Oneal, Hamstra, Barron, and Deckard are Ice Breaker winners.

Brownstown, IN-April 5, 2003- As the temperatures hovered around the freezing point, the action at the Brownstown Speedway shot the mercury to the boiling point as Don O誰eal of Martinsville, Indiana took home his third Indiana Icebreaker victory, leading all 30 laps of the main event. Dan Hamstra made haste of the Modified feature, Jay Deckard returned to victory lane in the Super Stocks, and Clifton Barron persevered to his first victory of the year in the Bombers.

Steve Barnett brought the field to the green flag and took them into turn one, where O誰eal would make his first attempt at the point shooting around Scott James and Barnett. All of the effort from O誰eal would be for naught, as Kevin Claycomb would spin in turn four causing a complete restart. Barnett would lead the field back to the green flag bringing James with him into turn one. James would end up on the bad end of the whole shot and end up looping it in turn two for another yellow flag. Restart number three would be nullified as well when Tim Prince would spin in turn three. The fourth time would be the charm as Barnett would take the field successfully into turn one. Things would go wrong, however, as Barnett would make contact with another car causing the left front to lock up. He would lose several positions and fall back to eighth. O誰eal inherited the lead after the mishap on the Barnett mount and would lead the first lap. Behind O誰eal and James, a battle for third would start to brew between Billy Drake and Greg Johnson with Drake taking the position. As the field hit lap five, Drake would move around James for the second position as Mike Jewell, Russ Scheffler, and Dennis Erb would fight for the fourth position. O誰eal would pull a half straight lead on Drake by lap nine. O誰eal would start the lapping process on lap 10 as he maneuvered around Frankie Coomer and Rohn Moon. The man on the move though was Erb, who found himself up to fifth from 14th as he got around Johnson. At the halfway point it was O誰eal, Drake, James, Scheffler, and Johnson making up the top five. A pattern was starting to form around the late stages of the race, as Drake would close in on O誰eal outside of lap traffic. As O誰eal would make his way through lap traffic, he would put some distance on Drake. A battle for the fifth position would take place as Johnson and Erb would duke it out. Erb would win that fight and take the spot. O誰eal would put a lap on Brad Neat as Drake would continue having troubles with the backmarkers. O誰eal would have a scary moment as he would get sideways trying to put a lap on Prince coming out of turn two. Drake, still trying to catch O誰eal would split the lap cars of James Huff and Prince, only to have them return the favor coming into turn three. Time would run out on Drake, however, as O誰eal would take the checkers ahead of Drake, James, Scheffler, and Erb would round out the top five. When asked about the track, O誰eal noted that he 都truggled in the black, and 努ent too soft on the tires. Either way, he came out $2,000 richer on the evening. O誰eal is sponsored by Petroff Towing, Bloomington Powder Coating, AFCO Racing Products, and O誰eal Wood Products. The chassis of choice for O誰eal was a Rayburn

Dan Hamstra would make his first appearance in Brownstown痴 victory lane holding off fierce challenges from Todd Gilpin at the end. Hamstra started with a bang, taking the lead down the backstretch and leading lap number one. Kenny Carlson would mount a challenge for the lead just a lap later but would be slowed by a caution involving Jesse Cramer, JD Roberts, and Nelson Gingery. On the restart, a three wide battle for the third position would commence between Matt Boknecht, Carlson, and Matt Bex. This battle would see its end when the caution would fly for a spin by Dennis Boknecht. On the restart, Hobbs would shoot to the second position. Matt Boknecht would move to the high side to battle Hobbs for the spot. Boknecht would have some problems and fall back, leaving a three way dance for second between Hobbs, Carlson, and Bex. The yellow would fly once again on lap four as Richie Hedrick would loop it on the backstretch. As Hamstra took the green flag, the action was once again for the third position between Bex, Carlson, and Todd Gilpin. Gilpin would get around both cars for the position. Bex wasn稚 done though, as he would challenge Gilpin for the position once more. Carlson felt left out of the party, so he rejoined them for a three wide battle for third. Gilpin would keep the spot, putting Bex to fourth, and Carlson fifth. Lap number six would see the yellow once more as Ryan Thomas spun in turn four. On the restart, Brandon Short would make an appearance in the top five, getting around Bex. The next handfuls of laps were spent single file with everyone riding around the hub. Gilpin would then make a move for the third position, passing Carlson on lap 13. Gilpin wasn稚 done, as he would get around Hobbs for the second position on lap 15. Gilpin would pressure Hamstra for the remaining laps, but could not get the job done, as Hamstra took the checkers in front of Gilpin, Hobbs, Bex, and Bill Wagner rounding out the top five.

The Super Stock feature had a little bit of trouble getting underway, due to three cautions on the initial start. When the racing finally got underway, Ben Dubois would lead the field to turn one. Jeff Walters would take the lead coming down the backstretch, but would break handing the lead over to Chris Hillman. Dubois would move in to challenge Hillman for the spot. Hillman would hold on to the spot, but would have to take another challenge from Jay Deckard. The yellow would fly on lap five as Kevin Noble would spin in turn four. On the restart, Deckard would lead Hillman and Greg Kendall to turn number one. Kendall would get around Hillman for second, bringing Lee Hobbs with him. Hobbs would make a challenge for the second position but could not get around Kendall. The yellow would fly once more on lap number nine as Noble would spin again in turn four. On the restart, Deckard and Kendall would pull away from third place Hobbs, as Dubois and Hillman would battle for fourth. After a spin on lap 13, the field would restart with Deckard once again leading the pack to the cone. Deckard and Kendall would once again pull away from third, as Kendall would make a move for the lead on Deckard. The two would ride door to door for a bit, until Deckard would get the advantage heading to the white flag. Kendall would mount one more challenge, but could not take the lead as Deckard would cross the line first in front of Kendall, Hobbs, Dubois, and Mike Cawood. Deckard is sponsored by Mad Dog Motorsports, Cockerham痴 Signs and Graphics, Scott Sales and Service, Computer Data Service, and Fine Line Window Tinting.

The Bomber division saw its usual great racing action, as Clifton Barron would use a lap car to his advantage en route to victory. The feature would start off in grand fashion as a three wide battle for the lead would erupt, between Matt Cummings, Barron, and Larry Harris. Barron and Cummings would pull away a little on Harris coming out of turn 3 on lap two. Cummings and Barron would stay door to door for the next couple of laps, until the yellow would fly on lap four due to a Robert Walters spin. On the restart, Harris would come back and challenge both Cummings and Barron once again for the point. Barron and Cummings would once again take the battle for the lead to themselves leaving Harris in third. Both would run side by side until lap 10 as a lap car would impede Cummings progress, allowing Barron to shoot by for the point. Harris would come along with Barron to second. Jason Combs would make a move on Harris for the second position. Things would go bad for Combs and Harris, as they would both loop their cars with two laps to go. Both would stay in the gas, and keep going. Barron would not be challenged on the way to the checkers, crossing first in front of Cummings, Paul Owens, Combs, and Bobby Davis.


Late Models
1. Don O'Neal, 2. Billy Drake, 3. Scott James, 4. Russ Scheffler, 5. Dennis Erb, 6. Greg Johnson, 7. Dan Sturgeon, 8. Mike Jewell, 9. Kevin Claycomb, 10. Steve Barnett, 11. Shawn Negangard, 12. James Huff, 13. Tim Prince, 14. Brad Neat, 15. Ryan Dauber, 16. Ernie Barrow, 17. Mark Barber, 18. Rohn Moon, 19. Duane Chamberlain, 20. Frankie Coomer, 21. Jason Setser,

1. Dan Hamstra, 2. Todd Gilpin, 3. Lee Hobbs, 4. Matt Bex, 5. Bill Wagner, 6. Kenny Carlson, 7. JD Roberts, 8. Shelby Miles, 9. Brandon Short, 10. Nelson Gingery, 11. Doug Tarter, 12. Brady Short, 13. Dennis Boknecht, 14. Jeff Bland, 15. Ryan Thomas, 16. Josh Lucas, 17. Alan Magner, 18. Brent Londeree, 19. Jesse Cramer, 20. Matt Boknecht,

Super Stocks
1. Jay Deckard, 2. Greg Kendall, 3. Lee Hobbs, 4. Ben Dubois, 5. Mike Cawood, 6. Chris Hillman, 7. Mike Vest, 8. CJ Allen, 9. David Brewer, 10. Gerald Todd, 11. Kevin Applegate, 12. Kevin Noble, 13. Jeremy Hines, 14. Jeff Walters, 15. Barry Gerkin, 16. Jeremy Stierwalt, 17. Josh Phelps, 18. Gary Green,

1. Clifton Barron, 2. Matt Cummings, 3. Paul Owens, 4. Jason Combs, 5. Bobby Davis