By Chris Nunn

The 50th Anniversary Season at the Brownstown Speedway ended on September 14th with Jimmy Owens and Mike Fields taking home the victories. Season Championships were decided as well, with Fields taking home the Super Stock track championship, and Matt Boknecht taking his third straight points championship in the Modified division. the action

In the final UMP Modified race of 2002 at the track, 59 Modifieds signed in for the action with Jimmy Owens, of Newport, TN taking home the $1,500 victory. Earl Plessinger took the lead from polesitter, Brad Erwin at the start of the 30 lap affair, coming into turn two. Owens and Mike Marlar would split Erwin coming down the backstretch and make it a three way battle for the point. The action would cool down when the caution flag was brought out on lap two for Dan McCullough. On the restart, J.D. Roberts and Rick Hines would get together bringing the yellow out once again. When the field finally took the green for the lap two restart, Marlar and Plessinger would take a battle for the lead into turn 2. Owens wanted in on the fun, and joined the battle as they made their way to turn four. Owens would come out of the fray with the point. On lap seven, Roberts would spin in turn three, bringing out yet another yellow. When the racing resumed, Plessinger and Marlar would go at it for the second position. Behind that battle, Boknecht, and then current points leader, Brent Londeree would battle for the fourth position. The two would run side by side for a few laps, before Boknecht would get the advantage. Londeree would make another move for the spot, but would get crossed up and lose five positions, dropping him to ninth. Meanwhile, back to the front, where Marlar had made haste of Plessinger and had moved up to challenge Owens for the point. Plessinger would then have to contend with Boknecht for the third position. Plessinger would hold off Boknecht for the spot. Lap traffic would make the lead battle interesting, as Owens would almost lose the lead a couple of times trying to get around the backmarkers. Marlar would switch to the low side to try a move on Owens, but nothing would happen with the move. Meanwhile, back at the eigth position, we would see a points championship be decided, as Londeree and an hard charging Michael Bradley would get together and spin coming out of turn two on lap 23. This incident would basically hand over the points championship to Boknecht. On the restart, Owens would get a good avantage on Marlar and hold him off for the remaining seven laps for the victory. The "Newport Nightmare" is sponsored by: Alwee Trucking Inc., Roger Ogle Home Builders, Car Cosmetics, and Hovis Race Engines. His chassis of choice was a Performance Chassis.

The final battle for the Super Stocks ended in a familiar fashion.with Mike Fields in victory lane. Fields would take the lead from Randy Moore on lap three and would not look back. Moore would lead the field to the green flag, with Fields taking to the bottom groove trying to get by. Fields would have to stay in the second position, as Boknecht would spin the #3J machine in turn two. On the restart, Fields would move back under Moore for another chance at the lead. On lap three, Fields would make that move successfully and take the point. Behind Fields, Tim Clark would put a move on Jeremy Hines for the fourth position. Jay Deckard was also moving up, getting around Moore for the second spot. Moore would lose another spot to Clark on lap seven. The yellow would fly once again for Rusty Smiley losing control in turn one on lap 10. On the restart, Rick Hines would get around Moore for the fourth position. Another driver on the move was Lee Hobbs, who would crack the top five with a pass on Moore. On lap 19, the caution would fly once again for a spin involving Ralph Groomer, and Jason Jamison. With ten laps remaining the top five were Fields, Deckard, Clark, Trent Niflis, and Hobbs. Earlier in this story...a few lines up, we seen Boknecht had went to the tail after a spin. By lap 26, he had made his way up to the sixth position. Nobody, though, would have anything for Fields, as he would motor on to the victory followed by Deckard, Clark, Hobbs, and Deppe would round out the top five. Fields would also pocket an extra $500 for buying Hoosier tires from the Brownstown Speedway tire provider, making Field's payday a cool $2,000. With the victory, Fields also claimed his second Super Stock points championship, his first since 2000.

Top Qualifier: Mike Marlar
HEAT 1: Mike Marlar, Alan Magner, Clint DeMoss, John DeMoss, Al Flick, Jeff Bland, Richie Lex, Brian Wilhite, Webb Lee, Randy Ott
HEAT 2: Matt Boknecht, Elvin Herschberger, J.D. Roberts, Jesse Cramer, Michael Bradley, Gary Lee Barrow, Randy Howe, Walt Case, Brad Thrasher
HEAT 3: Brad Erwin, Shelby Miles, Daryl Herbert, Rodney Harris Jr., Jay Miller, Jay Scott, Tom Weddle, Wes Tipton, Eddie Lake, Steve Trabue
HEAT 4: Jimmy Owens, Donnie Fleetwood, Brady Short, Tim Eddelman, Todd Gilpin, Steven Fultz, Tony McVey, Rick Gumm, Tom Keily
HEAT 5: Earl Plessinger, Adam Sasser, Matt Bex, Sam Lee, Dan McCullough, Brandon Short, Andrew Davis, Dusty Chapman, Greg Lee
HEAT 6: Brent Londeree, JP Hume, Rick Hines, Lee Hobbs, Dave Benham, Vernon Soeder, Murl Robinson, Joe Lucas, Gary Hall
CONSI 1: Michael Bradley, Jesse Cramer, Gary Lee Barrow, Al Flick, Randy Howe, Webb Lee, Brian Wilhite, Randy Ott, Walt Case, Jeff Bland, Richie Lex, Brad Thrasher, John DeMoss
CONSI 2: Jay Miller, Rodney Harris Jr., Tim Eddelman, Rick Gumm, Tony McVey, Steven Fultz, Jay Scott, Tom Keily, Todd Gilpin, Tom Weddle, Steve Trabue, Eddie Lake
CONSI 3: Dan McCullough, Vernon Soeder, Andrew Davis, Sam Lee, Murl Robinson, Gary Hall, Brandon Short, Greg Lee, Dusty Chapman, Joe Lucas, Dave Benham
FEATURE: Jimmy Owens, Mike Marlar, Earl Plessinger, Matt Boknecht, Brad Erwin, Alan Magner, Adam Sasser, Brady Short, Shelby Miles, Daryl Herbert, Vernon Soeder, J.D. Roberts, Jesse Cramer, Matt Bex, J.P. Hume, Clint DeMoss, Jay Miller, Brent Londeree, Rodney Harris Jr., Michael Bradley, Elvin Herschberger, Donnie Fleetwood, Dan McCullough, Rick Hines

Top Qualifier: Mike Fields
HEAT 1: Mike Fields, Rick Hines, Ralph Groomer, Mike Cawood, Doug McCullough, Steve Bowlen, Justin Bex, Terry Arthur, Jason Combs
HEAT 2: Jay Deckard, Tim Clark, Zach Carney, Jeff Wilson, Chris Hillman, Brad Cummings, Jack Frye, Mark Bruce, Geoff Strange, Jeremy Pennington
HEAT 3: Matt Boknecht, Gary Green, Mike Vest, Jason Jamison, Stan Brown, Brock Burton, Tony Machen, Paul Nobbe, Jason Hehman
HEAT 4: Jeremy Hines, Keith Deppe, Rusty Smiley, Ben Dubois, Mel Bigham, Willie Sallee, Phil Hillman, Travis Todd, Buddy Pettyjohn, Karlie Holt
HEAT 5: Chris Deweese, Joe Whisler, Mickey Hines, David Brewer, Jerry Adams, Barry Gerkin, David Woolston, Robert Green, Larry Harris, C.J. Allen
HEAT 6: Randy Moore, Lee Hobbs, Trent Niflis, Kevin Jones, Bill Hobbs, Donnie Wilson, Dale Ayers, Greg Amick, Jim Ruddick
CONSI 1: Jeff Wilson, Chris Hillman, Brad Cummings, Doug McCullough, Justin Bex, Jeremy Pennington, Terry Arthur, Steve Bowlen, Mike Cawood, Jack Frye, Mark Bruce, Geoff Strange
CONSI 2: Ben Dubois, Jason Jamison, Mel Bigham, Willie Sallee, Paul Nobbe, Brock Burton, Stan Brown, Tony Machen, Phil Hillman, Travis Todd, Jason Hehman, Buddy Pettyjohn
CONSI 3: David Brewer, Kevin Jones, Jerry Adams, Bill Hobbs, Donnie Wilson, Dale Ayers, Greg Amick, David Woolston, C.J. Allen, Barry Gerkin, Robert Green
FEATURE: Mike Fields, Jay Deckard, Tim Clark, Lee Hobbs, Keith Deppe, Matt Boknecht, Ben Dubois, Chris Hillman, Chris Deweese, Mike Vest, Jason Jamison, Joe Whisler, Kevin Jones, Rusty Smiley, Ralph Groomer, David Brewer, Rick Hines, Gary Green, Randy Moore, Zach Carney, Trent Niflis, Mickey Hines, Jeremy Hines, Jeff Wilson