Blackwell,Godsey,Plessinger,Fields take Pepsi Fun Night Features

The 25 lap Late Model feature started with Dan Sturgeon and Justin Blackwell on the front row. Blackwell would shoot to the front and lead the first lap. Behind Blackwell, a battle for second would take place between Sturgeon and Gary Barrow. Sturgeon would keep the spot, while Barrow would have to contend with Frankie Coomer for the third position. The yellow would fly on lap four for the car of Adam Sasser in turn one. When racing resumed, Blackwell would hold the lead with a battle for fourth behind him taking place between Coomer and C.J. Rayburn. Rayburn would overtake Coomer for the spot. The second yellow of the race would fly on lap seven for the spun car of Mark Barber on the front stretch. When the racing resumed, Coomer would get back around Rayburn for fourth, but would have to give it back because of a yellow for Brett Davis. Blackwell would lead the field to the restart, with Sturgeon in tow. Sturgeon, however, would get a little sideways and would lose a couple of positions. This would put Barrow to second, and Coomer to third. Sturgeon would battle back to the outside of Coomer for the third spot, as Barrow would sneak up on Blackwell for the lead. Barrow would snag the lead on lap number 13, but just for a second as Blackwell would battle back to the inside of Barrow. Blackwell would snag the lead back from Barrow, as Barrow would have to contend with Coomer for the second spot. Barrow would hold the spot, keeping Coomer back in third. As the laps wound down, the battle behind Blackwell would get interesting. Sturgeon would battle with Coomer for the third spot and would get by him on lap 21. Sturgeonís quest to the front would take him past Barrow for the second position on lap 23. Sturgeon would run out of time though, as Blackwell would take his first career victory in Late Model racing. Following Blackwell to the line were Sturgeon, Barrow, Coomer, and Rayburn would complete the top five. Blackwell is sponsored by: Blackwell Limestone, Justin Blackwell Trucking and Conveying, and Lana Blackwell Trucking.

In the Modified division, Earl Plessinger took home his second win of the season at the Brownstown Speedway. Plessinger would take the lead on the third lap from Dennis Boknecht, and would have to endure four caution periods throughout the 20 lap feature. Shelby Miles would take home a seasonís best third place finish at Brownstown, as he would get around Steve Trabue for that spot, Trabue would come home in the fourth position. The official top ten were: Plessinger, Matt Boknecht, Miles, Trabue, Dennis Boknecht, Matt Bex, Ryan Thomas, JD Roberts, Clint Demoss, and Nelson Gingery

The Super Stock division saw the return of two time track champion, Mike Fields to victory lane. Fields debuted a brand new race car and ran off from the Feature field in the 20 lapper. With the one night only format of all the heat transfers re-drawing for their feature starting spot, it made for some interesting racing. One driver in particular that made some moves to the front was Gary Green. Green won his heat race and drew the 13th starting position. At the end of the race, Green had finished in the fourth position. Fields was followed to the checkers by Rick Hines, Jay Deckard, Green, and Kevin Jones would round out the top five.

In the Bomber division, Steve Godsey continued his domination, as he took his sixth victory of the season. Godsey would start fifth in the 15 lapper and found himself in the lead with a pass on Mike Burch. Burch would then have to contend with Matt Cummings and Jason Combs for second. Combs would take second and Cummings third. Robert Walters would come into the picture and take the second spot away from Combs. Godsey, however, was too strong on the highside, and would cruise on to the victory followed by Walters, Combs, Cummings, and Bubba Woods would round out the top five

Late Models
Justin Blackwell,Dan Sturgeon,Gary Barrow,Frankie Coomer,CJ Rayburn, Brad Barrow,Steven Godsey,Jason Setser,Brad Cummings,Dick Phillips,Tim Prince, Greg Ault,Brad Sturgeon,Mark Barber,Scott Graham,Brett Davis,AJ Bingham, Reece Riggle,Derek Ramp,Adam Sasser

Steve Godsey,Robert Walters,Jason Combs,Matt Cummings,Bubba Wood, Mike Burch,Jim Ruddick,Clifton Barron,Rob Manley,Roger Reichenbacker, Jared Bailey,Josh Bailey,Kent Wagner,Darrell Burton,Willie Sallee,Glen Woods, Jim Pfeiffer,Greg Sutton,Josh Phelps,Brett Hunnicutt,Bill Wilson

UMP Modifieds
Earl Plessinger,Matt Boknecht,Shelby Miles,Steve Trabue,Dennis Boknecht, Matt Bex,Ryan Thomas,J.D. Roberts,Clint Demoss,Nelson Gingery,Jay Miller, Tim Eddelman,Al Flick,Kenny Carlson,Tom Burdette,Bill Wagner,Broc Burton, Brent Londeree,Alan Magner,Brad Erwin,J.P. Hume

Super Stocks
Mike Fields,Rick Hines,Jay Deckard,Gary Green,Kevin Jones,Jerry Adams, Jeremy Hines,Ben Dubois,Tom Ault,Tim Clark,David Brewer,Rusty Smiley,Mike Vest, Randy Howe,Chris DeWeese,Kevin Applegate,Troy Clark,Mike Cawood,John Phelps, Kevin Arthur,Randy Moore