By: Chris Nunn

Steve Barnett of Franklin, IN took home his third victory out of four races at Brownstown Speedway Saturday night. Barnett took the lead from Brent Londeree on lap two and never looked back.

The 25 lap Late Model main event started with a caution flag as Duane Chamberlain and Steve Godsey would spin in turn two. On the restart, Londeree would break out from his pole position and hit the rim to take the lead on lap one. Barnett would then shoot under Londeree and snag the lead away on lap two. Londeree would jump the cushion on lap four and lose numerous spots only to be saved by a yellow for Tim Prince. Going back to the last scored lap, Londeree would still hold second. When the green flew, Barnett would dart out to about a five car advantage on Londeree. They would stay that way for a couple of laps until Londeree jumped the cushion again and ran off the turn one bank. As fate would have it, Londeree would be saved AGAIN, as Prince looped his car once more in turn two. Londeree would be put back to second, where he was scored on the previous scored lap. Barnett would lead the field to the restart again, this time with Randy Petro challenging Londeree for the second spot. Petro, driving Londeree's backup car, would not be able to get the spot away. Petro then had to fend off Brad Barrow for the third position. Petro was unable to hold off Barrow, as Barrow shot around him on the highside of turn four for third. The man on the move as the halfway sign was given, was Justin Blackwell. Blackwell started 16th and was battling John Gill for the fifth position. Gill would keep the spot, and would move up to challenge Petro for fourth on lap 15. Gill would get around Petro a few laps later, bringing Blackwell with him to fifth. Petro would now run sixth, which is where he would finish. Barnett, however, was a half track ahead of Londeree and would not be caught as he crossed the line in front of Londeree, Barrow, Gill, and Blackwell would round out the top five.

Shelby Miles of Bloomington, IN took home his second victory of the season at Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night. With the victory, and the absence of points runner up, John Demoss, Miles stretched his advantage out in the points by a wide margin.

The 20 lap UMP Modified feature would begin with a caution flag, as Chris Streeval and Jason Sims would spin in turn two. Everyone got their spot back due to a complete restart. When the field took the green, Miles would shoot out to the lead, with J.D. Roberts and Matt Boknecht battling for second. Behind them, Chris Streeval and Justin Hobson would battle for fourth. Roberts would move to second, and Streeval would take fourth at the same time. Hobson would then be passed by Matt Huddleston for the fifth spot on lap four. The top five ran single file for a bit, as by lap eight, Miles had almost a full straight on Roberts. As the field ran green, Streeval would start to reel in Boknecht for the third position. The duo would go side by side for a few laps until Streeval took the spot on lap 13. Streeval was not done yet, as he would catch Roberts, and take the second spot away from him on lap 16. Roberts would then have to contend with Boknecht, as they would battle for third. Roberts would keep the spot as the field took the two to go signal. Miles was in his own world when he took the checkers in front of Streeval, Roberts, Boknecht, and Huddleston would round out the top five.

Steve Godsey of Bedford, IN picked up his fourth victory on the season at Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night. Godsey led only 25 feet of the race, as he got around Bub Cummings as they came out of turn four for the checkers.

Bub Cummings would bring the Bomber field to the green, and would lead the first lap with Darrell Burton and Steve Godsey battling for second. Godsey would hold on to second. As the early laps went on, the top five would string out a bit, leaving no action within the top five. The field would bunch up on lap six, for Glen Woods in turn three. The restart would be called back, as Josh Turner would bring out the caution. When the green flew again, Burton would challenge Godsey for second once more. Godsey held off Burton, keeping him in third. Godsey would put some ground in between he and Burton, as the top three would spread out a bit at halfway. As the race went on, Godsey would start to reel in Cummings. With five to go, on lap 15, Godsey would start to play a little bumper tag with Cummings, letting him know he was there. With two to go, it was still Cummings ahead of Godsey as they entered turn two. Godsey would then move alongside of Cummings, and they would go door to door for the white flag. As the lead duo split the lapped car of Kamron Burch, Godsey had enough momentum to carry him out of four, on the high side to a 1/4th of a car length victory over Cummings. Following Godsey and Cummings to the line were Burton, Jacony Hines, and Clifton Barron rounded out the top five.


LATE MODELS (28 Entries)

FAST QUALIFIER: Steve Barnett (14.542)

HEAT ONE: Steve Barnett, Tim Prince, John Gill, Mark Barber, Ernie Barrow, Justin Blackwell, Daniel Bohall, Chris Stillwell, Randy Riggle, Rick Sowders

HEAT TWO: Brent Londeree, Randy Petro, Doug Ault, Rickey Riggle, Dusty Chapman, Brian Wilhite, Steve Godsey, Jeremy Masters, Justin Shaw

HEAT THREE: Brad Barrow, Duane Chamberlain, Dan Sturgeon, Shannon Reed, Gary Hardin, Mike Bechelli, Ryan Eads, Mark Kinser, Matt Huddleston

CONSI: Justin Blackwell, Steve Godsey, Matt Huddleston, Daniel Bohall, Ryan Eads, Randy Riggle, Chris Stillwell, Jeremy Masters, Mike Bechelli, Brian Wilhite

FEATURE: Steve Barnett, Brent Londeree, Brad Barrow, John Gill, Justin Blackwell, Randy Petro, Duane Chamberlain, Doug Ault, Shannon Reed, Rickey Riggle, Ernie Barrow, Matt Huddleston, Ryan Eads, Daniel Bohall, Gary Hardin, Dusty Chapman, Mark Barber, Tim Prince, Dan Sturgeon, Steve Godsey

MODIFIEDS (33 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Matt Boknecht, Chris Streeval, Ryan Lawrence, Dennis Boknecht, Matt Bex, Reid Sparks, Webb Lee, Josh Eads, Andrew Davis

HEAT TWO: Shelby Miles, Matt Huddleston, Ralph Groomer, Clint Demoss, Brandon Reed, Steve Trabue, Cory Ping, Mike King

HEAT THREE: JD Roberts, Jason Sims, Jared Bailey, Greg Lee, Greg Deckard, Travis Fleetwood, Sam Lee, John Phillips

HEAT FOUR: Justin Hobson, Bubba Woods, Justin Bex, Tim Eddelman, Ron Fedor, Ben Dubois, Matt Ross, Donnie Fleetwood

CONSI: Matt Bex, Brandon Reed, Greg Deckard, Ben Dubois, Webb Lee, Josh Eads, Andrew Davis, Reid Sparks, Mike King, Matt Ross, Cory Ping, Donnie Fleetwood, Steve Trabue, Ron Fedor, John Phillips, Travis Fleetwood

FEATURE: Shelby Miles, Chris Streeval, JD Roberts, Matt Boknecht, Matt Huddleston, Justin Hobson, Bubba Woods, Ryan Lawrence, Tim Eddelman, Matt Bex, Clint Demoss, Jason Sims, Greg Deckard, Ralph Groomer, Ben Dubois, Jared Bailey, Dennis Boknecht, Brandon Reed, Greg Lee, Justin Bex (DNS)

BOMBERS (25 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Bub Cummings, Clifton Barron, Paul Owens, Bill Wilson, Josh Hayes, Dewayne Gross, Jason Combs, Josh Turner, Robert Green

HEAT TWO: Steve Godsey, Brian Smiley, Glen Woods, Wes Tipton, Ron Pardue, Kamron Burch, Bobby Johnson, Tory Routier

HEAT THREE: Darrell Burton, Jacoby Hines, Jim Pfeiffer, Jamie Wilson, Tony Mahoney, Chad Plance, Josh Phelps, Paul Ortman

CONSI: Jason Combs, Josh Turner, Kamron Burch, Bobby Johnson, Robert Green, Chad Plance, Dewayne Gross, Paul Ortman, Tory Routier

FEATURE: Steve Godsey, Bub Cummings, Darrell Burton, Jacoby Hines, Clifton Barron, Paul Owens, Brian Smiley, Jamie Wilson, Jason Combs, Bobby Johnson, Wes Tipton, Tony Mahoney, Josh Turner, Josh Hayes, Bill Wilson, Kamron Burch, Robert Green, Glen Woods, Jim Pfeiffer