Setser, Hobbs, Godsey take Features

The 25 lap Late Model feature would start with James Huff and C.J. Rayburn on the front row. Huff would take the lead down the backstretch only to be halted for a yellow involving Tim Prince and Zach Carney in turn one. This would cause a complete restart, with Huff taking the lead. Jason Setser and Rayburn would fight for second, while Doug Ault and Kevin Claycomb battled for fourth. Huff would lead lap number one. Claycomb would get around Justin Blackwell for fifth while Ault ran fourth. Back up front Setser had taken the second position away from Rayburn. Rayburn would then drift high, losing the third spot to Ault. Rayburn would then have to contend with Claycomb for fourth. At this point, Huff had about a three car length advantage over Setser, while Claycomb and Rayburn would continue to battle for fourth. Rayburn would get the advantage and send Claycomb back to fifth. Rayburn would move to the outside of Ault for the third position. Coming down the front stretch Ault would pull back alongside coming down the backstretch and get back around him for the spot. Rayburn would get the spot back, however, a lap later. Setser, by lap 10 was trying desperately to reel in Huff on the bottom side. Behind the leaders, Claycomb would move to the high side of Ault to try to get fourth. Ault would hold him off to keep the spot. Claycomb would then slide high off the frontstretch banking losing some track position. This would allow Dan Sturgeon to try to make a move on Claycomb for the fifth spot. Claycomb would hold off Sturgeon to remain in the top five. Back towards the front, Ault would try again to get around Rayburn, but to no avail as Sturgeon and Claycomb continued to battle to see who would remain in the top five. On lap 16, Setser had caught up to Huff who had to worry about lap traffic. Huff would get around Josh Allison to put him a lap down and in front of Setser. Back to the battle for fourth now, as Claycomb had pulled along side of Ault. Claycomb would take the spot, as up front Setser would poke his nose under Huff for the point. With 7 to go, Huff would try to lap the car of Mike Bechelli, only to get a little crossed up. This would allow Setser to move under Huff for the lead. They would ride side by side through turns one and two, and down the backstretch. They would take the five to go signal together as they got around Bechelli to put him a lap down. Both drivers would run door to door down the backstretch. Huff would take a slight advantage with four to go. Setser would close back in and pull alongside of Huff with just three to go. They would stay glued together for another lap, and would take the white flag in the same state. Down the backstretch they would go side by side into turn three. Out of four they would come, with Setser having just enough of an advantage to win by less than half a car length. Following Setser to the line was Huff, Rayburn, Claycomb, and Sturgeon would round out the top five. Setser is sponsored by Midwest Tube Mills, Pro Power, and Perry’s Body Shop. Setser piloted a Rayburn Chassis to the victory.

If one top notch feature wasn’t enough, the Bomber division put on probably one of the greatest features ever at the ¼ oval. Darrell Burton and Mike Burch would lead the field down into turn number one at the start. The yellow would fly, causing a complete restart. On the restart, Burch would jump to the lead, with a four wide battle for second taking place between Burton, Matt Cummings, Robert Walters, and Jim Ruddick. The field would slow again on lap one for a spin involving Andrew Davis in turn one. Burch would lead the field down to the green on the lap one restart. Coming down to complete lap number two, Ruddick and Cummings would battle for third. They would go down the backstretch with Ruddick taking the spot. Cummings would come back to the outside of Ruddick to battle back for third. At the same time, Burton would try to make a move on Burch for the lead. Burch would keep the point. At this point there were battles going on throughout the top six. You could throw a blanket over the top six as they came down the front stretch to complete the fifth lap. Burton and Burch would continue their battle for the lead with Ruddick joining them to make it a three way dance for the lead. Burton would end up with the lead as Burch, Ruddick and Cummings would fight it out for the second position. Cummings would end up taking the second position with a three wide battle for third between Ruddick, Burch, and Steve Godsey taking place behind him. This battle would then move up to the lead, as they would go four wide with Burton at the halfway point. Burton would hold the lead with Cummings second, Godsey third, and Ruddick in fourth. Godsey, Ruddick, and Cummings would then go three wide for second as the action just would not stop. As the field took the five to go signal, they would go four wide for the lead once again. Godsey would end up with the lead as they came down the backstretch. Godsey wouldn’t have the point long as they would go four wide yet again down the frontstretch. The battle would dwindle down to three wide between Burton, Godsey, and Cummings with just three to go. Godsey would take the lead all to himself as they got the two to go signal. Cummings would take second away from Burton as they went into turn one. Cummings would then have to deal with Walters for the second position. Cummings would hold off Walters and go after the lead. Cummings would make one last ditch effort coming to the line, but Godsey would hold him off for the victory. Following Godsey were Cummings, Walters, Burton, and Ruddick would round out the top five. Godsey is sponsored by: Indiana Stone Works, Terry Cummings Race Engines, Bent Chassis, and Thrifty Auto Sales.

The UMP Modified division saw Lee Hobbs bolt out to the early lead, and would hold off challenges from Earl Plessinger and Tim Eddelman to win his first feature of the season at the Brownstown Speedway. Following Hobbs to the line were Eddelman, Nelson Gingery, Brady Short, and Al Flick would round out the top five.

Late Models (33)
Fast time: James Huff

Heat Winners:
James Huff
C.J. Rayburn
Jason Setser
Justin Blackwell

Consy 1 (Took Top 2)
Zach Carney,Tim Prince

Consy 2 (took Top 2)
Mike Bechelli,Gary Barrow

Feature Results
Jason Setser,James Huff,CJ Rayburn,Kevin Claycomb,Dan Sturgeon, Mark Barber,Doug Ault,Steve Godsey,Brad Barrow,Brad Sturgeon,Brett Davis, Cody Mahoney,Justin Blackwell,Adam Sasser,Tim Prince,Gary Barrow,Zach Carney, Mike Bechelli,Josh Allison,Dick Phillips

Heat 1
Lee Hobbs,Brent Sutton,Greg Deckard,Brad Erwin,Matt Bex

Heat 2
Earl Plessinger,Al Flick,Jeff Bland,Matt Boknecht,Jay Miller

Heat 3
Tim Eddelman,Brady Short,J P Hume,Clint Demoss,Alan Magner

Heat 4
Brent Londeree,Denny Boknecht,Steve Trabue,Greg Lee,Jason Knight

Heat 5
Nelson Gingery,Ryan Thomas,Gary Barrow,Rick Hines,Rick Gumm

Consy 1
Matt Boknecht,Brad Erwin,Matt Bex,Rick Gumm,Jason Knight

Consy 2
Clint Demoss,Alan Magner,Jay Miller,Rodney Harris,Greg Lee

Lee Hobbs,Tim Eddleman,Nelson Gingery,Brady Short,Al Flick,Matt Bochnecht,Ryan Thomas, Denny Bochnecht,Clint DeMoss,Matt Bex,Brent Londeree,Gary Barrow,Brent Sutton,Jay Miller, J P Hume,Jeff Bland jr.,Steve Trabue,Brad Erwin,Earl Plessinger,Alan Magner,Greg Deckard


Heat 1
Darrell Burton,John Mayer, Andrew Davis,Tony Edwards,JJ Pfeiffer

Heat 2
Mike Burch,Jason Combs,Josh Hayes,Larry Caldwell,Jason Terrell

Heat 3
Jim Ruddick,Steve Godsey,Clifton Barren,Glen Woods,Cody VanOsdol

Heat 4
Robert Walters,Jared Bailey,Dave Lemons,Robert Green,Greg Sutton

Heat 5
Matt Cummings,Rick Gess,Jim Pfeiffer,Dell Taylor,Mike Bennett

Consy 1
Tim Neal,Larry Caldwell,Dell Taylro

Consy 2
Glen Woods,Robert Green, Bobby Johnson

Feature (great race from start to finish)
Steven Godsey,Matt Cummings,Robert Walters,Darrell Burton,Jim Ruddick,Clifton Barron, Mike Burch,Jared Bailey,Glen Woods,John Mayer,Josh Hayes,Robert Green,Bobby Johnson,Jim Pfeiffer, Tim Neal,Dave Lemons,Andrew Davis,Rick Gess,Larry Caldwell,Dell Taylor,Jason Combs ( did not start)