The 30 lap Night Before the Jackson 100 feature started with Steve Barnett leading the first circuit. Don O'Neal would then move in to challenge Barnett for the lead but to no avail. O'Neal would then pull a slider on Barnett for the lead, only to see Barnett swing back by O'Neal for the point. Behind this battle, Dennis Erb and Billy Drake would get around John Gill. Erb would go to third, with Drake fourth. Erb would then move into a battle with O'Neal for the second position. They would battle until the yellow would fly for the spun car of Jesse James Lay in turn four. On the restart, O'Neal and Barnett would battle once again for the lead with O'Neal taking the point. At the same time, Gill would get around Drake for fourth. Back up front, a battle for second would take place between Erb and Barnett, with Erb talking the spot. Dan Sturgeon would put himself in the top five with a pass on Drake. Sturgeon would then go on the warpath and get around Gill for fourth, and then Barnett for third. Back up front, O'Neal would now have to contend with Erb, who had pulled to within a car length. O'Neal would fend off Erb and pull off to a six car length advantage down the backstretch. A few spots back, a battle for the fourth spot would take place between Barnett and Gill, with Gill moving to fourth. Barnett would then have to fend off Drake. Drake would get around Barnett for the spot. O'Neal would have one last scare, as in lap traffic, he would slip up a little bit almost allowing Erb to slip by. O'Neal would correct himself and take the opening night victory over Erb, Sturgeon, Gill, and Drake would round out the top five. O'Neal is sponsored by Petroff Towing, O'Neal Wood Products, B Auto Parts, and Afco Racing Products.

The special "Non Winners Race" for drivers that have never won a feature at Brownstown started out with Dennis Erb flying by Frankie Coomer and Brad Barrow for the lead at the start. Steve Hillard would then get around Barrow for the second spot as Barrow and Coomer would battle for third. Barrow would take the spot. Coomer would then come back to battle with Barrow once again. Coomer would take third, as Steve Casebolt moved into the top five. Casebolt would then battle with Barrow for the fourth spot, as at the same time Hillard would try to take the lead from Erb. Casebolt would go to fourth, as Erb maintained the point. It looked evident that Hillard had the car to beat on the top side, as he rode around Erb to the lead. The only yellow of the race would fly on lap 17 for the car of Bryan Barber. On the restart, Hillard would cruise on to the victory, and to claim his first victory at the Brownstown Speedway. Hillard finished ahead of Erb, Casebolt, Coomer, and Barrow would round out the top five. Pettits BP Fuels, and Tatmans Towing are the main sponsors on the Hillard machine.

The Super Stock division saw Mike Fields lead from start to finish to take home his third feature win of the season. Rounding out the top ten in the feature was points champion Jay Deckard, Former track champion Tim Clark, Jeremy Hines, Gary Green, Lee Hobbs, Randy Moore, Chris Deweese, Jason Johnson, and Troy Clark.


TOP QUALIFIER: Justin Blackwell

HEAT ONE: Don O'Neal, Dick Phillips, Justin Blackwell, Mike Marlar, Doug Ault, Brad Sturgeon, Brad Erwin, Mike Jewell, Mike Ruble, Gary Trammell, Ray Weston

HEAT TWO: Steve Barnett, Steve Hillard, Frankie Coomer, Kevin Claycomb, Matt Bex, Charles Ross, Derek Ramp, Colin Vaughan, Duane Brown, Spenser Watson, Rickey Riggle

HEAT THREE: John Gill, Dan Sturgeon, Steve Casebolt Jr, C.J. Rayburn, Brad Cummings, Shawn Negangard, Tim Tungate, Greg Hicks, AJ Bingham, Steve Godsey

HEAT FOUR: Dennis Erb Jr, Jason Setser, Jim Curry, Jesse James Lay, Rick Aukland, Brett Davis, Gary Keeling, Greg Ault, Clint Bex, Matt Boknecht

HEAT FIVE: Scott James, Mark Barber, Bryan Barber, Shannon Reed, Jackie Taylor, Barry Doss, Tracy Ellison, Rick Burton, Gary Hardin, Christian Rayburn

HEAT SIX: Billy Drake, Brad Barrow, Gary Barrow, Adam Sasser, Michael Chilton, Jeff Wilson, Brian Wilhite, Cody Mahoney, Willie Sallee, Paul Crockett

CONSI ONE: Mike Marlar, Doug Ault, Brad Sturgeon, Matt Bex, Brad Erwin, Kevin Claycomb, Colin Vaughan, Charles Ross, Duane Brown, Mike Ruble, Ray Weston, Derek Ramp, Rickey Riggle

CONSI TWO: Jesse James Lay, CJ Rayburn, Steve Godsey, Rick Aukland, Gary Keeling, Brad Cummings, Matt Boknecht, Brett Davis, Shawn Negangard, Tim Tungate, Greg Ault, AJ Bingham, Greg Hicks, Clint Bex

CONSI THREE: Michael Chilton, Adam Sasser, Shannon Reed, Jeff Wilson, Christian Rayburn, Jackie Taylor, Barry Doss, Gary Hardin, Willie Sallee, Tracy Ellison, Brian Wilhite, Rick Burton, Paul Crockett, Cody Mahoney

NIGHT BEFORE THE JACKSON 100 FEATURE: DON O'NEAL, Dennis Erb Jr, Dan Sturgeon, John Gill, Billy Drake, Steve Hillard, Steve Barnett, Jason Setser, Scott James, Mark Barber, Brad Barrow, Frankie Coomer, Jim Curry, CJ Rayburn, Michael Chilton, Bryan Barber, Justin Blackwell, Mike Marlar, Gary Barrow, Adam Sasser, Doug Ault, Steve Casebolt Jr, Dick Phillips, Jesse James Lay

NON WINNERS FEATURE: STEVE HILLARD, Dennis Erb Jr, Steve Casebolt, Frankie Coomer, Brad Barrow, Mike Marlar, Michael Chilton, Brad Sturgeon, Brad Cummings, Jesse James Lay, Shannon Reed, Matt Bex, Greg Ault, Barry Doss, Cody Mahoney, Bryan Barber, Derek Ramp, Christian Rayburn

HEAT ONE: Jay Deckard, Tim Clark, Jeff Walters, Stan Brown, Kevin Applegate, Cale Kern, Barry Gerkin, John Phelps

HEAT TWO: Mike Fields, Paul Seymour, Jeremy Hines, Mike Vest, Justin Porter, Bobby Davis, Terry Romans, Clay Ellison, Mike Stigdon

HEAT THREE: Randy Moore, Jason Johnson, Todd Gilpin, Tom Plotz, Troy Clark, Justin Bex, Tommy King, John Bartlett, Terry Ross

HEAT FOUR: Lee Hobbs, Chris Deweese, Mickey Hines, Gary Green, Jason Hehman, David Brewer, Keith Deppe, Matt Ross, Mark Bruce

CONSI ONE: Kevin Applegate, Barry Gerkin, Cale Kern, Justin Porter, Clay Ellison, Bobby Davis

CONSI TWO: Troy Clark, Jason Hehman, Keith Deppe, Justin Bex, Terry Ross

FEATURE: MIKE FIELDS, Jay Deckard, Tim Clark, Jeremy Hines, Gary Green, Lee Hobbs, Randy Moore, Chris Deweese, Jason Johnson, Troy Clark, Mickey Hines, Jeff Walters, Stan Brown, Mike Vest, Tom Plotz, Kevin Applegate, Barry Gerkin, Jason Hehman, Todd Gilpin, Paul Seymour