Erb and Roberts Get First Ever Wins, Godsey Repeats

Dennis Erb Jr. of Carpentersville, Illinois finally broke through and captured his first ever feature win at Brownstown last Saturday. Fast qualifier Dan Sturgeon brought the field to the green flag, with Mike Jewell and Erb in tow. Jewell would overtake Sturgeon coming out of turn two for the point, and would go on to lead lap one. With Sturgeon riding in second, a battle for third between Erb and Jerry Bowersock would ensue with Erb holding on to his position. Right behind them, Kevin Claycomb would get around Brad Barrow for the fifth position. Back up front now as a battle for the point would take place between Sturgeon and Jewell. Sturgeon would poke his nose under Jewell, but to no avail. Fans were turning their heads back and forth trying to decide which battles to watch, as at the same time Claycomb would get around Bowersock for the fourth position. Bowersock would then have to contend with Frankie Coomer, who would get by for fifth. On the seventh circuit, Erb would make a move on Sturgeon for the runner up spot, moving underneath him coming out of turn four. Back to the battle for fourth now, as Coomer would get around Claycomb. The yellow would fly for the first time on lap number 11 for Colin Vaughan. Vaughn wouldn’t be the only casualty of the yellow, however, as Claycomb would have to retire with a broken tie rod on the left front. When racing resumed, Erb would jump all over Jewell on the lowside, but Jewell would shut the door down the backstretch. Lap after lap, Erb would continue to run the low side, trying to get around Jewell. Jewell had the preferred line on the top groove, and would edge an advantage over Erb every time. On lap 17, Erb would stick his car lower in the groove, and finally get the advantage on Jewell. With five laps to go, the running order was Erb, Jewell, Sturgeon, Coomer, and Justin Blackwell who got around Jeff Wilson on lap 19. As the field took the white flag, the rain that had begun before the features would begin to come down a bit harder, making officials and fans nervous. To add on to the worries, the yellow would fly with just one to go for the cars of Ricky Riggle and Brian Wilhite. As the rain began to subside, the green flew once again for a one lap shootout. Erb would lead the field all the way to the checkers for his first ever win at the track. Rounding out the top five were Jewell, Sturgeon, Coomer, and Wilson. The winning sponsors on the #28 car of Erb are: Petroff Towing, Petersen Aluminum, B & K Sportswear and Vinyl Graphics, Hedrick Precision Engines, Reaber Transport, and Rayburn RaceCars.

The UMP Modified division saw a first time winner in J.D. Roberts, as he held off a strong field of modifieds. Here is how his story unfolded. Roberts would bring the field to the green flag to begin the 20 lap main event. As Roberts came across the line to complete lap number one, a three way battle for the third position would take place between John Demoss, Brent Londeree, and Earl Plessinger. That battle would be halted on lap four for a caution involving Billy Despain and Broc Burton. On the restart, Plessinger would overtake Dan Hamstra for the second position, and would set his sights on Roberts. With Plessinger on the rim, and Roberts hugging the bottom, Plessinger would shoot around him on lap six. Just two laps later, Roberts would have revenge, as he would get back around Plessinger for the point. Behind them, Londeree would get around Hamstra for the third position. Hamstra would then have to watch Matt Boknecht go around him for fourth. Boknecht would then move up to battle Londeree for the third position on lap 13. Two laps later on the 15th circuit, Boknecht would take third from Londeree. Londeree would return the favor a couple of laps later, getting around Boknecht for third. With a couple of laps remaining, Plessinger would try all he could to get around Roberts for the win, but to no avail. Roberts would pick up his first career victory over Plessinger, Londeree, Boknecht, and Ryan Thomas would round out the top five

The 15 lap Bomber feature would see Steve Godsey pick up his second straight feature win. A yellow on the original start would bunch the field back up for a double file restart. When the green flew, Godsey would lead the field around to complete lap number one, with a three way dance taking place for second. Ray Godsey Jr, Bub Walters, and Jason Combs would all fight it out for the second position. This great battle would have to end, however, as the caution would fly for debris in turn 4. When racing resumed, Combs would get around Walters for the third position. Walters would return the favor with a pass on Combs. Combs, however, said “no” and would get back around Walters for third. Combs would have some problems a couple of laps later, as he would drift high coming out of turn four. This mishap would allow Walters and Matt Cummings by, relegating Combs to fifth. The yellow would fly once again with just five laps to go for the car of Tony Edwards. During this caution period, Combs would have to leave the track due to a flat right rear tire. The tire would be changed, and Combs would return to the track on the tail. As the green flag waved for the restart, both Godseys…we will call them Steve and Ray Jr for now, would go at it for the lead. Ray Jr., would try the bottom on Steve, but Steve would shut him down. This would go on until the white flag was given to the field. Ray Jr., would make another effort on the low side coming into turn two, only to go in too hard and loop his mount. Steve would circle back around to the checkers followed by Walters, Cummings, Chris Streeval, and Mike Seal would round out the top five.

Late Models (29 entries)

Qualifying- 26-Dan Sturgeon - 15.931

Heat 1 - Dan Sturgeon, Jerry Bowersock, Brad Barrow, Justin Blackwell, Steven Godsey, Brad Erwin, Rickey Riggle, AJ Bingham, Corey Southern, Mike Bechelli

Heat 2 - Mike Jewell, Mark Barber, Dick Phillips, Jeff Wilson, Tim Prince, Cody Mahoney, Matt Bex, Jeff Napper, Timmy York, Kyle Edwards

Heat 3 - Dennis Erb Jr, Frankie Coomer, Kevin Claycomb, Bradley Sturgeon, Brian Wilhite, Colin Vaughn, Duane Brown, Shannon Reed, Rohn Moon

Consy 1 - Matt Bex, Brad Erwin, Colin Vaughn, Rickey Riggle, AJ Bingham, Duane Brown, Timmy York, Kyle Edwards, Corey Southern, Shannon Reed, Jeff Napper, Cody Mahoney, Rohn Moon

Feature - Dennis Erb Jr, Mike Jewell, Dan Sturgeon, Frankie Coomer, Jeff Wilson, Justin Blackwell, Jerry Bowersock, Brad Barrow, Steven Godsey, Dick Phillips, Mark Barber, Bradley Sturgeon, Matt Bex, Brad Erwin, Rickey Riggle, Brian Wilhite, Tim Prince, AJ Bingham, Kevin Claycomb, Colin Vaughn

UMP Modifieds (42 entries)

Heat 1 - JD Roberts, Earl Plessinger, Shawn Tolson, Bubba Woods, Brad Cummings, Joe Godsey, Matt Bex, Joey Jones, Jason Whitaker

Heat 2 - Dan Hamstra, Matt Boknecht, Shelby Miles, Justin Hobson, Tom Burdette, Jason Thomas, Walt Case, Carl Rothemeier, Chris Hillman

Heat 3 - John DeMoss, Billy Despain, David McWilliams, Adam Sasser, Jeff Vonbargen, Nathan Voorhies, Jimmy Hayden, Clint DeMoss

Heat 4 - Brent Londeree, Steve Trabue, Broc Burton, Daniel Bohall, Dennis Boknecht, Tom Weddle, Greg Lee, Tom Keily

Heat 5 - Ryan Thomas, Tim Eddelman, Alan Magner, Gary Barrow, Sam Lee, Brent Payne, Donald Scott, Josh Lucas

Consy 1 - Bubba Woods, Brad Cummings, Gary Barrow, Josh Lucas, Justin Hobson, Nathan Voohies, Jimmy Hayden, Walt Case, Sam Lee, Joey Jones, Dennis Boknecht

Consy 2 - Adam Sasser, Clint DeMoss, Tom Burdette, Matt Bex, Joe Godsey, Jason Thomas, Greg Lee, Daniel Bohall, Chris Hillman, Donald Scott, Jeff Vonbargen, Brent Payne

Feature - JD Roberts, Earl Plessinger, Brent Londeree, Matt Boknecht, Ryan Thomas, John DeMoss, Shelby Miles, Dan Hamstra, Brad Cummings, Adam Sasser, Clint DeMoss, David McWilliams, Tom Burdette, Shawn Tolson, Tim Eddelman, Alan Magner, Broc Burton, Bubba Woods, Steve Trabue, Billy Despain, Gary Barrow

Bombers (29 entries)

Heat 1 - Steven Godsey, Tony Edwards, Josh Turner, Lindsay Wade, Jeff Renner, Jeff Selby, Bill Wilson, Robert Green, James Burhart, Bobby Johnson

Heat 2 - Robert Walters, Matt Cummings, Earl Plessinger, Mike Seal, Chris Streeval, Darrell Burton, Brandon Routier, Jared Brewer, Jim Isley, Terry Turner

Heat 3 - Ray Godsey Jr, Jason Combs, Jim Pfeiffer Sr, JJ Pfeiffer, Derick Levesque, Seth Voorheis, Larry Neal, Don Pardue, Chris Johnson

Consy 1 - Darrell Burton, Bill Wilson, Brandon Routier, Seth Voorhies, Larry Neal, Don Pardue, Jim Isley, Chris Johnson, Jeff Selby, Terry Turner, Robert Green

Feature - Steven Godsey, Robert Walters, Matt Cummings, Chris Streeval, Mike Seal, Bill Wilson, Lindsay Wade, Brandon Routier, Derick Levesque, Ray Godsey Jr, Larry Neal, Seth Vooheis, Jason Combs, Josh Turner, Tony Edwards, Jim Pfeiffer Sr, Darrell Burton, Earl Plesinger, JJ Pfeiffer, Jeff Renner