John Gill & Steve Godsey Double, Jeremy Hines & Clifton Barron also Winners


John Gill of Mitchell, Indiana rolled into Brownstown Speedway on Saturday night, and found victory lane twice. Gill started off winning the make up feature from June 17th, and then winning the regular feature later on in the evening.

The regular 25 lap main event saw Gill lead the field to the green flag, with Mark Barber bolting past Steve Godsey for the second spot. Barber pulled alongside of Gill as they completed the first lap. Gill held off Barber by a quarter of a car length. Behind them, Rickey Riggle got around Godsey for the third position as the field began to spread out. Godsey then had to contend with Steve Barnett for the fourth position. Barnett got around him just before the caution flew for the spun car of Devin Sebree in turn one on lap ten. When the green flew for the restart, Gill pulled tight on the reigns and pulled away from Barber and Riggle. Back to the fourth place battle, Godsey got back around Barnett for the position on lap 12. The caution would slow the field down once again on lap 13, allowing the field to close back in on Gill. The restart would be nullified as Riggle, who was running third, stalled his car coming out of turn four. Gill bolted out to a decent sized advantage on the restart, leading Barber, Barnett, and Godsey to the line. The car on the move was Marty O'Neal, who started 10th and was moving into the top five. O'Neal managed to get around Rohn Moon, and then Godsey for fourth as the field took the five to go signal. Up front, however, it was all Cowboy up front as Gill took the checkers ahead of Barber, Barnett, O'Neal, and Godsey rounded out the top five.

The make up feature from June 17th saw John Gill capitalize on a Brad Barrow mistake en route to the win. Barrow was leading the event when he went under the cone during a yellow, relegating him to the tail of the field. This handed the lead over to Gill, who cruised to victory over Steve Barnett, Tim Prince, Steve Godsey, and Marty O'Neal rounded out the top five.


Jeremy Hines and Clifton Barron claimed victories in the Super Stock features Saturday night at Brownstown Speedway. Jeremy Hines led from start to finish in the make up event from June 17th, while Clifton Barron inherited the lead in the regular program when Jim Ruddick spun while leading.

The regular feature event saw a four wide battle for the lead shape up at the very start of the race. Jim Ruddick emerged as the leader of the pack as the field crossed the line to complete lap one. Barron would find his way around Ruddick for the lead on lap two, only to see Ruddick go back around to lead lap three. The field slowed on lap five for a caution involving Josh Phelps. Ruddick led the field to the green flag on the restart, and led until lap eight, when he spun on his own while leading. Barron then inherited the lead, where he stayed for the rest of the event. Other action in the event saw Bill Wilson put on a strong running in the Tim Neal #13. Wilson ran third most of the race until overtaken by Mike Cawood and Matt Boknecht. Completing the top five were Jeremy Hines, Cawood, Boknecht, and Wilson.

The June 17th make up feature saw Jeremy Hines hold off defending track champion Tim Clark for the win, his second of the weekend. Completing the top five were Clark, Chris Deweese, Clifton Barron, and Mike Cawood.


Steve Godsey took home both the make up feature from June 17th, and the regular July 1st feature in the Bomber division at Brownstown Speedway.

The regular show feature would see Bub Cummings lead the first circuit, with Steve Godsey and Roger Reichenbacker dueling for second. Godsey ended up with the position, leaving Reichenbacker to fend off Jacoby Hines for third. Hines would get around Reichenbacker for the spot on lap three. Back up front, Godsey would get around Cummings for the lead on lap five, where he would stay for the remainder of the event. Completing the top five were Cummings, Hines, Jim Pfeiffer, and Edgar Godsey.

The make up feature from June 17th started with a pair of Godsey's on the front row. Steve got the best of Edgar as the checkers flew on the 15 lap affair. Following them to the line and completing the top five were Bub Cummings, Josh Turner, and Jacoby Hines



MAKE UP CONSI FROM 6/17: Greg Ault, Shannon Reed, Cody Mahoney, Randey Riggle, Gary Hardin, Scott Jones, Brian Wilhite

MAKE UP FEATURE FROM 6/17: John Gill, Steve Barnett, Tim Prince, Steve Godsey, Marty O'Neal, Mark Barber, Dan Sturgeon, Rickey Riggle, Brad Erwin, Brad Barrow, Shannon Reed, Cody Mahoney, Gary Hardin, Doug Ault, Dusty Chapman, Randey Riggle, Mark Bechelli, Christian Rayburn, Greg Ault


HEAT ONE: John Gill, Steve Barnett, Greg Ault, Dusty Chapman, Devin Sebree, Brian Wilhite, Terry Darkis, Brad Erwin

HEAT TWO: Steve Godsey, Mark Bechelli, Marty O'Neal, Dan Sturgeon, Rohn Moon, Gary Hardin, Mark Shaefer

HEAT THREE: Rickey Riggle, Tim Prince, Doug Ault, Christian Rayburn, David Ross, Cale Kern, Ryan Eads

HEAT FOUR: Mark Barber, Shannon Reed, Brad Barrow, Randey Riggle, Cody Mahoney, Rick Burton, Jeremy Masters, Jason Jamison

CONSI: Rohn Moon, Cody Mahoney, Gary Hardin, Devin Sebree, Cale Kern, Rick Burton, Jeremy Masters, Ryan Eads, Mark Shaefer, Terry Darkis, David Ross, Brian Wilhite

FEATURE: John Gill, Mark Barber, Steve Barnett, Marty O'Neal, Steve Godsey, Rohn Moon, Mark Bechelli, Gary Hardin, Dan Sturgeon, Christian Rayburn, Greg Ault, Shannon Reed, Randey Riggle, Devin Sebree, Tim Prince, Doug Ault, Rickey Riggle, Cody Mahoney, Brad Barrow, Dusty Chapman


MAKE UP CONSI FROM 6/17: Randy Moore, Tom Ault, David Brewer, Jeremy Burton, Terrence Johnson, Jimmy Saunders, Tim Neal, Toby Perry, Chris Decker, Darrell Burton, Barry Gerkin, Tony Arthur, Scott Ross

MAKE UP FEATURE FROM 6/17: Jeremy Hines, Tim Clark, Chris Deweese, Clifton Barron, Mike Cawood, Matt Boknecht, Jim Ruddick, Alan Magner, David Brewer, Jeff Wilson, Bub Cummings, Randy Moore, Jason Johnson, Jeremy Burton, Jay Deckard, Troy Clark, Geoff Strange, Greg Amick, Tom Ault


HEAT ONE: Jeff Wilson, Clifton Barron, Bill Wilson, Matt Boknecht, Jimmy Saunders, Donnie Wilson, Troy Clark, Terrence Johnson, Barry Gerkin

HEAT TWO: Josh Phelps, Chris Deweese, Greg Amick, Jason Johnson, Geoff Strange, Jay Baker, Mike Gossar, Deb Friesner, Kevin Jones

HEAT THREE: Jim Ruddick, Tom Ault, Bub Cummings, Tyler Cain, Toby Perry, Jeremy Burton, Tim Green, Brandon Routier, Darrell Burton

HEAT FOUR: Jeremy Hines, Mike Cawood, Tim Clark, Jay Deckard, Bobby Price, David Brewer, Scott Ross, Randy Moore, Greg Decker

CONSI ONE: Jimmy Saunders, Troy Clark, Terrence Johnson, Kevin Jones, Jay Baker, Geoff Strange, Deb Friesner, Barry Gerkin, Mike Gossar, Donnie Wilson

CONSI TWO: David Brewer, Randy Moore, Bobby Price, Toby Perry, Jeremy Burton, Scott Ross, Tim Green

FEATURE: Clifton Barron, Jeremy Hines, Mike Cawood, Matt Boknecht, Bill Wilson, Tim Clark, Greg Amick, Bub Cummings, Troy Clark, Jeff Wilson, Tyler Cain, Jimmy Saunders, Jay Deckard, Jim Ruddick, Josh Phelps, Dave Brewer, Tom Ault, Randy Moore, Chris Deweese, Jason Johnson


MAKE UP FEATURE FROM 6/17: Steve Godsey, Edgar Godsey, Bub Cummings, Josh Turner, Jacoby Hines, Jim Pfeiffer, Brandon Norman, Chad Stapleton, Bobby Johnson, Paul Childers, Jamie Wilson, Josh Hayes, Nick Mitchell, Ben Burton, Dewayne Gross, Dan Londeree, Jason Combs, Wes Tipton, Aaron Fields


HEAT ONE: Bub Cummings, Bobby Johnson, Tory Routier, Willie Sallee, Paul Childers, Cody Vanosdol, Greg Baker, Chad Stapleton, Nick Mitchell

HEAT TWO: Roger Reichenbacker, Jason Combs, Josh Turner, Dewayne Gross, Wes Tipton, JJ Pfeiffer, Randy Lawyer, Rick Vance

HEAT THREE: Steve Godsey, Dan Londeree, Brandon Norman, Paul Owens, Jamie Wilson, Butch Bennett, Nathan Baker, Randy Hazelwood, Larry Neal

HEAT FOUR: Jacoby Hines, Jim Pfeiffer, Lindsay Wade, Ben Burton, Edgar Godsey, Aaron Fields, Josh Hayes, David Robinson, Rusty Smiley

CONSI: Edgar Godsey, Joe Godsey, Wes Tipton, Jamey Wilson, Cody Vanosdol, Josh Hayes, Randy Lawyer, Randy Hazelwood, Nathan Baker, Butch Bennett, Greg Baker, Larry Neal, JJ Pfeiffer, Rick Vance, David Robinson

FEATURE: Steve Godsey, Bub Cummings, Jacoby Hines, Jim Pfeiffer, Edgar Godsey, Jason Combs, Joe Godsey, Dan Londeree, Ben Burton, Dewayne Gross, Wes Tipton, Bobby Johnson, Paul Owens, Jamey Wilson, Roger Reichenbacker, Brandon Norman, Willie Sallee, Tory Routier, Lindsay Wade