Barber, Boknecht, Godsey Cool at Brownstown

On another cool evening at the Brownstown Speedway, Mark Barber utilized a late race pass on race leader Brad Barrow and cruised on to his first victory of the season in the Late Model division. In the Modified division, Matt Boknecht led every lap of the feature en route to his first win of the season. And in the Bomber division, Steve Godsey took home his second victory of the season, passing early leader Jason Combs.

The 25 lap Late Model feature started with Barber and Barrow on the front row, leading the field into turn number one. Barrow would edge out and advantage coming down the backstretch. Barrow would lead the first lap, with Barber and Frankie Coomer in tow. Behind the lead cars, Scott Graham would move up to the fourth position, getting around Tim Prince for the position. Just a couple of circuits later, Barber would poke his nose under the Barrow mount, but to no avail. At this point, the obvious car on the move was the #5 of James Huff. Huff started 12th and had made his way up to sixth on lap eight. Huff would move up one more position, as he would take the fifth place away from Prince on lap 13. Back up front, Barrow had set himself up in the middle of the turns, while Barber was stuck to the hub. Every once in a while, it looked as if Barber would slide underneath of Barrow coming out of the turns. Barrow, however, was stronger down the straights. On lap 19, Barber would shoot under Barrow coming out of t

In the UMP Modified division, Seymour, IN native Matt Boknecht took home his first feature of the season at Brownstown. Boknecht would lead the field to the green at the start of the 20 lap affair. The field would have to be bunched up, however, due to a spin involving Travis Shoulders. The second try would be the charm as Boknecht would successfully take the field through the first turn. Behind him, Earl Plessinger would shoot to the high side and take the second spot from his fourth starting position. A battle would take place for the vacated fourth position between Josh Lucas, Todd Gilpin, and Brent Londeree. Londeree and Lucas would leave Gilpin and wage the war for fourth on their own. Londeree would win the battle on lap six, getting around Lucas. Just a couple of laps later, Lucas would return the favor on Londeree, getting back around him for the fourth position. Londeree would then have to fend for his fifth position, as Gilpin would come up alongside of Londeree. Londeree would keep his position wi

The Bomber division saw a two time winner emerge in Steve Godsey, who took the lead from early race leader Jason Combs. Combs started the feature on the pole, and led the field to the green flag. Behind him, a battle for third would take place between Darrell Burton and Bobby Davis with Davis taking the spot. Matt Cummings would get around Burton for the fourth spot just a few moments later. Combs would see Godsey coming on the low side going into turn three. Godsey would make the pass coming out of turn four on lap number three. Another battle for third would take place between Cummings and Davis, with Cummings taking the spot. Just a lap later, Davis would lose the fourth spot to Burton, then fifth to Rusty Smiley. At the halfway point it was Godsey leading Combs, Cummings, Burton, and Smiley. With just five laps to go, Cummings would move in on Combs, and take away the second position. No one would have anything for Godsey though, as he would cross the line ahead of Cummings, Combs, Burton, and Smiley.

Late Models

Feature - 1. Mark Barber,2. Brad Barrow,3. Frankie Coomer,4. Scott Graham,5. James Huff,6. Cody MaHoney,7. Tim Prince,8. Adam Sasser,9. Tim Tungate,10. Brad Cummings,11. Steve Godsey, 12. Brad Sturgeon,13. Matt Bex,14. Rohn Moon,15. Greg Ault,16. Shannon Reed,17. AJ Bowlen,18. Doug Ault,19. Brett Davis

UMP Modifieds

Feature - 1. Matt Boknecht,2. Earl Plessinger,3. JD Roberts,4. Ray Humphrey,5. Brent Londeree,6. Matt Bex,7. Todd Gilpin,8. Brady Short,9. Alan Magner,10. Nelson Gingery, 11. Tim Eddelman,12. Dennis Boknecht,13. Jay Miller,14. Clint DeMoss,15. Gary Barrow,16. Travis Shoulders,17. Ryan Thomas,18. Greg Deckard,19. Josh Lucas,20. Lee Hobbs


Feature - 1. Steve Godsey,2. Matt Cummings,3. Jason Combs,4. Darrell Burton,5. Rusty Smiley,6. Bobby davis,7. Jim Ruddick,8. Jim Pfeiffer,9. Robert Walters,10. Josh Hayes, 11. Dave Lemmons,12. Tim Neal,13. Rick Gess,14. Tom Hughes,15. Leon Turpin,16. Dwayne Gross,17. Greg Sutton,18. Jared Bailey,19. Bubba Woods,20. J J Pfeiffer