Riggle and Thomas Score First Wins at Brownstown, Cummings Visits Victory Lane Again

By: Chris Nunn

Rickey Riggle of Bedford, IN and Ryan Thomas of Martinsville, IN scored their first career victories at Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night. Riggle started on the outside pole of the Late Model feature, and led every lap of the main event. Thomas started third, and got around race leader Brandon Short early in the race en route to the win. In the Bomber division, Bub Cummings claimed his fifth win of the year, starting second and passing Jacoby Hines in the early part of the race.

The 25 lap Late Model feature took the green flag with Riggle leading the field into turn one, with Justin Blackwell, Brad Barrow, and Steve Barnett in tow. Barrow began working on the back of Blackwell, trying to find a way around him for the runner up spot. Blackwell was too strong, however, keeping Barrow back in third. With that battle going on, Riggle stretched his lead out to about seven car lengths over Blackwell. As the field clicked off the eighth lap, the top five began to spread out as the track started taking a bit of rubber in the middle of the turns. Around the halfway point, Riggle started to catch up to lapped traffic. Riggle cleared the backmarkers, leaving Blackwell to contend with them. Blackwell had a bit of trouble getting around them, but was able to make it around. On lap 18, Riggle caught a group of lapped cars, and had some trouble clearing them. Blackwell used this as an opportunity to pull to the back of the leader. Blackwell was within a car length before Riggle got around the group of lapped cars. With five laps to go, Riggle had stretched his lead out to about six lengths on Blackwell, only to see that advantage taken away on lap 22. The reason being a caution for Marty O’Neal and Jason Jameson, who made contact and found themselves stuffed into the frontstretch wall. The restart was negated for a caution involving Gary Hardin and Derek Ramp. Riggle used the final restart to pull away from Blackwell, and to claim his first victory of any kind at Brownstown Speedway. Completing the top five were Blackwell, Barrow, Barnett, and Mark Barber

The 20 lap UMP Modified main event saw Brandon Short lead the field to the green flag with Jeff Bland, Jr. falling in line into second position. Short led the first circuit with a battle for second brewing behind him between Bland and Thomas. The caution would fly on lap two for Mike Fields in turn four, ending the second place battle. When the green flew on the restart, Thomas made his way around Bland for the runner up spot. Bland then had to contend with John Demoss, who got around him for the third spot. At about the same time, up front, Thomas pulled alongside of Short down the backstretch to take the lead. Behind the leaders, Bland continued to have problems, losing the fourth spot to Brent Londeree around the seven lap mark. Back up front, Thomas began to pull away from Short, who had John Demoss behind him looking to take second. Short held his own, keeping Demoss back in the third spot. A new face graced the top five on lap 11, as Matt Boknecht moved around Bland for the fifth position. Things began to heat up for the second position, as Short now had two cars breathing down his neck. The three way dance began for second, as Short, Demoss, and Londeree went three wide for the spot. Demoss moved to second, with Short third, and Londeree fourth. Lap 14 would see Londeree get around Short for the third spot. With two to go, Thomas had a bit of trouble getting around a lapped car. Thomas cleared the backmarker and went on to claim his first win at Brownstown. Completing the top five were Demoss, Londeree, Boknecht, and Short.

The 15 lap Bomber feature saw Jacoby Hines lead the field around to complete the first circuit with Bub Cummings right on his tail. Cummings would get around Hines on lap three, with Steve Godsey trying to make a move for second. Hines would hold off Godsey for the time being. Godsey tried again on lap six, this time making the pass successfully on Hines for the second position. The caution flag would slow the field down on lap nine, erasing Cummings advantage on the field. On the restart, Hines tried to get around Godsey down the backstretch. The two made slight contact, allowing Godsey to keep the position. On lap eleven, Jason Combs made his first appearance into the top five, getting around Wes Tipton. At the same time, a battle for third was shaping up between Hines and Edgar Godsey. The caution flag would end that battle, as Chad Stapleton spun in turn one. On the restart, Jason Combs made his way around Edgar Godsey for the fourth position as the field took the two to go signal. Cummings, however, cruised to victory followed by Steve Godsey, Hines, Combs, and Edgar Godsey.

SUMMARY 06/10/06

LATE MODELS (24 entries)

Fast Qualifier: Rohn Moon 14.998

HEAT 1: Justin Blackwell, Steve Barnett, Steve Godsey, Rohn Moon, Doug Ault, Randey Riggle, Brian Wilhite, Jason Jamison

HEAT 2: Rickey Riggle, Marty Oneal, Mark Barber, Mark Bechelli, Derek Ramp, Scott Jones, Mike Bechelli, Ryan Eads

HEAT 3: Brad Barrow, Dan Sturgeon, Tim Prince, Shannon Reed, Dusty Chapman, Gary Harden, Duane Brown, Mike Lucas

Consi : Jason Jamison, Gary Harden, Randey Riggle, Scott Jones, Brian Wilhite, Mike Bechelli, Mike Lucas, Duane Brown, Ryan Eads

Feature: Rickey Riggle, Justin Blackwell, Brad Barrow, Steve Barnett, Mark Barber, Steve Godsey, Tim Prince, Shannon Reed, Rohn Moon, Dan Sturgeon, Doug Ault, Dusty Chapman, Derek Ramp, Gary Harden, Randey Riggle, Scott Jones, Marty Oneal, Jason Jamison, Brian Wilhite, Mark Bechelli

UMP Modifieds (49 entries)

HEAT 1: Brandon Short, Adam Sasser, Matt Bex, Justin Hobson, Mike Fields, Nathan Voorheis, David Benham, Glenn Thompson, Butch Isaacs, Seth Voorheis

HEAT 2: Jeff Bland Jr., Matt Boknecht, Josh Eads, Greg Deckard, Larry Schnorick, Jimmy Hayden, Greg Lee, Sam Lee, JD Roberts, Judas Boling

HEAT 3: Ryan Thomas, Brent Londeree, Chris Streeval, JP Hume, Kent Robinson, Jerry Davis, Jason Thomas, Mike Roundtree, Alan Adams, Travis Fleetwood

HEAT 4: Jesse Cramer, Derek Groomer, Jared Bailey, JD Largent, Tom Burdette, Matt Hamilton, Webb Lee, Rocky Kugel, Matt Ross, Donnie Fleetwood

HEAT 5: John Demoss, Clint Demoss, Denny Boknecht, Earl Plessinger, Al Flick, Reid Sparks, Jason Largent, David Spille, John Passmore

CONSI 1: Earl Plessinger, Mike Fields, Al FLick, Greg Deckard, Tom Burdette, Justin Hobson, Matt Hamilton, Greg Lee, Sam Lee, Donnie Fleetwood, Jason Thomas, Travis Fleetwood, Butch Isaacs, Matt Ross, John Passmore, Jerry Davis, David Spille, Glen Thompson

CONSI 2: JD Largent, JD Roberts, JP Hume, Kent Robinson, David Benham, Nathan Voorheis, Jimmy Hayden, Judas Boling, Webb Lee, Seth Voorheis, Rocky Kugel, Reid Sparks, Larry Schnorick

FEATURE: Ryan Thomas, John Demoss, Brent Londeree, Matt Boknecht, Brandon Short, Jeff Bland Jr., Earl Plessinger, Chris Streeval, Adam Sasser, JD Roberts, Matt Bex, Jared Bailey, Clint Demoss, Mike Fields, JP Hume, Al Flick, Denny Boknecht, Derek Groomer, Josh Eads, Jesse Cramer, JD Largent

BOMBERS (29 entries)

HEAT 1: Jacoby Hines, Dewayne Gross, Josh Hayes, Ben Burton, Jim Pfeiffer, Ronnie Pardue, Scott Barker, Roger Reichenbacker, Josh Turner

HEAT 2: Bub Cummings, Steve Godsey, Edgar Godsey, Jason Combs, Jamie Wilson, John Mayer Jr., Chad Stapleton, Randy Lawyer, Greg Baker, Pat Weber

HEAT 3: Paul Childers, Wes Tipton, Bobby Johnson, Brandon Norman, Jim Ruddick, Rick Vance, Larry Neal, Pam Johnson, Ray Weston, Dan Londeree

CONSI: Roger Reichenbacker, Chad Stapleton, Josh Turner, John Mayer Jr., Dan Londeree, Randy Lawyer, Rick Vance, Greg Baker, Ray Weston, Larry Neal, Pam Johnson

FEATURE: Bub Cummings, Steve Godsey, Jacoby Hines, Jason Combs, Edgar Godsey, Wes Tipton, Bobby Johnson, Josh Hayes, Jamie Wilson, Brandon Norman, Josh Turner, Ben Burton, Roger Reichenbacker, Dan Londeree, John Mayer Jr., Chad Stapleton, Paul Childers, Jim Ruddick, Dewayne Gross, Jim Pfeiffer