Jim Curry of Norman, Indiana hung strong and found himself in the right place at the right time en route to his third Jackson 100 victory. Curry, who won twice before in 1988 and 1998, was all smiles as he accepted the $10,000 check courtesy of Cockerhams Signs & Graphics. Here is how his victory unfolded...

The 100 lap affair started with current track points leader, Dan Sturgeon on the pole. Sturgeon would lead the first lap with Dennis Erb and Don O'Neal in tow. Erb would pull up to challenge Sturgeon, as John Gill would try for the third position on O'Neal. Erb would take the lead from Sturgeon on lap three, as O'Neal would ease away from Gill. Steve Barnett would now challenge Gill for the fourth spot from his ninth starting position. While that battle ensued, O'Neal would slide underneath Sturgeon for the runner up spot, as Erb strolled to about a half straightaway lead on the field. Back to Gill and Barnett now, as Gill would hold off Barnett for fourth. Barnett was not done, as he would try once more on the low side to get around Gill. Barnett was once again denied the spot as Gill rolled on in fourth. Behind that battle, Curry was closing in and would ride around Barnett for fifth. As Gill, Curry, and Barnett closed in on Sturgeon for third, Erb would enter lap traffic on lap 16. This would allow O'Neal to close in a little bit on Erb. Erb would slip just slightly, and almost lose the lead. Erb would gather himself and creep away again from O'Neal. At this time, Curry would battle with Gill for the fourth spot, as O'Neal would try to get just a bit closer to Erb. A scary moment in lap traffic would take place for Erb, as he and Bryan Barber would make contact, and Barber would go around coming out of turn two on lap 37. On the restart, Erb would fight off a bit of pressure from O'Neal and would stretch out a half straight on O'Neal. Behind them, Curry would get around Gill for the fourth position. The yellow would fly again on lap 40, as Jesse James Lay would find himself in the wrong direction in turn one. On the ensuing restart, Curry would slip by Sturgeon for the third position. As Erb and O'Neal would pick their way through lap traffic, the yellow would fly again on lap 49 for a pile up involving Steve Godsey, Steve Hillard, and Brad Barrow in turn two. The current top five at this point were Erb, O'Neal, Curry, Gill, and Billy Drake. On the restart, Drake would lose his fifth position to Barnett, as Erb and O'Neal would stroll on away from Curry. Curry had two lap cars in Mike Marlar and Rick Aukland between he and the leaders. The only way that O'Neal seemed to catch Erb was in lapped traffic. Erb would meet lap traffic again in the form of Mark Barber. Erb would move to the inside of him, and ride safely into turn one. O'Neal would do the same and would go back on the hunt for the lead. As the lead duo approached the lap car of Kevin Weaver, O'Neal would try the outside once on Erb, but to no avail. At the same time, Curry had gotten around both the lapped cars of Marlar and Aukland and had cut his deficit down to about 3/4 of a straightaway. As the field completed lap 77, the craziness ensued. O'Neal would suddenly pull to a stop on the backstretch bringing out the caution. This would move Curry up to second. Things got even crazier as track officials notified race leader Erb that he had a flat tire. The crowd went nuts as Curry would inherit the lead on lap 77. A botched restart would cause major problems as the field fired faster than the leader. This resulted in a bunching up of the cars, and Gill would be the victim of circumstance with a flat and a broken brake bracket. Curry would have to deal with another yellow on lap 89 as Mark Barber would stall coming out of turn four. Nothing would stop the "Gentleman" as he would cruise on to his third victory in the Jackson 100 and his 105th at the Brownstown Speedway. The championship sponsors on the Curry ride are Justin Blackwell Trucking, Blackwell Trucking and Conveying, Outlaw Motors, and KH Graphics. The prestigious Lou Ahlbrand Memorial Award for passing the most cars went to Rick Aukland. Aukland started 25th and finished 10th.

The UMP Modified feature would see Earl Plessinger come from out of nowhere to claim his third victory of the season. The 25 lapper started with Matt Bex leading lap number one with Brandon Reed in tow. The first yellow would fly on lap two for the spun car of Jason Thomas in turn two. When the field crossed the line under green on lap 8, Plessinger had already moved up to sixth from 16th. Plessinger would fly around Clint Demoss and JD Roberts to move to third. As Plessinger moved around the Reed machine, the yellow would fly for Rodney Harris Jr and Jay Miller who had spun in turn two. When racing resumed, Plessinger would go back on the prowl and get around Bex for the point. Behind them, Demoss would slip back into the top five with a pass on Matt Boknecht. With Plessinger creeping away, Bex and Reed would battle it out for the second spot. Bex would keep the spot, with Reed third, and Demoss and Roberts battling for fourth. The final yellow would fly on lap 23 as Brad Fleetwood and JP Hume would spin in turn four. When the field took the green on the restart, Plessinger would speed off to collect the big check and the clock trophy ahead of Bex, Reed, Demoss, and Boknecht would round out the top five.


HEAT ONE: Dan Sturgeon, Darrell Lanigan, Darren Miller, Steve Hillard, Tony Izzo Jr, Frankie Coomer, Mark Barber, Kevin Claycomb, Tim Hitt, Gary Keeling, Colin Vaughan

HEAT TWO: Dennis Erb Jr, Bob Pierce, Jesse James Lay, Jason Setser, Justin Blackwell, Steve Casebolt Jr, Brad Erwin, Brett Davis, Christian Rayburn, Tracy Ellison, Scott Graham

HEAT THREE: Don O'Neal, Steve Barnett, Bryan Barber, Greg Johnson, Mike Marlar, Michael Chilton, Ernie Barrow, Terry Eaglin, Matt Boknecht, Willie Sallee, Brian Wilhite

HEAT FOUR: Jim Curry, Brad Barrow, Kevin Weaver, Rick Aukland, Gary Barrow, Matt Bex, Adam Sasser, Tim Tungate, Brad Cummings, Tim Prince, Reece O'Connor

HEAT FIVE: Billy Drake, Mike Jewell, CJ Rayburn, Cody Mahoney, Charles Ross, Mike Bechelli, Jackie Taylor, Ricky Riggle, Greg Hicks, Shannon Reed, Dusty Chapman

HEAT SIX: John Gill, Steve Godsey, Doug Ault, Scott James, Dick Phillips, Brad Sturgeon, Greg Ault, Gary Hardin, Derek Ramp, Jeff Wilson, Rick Burton

CONSI ONE: Steve Hillard, Mark Barber, Justin Blackwell, Tony Izzo Jr, Frankie Coomer, Tim Hitt, Steve Casebolt Jr, Brad Erwin, Christian Rayburn, Gary Keeling, Tracy Ellison, Colin Vaughan, Jason Setser, Kevin Claycomb, Brett Davis, Scott Graham

CONSI TWO: Mike Marlar, Rick Aukland, Greg Johnson, Matt Bex, Gary Barrow, Michael Chilton, Adam Sasser, Brad Cummings, Tim Tungate, Tim Prince, Willie Sallee, Terry Eaglin, Reece O'Connor, Brian Wilhite, Ernie Barrow, Matt Boknecht

CONSI THREE: Scott James, Dick Phillips, Brad Sturgeon, Shannon Reed, Gary Hardin, Mike Bechelli, Cody Mahoney, Charles Ross, Greg Ault, Jackie Taylor, Dusty Chapman, Rick Burton, Greg Hicks, Ricky Riggle, Derek Ramp

24TH ANNUAL JACKSON 100: JIM CURRY, Steve Barnett, Darren Miller, Billy Drake, Bob Pierce, Dennis Erb Jr, Kevin Weaver, Steve Godsey, CJ Rayburn, Rick Aukland, Mark Barber, Don O'Neal, John Gill, Mike Marlar, Jesse James Lay, Dan Sturgeon, Brad Barrow, Steve Hillard, Bryan Barber, Dick Phillips, Doug Ault, *Frankie Coomer, *Jason Setser, Mike Jewell, Darrell Lanigan, Scott James
*Provisional Starters


HEAT ONE: Brandon Reed, Daryl Herbert, Tom Burdette, Rob Burdette, Tim Eddelman, Paul Ortman, Robbie Lee, Jeff Bland Jr

HEAT TWO: Matt Bex, Keith Allen, Travis Fleetwood, Nelson Gingery, JP Hume, Robert Smith, Chuck Griffis, Broc Burton, Steve Trabue

HEAT THREE: Rodney Harris Jr, Greg Deckard, Clint Demoss, Earl Plessinger, Joey Jones, Brent Londeree, Jason Thomas, Rick Gale, Josh Wells

HEAT FOUR: Matt Boknecht, JD Roberts, Tony McVey, Webb Lee, Jason Knight, Buzz Alma, Robert Deppe, Mark Bunch

HEAT FIVE: Alan Magner, Jay Miller, Al Flick, Dennis Boknecht, Justin Hobson, Greg Lee

CONSI ONE: Earl Plessinger, Dennis Boknecht, JP Hume, Brent Londeree, Chuck Griffis, Steve Trabue, Jeff Bland Jr, Paul Ortman, Greg Lee, Robert Deppe, Rob Burdette, Rick Gale, Jason Knight

CONSI TWO: Nelson Gingery, Webb Lee, Jason Thomas, Josh Wells, Tim Eddelman, Joey Jones, Justin Hobson, Broc Burton, Robert Smith, Robbie Lee

FEATURE: EARL PLESSINGER, Matt Bex, Brandon Reed, Clint Demoss, Matt Boknecht, JD Roberts, Keith Allen, Al Flick, Alan Magner, Greg Deckard, Dennis Boknecht, Rodney Harris Jr, Webb Lee, Tom Burdette, Tony McVey, JP Hume, Travis Fleetwood, Jay Miller, Nelson Gingery, Daryl Herbert, Jason Thomas