Kevin Claycomb Rim Rides To Brownstown Speedway Win

A fast and furious track at the Brownstown Speedway gave way to some great racing action as Kevin Claycomb, Matt Cummings, and Brent Londeree all took wins Saturday night.

The 25 lap Late Model feature started with Dick Phillips on the pole. Phillips would lead the field into turn number one, but Gary Barrow would shoot around him on the high side to take the lead out of two. Behind that battle, Kevin Claycomb would get around Jim Curry for the third position. Claycomb would now hit the cushion and glide around Phillips for second. The Claycomb Express would then make a bonzai move on the frontstretch on Barrow for the lead, running almost near the wall. When Claycomb cleared Barrow, it was like he got shot out of a cannon, as he immediately had a half a straightaway lead on Barrow. Barrow would then have to contend with a hard charging Curry. Curry would get around him for the second position, leaving Barrow to battle with Phillips. Phillips would get by Barrow for the third spot, putting Barrow back to fourth. At this point Claycomb had a substantial lead over Curry as they moved into lap traffic. As the laps wore on, Curry was slowly reeling in Claycomb. With five to go, Curry was about 4 car lengths behind Claycomb. As the field got the two to go signal, Curry would now have to start to think about when he would make a move on Claycomb. As Claycomb took the white flag, Curry tried to get a nose under him in turn one. Claycomb had none of it and sped on down the backstretch. Curry tried one more time coming out of four, but Claycomb held him off at the line for the victory. Following Claycomb to the line was Curry, Phillips, Greg Johnson, and Barrow. Claycomb is sponsored by: Tri State Racing, Brinn Transmissions, AFCO Racing Products, BG Fuel Systems, Hoosier Tire Midwest, and Dyers Rods.

The Bomber feature started with Larry Harris on the pole, leading the field to the first turn. The yellow would fly, however, as Bubba Woods would pull to the inside of turn three. The field would bunch back up for a complete restart with Harris taking them to the green again. Harris would lead lap number one with Matt Cummings taking second away from Bill Wilson. Wilson would then have to battle for third with Robert Walters. Harris would see his lead evaporate as he would go the long way off the backstretch. Harris would fall to fourth. He would get his lead back as the caution would fly and everyone would get their spots back. When racing resumed, Harris would take the field into turn one. Just a couple of laps later, Harris would see Cummings and Walters on both sides of him as they would go three wide for the lead coming into turn three. Cummings would take the lead with Walters second, and Harris third. Harris wouldn't stay in third though, as Steve Godsey would take that spot from him. No one had anything for Cummings as he would speed on to the victory, followed by Walters, Godsey, Jim Ruddick, and Harris would round out the top five. Cummings is sponsored by: Steak N Shake, Limestone Energy, Bedford Transport, Cummings Race Shop, Terry Cummings, Performer Chassis, and KH Graphics.

The UMP Modified division would see Matt Bex shoot to the early lead with Brent Londeree getting around Al Flick for the second spot. Londeree would then ride the cushion around Bex for the lead. Matt Boknecht would then attempt to get around Bex for the second spot, but would blow the motor in turn one. Third place running Earl Plessinger would also pull off the track with problems as well. Londeree and Bex would pull away from the field as the laps ticked down. With five to go, it looked as if Bex was catching Londeree for the lead. As the field took the white flag, Bex would make a move for the lead coming out of turn four, but Londeree held him off for the win. Following Londeree to the line was Bex, Rick Hines, Flick, and Alan Magner would round out the top five. Londeree is sponsored by Jones Core, and Performance Chassis.

Heat 1-Dick Phillips, Kevin Claycomb, Justin Blackwell, Greg Ault, Brian Wilhite, Joe Godsey, Rusty Smiley, Ricky Riggle

Heat 2-Gary Barrow, Greg Johnson, Mark Barber, Shannon Reed, Willie Sallee, AJ Bingham, Brad Sturgeon, Tom Allman

Heat 3-Jim Curry, Brad Barrow, Steve Godsey, Matt Boknecht, Adam Sasser, Brett Davis, Derek Ramp

Heat 4- Jeff Wilson, Frankie Coomer, Dan Sturgeon, Tim Prince, Brad Erwin, Mike Bright, Charles Ross

Consi 1- Brian Wilhite, Willie Sallee, Brad Sturgeon, Ricky Riggle, AJ Bingham, Joe Godsey, Rusty Smiley

Consi 2- Brad Erwin, Brett Davis, Adam Sasser, Mike Bright, Derek Ramp, Charles Ross

Feature- Kevin Claycomb, Jim Curry, Dick Phillips, Greg Johnson, Gary Barrow, Mark Barber, Brad Barrow, Frankie Coomer, Justin Blackwell, Jeff Wilson, Dan Sturgeon, Greg Ault, Steve Godsey, Shannon Reed, Brett Davis, Tim Prince, Matt Boknecht, Brian Wilhite, Willie Sallee, Brad Erwin

Heat 1-Larry Harris,Danny Bohall, Bubba Woods, Rick Gess, Rick Applegate, Jeff Renner, Duane Gross, Bobby Johnson, 1 Darren Crawhorn

Heat 2-Bill Wilson, Jim Pfeiffer, Keri Fleener, Chris Streeval, David Robinson, Jay Stalker, Jason Combs, Kevin Wilson

Heat 3-John Mayer, JJ Pfeiffer, Jared Bailey, Tony Edwards, Willie Sallee, Mike Malott, Larry Caldwell, Terry Turner, Eric Helton

Heat 4- 17c Cummings, 0 Ruddick, 10b Burton, 13 Neal, 59 Wagner, 5L Leahy, 17 Riley, 40H Hunnicutt

Heat 5- 71 Walter, G4 Godsey, M2 Burch, 4 Smiley, 66 Lemons, 21H Hayes, 44 Smiley

Consi 1-53 Reichenbacker, 22 Combs, 30 Streeval, 23 Johnson, 98 Applegate, 4 Smiley, 66 Lemons, 58C Caldwell, 01 Malott, 55 Staler, 5L Leahy, 59 Wagner, 1 Crawhorn

Consi 2- 7 Robinson, 33 Sallee, 13 Neal, Dr23 Robinson, 17 Riley, 7E Edwards, 12 Helton, 51 Wilson, 90 Renner, 77T Turner, 40H Hunnicutt

Feature- Matt Cummings, Robert Walters, Steve Godsey, Jim Ruddick, Larry Harris, Mike Burch, Jason Combs, John Mayer, Roger Reichenbacker, Darrell Burton, Kent Robinson, Chris Streeval, Danny Bohall, Jared Bailey, JJ Pfeiffer, Tim Neal, Jim Pfeiffer, Willie Sallee, Keri Fleenor, Bill Wilson, Bubba Woods

Heat 1- 31 Bex, 39 Plessinger, 17 Magner, B2 Burdette, 9 Thomas, 35W Wells, 92 Knight

Heat 2- 15 Hines, 22 Boknecht, 72 Trabue, 96 Fleetwood, 14E Edelman, 4S Sparks, 93 Gale, 100 Cash

Heat 3- 24F Flick, 22D Boknecht, 33 Miller, 23 Hobson, 18 Deppe, 31R Reed, 31 Burdette, 12R Smith

Heat 4- 99 Londeree, 90 Roberts, 15 Gingery, 38 Bland, 78C DeMoss, 18 Ortman, 66 Lee, 22 Davis, 55X Lee

Consi 1- 14E Edelman, 9 Thomas, 92 Knight, 4S Sparks, 35W Wells, 100 Cash

Consi 2-78C Demoss, 18 Ortman, 31R Reed, 66 Lee, 31 Burdette, 55X Lee, 12 Smith, 18 Deppe, 22 Davis

Feature- Brent Londeree, Matt Bex, Rick Hines, Al Flick, Alan Magner, Steve Trabue, Clint Demoss, Nelson Gingery, JD Roberts, Jeff Bland Jr, Jay Miller, Dennis Boknecht, Tom Burdette, Brad Fleetwood, Justin Hobson, Jason Thomas, Tim Eddelman, Paul Ortman, Earl Plessinger, Matt Boknecht