Barnett, Boknecht, Godsey are Staruday Night Winners

Steve Barnett capitalized on some lap traffic en route to his first win on the season at the Brownstown Speedway. The action in the 25 lap main event started fast and furious as Rohn Moon would take the lead on the first lap, with Dan Sturgeon right on his bumper in second. Behind them a battle for the fourth spot would take place between Mark Barber and Frankie Coomer. Barber would nab the spot away from Coomer on the backstretch. Back up front, Sturgeon would pull alongside of Moon coming out of turn two on lap number four. Sturgeon would grab the lead coming down the backstretch, putting Moon back to second. Moon would then fall back to the third spot, as Steve Barnett would motor around him on the high side. The field would be slowed on lap number seven for a spin involving Brian Wilhite and Ricky Riggle in turn four. On the restart, Moon would take his second spot back away from Barnett, and set his sights on the leader. With Moon on the highside and Sturgeon down low, the gap would close lap by lap until lap 13 when Moon grabbed the lead away on the highside. Sturgeon would battle back on the lowside, with Moon up top. As the leaders would enter lapped traffic, Barnett would catch up to Moon and Sturgeon. Barnett would pull alongside of Sturgeon for the runner up spot. That battle for second would then turn in to a three way dance for the lead between Moon, Sturgeon, and Barnett. As the lead pack closed in on the first lapped car, Moon slipped high, allowing Sturgeon to take the point, and Barnett to second. With Sturgeon and Barnett now in a pack to themselves, Barnett would get around Sturgeon for the lead. Behind them, Mark Barber would make a move on Moon for the third spot. Barnett would run the last three laps unchallenged for the win. Following Barnett to the line were Sturgeon, Barber, Moon, and Coomer. The winning sponsors on the #89 car of Barnett are Tony Stewart, JD Byrider, and Spears Auto Parts.

Matt Boknecht of Seymour, Indiana led every lap of the 20 lap Modified feature at the Brownstown Speedway for his first win at the 1/4 on the season. Boknecht would take the lead on the first lap, while behind him, J.D. Roberts and Richie Lex would battle for second. Roberts would come out on the positive end of that battle, moving to second. Lex would then have to fend off current points leader, Shelby Miles for third. Miles would move into the third spot, moving Lex back to fourth. On the fourth lap, the yellow would fly for the spun car of Ryan Thomas in turn two. On the restart, Boknecht would lead Roberts, Miles, Lex, and Clint Demoss to the green flag. Demoss would make a move on Lex for the fourth position on lap five. Just one lap later, the yellow would fly for the second time. This time for Rick Gumm in turn four. When racing resumed, a battle for the third spot would take place between Miles and Demoss. Demoss would take the spot, sending Miles back to fourth. Miles and Lex would then battle for the fourth spot, with Lex taking it away from Miles. The third caution of the race would fly on lap 12 for Travis Shoulders who spun on the frontstretch. The third restart would see Boknecht lead the field to the cone followed by Roberts, Demoss, Lex, and Miles. Miles would lose his fifth position, as Tim Eddelman got around him down the backstretch. With just two laps to go, DeMoss would get around Roberts for the second position. Demoss would run out of time however, as Boknecht would take the checkers ahead of Demoss, Roberts, Lex, and Eddelman. Boknecht is sponsored by HMF, Boknecht Trucking, Georges of Seymour, Brownings Garage, and Wetzel Excavating.

Steve Godsey took home his fifth feature win on the season at Brownstown, leading every lap in the process. A pair of Godseys in Steve and Ray Godsey, Jr made up the front row. Steve would lead the field to the green and would lead lap number one, with a three way battle for second taking place between Clifton Barron, Ray Jr, and Chris Streeval behind him. This battle would have to stop due to a caution for the car of Chad Plance in turn two on lap two. When racing resumed a battle for third would ensue between Barron and Streeval. Barron would take the third spot, putting Streeval back to fourth. Streeval would then have to contend with Bobby Johnson, as Johnson would take fourth away from him. Even the fifth spot wasn't safe as Paul Owens would get aroud Streeval for that position. Back up front, a battle for second was shaping up between Barron and Godsey Jr., with Barron taking the spot away from him. Godsey Jr. would start to fall backwards as Bobby Johnson would take third away from him, and then Owens would grab fourth away with just four to go. No one would have anything for Steve Godsey however, as he would cruise to the win followed by Barron, Johnson, Owens, and Godsey Jr would make up the top five. Steve Godsey is sponsored by Bent Chassis, Indiana Stone Works, Mullis Petroleum, Godseys Body Shop, and Thrifty Auto Sales.


Late Models (26 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Rohn Moon 15.918

Heat 1 - Rohn Moon, Steve Barnett, Mark Barber, Jim Curry, Joe Godsey, Shannon Reed, Rickey Riggle, Gary Hardin, Duane Brown

Heat 2 - Dan Sturgeon, Ernie Barrow, Steve Godsey, Dion Deason, Brian Wilhite, Brad Barrow, Rick Burton, Rick Sowders, Travis Shoulders

Heat 3 - Frankie Coomer, Bradley Sturgeon, Brad Erwin, Jeff Wilson, Justin Blackwell, Dusty Chapman, AJ Bingham, Charles Ross

Consy 1 - Brad Barrow, Shannon Reed, Rickey Riggle, Dusty Chapman, Gary Hardin, AJ Bingham, Charles Ross, Duane Brown, Rick Burton, Rick Sowders, Travis Shoulders

FEATURE: - Steve Barnett, Dan Sturgeon, Mark Barber, Rohn Moon, Frankie Coomer, Dion Deason, Ernie Barrow, Joe Godsey, Bradley Sturgeon, Brad Erwin, Steve Godsey, Jim Curry, Jeff Wilson, Brad Barrow, Shannon Reed, Rickey Riggle, Dusty Chapman, Brian Wilhite, Gary Hardin, Justin Blackwell

UMP MODIFIEDS (53 entries)

Heat 1 - Matt Boknecht, Tim Eddelman, Jeff Bland Jr, Bubba Woods, Greg Deckard, Jeremy Hines, Josh Wells, Greg Lee, Donald Scott

Heat 2 - Richie Lex, Adam Sasser, Rick Gumm, Justin Hobson, Tom Burdette, John Mayer Jr, Chris Hanna, Mike Giannini, Ron Fedor

Heat 3 - JD Roberts, Brent Londeree, Kerry Norris, Alan Magner, Jason Thomas, Rob Burdette, Charlie Belden Jr, Bub Walters, Daniel Bohall

Heat 4 - Clint Demoss, Ryan Thomas, Ralph Groomer, Sam Lee, Travis Shoulders, Eddie Lake, Webb Lee, Brad Cummings, Allen Adams

Heat 5 - Dennis Boknecht, Broc Burton, Matt Bex, Ryan Lawrence, Jared Bailey, Nathan Voorhies, Travis Fleetwood, JP Hume, Paul Ortman

Heat 6 - Shelby Miles, Jesse Cramer, Rodney Harris Jr, Rob Manley, Brandon Reed, Brad Fleetwood, Al Flick, Eddie Kindred

Consy 1 - Bubba Woods, Greg Deckard, Jeremy Hines, Greg Lee, Tom Burdette, Chris Hanna, Josh Wells, John Mayer Jr, Justin Hobson, Ron Fedor, Mike Giannini, Donald Scott

Consy 2 - Travis Shoulders, Brad Cummings, Jason Thomas, Daniel Bohall, Allen Adams, Sam Lee, Bub Walters, Eddie Lake, Rob Burdette, Webb Lee, Charlie Belden Jr.

Consy 3 - Rob Manley, Ryan Lawrence, Brad Fleetwood, Travis Fleetwood, Jared Bailey, Eddie Kindred, JP Hume, Al Flick, Brandon Reed, Nathan Voorhies, Paul Ortman

FEATURE: - Matt Boknecht, Clint Demoss, JD Roberts, Richie Lex, Tim Eddelman, Shelby Miles, Adam Sasser, Kerry Norris, Jesse Cramer, Brent Londeree, Broc Burton, Ralph Groomer, Dennis Boknecht, Bubba Woods, Rodney Harris Jr, Matt Bex, Brad Cummings, Rob Manley, Ryan Lawrence, Greg Deckard, Rick Gumm, Jeff Bland Jr, Travis Shoulders, Ryan Thomas

Bombers (38 entries)

Heat 1 - Steve Godsey, Mike Klyn, Chad Plance, Brandon Routier, Doug Klyn, Chris Johnson, JJ Pfeiffer, Kerie Fleenor, Duain Palmer, Robert Green

Heat 2 - Ray Godsey Jr, Clifton Barron, Ray Godsey Sr, Mike Seal, Jason Combs, Seth Voorhies, Bub Walters, John Holz, Chad Burgan, Kent Wagner

Heat 3 - Chris Streeval, Rick Gess, Charlie Hartwell, Josh Turner, Josh Hayes, Tim Fulford, Ron Pardue, Larry Neal, Jacoby Hines

Heat 4 - Bobby Johnson, Paul Owens, Darrell Burton, Jim Pfeiffer, Bill Wilson, Matt Cummings, Jamie Wilson, Justin Herndon, Terry Turner

Consy 1 - Jason Combs, Bub Walters, Seth Voorhies, Duain Palmer, Doug Klyn, Kerie Fleenor, Kent Wagner

Consy 2 - Josh Hayes, Bill Wilson, Tim Fulford, Larry Neal, Jacoby Hines, Ron Pardue, Justin Herndon, Terry Turner, Jamie Wilson

FEATURE: - Steve Godsey, Clifton Barron, Bobby Johnson, Paul Owens, Ray Godsey Jr, Chris Streeval, Darrell Burton, Jason Combs, Matt Cummings, Bub Walters, Josh Turner, Jim Pfeiffer, Chad Plance, Mike Seal, Rick Gess, Mike Klyn, Bill Wilson, Brandon Routier, Josh Hayes, Charlie Hartwell