By: Chris Nunn

Billy Drake of Bloomington, IL survived a wild 100 lap affair at the 26th Annual Jackson 100 at Brownstown Speedway. Drake started from the pole position, but had to fight to take home the $10,000 payday.

Drake led the field to the start of the main event, only to see Bart Hartman speed by on the outside to lead lap one. The caution would fly for the first time on the first circuit for Mike Jewell who came to rest over the bank in turn one. Jewell would spin again in turn one on the restart, causing him to have to go pitside. On the restart, Jimmy Owens who was running third would hit the cone, sending him to the tail of the field. When racing resumed Hartman darted out to the lead with Drake right behind. Further back into the top five, Matt Miller started his move towards the front with a pass on Rick Aukland for the fourth position. The fourth caution of the race flew on lap four as debris littered the speedway in turn four. Hartman would lead the field down to the green again this time with Duane Chamberlain right behind him. A battle for third would take place between Miller and Drake with Miller taking the spot. Miller and Drake would move up on lap nine to wage a three way battle for second with Chamberlain. Miller would go to second with Chamberlain third, and Drake fourth. The fifth caution of the event would fly on lap 12 for Greg Johnson who broke in turn two. On the restart, Miller would take advantage of the unused highside to get around Hartman for the lead. During all of the action up front, Don O'Neal was moving through the field, making a pass on Aukland for fifth. Lap 22 would see caution number six for Tim Tungate who had started 15th and had made his way up to seventh before retiring to the pits. The restart was aborted due to Scott James hitting the starting cone, sending him to the tail of the field. James had moved his way into the top ten after starting 23rd. When racing resumed, Drake would get around Chamberlain for the third position. Chamberlain would then see O'Neal go by for the fourth position along with Donnie Moran for fifth. Back towards the front, on lap 30, Drake caught Hartman for the second position and would move around him for the spot. At the point it was Miller pulling away from the field as deja vu would strike. At the Hoosier Dirt Classic earlier in the season, Miller was dominating the race until a tire blew forcing him out of the lead. Miller's luck would not change, as something broke in the rear end on lap 37 ending his run towards $10,000. Inheriting the lead now would be Drake with Hartman in second. The field would run three green flag laps before O'Neal would stop on the frontstraight with a flat left front tire. The restart would be nullified for O'Neal pulling onto the front straight after changing the tire, and stopping on the track. O'Neal would be sent pitside for causing two cautions. The third try on the lap 40 restart would be brought back as well for Jimmy Owens stalling on the backstretch. The new top five at this point were Drake, Hartman, Chamberlain, Moran and John Gill who started 24th on the grid. Moran would get around Chamberlain as the field took the halfway signal from the Tuxedo clad chief starter, Chad Keithley. One lap later, Gill would get around Chamberlain for the fourth spot. Chamberlain would retire from the race a few laps later, ending his evening. With Chamberlain out, this would move Brian Shirley into the top five. Back towards the front, Moran would challenge Hartman for the runner up spot. Hartman would hold his ground and keep the position. Moran would not give up, however, and the duo would go door to door for numerous laps for the spot. Moran would finally get the runner up position on lap 67. Moran would then start the process of reeling in Drake for the lead. Drake would start to throw lapped cars between he and Moran, with Moran clearing them with ease. Moran would see Drake get closer in the front window, as Drake had trouble lapping the car of Patrick Sheltra. Unfortunately, Moran would see his chances go up in smoke as he broke on lap 81 while catching Drake for the lead. Hartman would again inherit the runner up spot due to Moran's misfortune. Behind Hartman, a three way dance for the fourth position was brewing between James, Shirley, and Aukland. James would take fourth, with Shirley fifth, and Aukland sixth. The field would slow on lap 84 for the car of Brad Neat in turn two. When the race resumed, Drake darted out to a five car length advantage over Hartman as they hit turn one. A scary turn of events would take place on lap 87, as Bryan Barber would stall outside of turn two. At the same time, Shirley would launch off the backstretch and end up in the turn three drainage ditch. A lengthy red flag was needed to extract Shirleys #3s out of the creek. After about a 25 minute delay, the field roared back to life with Drake out front. With the leader pulling away, a battle for second would take place between Hartman and Gill. Hartman would keep the position, leaving Gill in third. As the field took the two to go signal, Drake would see his advantage diminish due to a caution involving Aukland, who had flew off the track in turn one. A green, white, checker finish would decide the outcome. The field would take the green flag on the restart with Drake pulling out a good sized advantage on Hartman. Drake would then ride the middle of the speedway to his second Jackson 100 crown followed by Hartman, Gill, James, and Dennis Erb Jr would round out the top five. Drake is sponsored by Creative Kitchens and Baths, Executive Homes, The Wells Family, and Steidinger Construction. The chassis of choice for the champion is a MastersBilt. The Lou Ahlbrand Memorial Award for passing the most cars during the 100 laps went to John Gill. Gill started 24th and ended up third, collecting $1,000 for his efforts.

John Davis scored his first win at Brownstown Speedway in numerous years in the $1,000 to win UMP Modified main event. Davis had to withstand challenges from Matt Bex, Ryan Thomas, and Jesse Cramer throughout the 25 lap feature event. Cramer tried to get under Davis a few times in the closing laps of the race, but Davis remained steadfast en route to victory.


LATE MODELS (59 Entries)

FAST QUALIFIER: Randy Korte (14.624)

HEAT ONE: Billy Drake, Donnie Moran, Randy Korte, Jesse James Lay, Mark Barber, CJ Rayburn, Ernie Barrow, Justin Blackwell, Rick Sowders, Daniel Bohall

HEAT TWO: Bart Hartman, Brad Neat, Don O'Neal, Dennis Erb Jr, Kevin Weaver, Brad Barrow, Dick Phillips, Jeff Wilson, Ryan Eads, Randy Riggle

HEAT THREE: Duane Chamberlain, Michael England, Tim Tungate, Michael Bradley, Wayne Chinn, Dan Sturgeon, Rickey Riggle, Steve Godsey, Doug Ault, Tim Prince

HEAT FOUR: Jimmy Owens, Matt Miller, Patrick Sheltra, Shannon Reed, Steve Casebolt, Mark Bechelli, Jeremy Masters, Joe Godsey, Jeep VanWormer

HEAT FIVE: Rick Aukland, Greg Johnson, Mike Jewell, Scott James, Pete Parker, Mark Voigt, Gary Hardin, David Ross, Frankie Coomer

HEAT SIX: Brian Shirley, Bryan Barber, Brandon Kinzer, Steve Barnett, John Gill, Freddy Smith, Matt Huddleston, Brent Londeree, Dustin Neat

CONSI ONE: Shannon Reed, Steve Casebolt, Mark Barber, Ernie Barrow, Jesse James Lay, Justin Blackwell, CJ Rayburn, Joe Godsey, Mark Bechelli, Jeep VanWormer, Jeremy Masters, Daniel Bohall

CONSI TWO: Dennis Erb Jr, Scott James, Kevin Weaver, Mark Voigt, Pete Parker, Jeff Wilson, Brad Barrow, Gary Hardin, Ryan Eads, Randy Riggle, Frankie Coomer, David Ross

CONSI THREE: Steve Barnett, John Gill, Michael Bradley, Wayne Chinn, Freddy Smith, Dan Sturgeon, Rickey Riggle, Brent Londeree, Matt Huddleston, Tim Prince, Steve Godsey

JACKSON 100: BILLY DRAKE, Bart Hartman, John Gill, Scott James, Dennis Erb Jr, Michael England, Bryan Barber, Rick Aukland, Steve Barnett, Shannon Reed, Patrick Sheltra, Brad Neat, Brian Shirley, Donnie Moran, Duane Chamberlain, Jimmy Owens, Mark Barber*, Don O'Neal, Matt Miller, Steve Casebolt, Brandon Kinzer, Tim Tungate, Greg Johnson, Randy Korte, Mike Jewell.
John Gill - Lou Ahlbrand Memorial Winner.
(*Denotes Provisional)

UMP MODIFIEDS (46 Entries)

HEAT ONE: Matt Boknecht, Jesse Cramer, Clint Demoss, Dave Benham, Ron Fedor, Greg Lee, Cory Ping, Todd Gilpin, Wendell Denton

HEAT TWO: John Davis, Rick Aukland, Tom Burdette, JD Largent, Dennis Boknecht, Murl Robinson, Brent Sutton, Earl Plessinger, Donnie Fleetwood

HEAT THREE: Ryan Thomas, Lee Hobbs, JD Roberts, Rob Manley, Reid Sparks, Lindsay Wade, Chris Streeval, Travis Fleetwood, Sam Lee

HEAT FOUR: Matt Bex, Judas Bowling, Shelby Miles, Bubba Woods, Matt Huddleston, Greg Deckard, Steve Trabue, Mike King, Jason Sims

HEAT FIVE: Tim Eddelman, Chad Kinder, Jared Bailey, Josh Eads, David Spille, Mike Fields, Webb Lee, Justin Hobson

CONSI ONE: David Spille, Dave Benham, Steve Trabue, Lindsay Wade, Cory Ping

CONSI TWO: Josh Eads, Jason Sims, Greg Deckard, Ryan Thomas, Webb Lee, Greg Lee, JD Largent

CONSI THREE: Ron Fedor, Chris Streeval, Rob Manley, Matt Huddleston, Donnie Fleetwood, Murl Robinson, Mike King, Todd Gilpin

FEATURE: John Davis, Jesse Cramer, Matt Boknecht, Shelby Miles, Ryan Thomas, Tim Eddelman, Chris Streeval, Judas Bowling, JD Roberts, Clint Demoss, Josh Eads, Rick Aukland, Jared Bailey, Dave Benham, Tom Burdette, Jason Sims, Ron Fedor, Matt Bex, Lee Hobbs, David Spille, Chad Kinder