Sturgoen, Plessinger, Walters Winners

The UMP Modified division saw a new face in victory lane in 2003, as Earl Plessinger would lead all 20 laps for the victory. Plessinger would take the field to the green and would lead the pack past the first circuit. Behind him, J.D. Roberts made a move on Brent Londeree for the second position. Londeree would not let it go unanswered, as he would move back to the second position just a couple of laps later. Roberts would then have to battle for his third position with Dennis Boknecht. Roberts would keep his spot with Boknecht staying in fourth. Behind that battle, Brad Erwin would move into the top five with a pass on Matt Boknecht. The first caution would fly on lap eight for a spin involving Al Flick, Rick Gumm, and Greg Lee in turn two. The field would go green for just one more lap, as Roberts and Dennis Boknecht would touch in turn one, with Boknecht ending up in the wrong direction on the backstretch. When the field went back to green, Plessinger would hold the lead with Londeree in tow. Behind them, Matt Bex would move into the top five with a pass on Erwin on lap 11. Things would get interesting in the top five, as Bex, Roberts, and Matt Boknecht would go three wide for the third position. Boknecht would get the spot, putting Bex to fourth, and Roberts to fifth. Roberts would try to take the fourth spot back from Bex but to no avail. With just a couple of laps to go, M. Boknecht would slip around Londeree for the runner up spot. However, time would run out as Plessinger took the victory with Boknecht, Londeree, Bex, and Roberts rounding out the top five. Plessinger is sponsored by KMI Competition Engines, Moose Brothers, Bob Pierce Race Cars, and Wildside Signs.

Another new face would emerge in the Bomber division as Robert Walters would hold off Steve Godsey on the final lap for the win. The race started off with a bang as a group of cars would go four wide for the lead with Walters coming out on top of the fray. The yellow would fly on the second lap for a melee involving Bubba Woods, Jason Combs, Tom Hughes, Dave Lemons, and Danny Bohall in the first turn. When the green flew again, action would begin to take place throughout the top five. Mike Moody would make a pass on Robert Green for the fourth position, and David Robinson would get around Green for fifth. Back up front Godsey would pass Ruddick for the second position on lap number four. Just a couple of laps later, the yellow would fly once again for debris on the track. On the ensuing restart, the yellow would come out yet again for the spun car of Moody in turn four. Just two laps would go by until the next caution would fly on lap eight for a spin involving Ruddick and Robinson in turn four. When racing resumed, a battle for the third position would take place between Matt Cummings and Clifton Barron. Cummings would take third, with Barron back to fourth. Behind them, Larry Harris and Bobby Davis would fight for the fifth position with Davis winning that battle. With just two to go, Godsey would move step to the high side and try to make a run on Walters. Godsey would make some ground coming to the white flag. The two would run door to door down the backstretch and into turn three. Walters would have the edge coming out of the final turn, and would hold off Godsey at the line. Behind them were Cummings, Barron, and Davis rounding out the top five. Cummings is sponsored by Cummings Machine Shop, Terry Cummings Race Engines, BC Chassis, Dee Gees Body Shop, KH Graphics, and Prince Excavating.

The Late Model division would not see a new face gracing victory lane as Dan Sturgeon would take home his second feature win of the year. Sturgeon and Steve Godsey would take the field to the green flag with Sturgeon leading lap number one with Godsey in second. As the field would come through turn number one, Brett Davis and C.J. Rayburn would touch causing the field behind them to scatter out a bit. A battle would take place for the fourth position between Frankie Coomer and Scott Graham on lap four. Graham would take the spot with Coomer back to fifth. Sturgeon, at this point had opened up a half straight lead on Godsey. Back to the fourth place battle now, as Coomer had moved to the side of Graham. Coomer would take the spot back, relegating Graham back to fifth. Graham was not done yet though, as he would step to the high side on Coomer. The two would run door to door on lap number eight, as Sturgeon would open up his lead a bit more on Godsey. Coming out of turn four on the same lap, Justin Blackwell would spin bringing out the first caution of the race. On the restart, Sturgeon would open back up his advantage on Godsey down the backstretch. Jason Setser sat quietly in third, while behind him Rayburn would try to move into the top five with a pass on Coomer. Rayburn would have to wait though, as the yellow would fly on lap ten for a spin involving Keith Deppe and Tim Prince in turn four. On the restart, Rayburn took the fifth spot away from Coomer. Coomer would then lose his sixth position to Brett Davis. The yellow would fly on the eleventh circuit as Shannon Reed would loop his car, collecting Duane Chamberlain. Sturgeon would lead the field to the cone with Godsey and Setser running second and third. Behind them some contact between Graham and Rayburn would almost bring out the yellow. Everyone kept running as Rayburn would take advantage and move to fourth. Graham was not done yet, as he would try to take the fourth spot back, but to no avail. Back up front, Sturgeon was pulling away from Godsey as everyone was scattered out. With just a handful of laps remaining, Davis would pull a gutsy slide job on Graham for the fifth position in turn four. No one would have anything for Sturgeon though, as he would cruise on to the victory with Godsey, Setser, Rayburn, and Davis rounding out the top five. The winning sponsors on the #26 Rocket Chassis of Sturgeon are Living Room Center, and LRC Carpet Sales

TOP QUALIFIER: Dick Phillips
HEAT ONE: Steve Godsey, Mark Barber, Justin Blackwell, Derek Ramp, Shannon Reed, Dick Phillips, Tom Allman, Christian Rayburn, Brad Sturgeon, Rick Burton
HEAT TWO: Dan Sturgeon, CJ Rayburn, Frankie Coomer, Brett Davis, Cody Mahoney, Duane Chamberlain, Greg Ault, Tim Prince, Reece Riggle, Bill Sheets
HEAT THREE: Jason Setser, Scott Graham, Adam Sasser, Brad Cummings, Keith Deppe, Gary Hardin, Robert Hensley, Brian Wilhite, Gary Barrow
CONSI: Dick Phillips, Duane Chamberlain, Tim Prince, Greg Ault, Brad Sturgeon, Tom Allman, Reece Riggle, Mike Ruble, Christian Rayburn, Robert Hensley, Rick Burton, Bill Sheets, Brian Wilhite, Gary Hardin, Gary Barrow
FEATURE: Dan Sturgeon, Steve Godsey, Jason Setser, CJ Rayburn, Brett Davis, Scott Graham, Frankie Coomer, Brad Cummings, Cody Mahoney, Dick Phillips, Adam Sasser, Greg Ault, Brad Sturgeon, Shannon Reed, Justin Blackwell, Duane Chamberlain, Derek Ramp, Keith Deppe, Tim Prince

HEAT ONE: JD Roberts, Don Fleetwood, Ryan Thomas, Jay Miller, Gary Lee Barrow, Jason Knight, Rodney Harris Jr, Jeff Bland Jr, Walt Case, Nate Voorhies, Dennis Pace
HEAT TWO: Earl Plessinger, Dennis Boknecht, Greg Lee, Alan Magner, Alan Adams, Al Flick, Tim Eddelman, Robert Deppe, Travis Fleetwood, Brian Sullivan, Josh Wells
HEAT THREE: Brad Erwin, Matt Boknecht, Steve Trabue, Greg Pittman, Larry Schornick, Mike Tuell, Jerry Davis, Justin Hobston, Reid Sparks, Travis Gault, Eddie Lake
HEAT FOUR: Brent Londeree, Matt Bex, Nelson Gingery, Rick Hines, Rick Gumm, Clint Demoss, Greg Deckard, Robert Smith, Brad Fleetwood, Gordon Dixon, Robbie Lee
CONSI ONE: Al Flick, Gary Lee Barrow, Rodney Harris Jr, Alan Adams, Jeff Bland Jr, Tim Eddelman, Jason Knight, Travis Fleetwood, Robert Deppe, Brian Sullivan, Nate Voorhies, Walt Case, Dennis Pace, Josh Wells
CONSI TWO: Rick Gumm, Clint Demoss, Greg Deckard, Jerry Davis, Justin Hobston, Robert Smith, Brad Fleetwood, Travis Gault, Gordon Dixon, Mike Tuell, Robbie Lee, Reid Sparks, Larry Schornick, Eddie Lake
FEATURE: Earl Plessinger, Matt Boknecht, Brent Londeree, Matt Bex, JD Roberts, Brad Erwin, Clint Demoss, Nelson Gingery, Ryan Thomas, Jay Miller, Alan Magner, Steve Trabue, Rick Hines, Gary Lee Barrow, Al Flick, Dennis Boknecht, Greg Pittman, Greg Lee

HEAT ONE: Robert Green, Mike Moody, Danny Bohall, Craig Bennett, Kent Wagner, Dwayne Gross, Jared Bailey, Chris Moscrip, Jimmy Arthur, Mickey Hines
HEAT TWO: Jason Combs, Tom Hughes, Mike Burch, Kenny Leahy, Rick Gess, Tony Mahoney, Shea Overton, Bobby Johnson, Roger Deppe
HEAT THREE: Jim Ruddick, Matt Cummings, Bobby Davis, Brandon Routier, Larry Gingery, AJ Lamb, Tony Edwards, Rick Applegate, JD Roberts
HEAT FOUR: Robert Walters, David Robinson, Dave Lemons, Josh Hayes, Dan Londeree, Ron Fedor, Lloyd Turpin, JJ Pfeiffer, Troy Clark
HEAT FIVE: Steve Godsey, Clifton Barron, Bill Wilson, Cody VanOsdol, Scott Stevens, Jim Robinson, Tim Salyers, John Taylor
HEAT SIX: Bubba Woods, John Mayer, Larry Harris, Jim Pfeiffer, Tim Neal, Doug Klyn, Jimmy Phillips, Kent Robertson, Derrick Levesque
CONSI ONE: Jim Pfeiffer, Bobby Johnson, Cody VanOsdol, Craig Bennett, Dan Londeree, Dwayne Gross, Kent Robinson, Tony Edwards, Lloyd Turpin, Doug Klyn, Larry Gingery, Jim Robertson, Chris Moscrip, Kenny Leahy
CONSI TWO: Ron Fedor, Josh Hayes, Kent Wagner, Tim Neal, Brandon Routier, JJ Peiffer, Shea Overton, Roger Deppe, AJ Lamb, Scott Stevens, Tim Salyers, Jared Bailey, Rick Applegate, Paul Arthur, Rick Gess
FEATURE: Robert Walters, Steve Godsey, Matt Cummings, Clifton Barron, Bobby Davis, Larry Harris, Bubba Woods, Bill Wilson, Ron Fedor, Jim Peiffer, Josh Hayes, Jim Ruddick, Bobby Johnson, David Robinson, Mike Moody, John Mayer, Robert Green, Jason Combs, Tom Hughes, Danny Bohall, Dave Lemons