Gill, Humphrey, Combs Hoosier Dirt winners.

John Gill tightened the reigns and rode off to his fourth Hoosier Dirt Classic victory, leading from start to finish to collect the $5K paycheck.

The 50-lap affair started with Scott James taking the lead out of turn two with Gill closing on him coming into turn 3. Gill would move ahead coming down the frontstretch only to see the caution for the stalled car of Kevin Claycomb in turn four. The restart would see Gill nab the point coming into turn 2. Gill would go into battle with Kevin Weaver for the top spot coming around to complete lap one. Behind this duo, Scott Graham was making a move on Greg Johnson for the fourth position. A little ways behind that battle, Billy Drake was motoring ahead of Don O'Neal for the sixth position. Drake was not done though, as he would dive to the underneath of Graham and Johnson to make it a three way dance for the fourth spot. Drake would come out on top with the fourth position coming to turn three. Back up front, Gill had a four car length advantage on Weaver coming down to complete lap number eight. Mike Jewell would make a charge for the fifth position getting around Johnson for the spot on lap nine. The top five at the lap 10 mark was lead by Gill followed by Weaver, James, Drake, and Jewell. The field ran flawlessly through the 15 lap mark when Gill started to run into lap traffic on lap 19 in the form of Justin Blackwell. Gill would open up a half straight lead on Weaver as they maneuvered through lap traffic. Behind the lead cars, O'Neal would battle with Johnson for the sixth position. O'Neal would not have that spot for long, as he would take the long way around the backstretch, losing several positions. Up to the front now, as Gill would see his lead start to diminish inch by inch as Weaver would close in out of lap traffic. At the half way point Gill would lead Weaver, James, Drake, and a hard charging Jewell to the line to complete lap 26. On the 28th circuit, we were guaranteed a different Hoosier Dirt Classic champion as O'Neal would pull his mount into the infield, ending his evening. Gill would catch up to lap traffic once again, allowing him to open his lead back up on Weaver. Behind Weaver though, James was catching up to the runner up spot. James would close in enough to where he could poke a nose under Weaver at certain times. While this was going on, Gill had opened up his lead to a full straightaway. Gill would lead the rest of the way and take the HDC checkers for the fourth time in his career over Weaver, James, Drake and Johnson, who got around Jewell coming to the line. Winning sponsors on the #75 Rocket Chassis entry include Helena, Performance Plus Car Wash, Wildside Race Graphics, and Elrod Grain. John Gill hails from Mitchell, Indiana

The UMP Modified feature saw a rare appearance from Bloomington, Indiana's Ray Humphrey. He made his appearance a profitable one, taking home the checkers in the 25 lap main event. Humphrey took the lead at the outset followed by Matt Boknecht and JD Roberts. Brent Londeree would make his presence felt as he would move in to battle for the third position. Londeree would see a fast moving Gary Burton slide underneath him for the fourth position, as Londeree got sideways coming down the frontstretch. The man on the move though was Illinois hotshoe Chad Kinder, who started in the back via winning a consi. He had moved up to the 8th postition by lap 12. Back towards the front, the student would pass the teacher, as Roberts would move around Boknecht for the second position. The charge to the front for Kinder would continue as he would get around Tim Wright to move into the top five. No one would have anything for Humphrey as he mastered the bottom groove by the book and claimed his first victory of 2003 ahead of Roberts, Boknecht, Burton, and Kinder. Humphrey is sponsored by Servpro, Reeves Logging, Alexander Electric, and Ken Moore D.D.S.

The Bomber division put on their usual fireworks as Jason Combs collected his second career feature victory at the Brownstown Speedway. The feature started off with Robert Walters leading the field to turn one. He would hold the lead until Steven Godsey would move in to challenge for the spot. The two would run side by side for a couple of laps as Rusty Smiley would charge up towards the front to give them some heat. Smiley would take the second position as Walters would fall backwards a few spots. Combs would start his charge to the front getting up to the fourth position, bringing Bubba Woods with him. Combs, running the bottom of the speedway would get around Smiley for the second spot, and then charge up to get around Godsey for the point. Woods would get around Smiley as well for the third position. Smiley would lose one more position as Walters would go by for the fourth spot. Combs would run the rest of the way undaunted ahead of Godsey, Woods, Walters, and Smiley would round out the tio five. The GBR Chassis #22 entry driven by Combs is sponsored by: GBR Chassis, Sears, Cockerhams Signs & Graphics, MS Ross Transport, Coldwell Banker, and The Locker Room

Late Models

Top Qualifier: Don O'Neal

HEAT 1: John Gill, Don O'Neal, Bart Hartman, Dan Sturgeon, Dennis Erb, Keith Deppe, Mike Ruble, Brad Cummings, Adam Sasser, Willie Sallee

HEAT 2: Scott James, Mike Jewell, Frankie Coomer, Kevin Claycomb, James Huff, Tim Prince, Greg Ault, Joe Godsey, Steve Smith, Rick Burton

HEAT 3: Kevin Weaver, Darren Miller, Shannon Babb, Justin Blackwell, Mike Bechelli, Chuck Proctor, Jason Setser, Gary Hardin, Shannon Reed, Scott Heineman

HEAT 4: Scott Graham, Billy Drake, Brad Barrow, Doug McCammon, Brain Wilhite, Duane Chamberlain, Dusty Chapman, Wes Leigh, Rick Sowders

HEAT 5: Greg Johnson, Dave Eckrich, Mark Barber, Ernie Barrow, Cody Mahoney, Derek Ramp, Brad Sturgeon, Charles Ross, Matt Bex

CONSI 1: Dan Sturgeon, Kevin Claycomb, Dennis Erb, Duane Chamberlain, Chuck Proctor, Jason Setser, Adam Sasser, Brad Cummings, Ernie Barrow, Greg Ault, Matt Bex, Scott Heineman, Charles Ross, Rick Sowders, Brian Wilhite, Joe Godsey, Cody Mahoney

CONSI 2: James Huff, Justin Blackwell, Brad Sturgeon, Keith Deppe, Doug McCammon, Mike Ruble, Shannon Reed, Tim Prince, Wes Leigh, Gary Hardin, Steve Smith, Mike Bechelli, Dusty Chapman, Willie Sallee, Rick Burton

20th Annual Hoosier Dirt Classic: JOHN GILL, Kevin Weaver, Scott James, Billy Drake, Greg Johnson, Mike Jewell, Shannon Babb, Darren Miller, Dave Eckrich, Dennis Erb, James Huff, Mark Barber, Bart Hartman, Brad Barrow, Frankie Coomer, Dan Sturgeon, Justin Blackwell, Kevin Claycomb, Don O'Neal, Scott Graham, Brad Sturgeon


HEAT 1: Ray Humphrey, Brandon Reed, Shelby Miles, Greg Deckard, Alan Magner, Josh Wells, Al Flick, Greg Pittman, Jason Mann, Travis Gault

HEAT 2: Matt Boknecht, Gary Burton, Todd Gilpin, Clint DeMoss, Dennis Boknecht, Jason Knight, Robert Deppe, Robert Smith, Nate Voorhies, Alan Adams

HEAT 3: JD Roberts, Ryan Thomas, Gary Hayden, Joey Baker, Jay Miller, Gary Barrow, Brent Payne, Paul Bumgardner, Eddie Lake

HEAT 4: Tim Wright, Nelson Gingery, Jeff Bland, JP Hume, Brady Short, Brandon Short, Travis Shoulders, Brad Erwin, Brad Fleetwood, Tim Eddelman

HEAT 5: (Wasnt Given Results for Heat 5)

CONSI 1: Chad Kinder, Brady Short, Alan Magner, Gary Barrow, Brandon Short, Dennis Boknecht, Tim Eddelman, Robert Smith, Sam Lee, Mike Tuell, Greg Pittman, Nate Voorhies, Greg Deckard, Brad Fleetwood, Brent Payne

CONSI 2: Brad Erwin, Robert Deppe, Jimmy Hayden, Paul Bumgarder, Jason Knight, Josh Wells, Al Flick, Jay Miller, Travis Shoulders, JP Hume, Joey Baker, Eddie Lake, Tracy Ellison, Travis Gault

FEATURE: Ray Humphrey, JD Roberts, Matt Boknecht, Gary Burton, Chad Kinder, Tim Wright, Brady Short, Clint Demoss, Lee Hobbs, Brent Londeree, Alan Magner, Shelby Miles, Robert Deppe, Brandon Reed, Gary Hayden, Jeff Bland Jr, Nelson Gingery, Jimmy Hayden, Steve Trabue, Ryan Thomas, Brad Erwin


HEAT 1: Robert Walters, Bubba Woods, Jared Bailey, Dan Lonnderee, Mike Burch, Josh Turner, David Reichenbacker, Tom Salyers, Jimmy Arthur

HEAT 2: Willie Sallee, Mark Smith, Jim Ruddick, Dave Lemons, Lindsay Wade, Mike Moody, Kent Wagner, Brandon Routier, Don Reynolds

HEAT 3: Steven Godsey, Matt Cummings, Jason Combs, Bobby Davis, Tim Neal, JJ Peiffer, Tyson Lynch, Larry Palmer, Max Wetzel

HEAT 4: Rusty Smiley, Clifton Barron, Josh Hayes, Ron Fedor, Jim Peiffer, Cole Burton, Tom Hughes, Terry Turner

CONSI 1: Mike Burch, Lindsay Wade, Kent Wagner, Josh Turner, Don Reynolds, Brandon Routier, Tom Salyers, Mike Moody, David Reichenbacker, Jimmy Arthur

CONSI 2: Tim Neal, Jim Pfieffer, Max Wetzel, Cole Burton ,Larry Palmer, JJ Pfieffer, Terry Turner, Tyson Lynch, Tom Hughes

FEATURE: Jason Combs, Steve Godsey, Bubba Woods, Robert Walters, Rusty Smiley, Matt Cummings, Clifton Barron, Willie Sallee, Jim Ruddick, Mike Burch, Mark Smith, Josh Hayes, Ron Fedor, Jim Pfieffer, Lindsay Wade, Bobby Davis, Jared Bailey, Tim Neal, Dan Londeree, Dave Lemons