Mike Jewell of Scottsburg, IN held off a hard charging John Gill to take home his first Kenny Simpson Memorial Victory at the Brownstown Speedway. In the Bomber Division, Bubba Woods took advantage of some good luck sent his direction and took home his first victory of the year. The Modified feature also had a first time winner this year in Brent Londeree, who held off Earl Plessinger at the line.

The 58 lap Kenny Simpson Memorial started with Mike Jewell and Tim Tungate on the front row leading the field to the green flag. Coming down into turn number one, third place starter Jim Curry would dive to the inside of Tungate and would make his move for second. Tungate would battle back to the outside of Curry and the two would run door to door down the backstretch. Curry would slide back to third with John Gill looking underneath him for the position. Gill would get by, relegating Curry to fourth. Curry would attempt to battle back, with some slight contact being made. Gill held on to the position and set his sights on Tungate. Curry would have to fight to keep his fourth position now, as Scott Graham would make his move on Curry. As those two would battle, up front Gill would make a move on Tungate for the second position. Gill would take the second position on lap number four. Tungate was not done, however, as he would shoot back to the inside of Gill coming down the backstretch. They would ride side by side for another lap, until Gill made the pass for second. Behind them, Steve Barnett would move to fourth getting by Curry on lap six. Behind Barnett and Curry, a three wide battle for sixth between Jason Setser, Greg Johnson, and Graham would take place. Graham would take the sixth position, putting Johnson in seventh, and Setser back to eighth. Johnson and Graham would make slight contact, allowing Johnson to get around Graham for sixth. Graham would try the top shelf on Johnson, while Setser would shoot low to make it three wide again for sixth. Back up front, Curry would shoot to the inside of Tungate for third, with Tungate fighting back to the outside. Tungate would get the spot back on lap 11. Barnett seen both Tungate and Curry in the middle of the track, and would shoot under both drivers to the third spot. Jewell, however, was enjoying a healthy lead over Gill as the field completed lap 15. Jewell would start the lapping process as he would put a lap on Steve Godsey. For the next little bit, it was all about lapping cars for Jewell as he tried to keep as many cars in between he and Gill as he could. Every once in a while it looked as if Gill had closed in on Jewell, only to have lapped cars put in front of him by Jewell. Gill would make haste of some lapped cars and catch up to Jewells back bumper coming down the backstretch on lap 21. Both drivers would dice through lap traffic for the next few laps. Back to fifth now where Johnson would scoot by Tungate for the spot, as Brad Barrow would work Tungate for sixth. As Jewell completed lap number 36, Gill would make it around the lap cars and set sail for Jewell. Gill tried every once in a while to make a move on Jewell, but Jewell was too strong down the straights. Jewell would put some more backmarkers behind him for some insurance. As Jewell lapped Dan Sturgeon, the caution would fly on lap 54 for Frankie Coomer who had spun in turn four. When the field took the green, Sturgeon allowed Gill to go by for a shot at Jewell. Gill, however, didnt have anything for Jewell who crossed the line ahead of Gill, Johnson who got around Barnett for third, and Curry would round out the top five. Mike Jewell is sponsored by: Southern Indiana Rock Drilling, MPC Motorsports, GKN Sinter Metals, and Morgan Foods. Jewell was piloting his “Judge Wapner” Mastersbilt Chassis.

The Bomber division would start with Matt Cummings and Bubba Woods leading the field to the green flag. Cummings would lead the field down the backchute with a three car battle for third taking place between Woods, Steve Godsey, and Robert Walters. Walters and Woods would leave Godsey for fourth and wage a battle for third between themselves on lap four. They would run that way for a few laps before Walters would get around Woods for the position on lap seven. A battle for fifth would start to brew between Jim Ruddick and Jason Combs. With Combs taking the position. Back up front, Godsey would make a move on the high side and get around Robert Walters for third. Godsey would then find himself in second on lap 12, as Woods would move to third, getting by Walters. Woods would see his opportunity arise on lap 15 as Godsey and Cummings would touch coming out of turn number four. Woods would shoot around both cars on the outside and take the lead. Just one lap later, the red flag would fly as Glen Woods would drop a driveshaft, causing a fire to erupt under the car. On the restart, Woods sped off to the lead with Godsey moving to the second position getting around Cummings. Woods would hold the lead until the finish, followed by Godsey, Cummings, Walters, and Combs would finish the top five. Bubba is sponsored by: BC Chassis, Tuckers Transmissions, Baileys Flowers and Gifts, Arthur Paving & Excavating, and Auto Race Car Museum.

The UMP Modified feature started with Brent Londeree leading lap number one with a three wide battle for second behind him involving JD Roberts, Gary Burton, and Earl Plessinger. Burton would take the position coming to the line. The field would slow for a caution on lap number two for Bill Wagner. On the restart, Londeree would keep the lead as Roberts would get to second, putting Burton back to third. Plessinger would then hound Burton for the third position, taking the spot on lap two. On the next circuit, Burton would lose his fourth position to Clint Demoss. At the same time, Plessinger would go to second as he got by Roberts. The field would slow again on lap four for a spin involving Rick Gumm. Plessinger would have to be put back in the third position, however, because he jumped the lap two restart. The field would go back to green with Londeree still at the point. The green flag wouldn’t stay out long as Jay Miller would spin in turn four. When the field finally got the green again, Londeree led followed by Plessinger who got around Roberts for second. The car on the move was Ray Humphrey, who had stepped up to the top and was picking off cars. Humphrey was up to fifth on lap eight getting by Burton. Two laps later on lap 10, Humphrey would get around Demoss for fourth. Another two laps later on lap 12, Humphrey got around Roberts for third. Behind Humphrey, Roberts and Demoss would battle for fourth. Humphrey was not done yet, as on lap 17 he would get around Plessinger for the second position. On lap 19, Humphrey would try to pull a slider on Londeree for the point, but to no avail. Disaster would strike Humphrey, as on lap 20 he would veer right off of the turn four banking and stop. This would be the end of Humphrey’s run as the yellow came out and he went off on the wrecker. The field would race one more green flag lap when the next caution would wave on lap 21 for Tim Eddleman and Wagner. The green would fly again with Londeree leading Plessinger and Demoss to the line. Demoss would try to get underneath Plessinger for the second position on lap 23, but Plessinger was too strong on the high side. The field would take the white flag, but wouldn’t make it back to the checkers as Greg Deckard would spin in turn four. This would cause a one lap shootout for the win. And the winner of that shootout was Londeree followed by Plessinger, Demoss, Matt Boknecht from 17th, and Roberts would round out the top five. Londeree is sponsored by: Londeree Fencing, Wagner Construction, and Hancock Core Supply.

Top Qualifier: Mike Jewell (14.343)
HEAT ONE: Mike Jewell, Scott Graham, Brad Barrow, Mark Barber, Steve Godsey, Brian Wilhite, Justin Blackwell, Bradley Sturgeon, Reece Riggle, Dusty Chapman
HEAT TWO: Tim Tungate, Greg Johnson, Dan Sturgeon, Brad Cummings, Ernie Barrow, Shannon Reed, Dick Phillips, Greg Ault, John Sizemore, Charles Ross
HEAT THREE: Jim Curry, Jason Setser, Rohn Moon, Cody Mahoney, AJ Bowlen, Frankie Coomer, Rick Combs, Adam Sasser, Steve Trabue
HEAT FOUR: John Gill, Steve Barnett, Brett Davis, James Huff, Chuck Proctor, Tim Prince, Keith Deppe, Doug Ault, Gary Hardin
CONSI ONE: Steve Godsey, Ernie Barrow, Brad Sturgeon, Justin Blackwell, Dick Phillips, Brian Wilhite, John Sizemore, Greg Ault, Shannon Reed, Reece Riggle
CONSI TWO: Frankie Coomer, Chuck Proctor, AJ Bowlen, Adam Sasser, Doug Ault, Keith Deppe, Steve Trabue, Rick Combs, Gary Hardin, Tim Prince
KENNY SIMPSON MEMORIAL: MIKE JEWELL, John Gill, Greg Johnson, Steve Barnett, Jim Curry, Dan Sturgeon, Jason Setser, Brad Barrow, Brett Davis, James Huff, Scott Graham, Ernie Barrow, Tim Tungate, Rohn Moon, Mark Barber, Steve Godsey, Brad Cummings, Frankie Coomer, Cody Mahoney, Chuck Proctor

HEAT ONE: Matt Cummings, Steve Godsey, Robert Green, John Mayer, Tim Neal, Josh Turner, Rick Gess, Cole Burton, JJ Pfeiffer
HEAT TWO: Bubba Woods, Glen Woods, Jared Bailey, Chad Plance, Derick Levesque, Larry Palmer, Rick Applegate, Kent Wagner, Robin Holmes
HEAT THREE: Robert Walters, Jason Combs, Clifton Barron, Bobby Davis, Lloyd Turpin, Darrell Burton, Lawrence Holt, Tim Salyers, Dan Londeree
HEAT FOUR: Jim Ruddick, Mike Fields, Josh Hayes, Dave Lemons, Doug Klyn, Jimmy Arthur,
CONSI ONE: Bobby Johnson, Josh Turner, Tim Neal, Larry Palmer, Kent Wagner, Cole Burton, Derick Levesque, Rick Applegate
CONSI TWO: Darrell Burton, Jimmy Arthur, Lloyd Turpin, Doug Klyn
FEATURE: BUBBA WOODS, Steve Godsey, Matt Cummings, Robert Walters, Jason Combs, Jim Ruddick, Mike Fields, Clifton Barron, Robert Green, Bobby Johnson, Josh Turner, John Mayer, Dave Lemons, Josh Hayes, Bobby Davis, Glen Woods, Chad Plance, Darrell Burton, Jared Bailey, Jimmy Arthur

HEAT ONE: Brent Londeree, Clint Demoss, Jay Miller, Steve Trabue, Donnie Parsons, Greg Lee, Robert Smith, Tony Jarvis, Matt Boknecht
HEAT TWO: Gary Burton, Greg Pittman, Josh Wells, Jeff Bland Jr, Justin Hobson, Travis Fleetwood, Jerry Crane, Brad Fleetwood, Brad Erwin
HEAT THREE: JD Roberts, Tim Eddelman, Shelby Miles, Rick Gumm, Greg Deckard, Jimmy Hayden, Dennis Pace, John Phillips
HEAT FOUR: Earl Plessinger, Ray Humphrey, Bill Wagner, Robert Deppe, Gary Barrow, Al Flick, Brandon Reed, Todd Gilpin
FEATURE: Brent Londeree, Earl Plessinger, Clint Demoss, Matt Boknecht, JD Roberts, Gary Burton, Rick Gumm, Josh Wells, Steve Trabue, Jay Miller, Robert Deppe, Shelby Miles, Bill Wagner, Greg Pittman, Donnie Parson, Greg Deckard, Tim Eddelman, Ray Humphrey, Gary Barrow, Jeff Bland Jr