By: Chris Nunn
Matt Bex of Avoca, Indiana made the charge from the final row to victory lane at Brownstown Speedway Saturday night in the UMP Modified division.

As the field took the green flag to start the 20 lap feature event, a pileup involving numerous cars in turn one would bring the field back. Another yellow would fly on the second attempt as Greg Deckard spun on the backstraight. The third time would be the charm as Al Flick would lead the first lap with Ryan Thomas passing Rick Hines for second. The third caution of the race would fly on lap three for an incident between Matt Boknecht and Ryan Lawrence. The field made one green flag lap until the caution flew on lap four for Lee Hobbs. The restart was brought back for debris in turn four. One more lap was then completed before the yellow flew for the sixth time, this time for Chris Streeval. When the green flew again, Flick would pull away from Thomas down the straights. Behind them, Jim Hume and Tim Eddelman would battle for third with Eddelman keeping the spot. Hume would then have to contend with Hines, who had earlier been docked some positions for jumping a restart. Hines would get around Hume for the fourth position. Hume and Hines would then trade the spot back and forth until the caution flew on lap 13 for Jeremy Ingram. When the green flew Bex, who was flying on the topside went around both Hines and Eddelman and found himself in third. Bex would then go around Thomas for the second spot. Bex then made his move on Flick up front. The two went door to door for a couple of laps before Bex went to the point on lap 17. The final caution of the race would fly on lap 18 for Clint Demoss and Chris Streeval in turn four. No one would have anything for Bex though, as he would cruise the final two laps to victory. Behind him at the line were: Thomas, Shelby Miles from 17th, Flick, and Eddelman rounded out the top five.

Jeremy Hines of Seymour, Indiana took home his second victory of the season at Brownstown Speedway on Saturday Night in the Super Stock divison.

The race started with polesitter Tim Clark leading the first lap, as a battle for second waged on between Hines and Nelson Gingery. Hines would take the spot away from Gingery going down the backstretch on lap three. Behind them, Gary Green and Kevin Applegate would fight it out to see who remained in the top five. Green would take the fifth spot on the bottom shelf. Back towards the front, Chris Deweese got around Gingery for the third position. The battle for fifth would heat up again, as Applegate would get back around Green for the spot. Up front, Hines and Deweese were reeling Clark as the laps ticked down. Hines and Deweese got a break, as the caution would fly on lap nine for David Brewer in turn three. When the race resumed, Clark had to deal with a hard-charging Hines on the topside. Hines would pull even with Clark for the lead on lap 11. The duo would run door to door for numerous laps until Hines squeaked out an edge on Clark on lap 15. Hines would hold on to the lead until the checkers to notch his second win on the season. Following Hines to the line were: Clark, Deweese, Gingery, and Applegate rounded out the top five.

Bub Cummings of Bedford, Indiana took home an exciting feature win in the Bomber division. Three wide for the lead was the norm in the event.

The 20 lap feature event started out with a scary accident involving Chad Plance, Roger Reichenbacker, and Dewayne Gross. Reichenbacker spun coming out of turn two, collecting Plance. Gross was hit by another car and flipped over the turn two bank against the wall. Gross exited the car and looked to be OK. When racing resumed, Steve Godsey would lead the first lap with Clifton Barron on his rear. Barron would look to get around Godsey a few times in the early laps, but Godsey would hold him off. Things would get interesting as Cummings would join the fray, and make it three wide for the point. Barron would come out with the lead, with Godsey second, and Cummings third. A couple of laps later on lap 9, the trio would go three wide again, this time for three straight laps. Cummings rode in the middle and took Godsey with him, as they pulled away from Barron. Cummings and Godsey would then run neck and neck for the lead. Cummings was finally able to get the lead all to himself with just a handful of laps to go and claimed his second victory on the season, as he went unchallenged the rest of the way. Following Cummings were: Godsey, Barron, Jacoby Hines, and Paul Owens would round out the top five


UMP MODIFIEDS (40 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jim Hume, Greg Deckard, Rick Hines, Jeremy Ingram, Matt Bex, Murl Robinson, Travis Fleetwood, Mike Stryzinski, Mason Fleetwood, Josh Walker

HEAT TWO: Al Flick, Chris Streeval, Matt Boknecht, Bubba Woods, Shelby Miles, Ron Fedor, Cory Ping, Mike King, Matt Ross, Jason Sims

HEAT THREE: Ryan Thomas, John Demoss, Tim Eddelman, Lee Hobbs, Clint Demoss, AJ Bowlen, Webb Lee, Justin Bex, Sam Lee, Billy Thurnall

HEAT FOUR: Earl Plessinger, JD Roberts, Ryan Lawrence, Dennis Boknecht, Rick Gumm, Steve Trabue, Greg Lee, Jeremy Hines, Butch Issacs, Todd Gilpin

CONSI ONE: Shelby Miles, Matt Bex, Murl Robinson, Travis Fleetwood, Mike King, Jason Sims, Mike Stryzinski, Ron Fedor, Matt Ross, Cory Ping, Mason Fleetwood, Josh Walker

CONSI TWO: Clint Demoss, Jeremy Hines, Rick Gumm, Webb Lee, Greg Lee, Sam Lee, Steve Trabue, AJ Bowlen

DASH: AL Flick, Ryan Thomas, Earl Plessinger, Jim Hume

FEATURE: Matt Bex, Ryan Thomas, Shelby Miles, Al Flick, Tim Eddelman, Jeremy Hines, Bubba Woods, Rick Hines, Greg Deckard, Dennis Boknecht, Clint Demoss, Chris Streeval, JD Roberts, Jim Hume, Jeremy Ingram, Lee Hobbs, Ryan Lawrence, Matt Boknecht, John Demoss, Earl Plessinger

SUPER STOCKS (35 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jeremy Hines, Gary Green, Jason Hehman, David Brewer, Jason Johnson, Randy Moore, Barry Gerkin, Brad Cummings, Keri Fleenor

HEAT TWO: Nelson Gingery, Chris Deweese, Jim Ruddick, Tom Ault, Terrence Johnson, Mike Jones, Jamie Pardue, Ray Weston, Bobby Price

HEAT THREE: Tim Clark, Earl Plessinger, Troy Clark, Greg Amick, Tyler Cain, Matt Harmon, Tony Arthur, Donnie Wilson

HEAT FOUR: Kevin Applegate, Jay Deckard, Kevin Jones, Clay Ellison, Geoff Strange, Deb Friesner-DNS, Kevin Kruse-DNS, Tim Neal-DNS

CONSI ONE: Jason Johnson, Brad Cummings, Randy Moore, Terrence Johnson, Barry Gerkin, Jamie Pardue, Keri Fleenor, Ray Weston, Mike Jones

CONSI TWO: Tyler Cain, Matt Harmon, Geoff Strange, Donnie Wilson, Tony Arthur

DASH: Tim Clark, Nelson Gingery, Jeremy Hines, Kevin Applegate

FEATURE: Jeremy Hines, Tim Clark, Chris Deweese, Nelson Gingery, Kevin Applegate, Jay Deckard, Kevin Jones, Gary Green, Brad Cummings, Jim Ruddick, Jason Johnson, Troy Clark, Tom Ault, David Brewer, Greg Amick, Clay Ellison, Tyler Cain, Matt Harmon, Earl Plessinger, Jason Hehman

BOMBERS (38 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Clifton Barron, Bobby Johnson, Rick Gess, Dewayne Gross, Jeremy Helton, Jeff Selby, Kamron Burch, Greg Lyle, John Mayer Jr, Scott Jones

HEAT TWO: Bub Cummings, Roger Reichenbacker, Kevin Ford, Brian Smiley, Wes Tipton, Jim Pfeiffer, Ryan Goss, Josh Hayes, Larry Neal, David Robinson

HEAT THREE: Paul Owens, Josh Turner, Jamie Wilson, Chad Plance, Mike Burch, Robert Green, Tory Routier, John Holz, Justin Herndon

HEAT FOUR: Steve Godsey, Darrell Burton, Jacoby Hines, Glen Woods, Ronnie Pardue, Kris Brown, Doug Klyn, JJ Pfeiffer, Bill Wilson

CONSI ONE: Jim Pfeiffer, Wes Tipton, Kamron Burch, Ryan Goss, David Robinson, Jeff Selby

CONSI TWO: Mike Burch, JJ Pfeiffer, Josh Hayes, Ron Pardue, Tory Routier, Kris Brown, David Brewer, John Holz

DASH: Clifton Barron, Steve Godsey, Bub Cummings, Paul Owens

FEATURE:Bub Cummings, Steve Godsey, Clifton Barron, Jacoby Hines, Paul Owens, Bobby Johnson, Darrel Burton, Glen Woods, Jim Pfeiffer, Jamie Wilson, Wes Tipton, Josh Turner, Brian Smiley, Rick Gess, Mike Burch, JJ Pfeiffer, Kevin Ford, Roger Reichenbacker, Dewayne Gross, Chad Plance