Phillips, Londeree, Burton Win Features in Memory of Denny Bailey.

Last Saturday night's racing action was dedicated to the memory of the late Denny Bailey. Dan Sturgeon was kind enough to have the #24 on his car for the evening's event with Denny's name in the numbers. Dan also went on to win a special dash for cash for drivers who were picked by the Bailey family of drivers that were related to or friends of Denny.

Borrowing a phrase heard from one of Dick Phillips' pit members in victory lane, "Dick finally got it done" last night and put the #11 car in victory lane for the Late Model division. Phillips and Mark Barber started on the front row together, but on the green, Phillips pulled out ahead of Barber. Barber then pulled up and got his nose ahead, but Phillips wouldn't let up and he took the lead back. Steve Barnett, who was driving the #20 Saturday night at Brownstown, instead of his regular #89, poked his nose into the mix a couple of times and made it a three way battle. The feature had three cautions, which made for a heated battle everytime the pack would tighten up.

Brent Londeree was the man standing in victory lane after the checkered flag for the UMP Modified division. Broc Burton also put on a great show, just like he did two weeks ago. After a battle up front, a mishap on the track put Burton in a fifth place finishing spot for the night. Winner of the Bailey family sponsored dash for cash for the Modifieds was Bubba Woods.

Every week, the Bomber division goes on the track and races their hearts out and gives the fans some very exciting racing. This week was no different than any other. The beginning of the feature was a toss up between five drivers, and they fought it out all the way to the end. Darrell Burton got his 10B car out front and held on for the win. Winner of the Bailey family sponsored dash for cash for the Bomber division was Steven Godsey.

The dash for cash winners received a cash prize, along with a plaque, engraved, "In Memory of Denny Bailey" and the date of the race.



HEAT ONE: Dick Phillips, Jeff Wilson, Jim Curry, Bradley Sturgeon, Jack Taylor, Leon Ross, Ryan Eads, Justin Blackwell

HEAT TWO: Mark Barber, Dan Sturgeon, Rickey Riggle, Christain Rayburn, Steven Godsey, Rick Burton, Tom Allman, Charles Ross

HEAT THREE: Steve Barnett, Brad Erwin, Shannon Reed, Tim Prince, Brian Barnhardt, Dusty Chapman, Gary Hardin, Kevin Stantz

HEAT FOUR: Ernie Barrow, Dion Deason, Brad Barrow, Doug Ault, Frankie Coomer, Mike Bechelli, Rick Sowders, Duane Brown

CONSI ONE: Steven Godsey, Justin Blackwell, Rick Burton, Tom Allman, Jack Taylor, Ryan Eads, Leon Ross, Charles Ross

CONSI TWO: Frankie Coomer, Brian Barnhardt, Mike Bechelli, Rick Sowders, Duane Brown, Gary Hardin

FEATURE: Dick Phillips, Mark Barber, Steve Barnett, Dan Sturgeon, Ernie Barrow, Jeff Wilson, Jim Curry, Dion Deason, Brad Erwin, Frankie Coomer, Steven Godsey, Doug Ault, Bradley Sturgeon, Justin Blackwell, Brad Barrow, Christian Rayburn, Brian Barnhardt, Tim Prince, Rickey Riggle, Shannon Reed.

UMP Modifieds (39 Cars)

HEAT ONE: Rob Manley, Rick Gumm, Brent Londeree, Gary Burton, Lee Hobbs, Matt Bex, Justin Hillenburg, Murl Robinson, Alan Adams, Adam Sasser

HEAT TWO: Broc Burton, Josh Wells, Tim Eddleman, Jeff Bland Jr., Dale Ayers, Andrew Davis, Ron Fedor, Reid Sparks, Jeremy Colston, Matt Boknecht

HEAT THREE: JD Robers, Jared Bailey, Joe Godsey, Richard Harlow, Greg Deckard, Greg Lee, Jerry Davis, Bill Wagner, Sam Lee, Dennis Boknecht

HEAT FOUR: Mark Barber,Jeremy Hines, Nathan Voorhies, Bubba Woods, Shelby Miles, Webb Lee, Daniel Bohall, Brandon Reed, Mike Beatty

CONSI ONE: Matt Bex, Lee Hobbs, Matt Boknecht, Adam Sasser, Andrew Davis, Ron Fedor, Jeremy Colston, Reid Sparks, Dale Ayers, Justin Hillenburg, Alan Adams, Murl Robinson

CONSI TWO: Shelby Miles, Greg Deckard, Brandon Reed, Bill Wagner, Dennis Boknecht, Greg Lee, Jerry Davis, Sam Lee, Webb Lee, Mike Beatty, Daniel Bohall

FEATURE: Brent Londeree, Rob Manley, Josh Wells, Jeremy Hines, Broc Burton, Joe Godsey, Gary Burton, Shelby Miles, JD Roberts, Matt Bex, Jeff Bland Jr., Time Eddelman, Nathan Voorihies, Lee Hobbs, Greg Deckard, Richard Harlow, Rick Gumm, Bubba Woods, Mark Barber, Jared Bailey.

BOMBERS (38 Cars)

HEAT ONE: Darrell Burton, Chris Streeval, Robert Green, David Robinson, Travis Blackburn, Josh Hayes, Mike Seal, Kenny Leahy, John Holz, JJ Pfeiffer

HEAT TWO: Jim Pfeiffer, Brandon Routier, Rick Gess, Doug Klyn, John Bartlett, Brian Smiley, Chad Plance, Justin Herndon, Brett Hunnicutt, Chris Johnson

HEAT THREE: Ray Godsey Sr., Steven Godsey, Josh Turner, Bub Walters, Clifton Barron, Paul Owens, John Mayer Jr, Ronnie Pardue, Glen Woods

HEAT FOUR: Matt Cummings, Jason Combs, Kent Wagner, Tim Prince, Bobby Johnson, Jared Brewer, Gregg Lyle, Larry Neal, Jamie Wilson

CONSI ONE: Clifton Barron, Bobby Johnson, JJ Pfieffer, John Holz, Josh Hayes, Brett Hunnicutt, Chris Johnson, Kenny Leahy, Justin Herndon, Mike Seal, Brian Smiley, Travis Blackburn, Chad Plance, John Bartlett

CONSI TWO: Ronnie Pardue, Paul Owens, Jamie Wilson, Glen Woods, John Mayer Jr., Jared Brewer

FEATURE: Darrell Burton, Matt Cummings, Steven Godsey, Bub Walters, Ray Godsey Sr., Jason Combs, Robert Green, Jim Pfeiffer, Rick Gess, Doug Klyn, Chris Streeval, Clifton Barron, Josh Turner, Bobby Johnson, Tim Prince, Kent Wagner, Brandon Routier, David Robinson, John Holz