Oneal, Walters, Hamstra, Fields Take Season Opener

Don O'Neal of Martinsville, IN put in a full nights work last Saturday night at the famed 1/4 mile oval at the Jackson County Fairgrounds. After a hard fought battle in his heat race where he finished in the runner up spot, O'Neal started sixth in the main event and was quickly up to third spot right at the green flag, but that was negated by a huge pileup in turn one. Involved in the melee were Mark Barber, Ryan Dauber, Richie Hedrick, Jeff Wilson, Mike Jewell, and Wes Steidinger. When the race resumed, Brad Erwin would lead the field to the completion of the first lap with O'Neal slipping up to third, and Jesse James Lay battling with Duane Chamberlain for fourth. Lay would get the spot away from Chamberlain, who would then have to contend with Rohn Moon. Back towards the front, O'Neal would get around Dan Sturgeon for the second spot on lap number four. The next lap would see the second caution fly for debris on the frontstretch. When racing resumed, O'Neal would try the low side on Erwin for the point, but to no avail. Behind that battle, Lay would get around Sturgeon for the third position. Back to the lead battle now, as Erwin would lead O'Neal by just a couple of car lengths. It seemed as if O'Neal would have the advantage coming into the corners, but when they came out of the turns Erwin would pull away down the straights. Erwins lead would then diminish on lap 13 as he and O'Neal would make slight contact coming out of turn four. The end result of that would put O'Neal to the lead, and Erwin to the runner up spot. The top five at that point was O'Neal, Erwin, Lay, Sturgeon, and Steve Barnett. With just five laps to go, Sturgeon would get around Lay for the third position, with Barnett right behind him to fourth. Barnett was not done as he would get around Sturgeon for the third spot with just one to go. Nothing was going to stop O'Neal as he would take the first victory at Brownstown for the 2004 season ahead of Erwin, Barnett, Sturgeon and Lay would round out the top five. O'Neals winning sponsors are: A-1 Auto Salvage, Justin Blackwell Trucking and Conveying, Living Room Center, O'Neal Wood Products, and All Star Performance

Dan Hamstra rolled into Brownstown Speedway with one thing on his mind...victory. That feat was accomplished as Hamstra started seventh and took the victory. Heres how it all unfolded. Polesitter Adam Sasser would lead the field to the green flag, but would not hold the lead as JD Roberts would overtake him down the backstretch. The caution flag would wave one lap later as Tim Eddelman and Nelson Gingery would spin in turn two. On the restart, a battle for third place would ensue as Brent Londeree and Matt Boknecht would fight it out. Boknecht would win the battle, putting Londeree to fourth. On lap four, the yellow would fly again for Eddelman and Gingery in turn two. When racing resumed, Boknecht would challenge Sasser for the second position. Behind them, Hamstra would start his progress towards the front as he would get around Londeree for the fourth position. As this was going on, Boknecht would finally get around Sasser for the second spot. Sasser would then have to fend off Hamstra for the third position. Hamstra would take the spot away and set his sights on Boknecht. On lap 10, Hamstra would catch up to and pass Boknecht for the second position. All the madness would be put to a halt, as the yellow would fly for John Demoss who had stalled outside of turn one. The attempted restart would be called back due to the stalled car of Rob Fuqua on the backstretch. On the restart, a three way dance for the fourth position would take place between Daryl Herbert, Shelby Miles, and Sasser. Herbert would grab fourth, with Miles fifth, and Sasser sixth. What those three werent expecting was to see a white streak fly by, as Ray Humphrey would pass them all and take fourth. Up front, another three way battle would take place between Roberts, Hamstra, and Boknecht. While this was going on, disaster would strike Sasser, as he would bring out the yellow flag. During the caution, Roberts would have to give up his lead, as he would go pitside with a flat tire. Hamstra would now have the lead all to his own as racing resumed. Boknecht would try everything he could to get around Hamstra in the closing stages, but would not be able to overtake him at the checkers. Following Hamstra to the line was Boknecht, Humphrey, and Miles would round out the top five.

Mike Fields of Seymour, IN took home the Super Stock feature after grabbing the lead away from Tim Clark on lap number four. As Fields would start to pull away, Gerald Todd and Randy Moore would wage a battle for the third position. Todd would come out on top of that battle, putting Moore to fourth. The caution would fly on lap number eight for the spun car of Randy Howe in turn four. Fields would lead the field down to the restart, with Clark right on his back bumper. Clark would occasionally poke his nose under Fields in the turns, but Fields was too strong down the straights. The caution flag would wave once again on lap 12 for an incident involving Kevin Arthur and Troy Clark. When racing resumed, a battle for third would take place betwee Kris Starks and Todd. Todd would pull away from Starks, as Starks would now have to contend with Mike Cawood. Cawood would get the position away from Starks, who fell back to fifth. Up front, however, Fields would stroll onto the checkered flag followed by Clark, Todd, Cawood. and Jeff Walters

From the looks of things in the Bomber feature, Roger Reichenbacker would pick up his first career victory at Brownstown. Fate would say otherwise, as you will see in a bit. Robert Walters would lead the field to the green flag, with Reichenbacker taking the lead down the backstretch. He would lead lap number one with Walters in tow. A fourth place battle would take place behind them, as Mike Seal and Jim Pfeiffer would duke it out. Seal would take fourth, with Pfeiffer fifth. In front of them, Steve Godsey and Walters would battle for the runner up spot. Walters would hold his position, keeping Godsey in third. On lap seven, Walters would move up to challenge Reichenbacker for the lead. A problem would mount on Reichenbackers car, as a small fire would spark underneath the car. Two laps later, on lap nine, the caution would fly as track officials deemed Reichenbacker unsafe to continue. Walters would inherit the lead because of the mishap. When racing resumed, Walters would have to deal with Godsey who was trying to find a way around on the high side. Walters would have to stick to his bottom groove that had been working all race, and could not afford to slip up. Godsey would run out of time though, as Walters would hold him off for the win. Behind Walters and Godsey at the finish were Matt Cummings, Pfieffer, and Jason Combs would round out the top five.

Late Models (40 entries)

Qualifying- 49-Frankie Coomer-14.419

Heat 1 - Dan Strugeon, Frankie Coomer, Wes Stiedienger, Ryan Dauber, Jerry Bowersock, Spencer Watson, Rusty Schlenk, Mike Mataragas, David Smith, Rick Sowders

Heat 2 - Brad Erwin, Don O'Neal, Steve Barnett, Brad Neat, Richie Hedrick, Mark Barber, Justin Blackwell, Matt Bex, Mark Schaefer, Gary Barrow

Heat 3 - Duane Chamberlain, Rohn Moon, Mike Jewell, Jeff Wilson, Shawn Negangard, Rickey Riggle, Willie Sallee, Bradley Sturgeon, Corey Southern, Brian Wilhite

Heat 4 - Jim Curry, Jesse James Lay, Scott Graham, Steven Godsey, John Gill, Brad Barrow, Shannon Reed, Tim Prince, Rick Combs

Consy 1 - Richie Hedrick, Mark Barber, Rusty Smiley, Mike Mataragas, Jerry Bowersock, Matt Bex, Spencer Watson, David Smith, Justin Blackwell, Rick Sowders

Consy 2 - Shawn Negangard, Brad Barrow, John Gill, Bradley Sturgeon, Tim Prince, Willie Sallee, Shannon Reed, Corey Southern, Rickey Riggle

Feature - Don O'Neal, Brad Erwin, Steve Barnett, Dan Sturgeon, Jesse James Lay, Frankie Coomer, Duane Chamberlain, Jim Curry, Wes Stiedienger, Shawn Negengard, Brad Barrow, Steven Godsey, Ryan Dauber, Rohn Moon, Scott Graham, Brad Neat, Mike Jewell, Jeff Wilson, Richie Hedrick, Mark Barber

Bombers (45 entries)

Heat 1 -Robert Walters, Rusty Smiley, Mike Moody, John Phelps, James Burkhart, Toby Combest, Troy Sprague, Seth Voocheis, Josh Hayes

Heat 2 - Roger Reichenbacker, Jim Pfeifer, Jason Combs, Willie Sallee, Dave Lemons, Randy Foster, Kent Wagner, Bobby Johnson, Franklin Slater

Heat 3 - Mike Seal, Bill Wilson, Lindsay Wade, Rick Gess, David Robinson, Mike Tuell, Tim Meade, Jim Isley, Derrick Levesque

Heat 4 - Steven Godsey, Darrell Burton, Clint DeMoss, James Pfeiffer Jr., Josh Turner, Dave Bevis, Scott Ross, Ronald Pardue, Larry Neal

Heat 5 - Bobby Gardner, Matt Cummings, Ray Godsey Jr., Tony Edwards, Eric Helton, Chad Plance, Ray Weston, William McRoberts, Floyd Chambers, Danny Hupp

Consy 1 - Willie Sallee, Josh Turner, James Burkhart, John Phelps, Tony Edwards, Mike Tuell, William McRoberts, Dave Bevis, Bobby Johnson, Eric Helton, Tim Meade, Larry Neal, Josh Hayes

Consy 2 - James Pfeiffer Jr., Rick Gess, Dave Lemons, Derrick Levesque, Troy Sprague, Scott Ross, Toby Combest, Ray Weston, Chad Plance

Feature - Robert Walters, Steven Godsey, Matt Cummings, Jim Pfeiffer, Jason Combs, Rusty Smiley, Ray Godsey Jr., Bill Wilson, Josh Turner, Mike Moody, Lindsay Wade, Darrell Burton, Jim Pfeiffer Jr., James Burkhart, Rick Gess, Willie Sallee, Mike Seal, Roger Reichenbacker, Clint DeMoss, Bobby Gardner-DNS, Dave Lemons-DNS

Modifieds (58 entries)

Heat 1 - Adam Sasser, Dan Hamstra, Matt Bex, Dennis Boknecht, Travis Shoulders, Daniel Bohall, Travis Fleetwood, Darrell Herbert, David Daugherty, Brian Lake

Heat 2 - JD Roberts, Paul Bumgardner, Tim Eddelman, Jerry Rutherford, Rick Hines, Justin Hobson, Bubba Woods, Brad Heady, Jeff Bland Jr., Donald Scott

Heat 3 - Brent Londeree, Shelby Miles, Ray Humphrey, Carlos Bumgardner, Broc Burton, Tom Keily, Josh Boller, Rob Manley, Tom Weddle, Tim Johnson

Heat 4 - Brad Cummings, Nelson Gingery, Ryan Lawrence, Ed Gardner, Nick Allen, Brent Payne, Jamey Henson, Bill Wagner, Perry Burk

Heat 5 - Matt Boknecht, John DeMoss, Ryan Thomas, Rob Fuqua, Nathan Voorhies, Joey Jones, Eddie Kindred, Joe Godsey, John Martin

Heat 6 - Billy Despain, Chris Hillman, Chris Riehle, Scott Nelson, Chris Brewer, Paul Ortman, Walt Case, Josh Lucas, Gary Barrow

Consy 1 - Darrell Herbert, Rick Hines, Dennis Boknecht, Jerry Rutherford, Jeff Bland Jr., Bubba Woods, Justin Hobson, Brad Heady, Donald Scott, Travis Shoulders, Travis Fleetwood, Daniel Bohall

Consy 2 - Jamey Henson, Nick Allen, Tom Keily, Broc Burton, Carlos Bumgardner, Bill Wagner, Rob Manley

Consy 3 - Rob Fuqua, Nathan Woochies, Scott Nelson, Chris Brewer, Walt Case, Eddie Kindred

Feature - Dan Hamstra, Matt Boknecht, Ray Humphrey, Darrell Herbert, Shelby Miles, Ryan Thomas, Matt Bex, Jamey Henson, Brad Cummings, Chris Riehle, Chris Hillman, Billy Despain, Ryan Lawrence, JD Roberts, Adam Sasser, Brent Londeree, John DeMoss, Rob Fuqua, Paul Bumgardner, Nelson Gingery, Tim Eddleman

Super Stocks (27 entries)

Heat 1 - Randy Moore, Gerald Todd, Rob Wilson, Jeff Walters, Kent Robinson, Tom Tankersley, Jay Deckard, Mickey Hines, Jeremy Hines, Troy Clark

Heat 2 - Tim Clark, Kris Starks, Chris Deweese, Tom Ault, Paul Seymour, Mike Jones, Tony Arthur, Clay Ellison, Kevin Arthur

Heat 3 - Mike Fields, Mike Cawood, David Brewer, Josh Phelps, Randy Howe, Ray Weston, Tim Neal, Jamie Pardue, Gary Green

Consy - Jay Deckard, Tom Tankersley, Mike Jones, Troy Clark, Kevin Arthur, Tony Arthur, Ray Weston, Tim Neal, Clay Ellison

Feature - Mike Fields, Tim Clark, Gerald Todd, Mike Cawood, Jeff Walters, Kris Starks, Jay Deckard, Tom Ault, Randy Moore, Josh Phelps, Rob Wilson, Randy Howe, Mike Jones, Tom Tankersley, Troy Clark, Kevin Arthur, Kent Robinson, Chris Deweese, Paul Seymour, David Brewer