Jack Sullivan Scores O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series Win
in 8th Annual Lee Fleetwood Memorial

Dustin Jarrett -- O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series PR (

BROWNSTOWN, IN -- Jack Sullivan made his first ever visit to the Brownstown Speedway a memorable one as the Greenbrier, AR native passed Justin Rattliff with five laps to go en route to a hard-earned win in the caution-free 8th Annual Lee Fleetwood Memorial. The win was Sullivan's first ever with the O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series presented by Arizona Sport Shirts.

Justin Rattliff and Mark Barber brought the field down to the green with third-starting Greg Johnson diving to the bottom making it three-wide for the point in one and two. After several laps of side-by-side racing, Rattliff inched ahead and Johnson settled into second with Jack Sullivan, Mark Barber, and Steve Barnett in hot pursuit. As Rattliff held a narrow advantage over the field, Johnson and Sullivan were duking it out for second. After several laps of swapping the bridesmaid honors, Sullivan assumed sole possession of the spot on lap 14 just as the race leader began working his way through the back of the field.

Meanwhile, behind the leaders, the action was heating up for the fifth spot as Brad Barrow, Scott James, Tim Tungate, Brad Neat, and Steve Barnett could have been covered with a blanket. Chris Combs would slip by Barnett at the midway point to crack the top ten as Neat applied heavy pressure to Tungate.

With no cautions to aide him, Sullivan used the backmarkers to his advantage as the Greenbrier, AR driver slowly closed the gap between himself and race-long leader Rattliff. By lap 26, Sullivan had pulled the nose of his entry up the rear decklid of the youngster Rattliff's and, on lap 29, Sullivan made his move. As Rattliff drifted high in turns one and two, Sullivan shot underneath and grabbed the point as Rattliff tucked in behind. Nearly simultaneously, Mark Barber completed a pass on Greg Johnson to nab third.

At the 32 lap mark, with just eight laps remaining, Rattliff reeled in Sullivan and continuously looked for a pass. With just six laps to go, Rattliff was able to pull alongside Sullivan in a bid for the lead and nosed ahead of Sullivan to lead lap 35. Sullivan motored back ahead of Rattliff with just four laps to go and pulled away from the Current Series Rookie of the Year leader. The win was Sullivan's first ever with the O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series presented by Arizona Sport Shirts. Also, Sullivan became the first driver since Jeff Purvis in 1984 to win at the Brownstown Speedway in his very first appearance.

Campbellsville, KY's Justin Rattliff captured second place honors in his Pro Power/Rayburn Monte Carlo sponsored by Rattliff Motors and Dr. Ewing. Third spot went to North Vernon, IN's Mark Barber in the Jeff Mounce Motorsports/Huddleston Trucking sponsored Travis Kern/MasterSbilt Grand Prix. Finishing fourth was Bedford, IN native Greg Johnson in a Pro Power/Intimidator Grand Prix sponsored by J&H Construction and Hall's Angus Farms. Rounding out the top five was Bloomington, IN's Brad Barrow in the Living Room Center/LRC Carpet Sales sponsored Reliable/Rayburn Grand Prix. Finishing sixth through tenth would be Brad Neat, Scott James, Tim Tungate, Chris Combs, and Steve Barnett.

Dan Sturgeon was the Racing Optics Fast Qualifier in Time Trials with a lap of 16.135. Mason Racin' Heats went to Rattliff and Johnson while Arizona Sport Shirt Heats went to Sullivan and Barber. The winners of the Design 500 B-Mains were Bryan Barber and Aaron Hatton.

At intermission, the Late Model drivers passed their helmets through the grandstands, taking up a collection for the family of the late Harlan Baker. Over $1400 was raised thanks to the generous donations by the Brownstown Speedway fans. After the race, Late Model feature winner Jack Sullivan donated another $200 to the Baker Family and his sponsor Travis Meeks of Hawkeye Truck Sales added an addition $400 to make the total collection for the night and even $2000 for the Baker Family.

Results Summary
June 24, 2006

Brownstown Speedway
Brownstown, IN

O'Reilly NARA Battle of the Bluegrass DirtCar Series

Racing Optics Fast Qualifier: Dan Sturgeon/16.135

Mason Racin' Heat #1: Justin Rattliff, Steve Barnett, Brad Erwin, Dusty Chapman, Rohn Moon, Dan Sturgeon, Dan Deaton, Justin Blackwell

Mason Racin' Heat #2: Greg Johnson, Scott James, Chris Combs, Tim Tungate, Bryan Barber, Marty O'Neal, Greg Ault, Gary Hardin, David Ross

Arizona Sport Shirts Heat #3: Jack Sullivan, Brad Barrow, Rickey Riggle, Mike Jewell, Aaron Hatton, John Gill, Randey Riggle, Christian Rayburn, Anthony Ferguson

Arizona Sport Shirts Heat #4: Mark Barber, Brad Neat, Tim Prince, Steve Godsey, Frankie Coomer, Doug Ault, Travis Meers, Scotty Jones

Design 500 B-Main #1: Bryan Barber, Rohn Moon, Marty O'Neal, Dan Deaton, Justin Blackwell, Gary Hardin, Bobby Wolter Jr., Greg Ault, David Ross, Dan Sturgeon

Design 500 B-Main #2: Aaron Hatton, John Gill, Travis Meers, Doug Ault, Randey Riggle, Scotty Jones, Anthony Ferguson, Frankie Coomer, Christian Rayburn

8th Annual Lee Fleetwood Memorial: Jack Sullivan, Justin Rattliff, Mark Barber, Greg Johnson, Brad Barrow, Brad Neat, Scott James, Tim Tungate, Chris Combs, Steve Barnett, Bryan Barber, Mike Jewell, Rohn Moon, Bobby Wolter Jr., Aaron Hatton, Steve Godsey, Dan Deaton, Dusty Chapman, Tim Prince, Rickey Riggle, John Gill, Brad Erwin

Race Statistics
Lap Leaders: Justin Rattliff 1-28, Jack Sullivan 29-34, Justin Rattliff 35, Jack Sullivan 36-40
Cautions: 0
PPM Racing Products Hard Charger: Bobby Wolter Jr. (started 21st, finished 14th)
Cruise With The Champions Rookie of the Race: Justin Rattliff
Series Provisionals: Bobby Wolter Jr., Dan Deaton
Entries: 35

UMP MODIFIEDS (46 entries)

HEAT ONE: Dennis Boknecht, Elliot Despain, Adam Sasser, Earl Plessinger, Travis Fleetwood, Sam Lee, Ben Dubois, Mike Stazenski, Jason Mann, Rocky Kugel

HEAT TWO: Jesse Cramer, Steve Trabue, Kent Robinson, Greg Deckard, Bobby Davis, Troy Cannon, Scott Smith, Rick Hudson, Jeff Bland Jr.

HEAT THREE: Shelby Miles, Matt Bex, JP Hume, Tim Eddleman, Justin Bex, Mike Fields, Greg Lee, Donnie Fleetwood, Allen Adams

HEAT FOUR: JD Francis, Ryan Thomas, Rick Gumm, JD Roberts, Webb Lee, Matt Huddelston, Devin Gilpin, Josh Eads, Glenn Thompson

HEAT FIVE: Brent Londeree, Chris Streeval, Buddy Pettyjohn, Derek Groomer, Donnie Parson, Butch Isaacs, Matt Boknecht, Ralph Groomer, Wendell Denton

CONSy ONE: Earl Plessinger, Mike Fields, Greg Deckard, Derek Groomer, Matt Huddelston, Scott Smith, Greg Lee, Ralph Groomer, Webb Lee, Mike Strazenski, Donnie Parson, Glenn Thompson, Jason Mann, Travis Fleetwood, Rick Hudson

CONSY TWO: Tim Eddleman, JD Roberts, Matt Boknecht, Bobby Davis, Josh Eads, Donnie Fleetwood, Devin Gilpin, Rocky Kugel, Troy Cannon, Justin Bex, Sam Lee, Allen Adams, Ben Dubois, Butch Isaacs

FEATURE: Ryan Thomas, Matt Bex, Earl Plessinger, Adam Sasser, Matt Boknecht, JD Roberts, Steve Trabue, Tim Eddelman, Mike Fields, Greg Deckard, Chris Streeval, JP Hume, JD Francis, Kent Robinson, Shelby Miles, Jesse Cramer, Elliott Despain, Dennis Boknecht, Brent Londeree, Buddy Pettyjohn, Rick Gumm

BOMBERS (33 entries)

HEAT ONE: Bub Cummings, Steve Godsey, Mike Klyn, Roger Reichenbacker, Dewayne Gross, Rick Vance, Josh Turner, Paul Owens, Tory Routier

HEAT TWO: Jacoby Hines, Dan Londeree, Jason Combs, Wes Tipton, Josh Hayes, Greg Hicks, Nathan Baker, Keith Jones

HEAT THREE: Brandon Norman, Edgar Godsey, Bubba Woods, Doug Klyn, Jim Pfeiffer, Pam Johnson, Todd Buckler, Greg Baker

HEAT FOUR: Bobby Johnson, Jamey Wilson, Nick Mitchell, Chad Stapleton, Scott Barker, Randy Lawyer, Paul Childers, Ben Burton

CONSY: Dewayne Gross, Josh Turner, Jim Pfeiffer, Josh Hayes, Todd Buckler, Tory Routier, Greg Hicks, Scott Barker, Randy Lawyer, Greg Baker, Rick Vance, Pam Johnson, Nathan Baker, Paul Childers, Paul Owens

FEATURE: Bub Cummings, Jacoby Hines, Edgar Godsey, Brandon Norman, Steve Godsey, Dan Londeree, Jamey Wilson, Mike Klyn, Bobby Johnson, Roger Reichenbacker, Jason Combs, Nick Mitchell, Jim Pfeiffer, Dewayne Gross, Doug Klyn, Josh Turner, Josh Hayes, Wes Tipton, Bubba Woods, Chad Stapleton