Mike Jewell of Scottsburg, IN took the lead from Steve Godsey on lap number six of the 30 lap "Hall of Fame Classic", and drove away from the field to claim the $2,500 top prize at Brownstown Speedway.

Jewell would lead the field to the green flag, but would not lead the first lap, as Godsey rode the top around him for the point after lap one. Jewell would try to dive low under him, but to no avail. Jewell and Godsey would run side by side, with Cody Mahoney and Frank Heckenast, Jr. waging a battle for the third spot. Mahoney managed to grab the spot away from Heckenast down the backstretch on lap two. Heckenast would then run off the backstretch on the next lap, and proceeded to lose several spots. Heckenast, however, was saved by the caution flag as Ernie Barrow would bring out the yellow in turn three. When the green flew for the restart, Rohn Moon took the fourth spot away from Heckenast before another yellow was shown for Tim Prince in turn four. On the lap three restart, Godsey would lead Jewell into turn one on the top side. Jewell worked his way alongside of Godsey on lap five, and would grab the lead on lap six while working the bottom of the track. Behind the leaders, a three wide battle for third would take place between Moon, Mahoney, and Heckenast. Moon would go to third, with Mahoney fourth, and Heckenast fifth. At the lap ten mark, Jewell had opened up a half straightaway lead over Godsey. Godsey would now have to contend with a hard charging Moon, who was trying to take the runner up spot away. Godsey would hold off Moon as they entered lap traffic on lap 16. As Godsey and Moon battled for the second spot, Jewell was picking off lapped cars on the top shelf, and had opened up a three quarters of a straightaway lead on them. As the field took the three to go sign, Steve Barnett would make his way into the top five with a pass on Heckenast. At about the same time as the Barnett pass, Moon shot around Godsey for the runner up spot. Jewell, however, had too much for the field as he took the checkers a full straightaway ahead of Moon, Godsey, Mahoney, and Barnett would round out the top five. Jewell is sponsored by Morgan Foods, MPC Motorsports, Shelton Angus Farms, and Jewell's TV Service. The chassis of choice for the winner was a MasterSbilt.

Greg Johnson of Bedford, IN found himself the leader after John Demoss and Shelby Miles were sent to the tail of the field with six laps remaining, and would win his first Modified feature at Brownstown.

Johnson, the veteran Late Model pilot, would lead the field to the green flag, but would not lead the first lap as Demoss would get around him. Miles would then get around Johnson for the second spot, and set his sights on Demoss. Miles tried numerous times on the high side to get around Demoss, but to no avali. Miles would then try the bottom groove, to no avail as well. Things got interesting on lap seven, as Johnson would make it three wide for the point, only to have that battle halted by a yellow for Ryan Lawrence in turn three. The field would then run three more green flag laps, until a caution flew for Bubba Woods on lap 10. Demoss would take the green flag on the restart, yet again holding off Miles for the lead. One of the cars on the move at this point was Donnie Adams, who had started twelfth and was up to fifth by lap 11. Back up front, Johnson would get around Miles for the second spot going down the backstretch on lap 12. Miles would then grab the spot right back on the top shelf. Disaster would strike the fourth place car of JD Roberts on lap 13 as he broke, allowing Adams to take fourth. As the leaders completed lap 14, Miles and Demoss made contact coming out of turn two. Demoss would go around, bringing out the yellow. Track officials deemed rough driving, and sent both cars to the back of the field. This would give the lead to Johnson, who would not relinquish it for the rest of the race. Johnson would cross the line ahead of Adams, Lee Hobbs, Rick Hines, and Jim Hume rounded out the top five.

Bub Cummings of Bedford, IN passed Clifton Barron late in the 20 lap Bomber feature, and held on to win his first feature of the season.

Mike Burch would lead the field around to complete the first circuit, with Barron right on his tail. Barron would get around Burch for the point, only to be slowed by a caution for Wes Tipton. Burch would go back to the point via the last scored lap. On the restart, Barron would get around Burch for the lead, bringing Cummings with him to second. Burch then lost third to Darrell Burton. Another caution would fly on lap three for the cars of John Mayer Jr and Steve Godsey. Barron would take the green for the restart followed by Cummings and Burton. Cummings shot to the top shelf to try to get around Barron, but Barron was too strong on the bottom. Meanwhile, a battle for fourth would take shape between Paul Owens and Burch. Owens would grab the fourth spot. Back up front as the battle for the lead would rage on, with Cummings finally taking the lead on lap 13. Behind the lead pack, Godsey would make his way into the top five with a pass on Roger Reichenbacker on lap 16. As the field took the white flag, Godsey and Owens made contact in two, sending Owens around in the process. The yellow and checkers would fly at the same time for Cummings, as he would win over Barron, Burton, Reichenbacker, and Doug Klyn. Godsey would have finished fourth, but was penalized for rough driving and was scored 14th.


LATE MODELS (36 Entries)

FAST QUALIFIER: Mike Jewell (14.815)

HEAT ONE: Mike Jewell, Rohn Moon, Frankie Coomer, Gary Hardin, Brian Wilhite, Scotty Earl, Bob Stewart, Rick Sowders

HEAT TWO: Brad Barrow, Frank Heckenast Jr, Doug Ault, Scott Graham, Duane Chamberlain, Justin Blackwell, Mike Bechelli, Derrick Ramp

HEAT THREE: Tim Prince, Cody Mahoney, Ernie Barrow, Wes Leigh, Matt Huddleston, Randy Riggle, Rickey Riggle, Dusty Chapman

HEAT FOUR: Steve Godsey, Jeff Wilson, Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, Christian Rayburn, Charles Ross, Ryan Eads, David Ross, Joe Godsey

CONSI ONE: Duane Chamberlain, Justin Blackwell, Mike Bechelli, Brian Wilhite, Derrick Ramp, Bob Stewart, Scotty Earl

CONSI TWO: Matt Huddleston, Rickey Riggle, Charles Ross, Christian Rayburn, Joe Godsey, David Ross, Ryan Eads, Randy Riggle

HALL OF FAME CLASSIC: Mike Jewell, Rohn Moon, Steve Godsey, Cody Mahoney, Steve Barnett, Frank Heckenast Jr, Frankie Coomer, Scott Graham, Doug Ault, Shannon Reed, Jeff Wilson, Duane Chamberlain, Matt Huddleston, Gary Hardin, Rickey Riggle, Wes Leigh, Justin Blackwell, Tim Prince, Ernie Barrow, Brad Barrow(DNS)

UMP Modifieds (48 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Greg Johnson, JD Roberts, Greg Deckard, Mike Fields, Sam Lee, Jared Bailey, Mike King, Terry Ross, Josh Wells

HEAT TWO: John Demoss, Dennis Boknecht, Donnie Adams, Matt Boknecht, Justin Bex, Jim Hume, Dale Ayers, Matt Huddleston, Brandon Reed, Justin Hobson

HEAT THREE: Todd Gilpin, Al Flick, Ryan Lawrence, Matt Bex, Ron Fedor, Mason Fleetwood, Matt Ross, Ryan Thomas, John Davis, JP Hume

HEAT FOUR: Shelby Miles, Clint Demoss, Rick Gumm, Alan Magner, Travis Fleetwood, AJ Bowlen, Josh Eads, Murl Robinson, Steve Trabue

HEAT FIVE: Rick Hines, Bubba Woods, Tim Eddelman, Lee Hobbs, Daniel Bohall, Greg Lee, Webb Lee, Troy Cannon, Chris Streeval

CONSI ONE: Chris Streeval, Matt Boknecht, Lee Hobbs, Mike Fields, JP Hume, Travis Fleetwood, Troy Cannon, Daniel Bohall, Mason Fleetwood, Dale Ayers, Matt Ross

CONSI TWO: Jim Hume, Alan Magner, Justin Bex, Webb Lee, Murl Robinson, Greg Lee, John Davis, Josh Eads, Matt Bex, Ron Fedor

FEATURE: Greg Johnson, Donnie Adams, Lee Hobbs, Rick Hines, Jim Hume, Tim Eddelman, Chris Streeval, Dennis Boknecht, Clint Demoss, John Demoss, Greg Deckard, Justin Bex, Alan Magner, Shelby Miles, JD Roberts, Bubba Woods, Al Flick, Matt Boknecht, Ryan Lawrence, Rick Gumm, Todd Gilpin-DNS

Bombers (35 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Clifton Barron, Paul Owens, Doug Klyn, Jacoby Hines, Jamie Wilson, Mike Klyn, John Bartlett, Tory Routier, Justin Herndon

HEAT TWO: Mike Burch, Bobby Johnson, Matt Cummings, Glenn Woods, Chad Plance, JJ Pfeiffer, Bill Wilson, Kevin Ford, Kamron Burch

HEAT THREE: Darrell Burton, Roger Reichenbaker, John Mayer Jr., Travis Prince, Josh Hayes, Brian Smiley, Josh Turner, Junior Garrett

HEAT FOUR: Bub Cummings, Jim Pfeiffer, Wes Tipton, Dwayne Gross, Ronnie Pardue, Steven Godsey, Brandon Routier, Tony Mahoney

CONSI ONE: Mike Klyn, Jamie Wilson, Bill Wilson, Chad Plance, JJ Pfeiffer, Kamron Burch, Tory Routier, John Bartlett

CONSI TWO: Steven Godsey, Brandon Routier, Josh Hayes, Junior Garrett, Tony Mahoney, Ronnie Pardue

FEATURE: Bub Cummings, Clifton Barron, Darrell Burton, Roger Reichenbaker, Doug Klyn, Jacoby Hines, Jim Pfeiffer, Matt Bex, Mike Burch, Mike Klyn, John Mayer Jr., Dwayne Gross, Paul Owens, Steven Godsey, Wes Tipton, Bobby Johnson, Brandon Routier, Matt Cummings, Jamie Wilson, Travis Prince-DNS