Jewell, Godsey, Clark Fair Race Winners

The 30 Lap main event started out with Mike Jewell at the point with Justin Blackwell and Steve Casebolt in tow. Casebolt would then make a move for the runner up spot, as he got around Blackwell. Casebolt would find himself about 7 car lengths behind Jewell as the caution would fly for Tom Allman. This would bunch things up for the restart, as Jewell would take off at the cone. Casebolt was right behind him as the field came down to complete lap number four. Jewell would lose his lead, as he would make an excursion off the backstretch allowing Casebolt to slip under him for the point. The top five were spread out as the car on the move was Dan Sturgeon. Sturgeon would get around Blackwell for the third position. As Casebolt would tick off the laps, Jewell was slowly reeling him back in. On lap 12, Jewell would make an attempt on the bottom to get around Casebolt, but to no avail. As Casebolt would catch up to lapped traffic, Jewell saw this as an opportunity to make a move. Jewell would slip under Casebolt, as Casebolt was trying to get around a lap car. Jewell would slowly move away from Casebolt, as he looked to be hooked up on the middle of the track. Jewell’s cruise to the finish would be halted however, as Rohn Moon would bring out the caution, and evaporate Jewell’s lead. Jewell would have a cushion though, as the lap car of Brad Cummings would be placed between him and Casebolt. Casebolt would play the role of bargainer, asking Cummings to move over to let him have a shot at Jewell. When the green flew for the restart, Cummings slid high allowing Casebolt under him. Jewell was inching away from Casebolt once again as yet another yellow would fly for Ernie Barrow, who spun in turn four. When racing resumed for the final time, no one would be able to catch Jewell, who would go on to take home his second consecutive Fair Race. Following Jewell to the line were Casebolt, Sturgeon, Steve Godsey, and Mark Barber would round out the top five. Mike Jewell is sponsored by: Southern Indiana Rock Drilling, MPC Motorsports, GKN Sinter Metals, and Morgan Foods.

In the Super Stock division, it’s pretty hard to beat Mike Fields when the track is black and slick. But one driver found out the solution, and his name is Troy Clark. Troy ran the bottom better than anyone and passed Fields late in the race, and ran away to the checkers. Jeremy Hines battled for the lead early in the race with Fields but would fade back to the fourth. Another driver who looked good in the early stages was Todd Gilpin, who battled with Fields for the lead before fading back to third. Clark however was hooked up on the bottom, as he would make his way to the front and pass Fields for the lead on lap 17. Clark would then stroll away from Fields for his first career victory in the Super Stock division. Following Clark to the line was Fields, Gilpin, Hines, and Jay Deckard.

Steve Godsey’s domination of the Bomber division continued Saturday night as he took home his seventh feature of the season. His points lead looks to be in good standing, as second place points man Matt Cummings ended up on his lid during the feature. The feature was a caution plagued event as five different yellow flags would fly. Godsey would take the lead on lap 3 from Bobby Johnson and would have to endure all of those yellows. At one point during the red flag for the flip, Godsey had to keep the car rolling or else it would have overheated. But things worked out for him, and he would cruise on to victory followed by Jim Ruddick, Bill Wilson, Roger Reichenbacker, Jared Bailey

Mike Jewell,Steve Casebolt Jr.,Dan Sturgeon,Steve Godsey,Mark Barber,Justin Blackwell,Kevin Claycomb,Jim Curry,Adam Sasser,Gary Barrow,Jeff Wilson,Rohn Moon,Ernie Barrow,Brad Cummings,Brad Erwin,Dick Phillips,Tom Allman,Jason Setser,Brett Davis,Cody Mahoney,Frankie Coomer