Blackwell, Fields, Godsey, Jr. Winners

On a long, wet, muggy evening at the Brownstown Speedway, Justin Blackwell, Mike Fields, and Ray Godsey Jr. all stood above the rest at the end. A lengthy rain delay before Late Model time trials caused track officials to work frantically to get the track back into racing shape. Three great features proved to be worth the wait, with the action as following.

The Late Model feature started with Doug Ault on the pole. Ault would lead the field into turn one with Gary Barrow and Brad Barrow splitting Ault coming down the backstretch. Everyone would go back to where they started, however, due to Blackwell stalling in turn two. The second restart would be nullified as well for a yellow involving Mike Ruble. Ault would lead the field down to the cone once again for the start, and would take the field down the backstretch. Ault would lead lap number one, but thats all that they would get under green as the yellow would fly for Greg Hicks in turn three. When the green flew again, Ault would shoot to the lead, with Barrow and Barrow going at it for second. Gary would keep second, with Brad third. Behind them a battle for the fifth position would take place between Blackwell and Greg Ault. Blackwell would take the spot, and get around Gary Hardin for the fourth spot. Blackwell had moved from 10th to fourth within 6 laps. Blackwell was not done yet as he would join the Barrow's and battle for the second spot. They would go three wide for the spot, with Blackwell going to second, Gary Barrow to third, and Brad Barrow to fourth. Brad would then get around Gary for the third spot just a lap later. Blackwell would then start to reel in Ault for the lead. Ault would hold on as Frankie Coomer would move into the top five with a pass on Hardin. With seven laps to go, Blackwell would take the point away from Ault. As Blackwell pulled away from Ault, Coomer made one more pass in the top five, as he moved to fourth with a pass on Gary Barrow. That would be all the passing however, as Blackwell would cruise onto victory followed by Ault, Brad Barrow, Coomer, and Gary Barrow. Blackwell is sponsored by: Blackwell Limestone, Justin Blackwell Trucking and Conveying, Lana Blackwell Trucking, and KH Graphics

The Super Stock feature started with Chris Deweese leading lap number one. A battle for third would take place behind him between Tom Plotz and Jason Hehman. Hehman would take the spot. The first yellow would fly on lap 2 for Gerald Todd and Barry Gerkin. When the green flew a battle for fourth would begin between Mike Fields and Plotz, with Fields taking the spot. Deckard would then get around Plotz for fifth. Fields would then move around Hehman for third. The battle for third would get better as Deckard would join in and make it a three way. Fields would go to third, with Deckard fourth, and Hehman fifth. Fields would then move around Gary Green for the runner up spot. Deckard would try to follow suit but would not make the pass on Green. Deweese would see his lead start to dwindle as the laps ticked away. Fields would catch Deweese and they would run side by side for numerous laps until Fields would take the lead coming to the white flag. Fields would hold off Deweese at the line for the victory followed by Deckard, Green, and Hehman would round out the top five.

The Bomber feature would see a new face grace victory lane in 2003 as Ray Godsey Jr. would take his first victory of the season. Ray would lead the first lap with Steve Godsey and Jason Combs battling for the third position. Godsey would take the spot and move up to battle Clifton Barron for second. Godsey would take the second spot away from Barron and would set his sights on brother Ray. The two cars on the move though were Mike Burch and Matt Bex who had came from the back to run sixth and seventh. Back up front, Steve Godsey had caught up to Ray. Steve would move to the lead, putting Ray back to second. Ray would pull back to the outside of Steve but would not be able to make the pass. A battle for the third spot would now take place between Barron and Robert Walters. Walters would take the spot, as Bex would then get around Barron for fourth. The battle back up front would intensify as Ray would take the lead coming to the white flag. Steve would make one last effort coming to the checkers, but was not able to do it. Following the Godsey's were Walters, Bex, and Barron would round out the top five


Heat 1 - Doug Ault, Greg Ault, Matt Boknecht, Shannon Reed, Adam Sasser, Leigh, Sowder, Ramp, Wilson

Heat 2- Gary Barrow, Wilhite, Blackwell, Hicks, Mahoney, Davis, Prince

Heat 3- Hardin, Bingham, Steven Godsey, Ruble, Sallee, Riggle

Heat 4- Barrow, Coomer, Dan Sturgeon, Smiley, Barber, Erwin, Vaughn

Consi 1- Sasser, Wilson, Ramp, Prince, Leigh, Sowders, Mahoney, Chapman

Consi 2- Barber, Sallee, Erwin, Vaughn , Riggle

Feature- Blackwell, D. Ault, B. Barrow, Coomer, G. Barrow, Steven Godsey, Barber, G. Ault, Hardin, Shannon Reed, Dan Sturgeon, Wilson, Matt Boknecht, Sasser, Wilhite, Sallee, Ruble, Bingham, Smiley, Hicks.

Super Stocks
Heat 1-65 G. Green, 37 J. Hehman, 74 K. Arthur, 51T Todd, 5H Hines, 55 Dubois, 31 Brewer, 9C Allen, 99 Applegate

Heat 2- 21 Deweese, 3J Walters, 75 Deckard, 1S Gerkin, 12 Cawood, 32 , 4X J. Bex, 69 Noble, 24E Ellison

Heat 3-16P Plotz , 33 Fields, 13C Clark, 96 Adams, 27 Gilpin, 70 Jones, 78 Wilson, 62 Bartlett

Heat 4-43 Howe, 00 Moore, 22K Vest, 17 Brown, 43 Hines, 128 Johnson, 8S

Consi 1- 12 Cawood, 5H Hines, 99 Applegate, 32 , 9C Allen, 69 Noble, 4X Bex, 55 Dubois, 31 Brewer, 24E Ellison

Consi 2-27 Gilpin, 43 Hines, 128 Johnson, 70 Jones, 85 Seymour, 78 Wilson

Feature-33 Fields, 21 Deweese, 75 Deckard, 65 Green, 37 Hehman, 16P Plotz, 3J Walters, 00 Moore, 13C Clark, 74 K. Arthur, 27 Gilpin, 17 Brown, 5H Hines, 12 Cawood, 43 Hines, 96 Adams, 22K Vest, 43 Howe, 51T Todd, 1S Gerkin

Heat 1- 14 Godsey Jr., 98 Applegate, 18 Mayer, 66 Lemons, 44 , 1W Wilson, 34DJ Hupp, 23,

Heat 2- DR23 Robinson, 25 Johnson, 00X Moore, 12, 02 Bohall, 00 Woods, 53 Reichenbacker, 68 Lemons

Heat 3- 22 Combs, 5 Pfeiffer, 17 Cummings, 01 Woods, 7E Edwards, 4, 6, 17 Routier

Heat 4-00 Barron, 71 Walters, 21H Hayes, 16 Bailey, M2 Burch, 33 Sallee, 56 Turpin, 49 Palmer

Heat 5- G4 Godsey, 10B Burton, 0 Ruddick, 4F Fleener, 7 Robinson, 13 Neal, 49 , 40

Consi 1-30 Streval, M2 Burch, 7 Robinson, 33 Sallee,

Consi 2- 01 Woods, 16 Bailey, 1W Wilson, 7E Edwards, 13,56,49 Palmer, 34DJ

Feature-14 Godsey Jr., G4 Godsey, 71 Walters, 01 Matt Bex, 00 Barron, 17 Cummings, M2 Burch, 7 Robinson, 5-Pfeiffer, 0 Ruddick, 18 Magner, DR23 Robinson, 21H Hayes, 10B Burton, 30 Streval , 25 Pfeiffer, 16 Bailey, 22 Combs, 98 Applegate