Sturgeon, Combs, and Deckard Victorious at Brownstown

On a nice and cool evening at the Brownstown Speedway, Dan Sturgeon, Jason Combs, and Jay Deckard would warm up the track by taking their place in victory lane at the Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night.

The 25 lap Late Model feature would start with Sturgeon and Mark Barber taking the field to the green flag. They would lead the 20 car pack into turns one and two while still running side by side down the backstretch for the point. Sturgeon would lay claim to the first lap, but would see Barber back onto his door panel coming into turn one. The two would race door to door down the backstretch once again into turns three and four. The battle would be stopped due to a caution flag involving Shannon Reed and Bradley Sturgeon in turn four on lap two. Sturgeon would take the field back to the cone for the restart as a battle for fourth would shape up between Scott Graham and Greg Johnson. Graham would take the spot and move up to battle with Frankie Coomer for the third position. Coomer would hold off the challenge as the field would slow once again for a spin involving Josh Allison on lap five. On the restart, Sturgeon would open up a bit of a lead on the bottom of the track over Barber, as Johnson would make his move on Graham for the fourth position, taking the spot in turn two. Graham would lose one more position, as Jason Setser would move around him for fifth. Setser was not done, however, as he would shoot around Johnson for the fourth position on lap nine. The third caution of the race would fly on lap 11 as Keith Deppe would stall his car outside of turn one. Sturgeon would once again take the field to the cone for the restart followed by Barber, Coomer, and Setser. This is where the fun would begin, as Setser, Johnson, and Coomer would go three wide for the third position with Setser going to third and Johnson to fourth. Setser would then challenge Barber coming down the backstretch for the second position. Johnson wanted in on the fun, as he would make it three wide for the second spot. Johnson would win that battle, as he would get around both cars for the second position while riding the rim. The top five would spread out during the final few laps allowing Sturgeon to breeze to the victory, his first since 2001 and his second career at Brownstown. Following Sturgeon to the line was Johnson, Setser, Barber, and Coomer rounded out the top five. The winning sponsors on the #26 Rocket Chassis of Sturgeon are Living Room Center, and LRC Carpet Sales.

The 20 lap Super Stock feature saw Jay Deckard take home his third feature win of the year, leading most of the 20 laps. The start of the main event would see Barry Gerkin and Kevin Applegate lead the field down to the green flag. Gerkin would hold the lead down the backstretch while Chris Deweese would get around Applegate for the second position. Deckard would move up to challenge Deweese for the second spot, getting around him coming out of turn two. Deckard would then move around Gerkin for the point coming off the high side on the same turn. Gerkin and Deweese would wage their own war for the second position only to be halted by a yellow for a spin involving Applegate and Gerald Todd on lap five. Deckard would take the field to the cone for the restart, while behind him, a battle for the third position would take place between Chris Hillman and Deweese. Deweese would hold his position, as Hillman would have to fight off Jerry Adams to keep his fourth position. The yellow flag would fly on the 10th lap for the spun car of Troy Clark in turn four. Deckard would once again lead the field to the restart with Deweese, Gerkin, and Hillman in tow. On the eleventh circuit, Hillman and Gerkin would run door to door for the third position, with Hillman taking the spot. Behind that battle, Mike Vest, Randy Moore, Jerry Adams, and Mike Cawood would all go at it for the fifth position. Vest and Cawood would make the battle for fifth their own, as Cawood would take the spot. The yellow would fly for the final time on lap 15 for Kevin Arthur. The final restart would see Deckard pull away from the field on the bottom, with a battle for second taking place between Deweese and Hillman. Deweese would hold off Hillman for the second position. At the same time, Cawood would make a move on Gerkin for the fourth position. No one would have anything for Deckard, though, as he would cross the line ahead of Deweese, Hillman, Cawood, and Moore would round out the top five.

The always exciting Bomber division would see a repeat winner in Jason Combs, as he took home his second feature in a row. The 15 lap affair would start with Combs on the pole with Robert Walters on the outside front row. Combs would take the lead down the backstretch and complete lap number one in the lead. Behind the top two cars, a three wide battle for third would take place between Bubba Woods, Jim Ruddick, and Steve Godsey. Ruddick and Woods would pull ahead of Godsey and battle for third themselves. The caution would fly on lap three for the spun car of Clifton Barron. On the restart another three wide battle would take place, this time for the fourth position between Godsey, Levi Ray Godsey, and Ruddick. The Godsey’s would move ahead of Ruddick and battle for fourth. Second place driver Walters would falter coming out of turn one losing several positions, only to be saved by a caution flag for the spun car of Jeremy Tate. On the restart, Walters would have to fend off Woods for second. Woods would take the position leaving Walters to fight it out with Levi for the third position. Levi would get the third spot away from Walters coming out of turn four. The final yellow flag of the race would come out with just five laps to go for the M2 car of Mike Burch. The final restart would see Combs lead the field to the cone, with Woods and Levi Godsey in tow. On lap 12, Walters would make a move on Levi coming into turn one, with the two cars getting together in the process. Both cars would end up dropping out with flat tires. The last two laps would see Woods catch Combs, and try to put his nose under Combs for the lead. Combs would not let Woods around him, though, and he would ride on to the win followed by Woods, Steve Godsey, Matt Cummings, and Rusty Smiley rounding out the top five.



Top Qualifier: Justin Blackwell

HEAT 1: Dan Sturgeon, Frankie Coomer, Steve Godsey, Rohn Moon, Brad Cummings, Shannon Reed, Cody Mahoney, Justin Blackwell, Greg Ault, Charles Ross

HEAT 2: Mark Barber, Greg Johnson, Keith Deppe, Tim Prince, Josh Allison, Wes Leigh, Joe Godsey, Mike Bechelli, Greg Hicks, Steve Smith

HEAT 3: Ernie Barrow, Scott Graham, Jason Setser, Brad Barrow, Adam Sasser, Brad Sturgeon, Matt Bex, Gary Hardin, Duane Brown, Dusty Chapman

CONSI 1: Matt Bex, Brad Sturgeon, Mike Bechelli, Cody Mahoney, Shannon Reed, Joe Godsey, Greg Ault, Dusty Chapman, Steve Smith, Gary Hardin, Duane Brown, Greg Hicks, Charles Ross, Wes Leigh

FEATURE: Dan Sturgeon, Greg Johnson, Jason Setser, Mark Barber, Frankie Coomer, Brad Barrow, Brad Cummings, Ernie Barrow, Scott Graham, Tim Prince, Steven Godsey, Adam Sasser, Brad Sturgeon, Rohn Moon, Matt Bex, Mike Bechelli, Shannon Reed, Cody Mahoney, Josh Allison, Keith Deppe


HEAT 1: Kevin Applegate, Jerry Adams, Kevin Arthur, Troy Clark, Kevin Jones, Mike Cawood, CJ Allen, Justin Bex, David Brewer

HEAT 2: Barry Gerkin, Terry Arthur, Randy Moore, Broc Burton, Gary Green, Mike Jones, Jeff Walters, Scott Ross

HEAT 3: Chris Deweese, Ben Dubois, Gerald Todd, Mike Vest, Mickey Hines, Steve Bowlen, Kevin Nobel, Jeremy Hines

HEAT 4: Jay Deckard, Chris Hillman, John Phelps, Donnie Wilson, Tom Ault, Brian Corbin, Jeremy Stierwalt, Gerald Gault, Justin Porter

FEATURE: Jay Deckard, Chris Deweese, Chris Hillman, Mike Cawood, Randy Moore, Mike Vest, Barry Gerkin, John Phelps, Jerry Adams, Broc Burton, Ben Dubois, Gerald Todd, Kevin Arthur, Mike Jones, Donnie Wilson, Troy Clark, Kevin Jones, Gary Green, Kevin Applegate, Terry Arthur


HEAT 1: Jason Combs, Bubba Woods, Matt Cummings, Bobby Davis, Kent Wagner, Mark Smith, Jeff McElfresh, JJ Peiffer, Max Wetzel

HEAT 2: Robert Walters, Jim Ruddick, Rusty Smiley, Dave Reichenbacker, Danny Bohall, Willie Sallee, Dave Lemons, Jim Abram, Randy Calton, Rick Gess

HEAT 3: Darrell Burton, Paul Owens, Josh Hayes, Jeremy Tate, Robert Green, Jimmy Arthur, Justin Cheatham, Jake Byers

HEAT 4: Steve Godsey, Levi Ray Godsey, Clifton Barron, Dave Long, Mike Burch, Robby Johnson, Josh Phelps, Brandon Routier, Cole Burton, Rodney Chandler

CONSI 1: Willie Sallee, Mark Smith, Dave Lemons, Kent Wagner, JJ Peiffer, Rick Gess, Jeff McElfresh, Randy Calton, Daniel Bohall, Jim Abrams

CONSI 2: Mike Burch, Robert Green, Josh Phelps, Brandon Routier, Cole Burton, Rodney Chandler, Jimmy Arthur, Justin Cheatham, Jake Byers, Robby Johnson

FEATURE: Jason Combs, Bubba Woods, Steven Godsey, Matt Cummings, Rusty Smiley, Bobby Davis, Paul Owens, Clifton Barron, Josh Hayes, Willie Sallee, Dave Long, Mike Burch, Mark Smith, Levi Ray Godsey, Robert Walters, Dave Reichenbacker, Jim Ruddick, Jeremy Tate, Robert Green