Sturgeon, Deckard, Godsey win Lee Fleetwood Memorial

Dan Sturgeon walked away from the 20 car field en route to his biggest victory of his Brownstown Speedway racing career at the 5th Annual Lee Fleetwood Memorial. In the other action, Steve Godsey took home his fourth victory of the season in the Bomber division. In the Super Stock division, Jay Deckard found himself in the right position at the right time and took home his fifth feature win of the year.

The 40 lap Lee Fleetwood Memorial started with the familiar Fleetwood #57 on the pole with Brad Barrow as the pilot. Barrow would take the field around and lead lap number one. Behind him, Sturgeon would shoot around Adam Sasser for the second position. Just a lap later on the third circuit, Sturgeon would move up beside Barrow for the point. Sturgeon would slip by and put Barrow back to second. At this point, a three wide battle for the third spot would take place between John Gill, Frankie Coomer, and Sasser. Neither one of those three drivers would take the position though, as Jason Setser would shoot around all three of them on the high side. This would now become a four car fight for the third position as Setser, Gill, Coomer, and Sasser would all run in a group. While this was going on, Rohn Moon had moved up from his ninth starting position and was working his way to the front. Moon, on the low side would pick off the fifth position and the fourth position and would challenge Setser for third. Moon would take the third spot on lap 11, putting Setser back to fourth. Setser would come back and pull up to Moons side again to battle for third. The two would catch the second place running Barrow and split him down the backstretch. This daring move would put Moon to second, Setser to third, and Barrow to fourth. Sturgeon at this point had stretched his lead over the field to a full straightaway. Sturgeon would begin the lapping process on lap 17 with a pass on Gary Barrow. Back to the battle for second now, as Setser had pulled back to the door panel of Moon. Moon would keep the position, as Barrow had caught back up with Setser and would challenge him for third on the 25th lap. Up front though, Sturgeon was picking off lap cars as he had pulled out to a half track advantage over Moon. Moon would have to contend with Setser again as he would continue to bug Moon for the second spot. Moon would keep the position while Barrow, Gill, and Setser would battle for third, fourth, and fifth. The only yellow of the race would fly on lap 32 for a spin involving Shannon Reed. When the racing resumed, Sturgeon had eight lap cars inbetween he and Moon. The action would resume for third and fourth as Gill would challenge Setser for the position, with Setser holding ground on Gill. Setser would then move back up to battle with Barrow for third. Setser would slide off the backstretch just a little bit, but it would do no harm to his positioning. Stugeon, however, had nothing to worry about as he would cruise on to his second straight victory and his biggest at Brownstown. Following Sturgeon to the line were Moon, Setser, who had gotten by Barrow, Barrow, and Gill would round out the top five. Sturgeon is sponsored by Living Room Center, and LRC Carpet Sales, and his chassis of choice is a Warrior.

The 20 lap Bomber feature would start off with a bang, as Mike Burch, Steve Godsey, and Bubba Woods would go three wide on lap one, with Godsey barely leading going into turn one. Burch would sit in second, with Woods and Matt Cummings battling for third. Cummings would take the spot, putting Woods to fourth. It would not stay this way for long, as Burch, Cummings, and Woods would take it three wide for the second, third, and fourth positions. Burch would keep his second spot, as Cummings and Woods would battle for second yet again. I guess two wide was not good enough for them, as those same three drivers would go three wide again for second, third, and fourth. Cummings would get the second position, but he would have to go back to third due to a caution involving Craig Bailey on lap 10. When racing resumed, Godsey would stick to the high groove, and pull out an advantage over Burch and Cummings. It looked as if Cummings had the advantage on Burch for second, but the yellow would fly again for debris on lap 14. The ensuing restart would be slowed as well for a spin involving Bobby Davis. On the restart, the battle for second would resume with Cummings and Burch side by side. Behind them, Woods and Clifton Barron would battle it out for the fourth position. The yellow would fly once again on lap 16 for a spin involving Jason Combs. With four to go, the field would go green with Cummings finally getting around Burch for second. Burch would then lose the third position to Woods. With just two to go, Cummings would set sail for Godsey. Time would run out on Cummings as Godsey would cross the line in front of Cummings, Woods, Burch, and Barron would round out the top five.

The Super Stock feature was a strange one, as Jay Deckard would somehow find himself in victory lane after 25 laps of crazy action. Chris Deweese and Randy Moore would lead the field to the green flag. The green would last all of ten seconds as Troy Clark would see his car erupt into flames and would stall in turn one. The fire was quickly put out, and Clark was ok. The field would line back up for the complete restart, and Deweese would bolt out to the lead. Mike Vest would battle Moore for the second position, with Moore keeping the spot. Behind them, Jay Deckard and Jeremy Hines would battle for the fourth position. Deckard would take the spot, and would move up to battle Vest for third. Deckard couldn't get around Vest for the spot, and would have to contend with Hines again for his fourth spot. Hines would get around Deckard on lap five. In front of them, the battle for second had resumed between Moore and Vest. Moore would lose the spot to Vest, while behind them, Kevin Applegate had moved into fifth with a pass on Deckard. The yellow would fly on lap 11 for a spin involving Terry Ross. When racing resumed, a three wide battle for third would take place between Moore, Hines, and Applegate. The three would catch up to Vest, who was running second. Applegate and Vest would touch causing them to slow. This would make a four car battle take place between Vest, Moore, Hines, and Applegate. Hines would go to second, with Applegate and Moore battling for third. The yellow would fly for the third time for a spin involving Gary Green on lap 16. The action would pick up on the restart, as Deweese would lead the field to the cone. Deweese would push upwards in turn one allowing Hines and Applegate to move in and battle for the lead. Applegate would make a completely daring move coming into turn three, and dive under both Hines and Deweese for the point. Behind Applegate and Hines, a three car battle for third would take place between Deweese, Vest, and Moore. Vest would move to the third spot with Deweese and Moore to battle for fourth. Applegate would have a scary moment, as he would clip the inside tire coming out of turn two. He would regain control and keep the lead. On lap 21 the yellow would fly once again, this time for the spun car of Todd Gilpin on the backstretch. When racing resumed, Applegate would lead the field into turn number one with Hines and Vest battling for the second position. On lap number 23, the yellow would fly for the last time for the spun car of Hines. Hines would go to the tail as would the then third place running Vest for rough driving. Applegate would lead the field to the green, white, checkered finish with Deckard in tow. Applegate would take the white flag and it looked as if Applegate would cruise onto his first career Super Stock victory at Brownstown. This would not be the case, as Applegate would drift high in turn one, allowing Deckard to slide by under him for the point. Deckard would go on to cross the line ahead of Applegate, Kevin Jones, Deweese, and Green would round out the top five.


HEAT ONE: Brad Barrow, Jason Setser, John Gill, Steve Godsey, Mark Barber, Brad Sturgeon, Tim Tungate, Gary Barrow, Keith Deppe, David Ross
HEAT TWO: Adam Sasser, Frankie Coomer, Steve Hillard, Justin Blackwell, Brad Cummings, Shannon Reed, Gary Hardin, Reece Riggle, Tim Prince
HEAT THREE: Dan Sturgeon, Steve Barnett, Rohn Moon, Dick Phillips, Doug Ault, Greg Ault, Derek Ramp, Dusty Chapman, Gary Trammell
CONSI: Shannon Reed, Tim Tungate, Brad Sturgeon, Greg Ault, Gary Barrow, Gary Trammell, Reece Riggle, Keith Deppe, Derek Ramp, Tim Prince, Dusty Chapman, Gary Hardin, David Ross
LEE FLEETWOOD MEMORIAL: DAN STURGEON, Rohn Moon, Jason Setser, Brad Barrow, John Gill, Mark Barber, Steve Hillard, Steve Godsey, Steve Barnett, Frankie Coomer, Adam Sasser, Dick Phillips, Doug Ault, Justin Blackwell, Gary Barrow, Brad Cummings, Tim Tungate, Brad Sturgeon, Shannon Reed, Greg Ault

HEAT ONE: Mike Burch, Rob Manley, Derick Levesque, Craig Bailey, Josh Hayes, Rick Gess, Robbie Moore, Brandon Routier, JJ Pfeiffer, Justin Robertson
HEAT TWO: Matt Cummings, Jim Ruddick, Bobby Davis, Dave Lemons, Glen Woods, Larry Palmer, Chad Plance, Jason Combs, Tim Neal, Larry Caldwell
HEAT THREE: Bubba Woods, Clifton Barron, Robert Walters, John Mayer, Jim Pfeiffer, Jared Bailey, Daniel Bohall, Josh Phelps, Lloyd Turpin
HEAT FOUR: Steve Godsey, Bill Wilson, David Robinson, Bobby Johnson, Ron Fedor, Justin Cheatham, Doug Klyn, Terry Turner
CONSI ONE: Glen Woods, Jason Combs, Josh Hayes, Tim Neal, Randy Moore, Rick Gess, Chad Plance, JJ Pfeiffer, Doug Klyn, Justin Robertson
CONSI TWO: Jim Pfeiffer, Ron Fedor, Jared Bailey, Daniel Bohall, Josh Phelps, Larry Palmer, Terry Turner, Justin Cheatham, Lloyd Turpin
FEATURE: Steve Godsey, Matt Cummings, Bubba Woods, Mike Burch, Clifton Barron, Robert Walters, Bill Wilson, Jim Ruddick, Rob Manley, Glen Woods, David Robinson, Bobby Davis, Jason Combs, Bobby Johnson, Dave Lemons, John Mayer, Derick Levesque, Jim Pfeiffer, Ron Fedor, Craig Bailey

HEAT ONE: Chris Deweese, Kevin Jones, Jay Deckard, Jason Hehman, Barry Gerkin, Scott Ross, Jeremy Pennington, Ben Carter
HEAT TWO: Randy Moore, Kevin Applegate, Stan Brown, Donnie Wilson, Brian Corbin, Terry Ross, Clay Ellison, Rusty Smiley, Jason Johnson
HEAT THREE: Jeremy Hines, Danny Harris, Gary Green, Justin Bex, Troy Clark, Paul Seymour, Mickey Hines, Gerald Todd, Randy Howe
HEAT FOUR: Mike Vest, Jeff Walters, John Phelps, Todd Gilpin, Cale Kern, Matt Ross, Gerald Gault, Dennis Renoll, Jeff Wilson
CONSI ONE: Terry Ross, Barry Gerkin, Rusty Smiley, Scott Ross, Jeremy Pennington, Clay Ellison, Brian Corbin, Jason Johnson
CONSI TWO: Troy Clark, Cale Kern, Paul Seymour, Gerald Todd, Matt Ross, Mickey Hines, Gerald Gault, Randy Howe
FEATURE: Jay Deckard, Kevin Applegate, Kevin Jones, Chris Deweese, Gary Green, Jeff Walters, Stan Brown, Justin Bex, Jeremy Hines, Mike Vest, Randy Moore, Cale Kern, Donnie Wilson, Danny Harris, Barry Gerkin, Todd Gilpin, John Phelps, Jason Hehman, Terry Ross, Troy Clark