Sturgeon, Deckard, Godsey win Features

Dan Sturgeon took home his first feature win on the season at the Brownstown Speedway Saturday night in the Late Model division, holding off Steve Barnett by about 6 car lengths.

The 25 lap feature started out with Dan Sturgeon, and former track champion James Huff on the front row. Sturgeon would jump to the bottom groove and lead lap number one. Behind Sturgeon a battle for second would take place between Huff and Maerk Barber. Huff would hold the position, keeping Barber back in third. Another battle would start to take place behind those two, as Brad Barrow and Frankie Coomer would battle for fifth. Ahead of them, Barber and Huff would go at it again, with Barber getting around Huff for the second position. Back to Barrow and Coomer now, as Barrow would get fifth, dropping Coomer back to battle with Dick Phillips for sixth. That battle would become a three way dance for the fifth spot, as they would catch up to Barrow. The battle for fifth would be halted for a caution flag for the car of Steve Godsey on lap 10. On the restart, Barrow and Phillips would start a battle for the fifth position, onle to have that stopped for a yellow on lap 11 for the car of Shannon Reed. When racing resumed, Steve Barnett would make his presence felt with an attempted pass on Barrow for fourth. The caution flag would fly once again on lap 11 for Rickey Riggle. On the restart the battle for fourth would wage again between Barrow and Barnett until Riggle would bring out the caution again on lap 13. When the green flew again, Barnett would get around Barrow for the fourth spot, then would set his sights on Huff for third. Barnett would get around Huff just a couple of laps later for the third position. Next up on the Barnett list was Barber as Barnett would step to the outside for the pass. Barnett would now be second with Barber third. No one would have anything for Sturgeon as he had his LRC Carpet Sales, Living Room Center, Rocket Chassis #26 entry hooked up on the bottom for the win. Following Sturgeon to the line were Barnett, Barber, Phillips, and Huff

The 20 lap Super Stock feature would start out with a yellow flag on the start, as Randy Moore and Tim Clark would bunch up in turn four. With the field lined back up for the start, David Brewer would lead the field to the green flag and would lead lap number one. Behind him, Mike Fields would get around Randy Moore for the second spot. On the second circuit, Fields would try the bottom groove on Brewer but to no avail. On lap number three, Fields night would end abruptly as he would veer right off the track with problems. Fields' mishap would put Clark up to the second position. A battle for third would start to take place now, as Jay Deckard and Moore would go side by side. Before a pass could be made, the yellow would fly for the car of Kevin Applegate on lap 5. Another caution would negate the restart as Jim Ruddick would loop his car on the frontstretch. When the green finally flew, Clark would shoot to the bottom on Brewer for the lead. Brewer would hold him off coming down the backstretch. Behind them, Deckard and Moore would continue their battle with Deckard claiming third. Deckard was not done however, as on lap nine he would take second away from Clark. With Brewer running in the middle of the track, Deckard was making ground around the bottom. As Deckard caught Brewer, Deckard would make a move on the bottom but would not get the spot. Brewer seen that, and moved down to the bottom only to drift up the track allowing Deckard by for the lead on lap 14. It was over from there as Deckard would cruise to victory ahead of Brewer, Clark, Todd Gilpin, and Randy Moore

The 15 lap Bomber feature would see a pair of Godsey's on the front row, as Steve and Ray Sr. would lead the field to the green. Steve would lead the first lap with Ray Sr. on the outside. Ray Sr. would grab the lead by a half car length on lap number two, with Steve charging back on the lowside. Right behind them, Paul Owens would move in and challenge Ray Sr, as Steve would take the lead away out of two. Ray Sr. would hold onto the second position, keeping Owens in third. Meanwhile, coming off of his Super Stock heartbreak, Mike Fields would charge around Owens for the third position. Owens would not give up as he would bring Fields with him, as they split Ray Sr. for the second and third positons. This would put Owens to second, Fields to third, and Ray Sr. to fourth. Owens and Fields would then go side by side as the yellow would fly on lap 10 with just five to go for Josh Turner. As the field took the green flag, the third Godsey of the group, Ray Jr. would come up and challenge for the third spot. A three wide battle would take place between Ray Sr., Ray Jr., and Fields for the third spot. Ray Jr. would win that battle as behind them it would now be three wide for fourth. Ray Sr., Fields, and Bub Walters would wage war. Matt Cummings, who was sitting in fifth, wanted in on the fun as the white flag flew. Fields, Ray Sr., Walters, and Cummings would take it four wide out of turn four to the checkers. As Steve Godsey took the checkers, Mike Seal would slam the inside wall underneath the flagstand to bring the exciting feature to a finish. Rounding out the top five were Owens, Ray Godsey Jr, Cummings, and Walters.


Late Models (33 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Frankie Coomer

Heat 1 - Dan Sturgeon, Frankie Coomer, Bradley Sturgeon, Matt Bex, Brian Wilhite, Rick Sowders, Mike Bechelli, AJ Bingham, AJ Bingham, Paul Crockett

Heat 2 - James Huff, Brad Barrow, Jim Curry, Brett Davis, Tim Prince, Rickey Riggle, Rick Burton, Duane Brown

Heat 3 - Mark Barber, Dick Phillips, Rohn Moon, Brad Erwin, Zach Carney, Charles Ross, Justin Blackwell, Scott Graham

Heat 4 - Steve Barnett, Steve Godsey, Kevin Claycomb, Jeff Wilson, Shannon Reed, Gary Hardin, Dusty Chapman

Consy 1 - Tim Prince, Rickey Riggle, Brian Wilhite, Mike Bechelli, Rick Sowders, Rick Burton, AJ Bingham, Duane Brown, Paul Crockett

Consy 2 - Zach Carney, Justin Blackwell, Scott Graham, Shannon Reed, Gary Hardin, Dusty Chapman, Charles Ross

FEATURE: - Dan Sturgeon, Steve Barnett, Mark Barber, Dick Phillips, James Huff, Brad Barrow, Kevin Claycomb, Frankie Coomer, Rohn Moon, Brett Davis, Bradley Sturgeon, Jeff Wilson, Brad Erwin, Matt Bex, Justin Blackwell, Zach Carney, Jim Curry, Steve Godsey, Tim Prince, Rickey Riggle

Super Stocks (35 entries)

Heat 1 - David Brewer, Tim Clark, Jeff Walters, Jeremy Hines, Tom Ault, Tommy King, Deb Friesner, Paul Seymour

Heat 2 - Randy Moore, Mike Cawood, Terry Arthur, Jim Ruddick, Mickey Hines, Bobby Price, Jamie Pardue, Ray Weston, Terrence Johnson

Heat 3 - Mike Fields, Jay Deckard, Greg O'Neill, Troy Clark, Danny Carmichael, Gary Green, Clay Ellison, Greg Amick, Tim Neal

Heat 4 - Kevin Jones, Todd Gilpin, Jason Johnson, Joe Godsey, Kevin Applegate, Josh Phelps, Brian Corbin, David Waggoner

Consy 1 - Tom Ault, Mickey Hines, Deb Friesner, Ray Weston, Bobby Price, Terrence Johnson

Consy 2 - Kevin Applegate, Gary Green, Brian Corbin, Josh Phelps, Tim Neal, Clay Ellison, Greg Amick, Troy Clark, Danny Carmichael

FEATURE: - Jay Deckard, David Brewer, Tim Clark, Todd Gilpin, Randy Moore, Jeremy Hines, Mike Cawood, Troy Clark, Terry Arthur, Gary Green, Jason Johnson, Kevin Jones, Kevin Applegate, Greg O'Neill, Jeff Walters, Mickey Hines, Joe Godsey, Jim Ruddick, Mike Fields, Tom Ault

Bombers (36 entries)

Heat 1 - Steve Godsey, Darrell Burton, Josh Turner, Jason Combs, Rick Applegate, David Robinson, Seth Voorhies, Dave Lemons, Derick Levesque

Heat 2 - Ray Godsey Sr., Mike Seal, Jim Pfeiffer, Chad Plance, Rick Gess, Brandon Routier, Terry Turner, Brian Sheckles, Lindsay Wade

Heat 3 - Paul Owens, Ray Godsey Jr., Bill Wilson, James Burkhart, Ron Pardue, Tony Edwards, Larry Neal, Greg Hicks

Heat 4 - Mike Fields, Bub Walters, Matt Cummings, Josh Hayes, Greg Sutton, JJ Pfeiffer, Doug Klyn, Chris Streeval, Chris Johnson

Consy 1 - Brandon Routier, David Robinson, Seth Voorhies, Derick Levesque, Terry Turner, Rick Applegate

Consy 2 - JJ Pfeiffer, Greg Hicks, Larry Neal, Greg Sutton, Chris Johnson, Chris Streeval, Doug Klyn, Ron Pardue, Tony Edwards

FEATURE: - Steve Godsey, Paul Owens, Ray Godsey Jr., Matt Cummings, Bub Walters, Mike Fields, Ray Godsey, Jim Pfeiffer, Darrell Burton, Bill Wilson, JJ Pfeiffer, Josh Hayes, Josh Turner, Chad Plance, Jason Combs, James Burkhart, Greg Hicks, Brandon Routier, Mike Seal, David Robinson