spin in turn number two. Londeree would take the field past the cone on the restart with Demoss and Plessinger in tow. Londeree would run off with the lead with a handful of laps left and he would not look back, crossing the line ahead of Demoss, Plessinger, Lucas, and Steve Trabue would round out the top five


Heat 1: Bart Hartman, Rick Aukland, Shawn Negangard, Doug McCammon, Brad Barrow, Jesse Lay, Gary Barrow, Cody Mahoney, Brad Sturgeon, Derek Ramp, Darren Miller

Heat 2: Steve Barnett, Frankie Coomer, Michael Chilton, Adam Sasser, Cale Kern, Shannon Reed, Scott Graham, Mike Bechelli, Rick Sowders, Mike Hawley

Heat 3: Billy Drake, Matt Miller, Steve Casebolt, Tony Izzo, Dan Sturgeon, Mike Jewell, Steve Lade, Jeff Napper, Rick Corbin, Chad Oxley, Bill Lewis

Heat 4: Scott James, Don O'Neal, Jason Setser, Scotty Earl, Curt Spalding, C.J. Rayburn, Steve Hillard, Dennis Boknecht, Greg Johnson, Mark Barber, Tom Allman

Heat 5: R.J. Conley, Kevin Claycomb, John Gill, Jim Curry, Greg Ault, Dusty Chapman, Gary Hardin, Steve Godsey, Mike Ruble, Josh Allison

Heat 6: James Huff, Kevin Weaver, Darrell Lanigan, Doug Ault, Bob Pierce, Jayme Zidar, Tim Tungate, Dan Walden, Tracy Ellison, Willie Sallee

Consi 1: Doug McCammon, Brad Barrow, Tony Izzo, Dan Sturgeon, Adam Sasser, Mike Jewell, Jesse Lay, Mike Hawley, Mike Bechelli, Gary Barrow, Cale Kern, Shannon Reed, Steve Lade, Cody Mahoney, Rick Corbin, A.J. Bowlen, Scott Graham, Derek Ramp, Rick Sowders, Jeff Napper, Chad Oxley

Consi 2: Doug Ault, Bob Pierce, Steve Hillard, Curt Spalding, Scotty Earl, C.J. Rayburn, Dan Walden, Greg Ault, Dusty Chapman, Jayme Zidar, Steve Godsey, Dennis Boknecht, Tim Tungate, Gary Hardin, Tracy Ellison, Mike Ruble, Tom Allman, Jim Curry, Greg Johnson, Mark Barber, Josh Allison, Willie Sallee

23rd Annual Jackson 100: BILLY DRAKE, Bart Hartman, Don O'Neal, Scott James, Darrell Lanigan, John Gill, Rick Aukland, Kevin Weaver, Matt Miller, Steve Casebolt, Darren Miller, Mark Barber, Doug Ault, Frankie Coomer, Steve Barnett, Brad Barrow, Jason Setser, James Huff, Doug McCammon, Michael Chilton, R.J. Conley, Shawn Negangard, Kevin Claycomb, Bob Pierce

Heat 1: John Demoss, Greg O'Neill, Rick Gumm, Andrew Davis, Tony McVey, Greg Lee, Jeff Bland, Tim Eddelman, Brian Wilhite

Heat 2: Matt Boknecht, Steve Trabue, Bubba Woods, Jeremy Hines, Joey Kramer, Jay Miller, Steve Pyles, Greg Pittman, David Godsey

Heat 3: Brent Londeree, John Hollifield Jr., J.D. Roberts, Sam Lee, Keith Allen, Steven Fultz, Greg Deckard, Richard Harlow, Travis Gault

Heat 4: Chuck Griffis, Matt Bex, Gary Lee Barrow, Michael Bradley, Darin George, Joey Jones, Brad Fleetwood, Murl Robinson

Heat 5: Earl Plessinger, Alan Magner, Todd Gilpin, Robert Smith, Dave Benham, Walt Case, Todd Cleek, Al Flick

Heat 6: Josh Lucas, Ryan Thomas, Roger Cavness, Webb Lee, Bobby Davis, Billy Despain, Eddie Lake, Tommy Welin

Consy 1: Joey Kramer, Jeremy Hines, Andrew Davis, Keith Allen, Greg Deckard, Tony McVey, Steve Pyles, Greg Lee, Sam Lee, Greg Pittman, Brian Wilhite, Jeff Bland, Richard Harlow, Travis Gault, David Godsey, Jay Miller, Tim Eddelman, Steven Fultz

Consi 2: Michael Bradley, Dave Benham, Al Flick, Billy Despain, Eddie Lake, Robert Smith, Tommy Welin, Walt Case, Brad Fleetwood, Webb Lee, Darin George, Todd Cleek, Joey Jones

Feature: Brent Londeree, John Demoss, Earl Plessinger, Josh Lucas, Steve Trabue, Michael Bradley, Matt Boknecht, Matt Bex, Ryan Thomas, John Hollifield Jr., J.D. Roberts, Gary Lee Barrow, Alan Magner, Joey Kramer, Jeremy Hines, Chuck Griffis, Rick Gumm, Dave Benham, Todd Gilpin, Roger Cavness, Greg O'Neill, Bubba Woods