"Brent Londree, Jeremy Hines and Steve Godsey are Saturday Night Winners"

Brent Londeree of Columbus, IN captured his first career feature win at the Brownstown Speedway Saturday night. In the process, Londeree lapped up to the fifth position after taking the lead on lap six.

The 25 lap feature started with Tim Prince leading the first circuit, with Londeree getting by Wes Leigh for the second position. Londeree would then dive low on Prince for the lead, but Prince held him off. The first caution of the race would fly on lap four as debris was found in turn four. When the green flew for the restart, Londeree would try another pass on Prince, but Prince held him off. Londeree would finally get around Prince, this time on the high side, on lap six. Prince would then have to battle with Steve Barnett, as Barnett looked low for second. The car on the move at this point was Mark Barber, who was now fifth after starting 14th on lap 11. At this point, Londeree started the lapping process, and was about 3/4ths of a straightaway ahead of Prince. At this point, things began to get a bit crazy. Barnett would break while running third, ending his good run at the front. This would now put Wes Leigh up to the third position. Just a few laps later, Prince would pop his left rear tire while running second, putting Leigh to second now. Barber would then get around Leigh for the second spot in turn one on lap 14. The yellow would fly on lap 16 for the second time, for debris in turn two. During the caution, Barber would leave the race while running second, as he broke something in the left front. This would put Leigh back to second, and Rick Sowders now in third. At this point in the race, there were only five cars on the lead lap. During the caution, Sowders would have to go pitside with a flat tire. This would move Doug Ault up to the third position. No one would have anything for Londeree though, as he would go on to win by a straight over Leigh, Ault, Shannon Reed, and Sowders would round out the top five. Londeree thanked Jones Core and Mastersbilt Chassis, especially Keith and Tader because "You can call them in the middle of the night, and they will help you with anything on the race car that you need."

Jeremy Hines of Seymour, IN took home his first win on the season in the Super Stock division at Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night. Hines made the winning pass with just five to go.

The feature event would see Jay Deckard lead the first lap from his pole position, with Chris Deweese getting around Hines for the second spot. Current Super Stock points leader, Kevin Applegate would make a charge at Hines for the third position, but couldnt get around for the spot. Bad luck would then strike Deckard, as he would break while leading, putting Deweese to the lead. Hines would turn up the heat on Deweese, and move under him for the lead on lap 15. The caution would fly for debris on the track on lap 18, bunching up the field. During the caution, Deweese erupted in smoke, ending his evening while running second. When the green flew with two to go, Hines would pull away from the field, notching his first win on the season at Brownstown. Follwing Hines at the line were Applegate, Greg Amick, Jim Ruddick, and Randy Moore rounded out the top five.

Steve Godsey of Bedford, IN found himself in victory lane in the Bomber division after Clifton Barron would break on the final lap of the race.

The feature event started out with a horrible crash on the front stretch, with numerous cars piling into each other. The worst for ware being Darrel Burton, who was struck in the drivers side door at almost full speed. He was transported to the local hospital, and was later released. The red flag lasted nearly 30 minutes. When racing resumed, Steve Godsey would lead the first lap from his second starting spot. Behind Godsey, Barron and Rusty Smiley would join Bub Cummings for a battle for second. Smiley would take third, and Cummings back to fourth. Smoke would start to pour out of the back of Cumming's car, forcing him to retire while running fourth. The caution would fly on lap four, for debris in turn four. When racing resumed, Barron would start to hound Godsey for the lead, as the lead duo would pull away from Smiley. Smiley would have to contend with Brad Cummings, who was piloting Glen Woods #W1 for the evening. Cummings was unable to make the pass on Smiley, keeping all positions the same. Back up front, Barron would finally make the pass for the lead on Godsey on lap 10. Godsey would stay on Barron's rear bumper for a bit, until he bobbled coming out of four on lap 13. Godsey wouldn't lose any positions, but would lose ground on Barron. How much ground? A full straightaway was now the advantage for Barron after the mishap. Back to Cummings and Smiley now, as Cummings would finally get the third spot away, putting Smiley to fourth. As the white flag was shown, the driveshaft would drop from the car of Josh Turner, causing a green-white-checkered finish. During the caution, Barron would exit the speedway while leading, and would stall on the outside of the track, handing the lead back to Godsey. Godsey would pull away on the final two laps, notching his first victory on the season. Behind Godsey was Brad Cummings, Jacoby Hines, Bobby Gardner, and Dewayne Gross rounded out the top five.



FAST QUALIFIER: CJ Rayburn (14.327)

HEAT ONE: Wes Leigh, Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, CJ Rayburn, Ryan Eads, Brian Wilhite, Justin Blackwell

HEAT TWO: Tim Prince, Steve Godsey, Rickey Riggle, Randy Riggle, Mark Barber, Christian Rayburn, Gary Hardin

HEAT THREE: Brent Londeree, Doug Ault, Rick Sowders, Mike Bechelli, Justin Shaw, Brad Barrow, Dusty Chapman

FEATURE: Brent Londeree, Wes Leigh, Doug Ault, Shannon Reed, Rick Sowders, Brad Barrow, Christian Rayburn, Justin Blackwell, Ryan Eads, Randy Riggle, Brian Wilhite, Rickey Riggle, Mark Barber, Gary Hardin, Tim Prince, Steve Barnett, Steve Godsey, CJ Rayburn, Mike Bechelli, Dusty Chapman


HEAT ONE: Jay Deckard, Greg Amick, Jeff Walters, Tom Ault, Brad Cummings, Troy Clark, Shawn Blanton, Paul Seymour, Tony Arthur

HEAT TWO: Jeremy Hines, Kevin Applegate, Mike Cawood, Terrence Johnson, Barry Gerkin, Geoff Strange, Tim Neal, Mike Seal, Matt Harmon

HEAT THREE: Mike Stigdon, Randy Moore, Tyler Cain, Jason Johnson, Clay Ellison, Kevin Kruse, Jamie Pardue, Scott Ross, Ray Weston

HEAT FOUR: Chris Deweese, Jim Ruddick, Jason Hehman, Tim Clark, Dave Brewer, Mike Jones, Chris Decker, Dave Waggoner, Bobby Price

CONSI ONE: Brad Cummings, Geoff Strange, Tony Arthur, Shawn Blanton, Barry Gerkin, Mike Seal, Tim Neal, Troy Clark

CONSI TWO: Dave Brewer, Mike Jones, Dave Waggoner, Kevin Kruse, Scott Ross, Chris Decker, Jamie Pardue, Ray Weston, Bobby Price, Clay Ellison

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Kevin Applegate, Greg Amick, Jim Ruddick, Randy Moore, Mike Cawood, Tim Clark, Brad Cummings, Tyler Cain, Mike Jones, Mike Stigdon, Jason Johnson, Chris Deweese, Dave Brewer, Geoff Strange, Jay Deckard, Jason Hehman, Jeff Walters, Terrence Johnson, Tom Ault


HEAT ONE: Rusty Smiley, Roger Reichenbacker, John Mayer Jr, Darrell Burton, Bobby Gardner, Robert Green, Brad Cummings, Ron Pardue, Kenny Leahy, Ryan Goss, Jim Pfeiffer

HEAT TWO: Matt Cummings, Bub Cummings, Jacoby Hines, Bobby Johnson, Junior Garrett, Josh Hayes, Willie Marcum, Gary Vest, Jamie Wilson, Dan Londeree

HEAT THREE: Travis Prince, Dewayne Gross, Wes Tipton, Kevin Ford, Bill Wilson, Kamron Burch, Rick Mitchell, Tory Routier, Chad Plance, Seth Voorhies

HEAT FOUR: Steve Godsey, Clifton Barron, Paul Owens, Josh Turner, Doug Klyn, Lindsey Wade, JJ Pfeiffer, Terry Fleenor, Mike Burch, Brandon Routier

CONSI ONE: Brad Cummings, Bobby Gardner, Ron Pardue, Josh Hayes, Ryan Goss, Gary Vest, Kenny Leahy, Junior Garrett, Jim Pfeiffer, Willie Marcum, Jamie Wilson

CONSI TWO: JJ Pfeiffer, Bill Wilson, Doug Klyn, Rick Mitchell, Lindsey Wade, Brandon Routier, Chad Plance, Mike Burch, Tory Routier

FEATURE: Steve Godsey, Brad Cummings, Jacoby Hines, Bobby Gardner, Dewayne Gross, Clifton Barron, Rusty Smiley, Josh Turner, Bobby Johnson, Wes Tipton, JJ Pfeiffer, Bub Cummings, Kevin Ford, Paul Owens, Matt Cummings, Travis Prince, Roger Reichenbacker, John Mayer Jr, Darrell Burton, Bill Wilson