By: Chris Nunn

Matt Miller of Waterville, OH took his second career feature win at the Brownstown Speedway on the "Night Before the Jackson 100"

The 30 lap main event started with a couple of caution flags before a lap could be completed. The first for Greg Johnson and the second for Brandon Kinzer both in turn two. The third try would be the charm as Don O'Neal would lead lap number one. O'Neal would then enter turn number two on lap two and get sideways collecting Brian Shirley, Patrick Sheltra, Jesse Lay, and Scott James. The lead would now belong to Brent Londeree with Mike Jewell second, and Miller in the third position. When the green flew for the restart, Miller would shoot around Jewell for the second position. Jewell would then have to contend with Bryan Barber for third. Barber would get the spot coming down the backstretch on lap four. At the same time, Miller was taking the lead away from Londeree in turn three. Londeree would then see Barber go by for the second spot on lap six. The car on the move was the #75 of Bart Hartman. Hartman started 17th on the grid and was up to the eighth position on lap eight. At the 1/3 point of the race, Miller had started to pull a straightaway lead over Barber and the rest of the field. Back to Hartman, as he would make it into the top five on lap 15 with a pass on Michael Bradley. Three laps later on lap 18, Hartman would get sideways in turn two and would pull into the infield. Now into the top five was O'Neal who had came from the tail after going to the pits during the red flag on lap one. O'Neal would get around Jewell for the fourth position on lap 23 and would set his sights on Londeree for third. As O'Neal and Londeree battled for third, contact was made sending O'Neal through the infield, losing several positions. No one would have anything for Miller as he seemed to be in his own area code. Rounding out the top five behind Miller were Barber, Jewell, Londeree, and Mark Barber.

The non winners event for those drivers that have never won a race at Brownstown went to Dunnville, KY native Brad Neat. A race long battle with Brian Shirley thrilled the fans, as Shirley would ride the hub with Neat on the rim. Shirley tried a last ditch effort with just two laps to go, but to no avail. The top five was Neat, Shirley, Shannon Reed, Jesse Lay, and Bryan Barber

Chris Deweese of Columbus, IN took home the Super Stock portion of the Jackson 100 weekend. The victory marked his third on the season at Brownstown Speedway.

Jason Hehman would lead the field to the green flag at the start of the 25 lapper. Jason Johnson would settle into second place before the yellow flew for Geoff Strange and Kevin Jones in turn two. When racing resumed, Deweese would challenge Johnson for second place, ultimately getting around him for the spot. On the third circuit, Johnson would loop it while running third in turn two. On the lap three restart, Randy Petro would move up to the fifth spot with a pass on Tim Clark. At the same time as the fifth place battle, Brad Cummings and Kevin Applegate would go at it for fourth. Cummings run would end on lap five when he would loop it in turn two, collecting Clay Ellison in the process. When racing resumed, Deweese would make a great move to get around Hehman for the point. Behind them, Petro would go to third with a pass on Applegate. Applegate would the lose fourth, as Clark would go around for the spot. Deweese, at this point, had checked out by lap 18. A full straight advantage would be the cushion that he would enjoy to the finish. Following Deweese at the line was Petro, Hehman, Clark, and Applegate would round out the top five.


LATE MODELS (60 Entries)

FAST QUALIFIER: Don O'Neal (14.255)

HEAT ONE: Don O'Neal, Patrick Sheltra, Brad Neat, Dustin Neat, Jeff Wilson, Tim Prince, Rickey Riggle, Daniel Bohall, Freddy Smith, Gary Hardin, Duane Brown, Alan Haycraft

HEAT TWO: Brian Shirley, Greg Johnson, Mark Barber, Steve Casebolt Jr, Steve Barnett, Doug Ault, Rick Sowders, Pete Parker, Brian Wilhite, Chad Smith, Jeremy Masters, Randy Riggle

HEAT THREE: Jesse Lay, Mike Jewell, Scott James, Dan Sturgeon, Michael England, Billy Drake, Frankie Coomer, Cody Mahoney, Mark Bechelli, Steve Godsey, Kellen Conover, Willie Sallee

HEAT FOUR: Brent Londeree, Michael Bradley, Brandon Kinzer, Brad Barrow, Bart Hartman, Tim Tungate, Terry Eaglin, Mark Voigt, Matt Huddleston, Dusty Chapman, Tom Allman, Blake Chinn

HEAT FIVE: Bryan Barber, Matt Miller, Shannon Reed, Wayne Chinn, John Gill, Rick Aukland, CJ Rayburn, Dick Phillips, Justin Blackwell, Ryan Eads, David Ross, Ernie Barrow

CONSI ONE: Steve Barnett, Billy Drake, Dustin Neat, Tim Tungate, Michael England, CJ Rayburn, Terry Eaglin, Kellen Conover, Willie Sallee, Jeremy Masters, Gary Hardin, Steve Casebolt Jr, Dick Phillips, Freddy Smith

CONSI TWO: Bart Hartman, Dan Sturgeon, Rick Aukland, Brad Barrow, Pete Parker, Mark Bechelli, Steve Godsey, Brian Wilhite, Rickey Riggle, David Ross, Dusty Chapman, Daniel Bohall

CONSI THREE: Wayne Chinn, Tim Prince, Rick Sowders, Frankie Coomer, Cody Mahoney, Ryan Eads, Justin Blackwell, Randy Riggle, Mark Voigt, Doug Ault, Jeff Wilson

NIGHT BEFORE THE JACKSON FEATURE: Matt Miller, Bryan Barber, Mike Jewell, Brent Londeree, Mark Barber, Michael Bradley, Shannon Reed, Brad Neat, Billy Drake, Don O'Neal, Brandon Kinzer, Patrick Sheltra, Jesse Lay, Tim Prince, Wayne Chinn, Bart Hartman, Steve Barnett, Dan Sturgeon, Brian Shirley, Scott James, Greg Johnson

NON WINNERS FEATURE: Brad Neat, Brian Shirley, Shannon Reed, Jesse Lay, Bryan Barber, Brandon Kinzer, Patrick Sheltra, Tim Prince, Mark Voigt, Dustin Neat, Mark Bechelli, Rickey Riggle, Cody Mahoney, Rick Sowders, Frankie Coomer, Brad Barrow

SUPER STOCKS (37 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Jason Hehman, Kevin Jones, Randy Moore, Gary Green, Kevin Kruse, Geoff Strange, Larry Root, Rick Gumm, Jason Jamison

HEAT TWO: Chris Deweese, Tim Clark, Jim Ruddick, Clay Ellison, Don Barnett, Bobby Price, Tim Neal, Mike Seal, Deb Friesner

HEAT THREE: Jason Johnson, Kevin Applegate, Mike Cawood, Dave Barnett, David Brewer, Terrence Johnson, Donnie Wilson, Barry Gerkin

HEAT FOUR: Brad Cummings, Randy Petro, Jay Deckard, Jay Miller, Tom Ault, Tyler Cain, Jamie Pardue, Tony Arthur, Ray Weston

CONSI ONE: Geoff Strange, Don Barnett, Jason Jamison, Bobby Price, Kevin Kruse, Deb Friesner, Larry Root, Tim Neal

CONSI TWO: Tom Ault, Tyler Cain, Dave Brewer, Terrence Johnson, Jeremy Hines, Jamie Pardue, Tony Arthur, Donnie Wilson, Ray Weston, Barry Gerkin

FEATURE: Chris Deweese, Randy Petro, Jason Hehman, Tim Clark, Kevin Applegate, Randy Moore, Tyler Cain, Jim Ruddick, Jay Miller, Jay Deckard, Tom Ault, Dave Barnett, Don Barnett, Jason Johnson, Geoff Strange, Brad Cummings, Mike Cawood, Clay Ellison, Gary Green, Kevin Jones