By: Chris Nunn

Jesse Cramer of Bloomington, IN finally broke through at the Brownstown Speedway, and took home the $1,200 to win season finale. The other big winner was Brent Londeree, who took home the coveted Brownstown Speedway points championship.

The 30 lap feature saw Cramer take the lead on the first lap from his fourth starting position. He would lead lap number one, with a three wide battle for the third spot between Matt Boknecht, Brady Short, and Rick Hines behind him. Boknecht would take the third spot, with Short fourth, and Hines fifth. Lap number five would see the first caution fly, as Broc Burton would spin in turn four. On the restart, another three wide battle would take place, this time for fifth. Adam Sasser, Earl Plessinger, and Rick Hines would do the honors in this battle, with Plessinger taking the spot. At the same time, Londeree would go door to door with Boknecht for the runner up spot. Boknecht would take the spot, relegating Londeree to third. Short would then get around Londeree for the third spot just before the caution would fly for Brandon Reed on lap eight. On the restart, Cramer would lead the field to the cone, with a battle for fourth taking place between Londeree and Plessinger. Londeree would hold the spot, keeping Plessinger in fifth. Just a couple of laps later on lap 12, the caution would fly again for Burton in turn two. When the green flag flew on the restart, Plessinger would get by Londeree for the fourth position. Londeree would then lose the fifth spot to Shelby Miles just a lap later. Things would start to heat up at the front of the field, as a three wide battle for the lead would shape up between Short, Boknecht, and Cramer. The battle would end however, as the caution would fly for Reed once again on lap 16. When the green flew on the lap 16 restart, Cramer would start to pull away from the second place car of Boknecht. Cramer continued to stretch his lead until the caution would fly again on lap 22 for Bubba Woods in turn three. When the green flag flew again, Cramer would start to pull away on the bottom shelf. Behind him, Short would get around Boknecht for the second position. Boknecht would then lose the second spot to Plessinger. As Cramer would stick to the bottom groove, Short tried desperately to reel him in, powering off the corners down the straights. Plessinger would ultimately catch Short, making a great move in turn one to take second with just a couple of laps to go. Short would get back around Plessinger just in time to watch Cramer take his first ever win at the Brownstown Speedway. Following Cramer at the checkers were Short, Plessinger, Boknecht, and J.D. Roberts. The winning sponsors on the #12 of Cramer are: Amsoil High Tech Lubricants, Colortyme, Bells Exhaust, Monroe County Pizza, and JB Masonry. The car is a Lightning Chassis owned by Tina Cramer

John Gill of Mitchell, IN led every lap of the 25 lap main event at the Brownstown Speedway to put an end to the 2004 racing season at the 1/4 mile speedplant. Mark Barber of North Vernon, IN took home his second Late Model track championship by virtue of his fifth place finish. Barber also won the Late Model championship back in 2001.

Gill would lead the field to the green flag, with Frankie Coomer blasting past Barber for the second position coming down to complete lap one. Dan Sturgeon would then get around Barber for the second spot as the field completed lap four. Barber would then fall back one more position as Mike Jewell would battle with him for a few laps before taking the fourth spot on lap eight. At the 10 lap mark the top five was Gill, Coomer, Sturgeon, Jewell, and Barber. At this point, Gill would start to head into lap traffic, and would lose a bit of his lead over Coomer. Coomer would have more than the lap traffic to worry about, as Sturgeon would move in under him for second. Sturgeon and Coomer would battle door to door for numerous laps until Mike Bechelli would bring out the caution on lap 18. When the green flag flew on the restart, Gill would jump to a four car advantage over the field. Sturgeon would get around Coomer coming into turn one on the restart, taking the second position. Coomer would then lose the third spot to Jewell just a couple of laps later on lap 21. As the laps wound down, Sturgeon would catch Gill a little bit, but would fall back a little ways as Gill took the checkers for the third time this season at Brownstown. An adjustment was made to the final running order, as officials penalized Sturgeon two positions for jumping the final restart. The adjusted top five ran like this: Gill, Jewell, Coomer, Sturgeon, Barber. John Gill is sponsored by Harrod Farms, Central Painting, Perrys, and Jacks Lounge. The chassis is a Rocket, powered by an AMS Racing Engine


UMP MODIFIEDS (46 Entries)
TOP QUALIFIER: Brady Short (15.675 NTR)

HEAT ONE: Brady Short, Rick Hines, Adam Sasser, Ryan Lawrence, Nathan Voorhies, Travis Fleetwood, Alan Adams, Jamie Wells, J.D. Roberts

HEAT TWO: Brant Londeree, Doug St. Myers, Tim Eddelman, Bobby Davis, John Davis, Greg Deckard, Brad Fleetwood, Paul Ortman, Eddie Kindred

HEAT THREE: Shelby Miles, Al Flick, Bubba Woods, Joey Jones, Jeremy Hines, Reid Sparks, Reece Riggle, Ron Fedor, Brandon Reed

HEAT FOUR: Jesse Cramer, Earl Plessinger, Robbie Gullion, Dale Ayers, Rob Burdette, Matt Bex, Tom Burdette, Greg Lee, Rodney Bruce

HEAT FIVE: Matt Boknecht, Broc Burton, Jared Bailey, Josh Eads, Chris Streeval, Webb Lee, Donald Scott, Chuck Freeman

CONSI ONE: J.D. Roberts, Matt Bex, Nathan Voorhies, Bobby Davis, Rob Burdette, Chris Streeval, Josh Eads, Chuck Freeman, Ryan Lawrence, Jamie Wells, Brad Fleetwood, Reid Sparks, Paul Ortman

CONSI TWO: Joey Jones, Greg Deckard, Brandon Reed, Jeremy Hines, Webb Lee, Tom Burdette, Ron Fedor, Greg Lee, Donald Scott, John Davis, Eddie Kindred, Dale Ayers, Travis Fleetwood

FEATURE: Jesse Cramer, Brady Short, Earl Plessinger, Matt Boknecht, J.D. Roberts, Shelby Miles, Adam Sasser, Matt Bex, Rick Hines, Brent Londeree, Greg Deckard, Jared Bailey, Nathan Voorhies, Doug St. Myers, Robbie Gullion, Bubba Woods, Al Flick, Brandon Reed, Broc Burton, Tim Eddelman, Joey Jones

LATE MODELS (29 Entries)


HEAT ONE: John Gill, Dan Sturgeon, Jeff Wilson, Ernie Barrow, Cody Mahoney, Steve Godsey, Rick Sowders, Bob Stewart, Steve Sheeks, Dusty Chapman

HEAT TWO: Mark Barber, Mike Jewell, Tim Prince, Brad Erwin, Brian Wilhite, Mike Bechelli, Travis Shoulders, Ryan Eads, Tom Allman, Paul Crockett

HEAT THREE: Frankie Coomer, Brad Barrow, Doug Ault, Gary Hardin, Justin Blackwell, Shannon Reed, Rickey Riggle, Rick Burton, Josh McElyea

CONSI: Steve Godsey, Shannon Reed, Rick Sowders, Mike Bechelli, Rickey Riggle, Rick Burton, Travis Shoulders, Dusty Chapman, Steve Sheeks, Tom Allman, Paul Crockett, Josh McElyea, Ryan Eads, Bob Stewart

FEATURE: John Gill, Mike Jewell, Frankie Coomer, Dan Sturgeon, Mark Barber, Jeff Wilson, Doug Ault, Brad Barrow, Ernie Barrow, Tim Prince, Brad Erwin, Brian Wilhite, Justin Blackwell, Rick Sowders, Shannon Reed, Cody Mahoney, Gary Hardin, Mike Bechelli, Rickey Riggle, Steve Godsey