By: Chris Nunn

Steve Barnett, Randy Petro, and Bub Walters all came home victorious at the Brownstown Speedway on Saturday evening. Barnett passed race leader Dan Sturgeon on lap number nine to take home the Late Model win. Petro inherited the lead in the Super Stock Special when then race leader Mike Fields broke on lap five, and then led the rest of the way for the victory. In the Bomber division, Walters took the lead away from Ray Godsey Jr. on lap five of the main event, and would lead the remaining 20 laps for the win in the Bomber Special event.

The 25 lap Bomber main event started out with a father-son combination on the front row, as Ray Godsey Sr. and Ray Godsey Jr. would lead the field to the green flag. Ray Sr. would lead the first lap only to have Ray Jr. pull alongside for a battle for the point. As they would wage war for second, Clifton Barron and Bub Walters would go door to door for the third position. As Ray Jr. took the point from Ray Sr., Walters would grab the third spot and set sail for the Godsey's. On lap number four, Walters, Ray Sr., and Ray Jr. would go three wide for the lead. Walters would end up with the point, with Ray Jr. in second, and Ray Sr. in third. Ray Sr. would then have to battle with Steve Godsey, as he would pull alongside for third. The yellow would fly on lap six for the spun car of Chad Plance in turn two. When the green flag would fly on the restart, Barron would get around Steve Godsey and Ray Sr. for the third spot. Steve and Ray Sr. would battle for the fourth spot, with Steve taking the position on lap seven. The second, and final yellow would fly on lap eight for Paul Owens in turn three. Walters would bring the field down to the cone for the restart, as behind him a battle for second would take place between Barron and Ray Jr. Barron would take the spot, relegating Godsey to third. While that was happening, Matt Cummings would barge into the top five with a pass on Ray Sr. on lap 11. Cummings would then reel in the fourth place car of Ray Jr., and get around him on lap 14. Cummings was not done yet, however, as he would take third away from Steve Godsey on lap 18. Up front, it looked as if Barron was catching Walters for the lead until contact with a lapped car would hinder Barron's momentum. Walters would then cruise onto victory in his Cummings Machine Shop, Cummings Racing Engines, Prince Excavating, BC Race Cars, Dee Gees Body Shop, 16th Street Marathon #71 followed by: Barron, Cummings, Steve Godsey, and Jason Combs would round out the top five

The Super Stock feature would run 30 laps as part of their special event, with Mike Fields and Brad Cummings leading the field to the green flag. Fields would bolt out to the lead, and would lead the first lap. Behind the leader, Randy Petro would ride the highside to second, getting around both Mike Cawood and Cummings. As the field completed lap three, disaster would strike Fields as he would break coming down the backstretch while leading. The yellow would fly, as Fields would stall in turn three. With Fields out of the race, Petro would inherit the point, and would take the field to the green flag. Behind him, Kevin Applegate and Cawood would battle for the second spot, with Applegate coming out with the position. The yellow would fly again on lap eight for the spun car of Mike Vest on the frontstretch. Petro would one again lead the field to the cone, with Applegate and Cawood in pursuit. Behind them, Gary Trammell and Jack Frye would battle for the fourth spot. Trammell would move to fourth with the pass on lap nine. Cawood and Applegate would then go door to door for the second spot, with Cawood taking the position on lap 14. With ten laps to go, Petro had a three quarter straightaway lead over Cawood. No one would challenge Petro, as he would take his Tyrees Trim Shop, Kathy's Home Cooking, Moonlight Vinyl Designs, DASCO #95 to the checkers followed by Cawood, Applegate, Trammell, and Jay Miller would round out the top five.

The 25 lap Late Model feature would see Dan Sturgeon and Mark Barber lead the field to the green flag. Sturgeon would lead the first lap with Barnett and Barber battling for second. Barnett would take the spot away from Barber on the second lap, and would challenge Sturgeon for the point. Barnett would keep poking his nose under Sturgeon at various points, but could not get around him. The battle would end, as the yellow would fly for Rickey Riggle in turn two. When racing resumed, Sturgeon would lead the field to the green flag, with Barnett right on his bumper. Behind them, Dion Deason would get around Barber for the third spot. On the ninth lap, Barnett would slide under Sturgeon for the point coming out of turn two. Behind them, Barber would get the third spot back from Deason on lap 15. With just five to go on lap 20, Barber would catch Sturgeon and hassle him for the runner up spot. Barber would not be able to get around Sturgeon, and would stay in third. No one would catch Barnett, however, as he would cross the finish line in his JD Byrider, Spears Auto Parts, Tony Stewart Racing #20 ahead of Sturgeon, Barber, Deason, and Doug Ault would round out the top five.



Top Qualifier: Doug Ault (15.371)

HEAT ONE: Mark Barber, Doug Ault, Steve Godsey, Mark Voigt, Justin Blackwell, Steve Sheeks, Greg Ault, Tim Prince, Ray Weston

HEAT TWO: Dan Sturgeon, Jeff Wilson, Jim Curry, Mike Bechelli, Shannon Reed, Rick Burton, Wes Leigh, Paul Crockett, Brian Barnhardt

HEAT THREE: Dion Deason, Brad Barrow, Ernie Barrow, Larry Raines, Brad Erwin, Dusty Chapman, Gary Hardin, Josh McElyea, Ryan Eads

HEAT FOUR: Steve Barnett, Frankie Coomer, Dick Phillips, Rickey Riggle, Brian Wilhite, Rick Sowders, Travis Shoulders, Tom Allman

CONSI ONE: Justin Blackwell, Shannon Reed, Rick Burton, Wes Leigh, Steve Sheeks, Paul Crockett, Ray Weston

CONSI TWO: Brad Erwin, Brian Wilhite, Dusty Chapman, Travis Shoulders, Rick Sowders, Tom Allman, Gary Hardin, Ryan Eads, Josh McElyea

FEATURE: Steve Barnett, Dan Sturgeon, Mark Barber, Dion Deason, Doug Ault, Frankie Coomer, Steve Godsey, Jeff Wilson, Brad Barrow, Dick Phillips, Jim Curry, Ernie Barrow, Mark Voigt, Brad Erwin, Brian Wilhite, Shannon Reed, Larry Raines, Rickey Riggle, Justin Blackwell, Mike Bechelli


TOP QUALIFIER: Mike Fields (16.352 NTR)

HEAT ONE: Mike Fields, Kevin Applegate, Kevin Jones, Kevin Arthur, Joe Johnson, Gary Green, David Brewer, Doug Arnold, Anthony Davis, Dave Waggoner

HEAT TWO: Brad Cummings, Tom Ault, Donnie Wilson, Jeff Walters, Jay Deckard, Terrence Johnson, Tyler Cain, Brian Cahill, Tim Neal, Clay Ellison

HEAT THREE: Jack Frye, Tim Clark, Gerald Todd, Chris Deweese, Mickey Hines, Winston Howe, Justin Porter, Jason Quinn, Dan Anderson, Randy Chesher

HEAT FOUR: Mike Cawood, Gary Trammell, Jason Hehman, Randy Moore, Rob Wilson, Randy Howe, Jason Johnson, Kevin Kruse, Deb Friesner

HEAT FIVE: Jay Miller, Jim Ruddick, Jerry Adams, Mike Vest, Barry Gerkin, Troy Clark, Greg Amick, Ben Carter, Ray Weston

HEAT SIX: Randy Petro, Ben Dubois, Tom Plotz, Danny Harris, Jason Jameson, Rick Applegate, Jeff Starks, Jamie Pardue, Bobby Price

CONSI ONE: Jay Deckard, Kevin Arthur, Terrence Johnson, Jeff Walters, Gary Green, Joe Johnson, Dave Waggoner, Tyler Cain, David Brewer, Brian Cahill, Tim Neal, Clay Ellison, Doug Arnold, Anthony Davis

CONSI TWO: Chris Deweese, Randy Moore, Jason Johnson, Justin Porter, Randy Howe, Mickey Hines, Kevin Kruse, Dan Anderson, Deb Friesner, Winston Howe, Rob Wilson

CONSI THREE: Danny Harris, Mike Vest, Troy Clark, Jason Jameson, Jeff Starks, Barry Gerkin, Bobby Price, Ray Weston, Jamie Pardue, Ben Carter, Greg Amick

FEATURE: Randy Petro, Mike Cawood, Kevin Applegate, Gary Trammell, Jay Miller, Jack Frye, Tim Clark, Jim Ruddick, Brad Cummings, Tom Ault, Jay Deckard, Ben Dubois, Chris Deweese, Kevin Arthur, Randy Moore, Mike Vest, Jerry Adams, Tom Plotz, Gerald Todd, Donnie Wilson, Jason Hehman, Danny Harris, Mike Fields, Kevin Jones

BOMBERS (48 Cars)

TOP QUALIFIER: (Ray Godsey Sr. 17.818 NTR)

HEAT ONE: Ray Godsey Sr, Matt Cummings, Darrell Burton, Bobby Gardner, Jamie Wilson, Tony Mahoney, Lindsay Wade, Darren Crawhorn, Chris Johnson, Randy Moore

HEAT TWO: Ray Godsey Jr, Bobby Johnson, Jim Pfeiffer, Rick Gess, Kerie Fleenor, Glen Woods, Brian Smiley, Ronnie Pardue, CJ Deckard, John Holz

HEAT THREE: Bub Walters, Paul Owens, Josh Turner, Bill Wilson, JJ Pfeiffer, Dewayne Gross, Josh Hayes, Jared Brewer, Lee Waltman, Greg Michaels

HEAT FOUR: Clifton Barron, Chris Streeval, Mike Burch, Chad Plance, Jeff Lester, Seth Voorhies, Willie Marcum, Larry Neal, Terry Turner

HEAT FIVE: Steve Godsey, Jason Combs, John Mayer Jr, Dave Kitchen, Doug Klyn, Mike Seal, Justin Herndon, Jim Isley, Dave Robinson

CONSI ONE: Rick Gess, Bobby Gardner, Jeff Lester, Dave Robinson, Darren Crawhorn, Josh Hayes, Doug Klyn, Chris Johnson, Ronnie Pardue, Dewayne Gross, Greg Michaels, Brian Smiley, Dave Kitchen, Jamie Wilson, Terry Turner

CONSI TWO: Chad Plance, JJ Pfeiffer, Tony Mahoney, Glen Woods, Larry Neal, Jared Brewer, Willie Marcum, CJ Deckard, Bill Wilson, Kerie Fleenor, Mike Seal, Lindsay Wade, Justin Herndon, Lee Waltman, John Holz

FEATURE: Bub Walters, Clifton Barron, Matt Cummings, Steve Godsey, Jason Combs, Ray Godsey Sr, Ray Godsey Jr, Darrell Burton, Chris Streeval, Bobby Johnson, Jim Pfeiffer, Mike Burch, Rick Gess, Bobby Gardner, Josh Turner, Chad Plance, Tony Mahoney, John Mayer Jr, Jeff Lester, Paul Owens, JJ Pfeiffer